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On June 7,1692,the Jamaican city of Port Royal,a notorious pirate haven,sank into its own harbor.This disaster (or blessing,depending on who you ask)was caused by liquefaction of the ground following a major earthquake,and we know it happened at exactly 11:43 am thanks to a pocket watch that went down along with two thirds of the town and over 2000 people.1962年6月7日 牙买加海盗天堂,皇家港口,在自己的港口沉没了。这场灾难,或说是福祉(这取决于你说的对象)在地震之后的地面液化造成的,我们知道事件发生在上午11时43分 一只怀表停在了此刻,还有三分之二的小镇沉没 2000余人失踪。Liquefaction happens when waterlogged,loose soil,we call it ;sand;,turns into quicksand temporarily.If you look closely at land,you#39;ll realize that it#39;s actually comprised of tons of tiny rocks,and their roundness and roughly uniform size,mean that there#39;s space between that can get filled by water.When we step on saturated sand at the water#39;s edge,it#39;s fairly stable because the particles get pushed together and rest on each other,while any excess water escapes by flowing away to where the pressure is lower.液化发生在浸满水的松散土壤,我们称之为沙地,暂时变成流沙时。如果你仔细观察沙地 会发现它其实是由无数的小石块组成的,它们圆形的形状和几乎一致的大小,意味着其间的间歇可以被水填入。当我们踩在水边的湿沙上时,沙地仍很稳定 这是因为沙粒被挤压在一起相互抵触,而多余的水则流到压力较低的地方。We can(and do)build buildings on wet sandy soil,since the weight of the grains,and the friction between them makes the soil behave as a solid most of the time,But in an earthquake,soil particles repeatedly jostle back and forth so much that the water can#39;t flow away.Loosely packed dry soils tend to compress under stress,but with incompressible water unable to escape the gaps between grains,the soil can#39;t compress and the water takes the load.我们的确能在湿沙质土上盖房子,因为沙粒的质量以及相互间的擦力让湿土在多数时候呈现出固体特征。而地震时,土壤颗粒不停地来回碰撞,水无法流走。松散的干沙在压力下会被压缩 而当难以压缩的水 无法从沙粒间隙间流走时,土壤就无法被压缩,水占了上风。Unfortunately,water,as a liquid,doesn#39;t have much structural integrity,so if the saturated soil is forced to compress too much too quickly,it will start to act like a liquid,and dense objects resting on the now liquefied soil will risk.You can experience liquefaction for yourself in the water-soaked sand near the edge of a beach,It feels pretty soild if you stand still.but if you wiggle your feet,the movement causes the sand to liquefy beneath you,and you start sinking.不幸的是,水作为一种液体 其结构完整性很差 因此如果湿土在过短时间内被过度挤压。它就会表现出液体性质,坐落于已液化土壤之上建筑就会沉下去。你可以在海滩边浸满水的湿沙上体验下液化的感觉,你站着不动时,感觉它像固体。但当你晃脚时,这动作会使你脚下的沙子液化 你便开始下沉。On a larger scale,earthquake-induced liquefaction can swallow cars,roads,and even enormous apartment complexes.In other words,earthquakes can create quicksand,except that when the shaking stops and the soil particles are no longer suspended in water,the ground solidifies again and anything that sank becomes stuck,Which is what happened to this carrrr......大范围而言,地震引起的土壤液化会吞没汽车,道路,甚至是大房子。换句话说,地震会产生流沙,除了地震停止 沙粒不再悬浮在水中,地面再度固化 任何沉下去的东西都会被卡住。这就是为何这辆车这么酷.... Article/201503/361146

On Easter Island, entirely alone,复活节岛完全与世隔绝They#39;ll create a unique civilization,他们要在祖先神灵的雕像环绕下Surrounded by statues of their ancestral gods.创建独一无二的文明If you think about it,virtually all the great monuments of the past如果你好好想想就会发现 几乎以前所有的伟大遗迹were built for a spiritual purpose,都是为了精神寄托而建立的as if satisfying the human need to reach out to the afterlife.正好满足了人们触碰来世的需要And Easter Island reveals the urge to celebrate, to commemorate,复活节岛表明了人们对于 纪念和庆祝的渴望epic monuments that are still impressive thousands of years later,史诗般的遗迹在几千年后 仍然耀眼无比 震撼人心and will be thousands of years from now.再过几千年也依旧如此Known as Moai,The tallest is 33 feet high and weighs 82 tons,众所周知的艾石像 最高可达三十三英尺 重八十二吨As heavy as the space shuttle.几乎和宇航飞船一样重Humans work so hard.人类如此辛勤的劳动We never just settle down and happily farm and live,我们从未安于安定快乐的耕种生活we#39;re always building something, exploring something,我们总是会建造 探索doing something that#39;s a challenge,that#39;s bigger than ourselves.做一些有挑战的事情 那是比我们自己更庞大的东西Legend says the statues walk magically into place.传说中石像是神奇地走到岛上来的In reality, they are dragged overland.但实际上 它们是被拖拽到岛上的 Article/201511/410957

And...it occurs to me that on the one hand一方面对我来说it#39;s likely to be absolutely fine and on the other hand好像情况都还不错 但另一方面;What if its not OK?;万一检查出什么问题呢I#39;m not sure if I#39;m prepared for that.我很担心And I know I#39;m not prepared for a doctor to tell me that I have to stop drinking.如果医生说我要戒酒That#39;s quite a shocking thought.我是一点准备也没有的When did you first have an alcoholic drink?你第一次喝酒是什么时候A proper drink?Yes.真正的酒吗 是的I would say I was 15.15岁And can you tell me what the circumstances of that were?说说你当时的情况Yeah it was...好的 当时It was kids messing around and an older kid...我们一群小孩跟着所谓的头头在玩We were on our bikes summer afternoon in the country在夏天的午后 我们骑着单车and an older kid managed to buy some alcohol from a pub然后那个头头决定要去酒店里买酒and brought it out and I had a half of bitter or something.Right.把酒带了出来后 我就喝了一点What was the attitude to alcohol in your family?你们家对喝酒是什么态度 Article/201507/384813


  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201508/391677。

  栏目简介:《英语视频之Top5》是英语视频听力下的子栏目,栏目包含中英字幕,而且能够了解世界上5大新奇或者有意思的事物,比如美军飞行器、社交媒体、核武器等,通过简单有趣的讲述,能够提高学习英语的兴趣,积累一些英语知识,是比较生动的英语学习材料。 Article/201511/407374

  Obama, Modi to participate in business summit印度总理莫迪和美国总统巴拉克·奥巴马出席商界峰会Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the US president Barack Obama, who is on his three-day visit to India, will address in a US-India business summit at the Taj Palace hotel in New Delhi. 在为期3天对印度进行的访问中,印度总理莫迪和美国总统巴拉克·奥巴马两位领导人将在新德里泰姬陵皇宫酒店举行的美印商界峰会上发表演说。The summit follows the two leaders#39; meet and address with top CEOs from both countries. With bussiness top on the list of Obama#39;s visit, bilateral trade cooperation will be focused in tonight#39;s talks.峰会召开之前,两位领导人及其两国商界CEO们曾进行会面。由于奥巴马总统此次印度之行重经济轻政治,两国的经贸合作将集中在今晚的会谈上。Earlier, Obama, along with Modi, watched over a grand display of Indian military hardware, marching bands, and elaborately dressed camels.早些时候,在莫迪的陪同下,奥巴马总统观看盛况空前的印度大阅兵,行进乐队还有精心打扮的骆驼。Obama is the first US leader to be honoured as chief guest at India#39;s annual Republic Day festivities.奥巴马是印度一年一度公共庆祝活动获此贵宾待遇的第一位美国领导人。The crowd erupted in cheers as Obama, along with First Lady Michelle Obama, emerged from his armoured limousine and took his place on the rain-soaked parade route along.在被雨浸湿的游行路线中当奥巴马及陪同的第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马从装甲豪华轿车现身时人群中爆发出如潮般的欢呼声。 Article/201501/356414Fourth panda Feng Feng dies of CDV in Shaanxi陕西第4只大熊猫凤凤因感染犬瘟热死亡A fourth giant panda has unfortunately died from the canine distemper virus at the Rare Wildlife Rescue and Breeding Research Center.陕西省珍稀野生动物饲养研究中心的第4只大熊猫大熊猫“凤凤” 因为身患犬瘟热病毒死亡。Five-year-old Feng Feng died of heart failure and breathing difficulties, after 35 days of treatment.在经过35天抢救治疗后“凤凤”最终因脏器衰竭呼吸困难死亡。The female panda was diagnosed last December and fell into a coma on January 8th.雌性大熊猫“凤凤”去年12月被确诊,后于1月8日陷入昏迷。However, another panda who was infected and three other suspected cases have all recovered.而另一只受到感染的大熊猫和其他3只疑似感染病例全部痊愈。Canine distemper virus, or CDV, is a highly contagious and fatal disease, usually sp through infected body fluids or contaminated food and water.简称CDV的犬瘟热病毒是一种高度传染且致命的疾病,通常是经已感染的体液或食物及水源传播。 Article/201502/359265A computer measured how many times the child moved and by how much.电脑测量他们移动的次数和时间Dr Linda Spears was struck by the results of this simple test.琳达·斯皮尔斯士对于试验结果很震惊They gave an intoxicating dose of alcohol他们摄入了足以致人喝醉的酒精量or what they thought would be an intoxicating dose of alcohol至少是他们认为可以醉人的酒精量to some 10-12-year-old boys.给那些10到12岁的小孩喝了下去And they were going to examine them and see how they felt然后他们检测下孩子们的感觉如何and see how drunk they felt look at them behaviourally他们的行为是否像喝醉了and see if they were staggering.他们是否很兴奋If they could close their eyes and stand on one foot and all that.能不能闭着眼睛用一只脚站立The bottom line is最轻的状况是that the boys acted like they werent given any alcohol at all.孩子们表现得就像没喝酒一样They were not impaired at all.他们一点也没受影响Even though adults at that dose would#39;ve been quite impaired但这么大的量 对成年来说也会有很大伤害even adults that have drunk alcohol before and would have some tolerance.甚至有喝酒经验的人也会有一定风险So that made them think that there might be something going on所以他们觉得 在某种生理机理作用下in adolescence that may make them fairly insensitive青春期的孩子 对酒精是不敏感的to at least those kinds of intoxicating effects of alcohol.就算喝了足以醉人的剂量也不会醉 Article/201507/384279

  栏目介绍:搞笑英语轻松学通过不同的搞笑生活片段来学习日常口语,领域涉及生活的各个方面,让我们边看视频边学英语。正宗地道的口语,假一罚十。美剧电影真人秀都看过了之后还能看什么学口语呢?当然是看这些双语视频啦!又好玩,又原汁原味,又顺便学一两句地道英语,多痛快!快来看看吧! Article/201509/397796

  They would have cut all of the overlying meat off here他们会把盖在这上面的肉都割下来and then pulled the femur out of the socket a little bit然后把股骨从关节窝里拉出来一点点and cut the tendon that connected it.再切断连接关节的筋腱There#39;s marks on them that这些豪猪骨上面的一些痕迹are similar to the bones we find from Swartkrans a million years ago和在斯瓦特克朗斯发现的那些很相似and those are in the form of these butchery marks.比如这些宰割痕迹Compare the butchery marks made only 12 hours earlier将12小时前刚形成的这些宰割痕迹with these from one million years ago.与一百万年前形成的相比较Yes, there#39;s continuity.是的 它们之间有一致性There#39;s only a certain way to take apart an animal body分解动物尸体有固定的方式and it leaves similar marks whether you#39;re using steel or stone.用钢质或石质工具都只会留下相似痕迹What Travis#39;s theory really needs特拉维斯的理论最需要的是is butchered bones which have also been burnt in the cooking process.既被宰割又在烹煮过程中被灼烧了的骨头This is such an exciting thing for me.我感到很兴奋This is a burnt bone with butchery marks on it.这块烧过的骨头上有宰割痕迹It just goes to show you that these things aren#39;t uncommon.这就说明 这种行为不是稀有的It#39;s likely that we#39;ll find this type of evidence at Swartkrans.因此我们可能也会在斯瓦特克朗斯找到类似据I think it#39;s as close as I#39;ll be able to come to say我认为在不久后 我就能宣布we have cooking one million years ago.人类在一百万年前就有烹煮行为了The earlier the date, the greater the probability据的年代越久远that cooking affected the evolution of our first truly human ancestors.烹煮行为影响人类祖先进化的可能性越大 Article/201505/375460

  Bearing down on them, the superpower of the day:当时的超级大国 波斯帝国Persia.兵临城下Sparta is just 3000 square miles.斯巴达国土面积只有三千平方英里The Persian empire, more than a million.而波斯帝国 其面积超过一百万平方英里The battle they face against the odds这场胜算渺茫的战争Will shape the story of mankind.将在人类历史上留下浓墨重的一笔Pausanias is holding Sparta together在他的叔叔 也就是斯巴达国王驾崩后After the death of the king, his uncle.保萨尼亚斯让斯巴达团结一致They prepare for a final battle to defend Greece.为保卫希腊 他们准备决一死战They#39;re the baddest human beings on the planet Earth他们是地球上最劣迹斑斑的人类and they wanna stay that way.而他们也乐于如此It#39;s really ;We#39;re gonna breed the ultimate warriors.;真是那种;我们要培养终极勇士;的感觉And they build a whole caste system,他们创建了等级制度a whole belief system, around this idea.围绕这个制度 又构建了一整套信仰体系In Sparta, from the age of seven,在斯巴达 男孩们从七岁开始Boys are trained as warriors.就被当做战士训练At 18, they join Sparta#39;s army,到了十八岁 他们加入斯巴达军队The most fearsome,最可怕的是Most disciplined fighting force on earth.这是世上纪律最严明的军队Young men were taken away from their families年轻人被迫离开家人and lived a very what we call a Spartan life,过着简单清苦的生活 我们称之为斯巴达生活a life without luxury这是一种毫无享受可言and a life of deprivation失去自我的生活and a life training and testing their courage.这里只有无休止的训练以及勇气的考验 Article/201509/398321。

  栏目简介:《造物小百科How it’s made》介绍了许多东西的制作或者说发明方法,非常实用。其中的英语视频发音地道,内容浅显易懂,过程形象生动,是提高英语听力水平,积累英语知识和一些简单生活常识的好素材。 Article/201509/392048

  With 80% of infectious dieases sp by our hands,it#39;s clear that washing them is important.80%的传染病是由手传播的,显然将手洗干净非常重要。But,when it comes to your hygiene and cleanliness,which method of drying is best? Using a classic paper towel,or the hand dryer?不过 哪种干手方式更清洁卫生呢?是传统卫生纸还是烘手机?Well,you#39;ll be happy to know that if you wash your hands properly with soap,nearly all traces of bacteria will be removed,regardless of how dry them.But it#39;s when you don#39;t wash properly,or even worse,only wash with water,that how you dry your hands can make all the difference.首先,你会很高兴地发现,如果用肥皂正确地洗手,不论怎么烘干,手上绝大多数细菌都会被除去,不过,如果洗手方式不正确 甚至只用水洗,那么,干手的方式就至关重要了。After all,the sp of bacteria is more lilely to occur with wet skin and rubbing your wet hands on your clothes or touching the bathroom door,can often contaminate them even more.毕竟,细菌更容易在湿润的皮肤上传播,用湿手蹭衣或者碰卫生间的门,常会让手更脏。It turns out,after multiple studies were analyzed and compared,paper towels came out victorious,Why?A lot of it has to do with timing.The average air dryer requires nearly 45 seconds to reduce hand moisture by 97%.whereas paper towel users achieve the same thing in around only 10 seconds.多项研究的分析和比对明,卫生纸最合适,为什么?这同时间很有关系,一般烘手机需要45秒才可使手的温度减少97%,而卫生纸只需10秒即可达到相同程度。But after reviewing people#39;s behaviour,studies showed that most individuals spent only 22 seconds with an air dryer,leaving their hands less than 70% dry.不过,在观察公众的行为后 研究表明大多数人使用烘手机的时间只有22秒,手的干燥程度则低于70%。Paper towel users,on the other hand,could achieve more than 85% dryness with only 5 seconds.Friction also plays a key role in the removal of bacteria,with much of it being transferred right on to the paper towel.Conversely,some studies have shown that hand dryers may actually emit bacteria in their flow,because of the contaminated air from the bathroom.另一方面,卫生纸,可以在5秒内达到85%的干燥程度,表面擦对除菌也起着关键作用,大多细菌都因此被蹭到卫生纸上,相反,有研究显示,烘手机的气流中反而带有细菌,因为卫生间内的空气有细菌。Having said that,air drying your hands can be effective if done thoroughly.And truthfully you don#39;t always an option!Though some dryers are much better than others,just make sure you dry them fully and it shouldn#39;t be a major problem.话虽如此 如果烘干彻底 烘手机也一样有用,并且,你也没有别的选择!尽管某些烘手机更高级 但你只要把手完全烘干就没什么问题。What about the environment ,you ask? Without a doubt,new dryers are the environmentally friendly option.Not only because they prevent deforestation,but they actually use less energy,and have a lower carbon emission once everything is taken into account.After all,13 billion pounds of paper towel are used every year in America alone,and that#39;s their major pitfall.那么,环保方面呢?毫无疑问 烘手机对环境更有利,它不仅能防止森林砍伐 使用的能源更少,考虑到前后因素,其二氧化碳排放量也更低。毕竟美国一年就能消耗130亿磅(59亿千克)的卫生纸,这就是它主要的缺点。So if you#39;re going to use paper towel,here#39;s a quick tip that only requires one piece,as suggested by advocate Joe Smith.After washing your hands,shake them hard 12 time,then fold the piece of paper in half,and wipe like so,This is the optimal arrangement to dry with the least amount of paper.所以,如果你想用卫生纸。教你一个一张纸擦手的方法,由Joe Smith提倡,洗手后,狠狠地甩12次,之后把纸对折,像这样挥手,这是最省纸的挥手方法。Again,shake your hands 12 times...fold,and dry.Now you have clean dry hands,with minimal wastel再说一次 把手甩12次,对折,擦干,现在,你已经用最少消耗的方式把手擦干净了。 Article/201501/352462

  The human race has only two options为了寻找高等外星生物when it comes to looking for advanced aliens.人类只有两种选择We can listen, or we can be more active静静倾听,抑或更主动一些and broadcast our willingness to talk.向宇宙发布我们与外星人交流的期待We#39;d have to think very carefully about what we might say.我们必须谨慎考虑将要说的话I think this might be just a little too risky.我认为这有些过于冒险We only have to look at ourselves to see我们看看自己就能明白how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn#39;t want to meet.智能生物已达到的发达程度,也许还是不见为妙We humans are aly capable of manipulating the course of our own evolution.我们人类已经掌握了控制自身进化的技术Exactly the same, presumably, would be true of advanced extraterrestrials.假设,高级外星人也具备相同能力Ultimately, they could halt aging and become virtually immortal.他们也许最终能够停止衰老,甚至长生不老What#39;s more,不仅如此they might have reached that point millions of years ago.他们可能早在百万年前就已达到这种水平It might sound unlikely,这听起来也许有些耸人听闻but if you think about it logically,但如果按逻辑推理一下alien technology should be就能想到,外星人的技术as extraordinary to us as a rocket ship to a caveman.绝不会逊色于我们从山顶洞人发展到制造火箭I imagine they might exist in massive ships like these,我觉得他们耗尽了自己星球的所有能源后having used up all the resources from the home planet below.可能生活于这样的大型飞船中Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads此类高等外星生物也许会成为游牧物种looking to conquer and colonize whatever planets they can reach.伺机征并掌控任何能够达到的星球If so, it makes sense for them to exploit each new planet for当真如此,也难怪他们会寻找新的星球materials to build more spaceships so they could move on.搜集更多搭建飞船的材料以维持航行Who knows what the limits would be?谁知道有什么阻挡得了他们 Article/201506/382303

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