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凉山彝族自治州割双眼皮多少钱攀枝花市妇幼保健院做祛眼袋手术多少钱自贡市第三人民医院去痣多少钱 Is heading in soccer dangerous?头球危险吗?Its a question that has met its fair share of controversy.这个问题引发了不少争议。If youve never played soccer, heading may look pretty dangerous to the poor brain.如果你从未踢过足球,头球看起来对可怜的大脑的确杀伤力很大。Where else in life do you not wantto duck away from an object flying straight at your head?如果,生活中的其它时候你看到飞来横物,你难道没有躲闪以求护头?However, soccer players know thatthere is a proper way to head the ball.然而,足球运动员是知道头球路数的。Yes, there is a technique to meeting a flying ball with your head.当然,头球是需要技巧的。Dr. Frank Webbe, is a formersoccer referee and coach who is also a psychologist specializing in sports psychology.足球裁判兼教练Frank Webbe在足球心理学上也有研究。He says there is good reason to believe that with proper technique, a players risk for brain injury is low.他说有理由相信有技巧的头球可以降低大脑受伤的几率。The problem is that in a fast-paced game of soccer, obstacles sometimes prevent a player fromheading with good technique.可问题在于在踢球这个快节奏的运动中,球员头球的技巧可能会受限制。And thats when problems are likely to arise.这也是问题的关键。Webbe and collaborators tested soccer players in neurocognitive performance such as attention,concentration, and speed of thinking.Webbe和同事测试了足球运动员的神经认知,比如注意力、集中力、思维反应。They compared long-time soccer players to novices, as well as moderate-to-frequent headers toless than moderate headers.他们比较了新老足球运动员,较常头球的球员和较少头球的球员,In addition, they tested people who had played soccer recently as wellas people who hadnt played in some time.最近常常踢球的人和在一段时间内没有踢球的人。The results suggested that more frequent headers are at more risk for brain injury than lessfrequent headers.结果显示常常头球的人比较少头球的人损伤大脑的风险更高。As a group, frequent headers performed lower on cognition tests in the weekafter a game of frequent heading than did other subjects.前者总的来说,在长期头球后的一周内做的认知测试中普遍比后者表现得更差。Also, players with the highest lifetime estimates of heading scored lowest overall on thesecognition tests.此外,球员估计在此生中头球最多的在认知测试中表现最差。The results convince Webbe that heading does indeed pose a threat to brainfunction and that more research needs to be done.测试结果足以说Webbe头球确实有损大脑功能,需要更多研究加以验。 201407/313219Finance and Economics;Spanish banks; False summit;财经;西班牙;远未结束;Mark down loans, raise capital, repeat;减少贷款,提高资金,重复此道;Like exhausted climbers nearing the summit only to find a higher peak beyond, Spains flagging banks face another push for the top. In February the Spanish government hoped at last to put an end to worries about lenders health when it asked them to set aside billions in provisions and to raise more capital. It also pushed for mergers to reduce capacity and improve margins in an overcrowded market.正如精疲力竭的攀登者接近峰顶时才发现前方还有座更高的山峰一样,西班牙疲弱的们面临着又一个困难。2月,西班牙政府要求按规定预留数十亿并筹集更多的资金,希望以此最终消除有关健康的担忧。政府还促使并购者们在过度拥挤的市场中减小规模,提高利润。These measures provide some comfort. Spains central bank says that since the middle of 2008, banks have set aside 112 billion Euro(148 billion Dollar) against loan losses. This year it asked them to set aside another 54 billion Euro in provisions and new capital (although this double-counted some write-downs that had aly taken place). With these plump cushions, Spains banks can shrug off losses amounting to about half of their loans to property developers. The IMF now reckons that Spains largest banks have enough capital to withstand most shocks, although its smaller and weaker ones remain vulnerable.这些举措带来了一些安慰。西班牙央行声称自从2008年中期以来,们已经预留了1120亿英镑(1480亿美元)来应对贷款损失。今年央行要求们再预留540亿英镑以及新的资金(尽管这样重复计算了有些已经发生的减记金额)。有了这些充足的缓冲,即使贷款损失高达房产开发商贷款总额的一半,西班牙的们也不屑一顾。现在国际货币基金组织认为西班牙的大们有足够的资金来抵御大部分冲击,尽管其较小较弱的依旧脆弱。European economy欧洲经济As a result of the write-downs, regulators have achieved one objective. Few investors now fret about property-development loans blowing up Spanish banks. The worry now is about all the other loans on banks balance-sheets, against which there are almost no provisions (see chart). Take residential mortgages, which have so far held up remarkably well. Less than 3% of residential mortgages have started to wobble, a surprise in a country where unemployment is close to 25%.监管者已通过减记达到了一个目标。现在很少有投资者担忧房产开发贷款会弄垮西班牙。现在的担忧是资产负债表上的其它贷款,而这些几乎没有预留资金。(见图表)。以目前为止表现还不错的住房按揭贷款为例,在一个失业率接近25% 的国家,只有不到3%的住房按揭贷款开始出现问题,这令人惊讶。Spanish officials argue that mortgage losses are so low because the loans were mostly issued to creditworthy borrowers with low loan-to-value ratios and no incentive to walk away from their debts. There was almost no subprime lending and little buy-to-let activity. Affordability has been helped by low interest rates.西班牙官员声称抵押贷款损失之所以如此之低是因为贷款大多发放给信誉良好的借款人,他们贷款价值比率较低,没有逃离其债务的动机。西班牙几乎没有次级贷款和随意贷款的行为。低利率也有助于确保付能力。Investors will take some convincing. “People just do not believe the numbers,” says one analyst. “There has been a lot of ‘extending and pretending or renegotiation of mortgages.” One mechanism by which banks are holding down bad loans is by encouraging struggling customers to switch from normal mortgages to ones where they repay only the interest. The latest data show that terms are being modified on some 26,000 mortgages a month.投资者们将会有些信。“人们只是不相信这些数字,”一位分析员这么说道。“有很多关于“扩大和假装”或是重新就抵押贷款进行谈判的说法”。阻止坏账上升的机制之一,就是鼓励那些苦苦挣扎的客户们从常规抵押贷款转向那种他们只需付利息的模式。最新的数据显示一个月之内就有26000份抵押贷款条约做了修改。The proportion of wobbly mortgages in Spain looks low when compared with those in Ireland. There the central bank and BlackRock, an asset manager, reckoned that actual lifetime losses on residential mortgages would range from 7% to 12% (meaning that rates of non-performing loans, some of which may in time start to perform again, could be higher still). Even if losses in Spain are far below those in Ireland, banks are still likely to need a lot more capital.与爱尔兰相比,西班牙的抵押贷款坏账比例看上去较低。爱尔兰央行以及某资金管理机构BlackRock认为,住房抵押贷款的实际寿命损失在7%至12%之间(意味着不良贷款率可能会更高)。即使西班牙的贷款损失远低于爱尔兰,们仍然可能需要更多的资金。Some investors reckon 60 billion-80 billion Euro is required to restore confidence. The IMF is coy about giving a number, but it too thinks more capital is needed, perhaps in asset-management companies set up to look after dud loans. But attracting private capital will be tough. That would pass the problem to the Spanish government, whose finances are under scrutiny, or to Europes bail-out funds, whose firepower is more limited than advertised.有些投资者认为重塑信心需要600-800亿英镑。对此谨慎的国际货币基金组织未给出具体数字,但它也认为需要更多的资金,也许正是那些用来监管不良贷款的资产管理公司需要更多的资金。但是吸引私人资本将会很难。这将会把问题转嫁给已接受财政审查的西班牙政府,或是火力比宣传的更为有限的欧洲纾困基金。 /201305/240003邛崃市妇幼保健院吸脂手术多少钱

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德昌县人民医院激光点痣多少钱 Business商业报道Watching television看电视Cracking the screens分开的屏幕Media bosses hope mobile devices will help, rather than hurt, television媒体老板希望移动设备能够帮助而不是伤害电视业IN THE television business, as at buffets, people crave seconds.电视业务,就像自助餐,人们渴望快捷。A series is deemed a success if it is renewed for another season.如果能一个赛季续约就被认为是一系列的成功。The industry is currently obsessed with the second screen—mobile phones and tablets that people play with while they watch TV.该行业目前无法摆脱于第二屏幕-他们在看电视时玩手机和平板电脑。Around three-quarters of American internet users regularly fiddle with a mobile device while watching the gogglebox.大约四分之三的美国互联网用户经常边玩手机边看电视。Media executives are abuzz working out how to turn this distraction into profitable transactions.媒体高管们正在讨论如何将这种分心转成有利可图的交易。Twitter, a social-media firm which published its filing on October 3rd for an initial public offering, has big ambitions for little screens.Twitter,一个在10月3日提交其首次公开募股的社交媒体公司,其在小屏幕上有很大的野心。It trumpets its role as a complement to TV, pointing out that Americans sent 24m tweets during this years Super Bowl and that 45% of the TV ads during the event invited viewers to tweet about them.它鼓吹其对电视的补充作用,并指出美国人在今年的超级碗发出两千四百万微和45%的电视广告在活动期间邀请观众发关于他们的微。The firm has launched Twitter Amplify, a service that lets media firms and others tweet clips of shows or sporting events.该公司已经推出了增强的Twitter,一个让媒体公司和其他企业的微关注节目或体育赛事的务。These carry sponsorship messages from advertisers and make money for both the TV company and Twitter.这些可以从广告公司带来赞助消息并为电视公司和Twitter赚钱。Old-fashioned TV companies see the opportunity too, and insist the second screen will not hurt their first, and primary, source of advertising revenue.传统的电视公司也发现了这个机遇,坚持认为第二屏幕不会伤害他们首要的和初级的广告收入来源。Viewers who are multitasking with other devices tend to tune in for longer, because they are commenting on the shows online or interacting with extra content through the networks apps.携有其他设备的多任务观众往往收听时间更长,因为他们会在线发表或通过应用软件交流其他的内容。A survey by Bravo, an American network owned by Comcast, found that viewers using mobile phones were also more likely to sit through adverts.美国网络康卡斯特旗下的布拉沃的一项调查发现观众使用手机更有可能把广告看完。TV executives predict it will become more common to sync TV and mobile ads, so marketing messages are reinforced across the two screens.电视高管预测电视和移动广告同步将变得更加普遍,所以营销信息在两个屏幕之间得到加强。On October 7th, Nielsen, a firm whose ratings determine how much TV networks get paid for ads, launched a new product that analyses how many people comment about shows on Twitter.10月7日,评级决定电视网络收取多少广告费的尼尔森公司推出一款新产品, 分析有多少人在推特上节目。Sporting events and talent shows present the greatest opportunity, because they attract passionate fans who like to chatter online.体育赛事和选秀节目提供了最大的机会,因为他们可以吸引热情的球迷在线交流。Some shows, such as The X Factor, encourage voting, and others feature social-media comments on live TV.一些节目,比如X因子鼓励投票和其他社交媒体电视直播功能。There are now as many start-ups vying to profit from the second screen as there are Real Housewives.现在有许多新公司从第二屏幕争夺利润,因为有真正的家庭主妇。A daft name, like Zeebox or Viggle, is mandatory.一定要取一个像Zeebox或Viggle的愚蠢名字。But with more screens, advertising may become confusing.但是屏幕再多广告可能会变得混乱。Firms will start to advertise on mobiles while viewers watch a TV ad for a rival product, predicts Charles Muirhead of Rightster, an online- platform.公司Muirhead Rightster在一个在线视频平台预测观众看电视上竞争对手的广告时公司将开始在手机上做广告。And media firms must be careful not to besiege viewers with too many ads and novel features.媒体公司必须小心不要用太多广告和新颖特点烦扰观众。Theres a fine line between providing consumers with information they want and annoying them, says Alan Wurtzel, president of research at NUniversal, a media firm.媒体公司nbc环球的总裁艾伦说提供的是观众想要的信息还是厌烦的信息是有一条明显的界限的。The second screen is unlikely to be as lucrative as many hope.第二个屏幕并不是像希望的那样有利可图。For one, its impact will be limited to certain shows.其一, 其影响将被限制在特定的节目。Second-screen applications work best when people watch live TV, says Jonathan Reynaga of Tiny Horse, a digital-media firm.一个叫Tiny Horse的数字媒体公司的Jonathan Reynaga 说第二屏幕在人们观看直播电视时应用最好。But more people are watching shows on demand.但是更多的人正在看节目点播。No one is sure whether the money spent on advertising will grow thanks to the second screen, or simply come out of marketers overall TV budgets.没有人能说清楚花在广告上的钱的增长得益于第二屏幕或简单地来自营销人员的整体电视预算。At a recent gathering of TV executives in Cannes, Dan Rose, who oversees partnerships for Facebook, gave a slick presentation about his firms ambitions for making money from TV.最近在戛纳举办的一次电视行业高管的聚会上,丹罗斯负责为Facebook寻找合作伙伴,他做了一次漂亮的演示表达了他们公司从电视赚钱的野心。He did not discuss whether the advertising pie would shrink for TV companies.他没有讨论电视广告是否将会缩水。The audience must have found themselves wondering.观众必须发现自己想。He left the stage without taking questions.他离开了舞台但没有回答问题。 /201310/260641高新区妇幼保健院光子嫩肤手术多少钱汉中市妇幼保健院激光祛痘多少钱



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