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节目寄语每日床头啃一段语篇,您的生活质量更加高特别声明该文章中的讲解为可可签约编辑根据改编的名著所编写的参考资料啃嚼语段She most feared what people thought of her,她最怕人们会想起她,and imagined that they talked constantly about her behind her back.还想象他们会在背后不停地谈论她In fact she was not often discussed,事实上,她并没有经常被议论,and even her friends only thought about her occasionally.就连她的朋友,也不过偶尔才会想起她Other things of more importance took up their time.其他一些更重要的事情占据着他们的生活If there had been no people around her,如果她周围没有人,Tess would not have made herself so unhappy.苔丝也就不会把自己弄得这么不快乐了She would have accepted the situation as it was.她会现实地接受她的处境She was miserable,她很不幸,not because she felt unhappy,不是因为她觉得不快乐,but because she imagined herself rejected by society.而是因为她总想象自己被社会抛弃了语段精讲1. She most feared what people thought of her, and imagined that they talked constantly about her behind her back.写作语库【写作加分短语】(1)think of sb. as...的意思是“认为某人......”例如:We think of the Mary as staid people.(我们认为Mary是很稳重的人)Susan and her fiance think of their letters as cords of love.(苏珊和她未婚夫把他俩的来往书信看作爱情的纽带)()behind one’s back的意思是“背地里”,“私下地”例如:He doesnt care at all what people say behind his back.(他毫不在意)He will flatter a person to his face,and then run him down behind his back(他会当面吹捧一个人,背后又说他坏话) 生词注释:constantly:adv. 经常地,不断地 . Other things of more importance took up their time.写作语库【写作加分短语】(1)of importance的意思是“具有重要性”,要表示重要性的程度,在importance前面可以加限定词要表示对某人具有重要性,用be of importance to somebody例如:He thanked me cordially the inmation being of importance to him. (他表示由衷感谢,因为这个情况对他来说十分重要)He came into the room with an air of importance.(他带着一副了不起的神情走进室内)()take up是固定短语,在这里的意思是“占用,花费(时间、空间或精力)”,take up one’s time意思是“占用这个某人的时间”例如:I know how busy you must be and naturally I wouldnt want to take up too much of your time.(我知道您肯定特别忙,我当然不想占用您太多的时间)A good deal of my time is taken up with ing critical essays and reviews.(我的大部分时间都用在阅读文章上了)3. If there had been no people around her, Tess would not have made herself so unhappy.语法精讲【虚拟语气】:这句话是非真实条件虚拟句主句和从句都使用过去完成式主句是“would not have made”,从句是“had been no”这里是对过去的情况的一种假设“If there had been no people around her”意思是“如果没有人在她周围”,而事实上了,是不可能地,苔丝的周围是有人的“Tess would not have made herself so unhappy”的意思是“苔丝就不会使得自己难受”,而事实上苔丝是难受的,这里使用虚拟语气. She was miserable, not because she felt unhappy, but because she imagined herself rejected by society.语法精讲【连词】:not...but的意思是“不是,而是”它们是连词,连接一个句子中的对等成分在这个句子中是连接“原因状语”,一个是“because she felt unhappy”,另一个是“because she imagine herself rejected by society”语法精讲【特殊动词短语结构】:imagine oneself done这个结构是imagine后面接反身代词,在接动词的过去分词,意思是“想像到自己被如何对待”文中说到的是苔丝imagine herself rejected by society(想象到自己被社会为遗弃) 33“In my studio, all malities will be abolished, and only the most intimate friends will be admitted. They will be treated with rich or poor fare such as I eat, and we will chat and laugh and get our own existence. We will not discuss the right and wrong of other people and will be totally indifferent to worldly glory and wealth. In our leisure we will discuss the ancients and the moderns, and in our quiet, we will play with the mountains and rivers. Then we will have thin, clear tea and good wine to fit into the atmosphere of delightful seclusion. That is my conception of the pleasure of friendship.吾斋之中,不尚虚礼凡入此斋,均为知己随分款留, 忘形笑语不言是非,不侈荣利闲谈古今,静玩山水清茶 好酒,以适幽趣臭味之交,如斯而已In such a congenial atmosphere, we are then y to gratify our senses, the senses of color and smell and sound. It is then that one should smoke and one should drink. We then transm our bodies into a sensory apparatus perceiving the wonderful symphony of colors and sounds and smells and tastes provided by Nature and by culture. We feel like good violins about to be played on by master violinists. And thus “we burn incense on a moonlight night and play three stanzas of music from an ancient instrument, and immediately the myriad worries of our breast are banished and all our foolish ambitions or desires are gotten. We will then inquire, what is the fragance of this incense,what is the color of the smoke, what is that shadow that comes through the white papered windows, what is this sound that arises from below my fingertips, what is this enjoyment which makes us so quietly happy and so getful of everything else, and what is the condition of the infinite universe?;在这种同类相引的气氛中,我们方能满足色香声的享受,吸烟饮酒也在这个时候最为相宜我们的全身便于这时变成一 种盛受器械,能充分去享受大自然和文化所供给我们的色声香味我们好像已变为一把优美的小提琴,正待由一位大音乐家来拉奏名曲了于是我们“月夜焚香,古桐三弄,便觉万虑都忘,妄想尽绝试看香是何味,烟是何色,穿窗之白,是何影, 指下之余是何音,恬然乐之,而悠然忘之者,是何趣,不可思量处是何境? ” 390

Why so much emphasis on sunglasses?为什么人们这么注重太阳镜呢?US Weekly said that ;they showcase flattering features on your face.;《美国周刊表示,这是因为它们能显得脸部更加美观They seem to not only be in the spring and summer wardrobes,无论春夏but in the winter and fall seasons as well.秋冬,They are everywhere wearable and available.无论任何场合都能佩戴太阳镜In a variety of prices they reflect individuality and personality.价格各不相同的太阳镜彰显人们不同的个性和风格The ;classic look; has always been a style pursued太阳镜的“经典形象”一直是by most high fashion designers like Versace, and Chanel.像范思哲和香奈儿品牌高端设计师钟情的风格Keeping this in mind while designing outfits, designers,因而在设计装时,设计师和模特with their models have also showcased that ;big; is in.总爱展示了最潮的“大”镜片太阳镜And the latest glasses that most celebrities,名人和时尚潮人佩戴的最潮的太阳镜,and trendsetters have been wearing are dark colored lenses,总是暗色的镜片,trimmed in black, white, red, pink and even a simple blue.搭配黑色,白色,红色,粉色甚至是蓝色的镜框Sunglasses with brown tint that cause your eyes to be visible are on most of last summer ;out; lists,棕色的透视太阳镜是去年夏季最潮的款式according to the fashion industry top ;must-have list spring and summer .;据时尚生产厂家说,这种款式也会成为年春夏两季的必备品So, now it up to you to complete your outfit.所以呢,能不能置办最全最潮的全身搭配就看你自己了Be a local celebrity on campus by wearing sunglasses to class,戴着太阳镜去上课,去体院馆或者办公室,可以使你成为校园名人,the gym, work, or just to avoid sun in your eyes.如果你只想保护自己的眼睛免受阳光侵害也可以佩戴Everyone can be their own fashion icon at his or her own expense.只要愿意购买,每个人都能成为时尚潮人As a college student we all cant afd Gucci sunglasses,作为大学生,我们虽然没有能力买Gucci牌太阳镜,but you can find some at a lower price and achieve the same look.但是可以找低价同款的以达到同样的佩戴效果 365

33Love and Friendship by Emily Bronte《爱情和友谊 作者:艾米莉·勃朗特Love is like the wild rose-briar. Friendship like the holly-tree.爱情就像野玫瑰,友情却如冬青树The holly is dark when the rose-briar blooms. But which will bloom most constantly?玫瑰开花时冬青黯无光,但究竟谁能坚持更久长?The wild-rose briar is sweet in the spring. Its summer blossoms scent the air;春天野玫瑰灿烂开放,夏日里玫瑰把风儿薰香Yet wait till winter comes again. And who will call the wild-briar fair?但当严冬再次来临之时,谁还会赞美野玫瑰的美丽?Then scorn the silly rose-wreath now. And deck thee with the holly sheen.那时你不屑于枯萎的玫瑰,而用冬青的光将你装扮That when December blights thy brow. He may still leave thy garland green.当十二月的严寒袭上你的眉头,你的冬青花环依旧绿意盎然 636Against that time, if ever that time come,怕的是那个时候,那时候一旦到来,When I shall see thee frown on my defects,你会皱起双眉,嫌我是个障碍,When as thy love hath cast his utmost sum,那时候你已烧尽爱的每一滴灯油,Calld to that audit by advised respects;你深思熟虑后说:让我们现在分手;Against that time when thou shalt strangely pass怕的是那个时候,那时候你漠然走来,And scarcely greet me with that sun thine eye,不再用你太阳般的眼晴射出欢迎的光When love, converted from the thing it was,那时候爱已冰冷,翻脸再不认人,Shall reasons find of settled gravity,行为粗暴乖张,理由却总是充分,Against that time do I ensconce me here怕的是那个时候,我这才惟求自保,Within the knowledge of mine own desert,把自己的长短得失掂量个分晓,And this my hand against myself uprear,为你我举手宣誓反对我自己,To guard the lawful reasons on thy part站在你的立场上捍卫你的权益:To leave poor me thou hast the strength of laws,要想抛弃我你有的是法律依据,Since why to love I can allege no cause.而我自已对这一场爱却讲不出道理 515

Part1 Albert Schweitzer to His Parents第一部分 阿尔伯特.施韦策给他父母一封信Barcelona巴塞罗纳Wednesday, 00 P. M周三下午两点 October, 1919年,月日My dear parents,亲爱的爸爸、妈妈:The worst is behind us! That was last night organ concert and the lecture preceding it. Quite frankly I was somewhat worried about this lecture. Since I am not used to giving long talks in French and the hall is enormous three thousand people. But to my amazement I discovered that I felt as much at home in French as I do in German, and that it was easier me to speak loudly and clearly in French than in German! I stood there without a manuscript, and within three minutes. I sensed that I had captured my audience more surely than I had ever done bee. I spoke fifty-five minutes, and next came an organ recital that lasted one hour. I have never been so successful. When the program ended, they all remained in their seats I had to go back to my organ and play another half hour; the audience was sorry to leave it was half-past midnight!最糟糕的总算过去了!我说的是昨晚的管风琴音乐会以及音乐会前的演讲说实话,我有点担心这次演讲,因为我不习惯用法语作长篇演讲,而且音乐厅非常大,能容纳3000人但让我惊讶的是,我发现自己讲法语和讲德语一样轻松自如,而且对我来说,洪亮清晰地用法语演讲比用德语要更容易!我站在那儿,不用讲稿,3分钟内我就感到,我已经把听众深深地吸引住了,比过去任何一次都成功我讲了55分钟,接下来,就是管风琴独奏音乐会,这持续了一个小时,我从来没有如此成功过当曲目演奏完毕,所有的听众仍然坐在座位上不愿离去,我不得不再次回到管风琴旁,又演奏了半个小时当听众们依依不舍地离去时,已是深夜点半了Here, the concerts are announced 9, but at that time there not a soul in the auditorium; toward 9 30 the first few people arrive, strolling about in the hall and the lobby, and toward ten oclock, after three rings of a bell, the people deign to finally take their seats!在这里,虽然通知音乐会从9点分开始,但时间到了,大厅里却不见一个人影;快到9点半时,才来了寥寥几个人,他们在大厅里或走廊上溜达,接近点钟时,三次铃响之后,人们才最终屈尊坐到座位上!On Saturday, a grand concert with organ and orchestra is scheduled in the morning, and I have long rehearsals in the evening, the organ is very difficult to play since the sound is always delayed. Luckily, I am well rested, and I am managing to overcome the difficulties. Absolutely everyone addresses me as ;cher mare;; the art critics settle down in the auditorium during rehearsals; my portrait is displayed in the music stores. It such fun.这个星期六的上午安排了一场由管风琴及管弦乐队演奏的盛大音乐会,晚上我花了很长时间排,因为管风琴发出的声音总是延迟,很难演奏幸运的是,我能恰到好处地停顿,没法克了这些困难每一个人都称我为;尊敬的艺术大师;;艺术家们在排期间都认认真真地坐在听众席上;我的画像也在许多乐器店中悬挂着,这真有趣I am staying with Walter at the premier hotel on the grand square with splendid palm trees. I have a view of the square and the entire city all the way to the big mountains ty minutes away from here; they are as high as the Hohnack. I walk over to them every afternoon; it takes me a total of two hours.我与沃尔特住在大广场上的首相宾馆,四周环绕着美丽壮观的棕榈树我能欣赏到整个广场、整个城市,甚至能一直看到离这儿有0分钟路程之遥的群山; 这些群山与霍荷纳克山一样高,我每天下午步行至山下,来回要用整整两个小时The weather is the same as at home on a lovely June day. The men who were waiting me at the railroad station roared with laugher when they saw Walter and me in overcoats.此时这里的气候犹如家乡那宜人的六月当那些在火车站接我的人们看到我和沃尔特穿着大衣时,都开怀大笑起来As I am writing to you, the square below my window is filled with a terrible din. The king is arriving in an hour, and the troops are now taking up their positions. Tomorrow evening there will be a grand permance at the theater. I have been invited, but I am not going; I want to rest, I feel too well to risk my excellent condition.就在此时我给你们写信之际,窗外的广场上人声鼎沸,一小时之后国王即将驾到,现在队伍在各就各位明天晚上剧院里将有一场盛大的欢庆表演我已接到邀请,但我不想去我想休息一下,因为我现在感觉很好,我不想冒险破坏我的最佳状态I will close now, otherwise the letter wont go off tonight. It has to be at the post office by four oclock. There is no night train to France.我得就停笔了,否则这封信就无法在今晚发出这封信得在点钟之前交到邮局,因为这儿没有开往巴黎的夜班火车Please ward this letter to the Fhretsmanns and to the Woytts.请把这封信转寄给埃雷茨曼夫妇和沃伊特夫妇Hugs and kisses.拥抱、亲吻你们!Albert阿尔伯特 991Tante Sanna would bring in dishes of sweet, sweet, sticky candy, or a great bowl of grapes or peaches, and Great-aunt Stephina would converse gravely about happenings on the farm ,and, more rarely, of the outer world.桑娜阿姨每次都要端出几碟粘乎乎的南非糖果和一钵葡萄或桃子给我们吃斯蒂菲娜老姑总是一本正经他说些农场里的事,偶尔也谈些外边世界发生的事When we had finished our sweetmeats or fruit she would accompany us to the step, bidding us thank our mother her gift and sending quaint, old-fashioned messages to her and the Father. Then she would turn and enter the house, closing the door behind, so that it became once more a place of mystery.待我们吃完糖果或水果,她总要将我们送到屋前的门廊,叮嘱我们要多谢母亲给她送食品,要我们对父母亲转达一些稀奇古怪的老式祝愿,然后就转身回到屋里,随手关上门,使那里再次成为神秘世界As I grew older I found, rather to my surprise, that I had become genuinely fond of my aloof old great-aunt.让我感到吃惊的是,随着我逐渐长大,我发现打心眼里喜欢起我那位孤伶伶的老姑姑来But to this day I do not know what strange impulse made me take George to see her and to tell her, bee I had confided in another living soul, of our engagement. To my astonishment, she was delighted.至今我仍不知道那是一种什么样的奇异动力,使我在还没有透露给别人之前就把乔治领去看望姑姑,告诉她我们已经订婚的消息不成想,听到这个消息以后,她竟非常高兴;An Englishman,;she exclaimed.;But that is splendid, splendid. And you,;she turned to George,;you are making your home in this country? You do not intend to return to England just yet?;;是英国人!;她惊讶地大声说道,;好极了你,;她转向乔治,;你要在南非安家吗?你现在不打算回国吧?;She seemed relieved when she heard that George had bought a farm near our own farm and intended to settle in South Africa. She became quite animated, and chattered away to him.当她听说乔治已经在我们农场附近购置了一片农场并打算定居下来时,好像松了一口气她兴致勃勃地和乔治攀谈起来After that I would often slip away to the little cottage by the mealie lands. Once she was somewhat disappointed on hearing that we had decided to wait two years bee getting married, but when she learned that my father and mother were both pleased with the match she seemed reassured.从那以后,我常常到那所位于玉米地边的小屋有一次,当斯蒂菲娜老姑听说我们决定再过两年结婚时,露出了失望的神色,但一听说我的父母亲都对这门亲事满意时,她又放宽了心Still, she often appeared anxious about my love affair, and would ask questions that seemed to me strange, almost as though she feared that something would happen to destroy my romance.但她对我的婚姻大事还是经常挂在嘴边她常常问一些怪怪的问题,几乎像担心我的婚事会告吹一样But I was quite unprepared her outburst when I mentioned that George thought of paying a lightning visit to England bee we were married. ;He must not do it,;she cried.;Ina, you must not let him go. Promise me you will prevent him.;she was trembling all over.当我提到乔治打算在婚前匆匆回一趟国时,她竟激动了起来只见她浑身哆嗦着大声嚷道:;他不能回去!爱娜!你不能放他走,你得答应我不放他走!;I did what I could to console her, but she looked so tired and pale that I persuaded her to go to her room and rest, promising to return the next day.我尽力安慰她,但她还是显得萎靡不振我只得劝她回屋休息,并答应第二天再去看她When I arrived I found her sitting on the step. She looked lonely and pathetic, and the first time I wondered why no man had ever taken her and looked after her and loved her.我第二天去看她时,她正坐在屋前的门廊上,流露出抑郁孤寂的神情我第一次感到纳闷:以前怎么没有人娶她、照料和爱抚她呢?Mother had told me that Great-aunt Stephina had been lovely as a young girl, and although no trace of that beauty remained, except perhaps in her brown eyes, yet she looked so small and appealing that any man, one felt, would have wanted to protect her.记得母亲曾经说过,斯蒂菲娜老姑以前曾是一个楚楚可爱的小姑娘尽管除了她那褐色的眼睛尚能保留一点昔日的风韵之外,她的美貌早已荡然无存但她看上去还是那样小巧玲珑、惹人爱怜,引起男人们的惜香怜玉之情She paused, as though she did not quite know how to begin.Then she seemed to give herself, mentally, a little shake.她欲言又止,好像不知道话从何说起似的接着,她仿佛振作了起来 377198

.Life of my life, I shall ever try to keep my body pure, knowing that thy living touch is upon all my limbs.我生命的生命,我要保持我的躯体永远纯洁,因为我知道你的生命的抚,接触着我的四肢I shall ever try to keep all untruths out from my thoughts, knowing that thou art that truth which has kindled the light of reason in my mind.我要永远从我的思想中屏除虚伪,因为我知道你就是那在我心中燃起理智之火的真理I shall ever try to drive all evils away from my heart and keep my love in flower, knowing that thou hast thy seat in the inmost shrine of my heart.我要从我心中驱走一切的丑恶,使我的爱开花,因为我知道你在我的心宫深处安设了座位And it shall be my endeavour to reveal thee in my actions, knowing it is thy power gives me strength to act.我要努力在我的行为上表现你,因为我知道是你的威力,给我力量来行动 0威廉·巴特勒·叶芝(William Butler Yeats),曾于193年获得诺贝尔文学奖,获奖的理由是“以其高度艺术化且洋溢着灵感的诗作表达了整个民 族的灵魂”这首诗作于191年根据基督教传说,基督将在世界末日重临人间主持审 判叶芝认为古希腊罗马传下来的西方文明今天已接近毁灭时期,两百年 内即将出现一种粗野狂暴的反文明,作为走向另一种贵族文明的过渡The Second Coming基督再临William Butler Yeats 威廉·巴特勒·叶芝Turnig and turning in the widening gyre猎鹰绕着越来越大的圈子不停地盘旋The falcon cannot hear the falconer;再也听不见放鹰人的呼唤;Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;万物分崩离析;中心难以为系;Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,世上只落下一盘散沙的无政府主义,The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere血色迷糊的潮流奔腾汹涌,The ceremony of innocence is drowned;天真的仪典,亦忍为滔天血浪所湮没; The best lack all conviction, while the worst至善者毫无信心,而至恶者Are full of passionate intensity.却躁动不止Surely some revelation is at hand;一准是某种启示已近在眼前;Surely the Second Coming is at hand.一准是基督再临就在眼前The Second Coming! Hardly are those words out基督再临!话未出□,When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi一个巨大的形象便出现在人们脑际Troubles my sight somewhere in sands of the desert令我花了眼:在大漠沙海之中,A shape with lion body and the head of a man,一个獅身人面的形体A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,目光如烈日般茫然而无情Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it正缓慢地挪动腿脚,周围环绕着Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.—群义愤的沙漠鸟的影子The darkness drops again; but now I know黑暗再度降临;不过现在我知道That twenty centuries of stony sleep过去两千年岩石般的沉睡Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,都被摇篮摇成了噩梦般的烦恼,And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,何等粗野的畜牲,它的时辰巳至,Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?慵懒地朝伯利恒走去投生 55977一种弱读形式I’m doing it fun.He’s training a race.He was waiting the bus.He lived there a year.Do it my sake. 71

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