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Chaonei No. 81, arguably Beijing’s most celebrated “haunted house,” has seen a steady stream of visitors over the years. Until recently, they were a niche assortment — mostly thrill-seekers, urban explorers and history buffs — looking to experience firsthand the lurid tales of the once-grand French Baroque-style mansion, which has long sat dilapidated and abandoned. Foremost among the many legends associated with Chaonei No. 81 is that the mansion is haunted by the ghost of the mistress of a Kuomintang official who hanged herself there after her lover abandoned her following the Communist victory in 1949.朝内81号堪称北京最有名的“鬼屋”,多年来访客不断。不过直到不久前,来参观的还是一个小众类型——主要是追求刺激者、都市探险者和历史爱好者——他们想在这座一度辉煌却早已年久失修的法国巴洛克式大宅中亲身体验那些可怕的故事。在朝内81号的诸多传奇中最有名的故事是:1949年共产党赢得战争之后,一个国民党军官去了台湾,他的姨太太被遗弃在这里,于是上吊自尽,她的鬼魂仍在宅子里徘徊。But the release in Chinese film theaters last week of a big-budget 3-D thriller inspired by Chaonei No. 81 has prompted an unprecedented deluge of visitors. Since its premiere on Thursday, the film, called “Jingcheng No. 81” or, in English, “The House That Never Dies,” has aly earned about 160 million renminbi, or around .7 million, putting it third on the domestic box-office charts, behind “Tiny Times 3” and “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” according to the Chinese movie website Mtime.com.上个星期,根据它的故事拍成的一部大制作3D恐怖片在中国院线上映了,这为朝内81号带来了数量空前的游客。这部影片名叫《京城81号》,英文名字翻译过来是《永远不死的房子》(The House That Never Dies)。根据中国电影网站Mtime.com统计,该片自上周四首映以来,已经获得了大约1.6亿人民币的票房收入,约合2570万美元,在国内票房排行榜上排名第三,仅次于《小时代3》和《变形金刚:绝迹重生》(Transformers: Age of Extinction)。“I never thought my job would be like this,” said Xu Wen, the groundskeeper of Chaonei No. 81. Mr. Xu, who has worked at the property since 2011, estimated that the number of visitors since last week had been upward of 500 per day, far more than in the past.“我从来没想到自己的工作会变成这样,”朝内81号的管理员徐文(音译)说。徐文从2011年开始在这里工作,他估计自从上星期以来,游客已经达到每天500多人,比过去多多了。The gate to the compound where the mansion and an outbuilding, also said to be haunted, are situated had previously been left open for much of the day. But to deal with the sudden surge in interest following the film’s premiere, the owners, the Beijing Catholic Diocese, have decided to keep it closed to help control the flow of visitors.院中有一栋大宅和一个外屋,据说外屋也闹鬼,院子大门本来一天大部分时间都开着,但是为了对付电影上映后突如其来的游客潮,这里的主人——天主教北京教区决定关闭大门,以控制客流量。“The buildings are too old,” Mr. Xu said. “If there are too many people inside at once, it’s more likely that someone will get hurt.”“这栋建筑太老了,”徐先生说,“如果一下让太多人进来,很可能会伤到人。”On Tuesday morning, about 50 people, mostly young, wandered around the property, exploring and taking photos. Among them was Gong Xiangyu, a 20-year-old student who, after seeing the film that morning, decided to walk the 20 minutes or so from the theater to see the real Chaonei No. 81, which is located on a bustling thoroughfare in the heart of Beijing.星期二上午,大约有50人围着这栋建筑徘徊,其中大部分是年轻人,他们仔细查看,拍着照片。其中包括20岁的学生龚翔宇(音译)当天上午刚看完电影,就决定从影院步行20分钟过来看看真正的朝内81号——它坐落在北京市中心的喧嚣闹市之中。“I think what’s cool about this film is that the house is actually in Beijing, unlike the haunted houses we see in American movies,” said Mr. Gong, currently on summer vacation from Beijing People’s Police College. “The house itself isn’t really scary like the one in the movie — there are too many people here — but I guess I am scared of falling through the floorboards.”“我觉得这个电影很酷的一点就是这栋房子真的在北京,不像我们在美国电影里看的那种鬼屋,”龚是北京人民警察学院的学生,现在在放暑假,“这栋房子其实不像电影里那么可怕——这儿人太多了——但我好像有点害怕走在地板上陷下去。”Some historians and officials from the Beijing diocese disagree about the history of the mansion. Church officials have said that the house was built in 1910 as a Chinese-language school for foreign missionaries and later also took in diplomats, businessmen and scholars. Historians, however, say that the buildings at Chaonei No. 81 were constructed as a private residence for the French manager of a railroad company. After the Communists took control in 1949, it is generally agreed that the buildings swung between various states of use and disuse.有些历史学家和北京教区的负责人对这栋建筑的历史有不同意见。教会负责人说,这栋房子于1910年建立,是为外国传教士开的中文学校,后来外交人员、商人和学者们也加入进来。历史学家们却说,朝内81号是一个法国铁路公司经理建造的私宅。各方一致认为,1949年共产党获得政权后,这栋房子有过各种用途,也一度荒废。“This history is very difficult to get straight,” said Mr. Xu, who has taken an active interest in unearthing the mansion’s history.“它的历史已经很难弄清,”对发掘这栋房子的历史很感兴趣的徐先生说。Part of the allure to visitors no doubt also stems from the house itself, which in its decaying state is seemingly an ideal setting for paranormal activity (or, at the very least, rumors about it).毫无疑问,对于参观者们来说,部分吸引力也来自这栋房子本身,它衰败的状态似乎为各种异常行为提供了极好的背景(至少也可以用来传传奇怪事件的谣言)。Inside the barren house, piles of brushwood, litter and building materials lie strewn about. Graffiti, much of it apparently recent, is scrawled across the walls. In the dark basement of the gray-brick outbuilding in back, a tunnel where several construction workers are said to have vanished has been blocked off.在这栋荒凉的房子内部,枯树枝、垃圾和建筑材料堆得到处都是。墙上布满涂鸦,很多都显然是最近才画上去的。主楼后面的外房由灰色的砖石砌成,有个黑洞洞的地下室,里面有个被封闭的地下通道,据说有几个建筑工人在里面消失了。Plans to renovate the buildings, which are on a historic preservation list, are awaiting approval, church officials said last month.这栋建筑名列文物保护名单,上个月,教会负责人说翻修计划正在等待审批通过。Hua Shanghuang, 15, said the buildings made an “ideal backdrop” for a haunted-themed cosplay, or costume play, a performance activity that originated in Japan. On Tuesday morning, Ms. Hua, who wore a long black wig, black dress, black tights and black heels, and a friend — “the ghost” — who was clad in a red tartan skirt and a white blouse speckled with fake blood, roamed the property, striking menacing poses for a photographer.15岁的华尚煌(音译)说,这栋建筑可以作为闹鬼主题的cosplay(起源于日本的一种化妆角色扮演活动)的“理想背景”。星期二上午,华戴着长长的黑色假发,穿着黑色连衣裙、黑色长筒袜和黑色高跟鞋,她的朋友“鬼魂”穿着红色格子衬衫和染着假血的白色外套,两人在这栋建筑内徘徊,摆出恐吓的姿势,让一个摄影师为她们拍照。However, Ms. Hua seemed somewhat skeptical about the presence of actual ghosts at Chaonei No. 81.不过,华似乎不相信朝内81号真的有鬼魂存在。“How could there be ghosts here?” she exclaimed. “It’s so bright!”“这儿这么亮,怎么可能有鬼呢?”她大声说。 /201407/315813Men and women might wax lyrical about looking for someone who is kind, sensitive and funny. But a new study shows that when it comes to finding partners, the ded cliché seems to be true.无论男女都有可能诗意地幻想自己的另一半是一个善良、敏感而幽默的人。但一项最新研究发现:当人们在真正寻找另一半时,现实似乎又一次验了那些可怕的陈词滥调。A study published in the Journal of Evolution and Human behaviour shows what really matters to men is looks - while women want a man with a booming bank balance.The study asked hundreds of young men and women what mattered when choosing a partner. The categories were attractiveness, wealth, ambition, kindness and intelligence.在《进化与人类行为》上刊登的一则调查研究显示:男人择偶的关键是外表,而对于女人来说则更想要一个有钱人。这次调查面对几百个年轻男女发起,询问他们哪些因素可能影响他们对伴侣的选择,结果包括了以下几类:吸引力、财富、事业心、善良和聪明。And results shows men were overwhelmingly swayed by an attractive face and body, while women were hooked on wealth and ambition.调查结果显示,压倒性数量的男人都会被漂亮的脸蛋和身材所吸引,而对于女人来说她们则更关注男人的金钱和事业心。Professor Gad Saad, who co-authored the study with Tripat Gill, said the research seems to highlight how evolution has led us to this #39;irrational#39; decision-making.嘉德·萨阿德教授和特里帕特·吉尔合作完成此项研究,称这一研究正反映了自然演化是如何引领我们做出这种看似“荒谬”的决定的。Mr Saad said: #39;Choosing someone who might be a poor provider or an unloving father would have serious consequences for a woman and for her offspring.#39;萨阿德教授说:“选择一个穷困潦倒的人来养家糊口或者一个缺乏爱心的父亲,势必会对这个女人和她的孩子的生活造成严重的影响。”The survey, carried out at Concordia University in Montral, Quebec, Canada, gave overall descriptions of potential partners, along with positive and negative descriptions.本次调查在加拿大魁北克省蒙特利尔市的肯高迪亚大学进行,调查的内容是对你所期待的伴侣进行全面的描述,包括正面和负面双重描述。It showed that an attractive body and an attractive face were seen as more important to men, while earning potential and ambition were more important to women. Both said kindness and intelligence were equally important to both.调查显示长相和身材迷人对于男人择偶似乎更为重要,而对女人而言她们更在乎男人的收入潜力和事业心。然而无论男女都认为善良、聪明和以上两点同等重要。 /201405/298730Stop for a moment and ask yourself if there was ever a time (or times) you’ve arrogantly said or thought: “I’m too smart for this.” If you’re someone who always believed that you’re Mr. Smarty Pants, you may want to take a step back and contemplate. That kind of thinking can work against you in life and in work.停下来扪心自问:你有没有高傲地自认为“太聪明”?如果你向来自恃聪明,或许该认真反省了。这种心态对生活和工作非常不利。So while it’s difficult to face the truth, let’s entertain the possibility that you may not be as smart as you think you are. Read on and check if you have the following signs:面对现实并不容易——为什么说你没有自认为的那样聪明?或许以下就是原因。请往下读,看看你是否也有这些表现吧:1. You’re more of a talker than a listener你爱倾诉,不擅倾听And that’s putting it nicely.一语点中要害。You like the sound of your own voice, with or without you knowing it. People don’t come to you to talk about their problems or even celebrate their successes because you always end up talking about your own problems and successes.不管是否意识到,你都喜欢表达自己。跟你在一起,别人根本就无法倾诉烦恼或庆贺成功,因为你一直在滔滔不绝谈论自己的烦恼或成功。If this sounds like you, consciously decide to listen and focus on the what the person is saying the next time you’re in a conversation with someone. Don’t try to upstage them, just listen.如果你是这种人,那么下次跟人交谈时,请下意识学着倾听、去关注别人在讲什么吧。不要总是抢着说话,请倾听!2. You show off only the good stuff and make some up你只炫耀好的一面,还会编造一些You hide your true personality. You fake it. Big time. While it’s good to always be at your best when meeting important people, you take it to a whole other level: You lie so that people have a better impression of you.你隐藏自己的真实性格,常常戴着面具。虽然约见重要人物时,展现自己最好的一面也无可厚非,但你会因此得寸进尺:为了给人留下好印象,你不停撒谎。Smart people value truth and know better than to hide for the sake of looking good. Showing only your good side and adding some special effects will tire you in the long run.聪明的人看重真实,不会为了看上去优秀而伪装自己。炫耀自己好的一面并加以粉饰,长此以往只会让你疲惫不堪。3. You’re always in the middle of a storm你总处在风暴中心You always find yourself in the middle of conflict. And when you think back on it, you either caused that conflict or you added fuel to the flames.你总陷入矛盾焦点。仔细回想,你发现:要么是你引发了矛盾,要么是你煽了风点了火。Smart people, on the other hand, either don’t get involved when there’s nothing they can do or do their best to help end the conflict. Try to do the same.相反,如果无济于事,聪明的人会避免牵扯进去;如果可以帮助,他们会尽量平息矛盾。请学着点吧。4. You discourage people instead of lifting them up你不鼓励别人,反倒打击别人You discourage people, not just by saying so outright but also by not giving them the time of day. In a way, you’re telling them that their ideas or their problems are not worth your time or your (perceived) intelligence.你说话露骨,不给人留余地;你总打击别人。你说别人的想法或问题太弱智,根本不值得你动脑筋。Smart people help encourage others by actually paying attention. They listen (note the first sign) and share what they know. If big shots like Richard Branson and Adm. William McRaven, commander in the U.S. special forces, can take the time to answer letters from kids, you can spend a few minutes encouraging people.聪明的人会实实在在关心鼓励别人。他们倾听(见第1条)并分享自己的心得。像理查德-布兰森、美国特种部队指挥官威廉-麦克纳文这样的大人物都还费心回信给小朋友,你为何不能花几分钟鼓励他人呢?5. You prefer lowbrow entertainment你喜欢低俗You don’t challenge yourself with difficult subjects and are content to stick to entertaining yet hardly thought-provoking ing material. You also spend hours watching bad reality TV.你宁愿读那些毫无意义的东西,也不肯尝试了解稍有深度的领域。你老追着看糟糕透顶的电视真人秀。Real smart people thrive on ing books and watching films that spark their creativity and make them think and question. A few hours of intellectual ing could open up your horizons so give it a shot. You can start by listening to audiobooks if the thought of ing thick books is daunting to you.真正聪明的人选择能激发创造力、发人深省的书籍或电影。阅读有深度的书籍可以开阔眼界,请尝试一下吧!如果一想到大部头书籍就头疼,你可以先听听有声书。6. You’re always so busy你总是忙忙碌碌Your work life consists of you running around like a headless chicken. There always seems to be a problem that takes up most of your work day. You also find yourself doing all the work, all the time.你工作起来总像只没头苍蝇似的到处瞎忙。好像每天都有费神耗时的烂摊子要收拾,你无时无刻不在应付杂七杂八的任务。Learn how to delegate and ask for help. It’s a little arrogant of you to think that you can do everything for everyone. Make it a point to rest and spend time on things that matter in life, not just work.学着分配任务、寻求帮助吧。觉得自己能单匹马包揽所有活计?太高估自己了!别只忙于工作,也要会休息,花时间做点真正有意义的事情。You may have been praised a lot when you were a child, a teen, or a college student because of your high grades and other academic achievements. That’s great. Ego boosts now and then are healthy and needed. But strive for more than just accolades.当你还是个孩子或学生时,因为考了高分或学业喜人,常常受人称赞,确实很不错。现在自我膨胀了,渴望更大了,但决不能仅仅流连于夸赞之辞啊。If you truly want to be smart but find yourself guilty of the signs above, now’s the chance to make a change. Be a smarter, better version of you.如果你愧然发现自己也有以上表现,但你又真心希望变得聪明,那么,现在就抓住机会去改变吧。做更聪明、更美好的自己! /201311/265465Is this the world#39;s most gruesome foodmarket? Dogs, rats, bats and monkeys among the animals roasted WHOLE inIndonesia这是世界上最可怕的菜市场吗?在印尼,,老鼠,蝙蝠,猴子等等,被整只的拿去烤These are the shocking images of a gruesomefood market where dogs are strangled by rope for food and customers canpurchase whole flame-roasted animals.这些惊悚的照片,在这个市场里,被勒死,整只的拿去烤,客人可以随意购买。The Tomohon Traditional market in NorthSulawesi, Indonesia sells whole monkeys, bats, cats, dogs, pigs, rats, slothsand even giant pythons laid out on tables with painful expressions still etchedon their faces.印尼北苏维拉西岛的托莫洪集市销售整只的猴子,蝙蝠,猫,,猪,老鼠,树籁,甚至还有巨蟒,排列在桌子上,他们脸上痛苦的表情依稀还能看到。The macabre food stalls were witnessed byOman-based photographer and blogger, Raymond Walsh, 44, who said it was easierto witness the dead and mutilated animals than it was to see the living dogs incages awaiting their fate.这些惊悚的照片由现年44岁的阿曼摄影师兼客作家Raymond Walsh拍下,他描述说在这里看到死亡和残废的动物要比看到笼子里等待死亡的活生生的更好受些。Mr Walsh said: #39;It was typical of a lot oflocal markets in the developing world - lots of fruit, vegetables and fish. Theonly difference was the sheer number of dead animals for sale.#39;他说:“在发展中国家,许多当地市场都具有这样的特点——许多食物,蔬菜和鱼。唯一的不同点在于出售的动物尸体有多少。”On his blog www.manonthelam.com, hedescribes the harrowing sight of dogs in cages with their dead counterpartslying on a table nearby.在他的www.manonthelam.com客中,他形容了令人痛心的一幕:一些活生生的被关在笼子里,而另外一些尸体就放在旁边的桌子上。#39;It was easier to stomach the entrails ofmonkeys, rats on a stick and decapitated pigs than it was to see those livedogs awaiting their fate,#39; he said.“有猴子的内脏,一串串的老鼠肉,以及被斩首的猪,吃这些食物要比看那些在笼子里等待死亡的让人更好受些,”他说。#39;The other animals seem foreign but I havefriends who have dogs.#39;“看到其他动物被这样子弄还好,但是我有些朋友有养。”Although the market#39;s dead dogs may bedifficult for westerners to look at, Mr Walsh points to the different culturesand attitudes towards the animals in South East Asia.尽管市场中的死可能让西方人不忍直视,但是他也指出了东南亚地区对动物的不同文化和态度。#39;Put simply, Westerners see dogs solely aspets. Indonesians see them as both pets and as sources of meat - it#39;s just howwe#39;re raised,#39; he said.“简而言之,西方人只把当成宠物。而印尼人把当成宠物和食物——这就是不同的文化在起作用,”他说。In the photographs, many of the animals arestiff and completely black with a haunting pained expressions on their faces.在这些照片中,许多被烤后的动物都是僵硬和黑乎乎的,其脸上痛苦的表情令人难忘。#39;After they are killed the animals areroasted over a fire, so the fur burns off, the skin tightens and peels back,causing that #39;screaming#39; look,#39; Mr Walsh explained.“被杀死后,这些动物就被烤掉,皮毛被烧,皮肤变紧和翻转,所以看起来才那么痛苦,”他说。#39;How they are killed depends on the animal.Cats, monkeys, and sloths are shot. Bats and rats have their heads clobberedagainst a tree or table. Pigs are stabbed with a sharp piece of wood or metal,#39;he added.“不同的动物有不同的杀法。猫、猴子以及树籁被射死。蝙蝠和老鼠用树或者桌子撞死。猪则用尖锐的木头或者铁器刺死,”他说。#39;Wild boars are killed as they as they aretrapped. Snakes are slashed with a knife or have their heads cut off. Dogs arestrangled with a rope,#39; Mr Walsh went on.“野猪落入陷阱后就被杀死。蛇则用刀划死或者把头砍掉。则用绳子勒死,”他说。When asked to describe the smell, Mr Walshsaid: #39;In a word, appalling. There#39;s something about the air that changes whenthere#39;s that much death around.#39;当被问到其味道如何时,他说:“一句话,叫人可怕。那么多的动物尸体在那里,周围空气都变了似的。”#39;It hangs heavy and it made me queasy andlight-headed at the same time... It#39;s the first time I#39;d ever encounteredanything like it,#39; he added.“过程相当慢且无聊,让我呕吐和头晕。。。这是我第一次看到这样的场景,”他说。 /201402/277815

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