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1、Old school:classical things2、Flick:film3、Are you up for it?:Would you like do it? (I am down)4、Awesome:gorgeous or wonderful5、Pumped:stoked or get excited6、Stoked:pumped or get excited

Todd: So, Lois have you ever been to a professional football match in England?托德:露易斯,你在英国看过职业足球比赛吗?Lois: Yes, I have. I support a team called Leicester city, and when I used to be at university I used to live in Leicester. I used to go to quite a few of their matches.露易斯:看过。我持的球队是莱切斯特城队,我上大学时就住在莱切斯特。我以前经常去看他们的比赛。Todd: OK, so whats it like when you go to a professional game?托德:好,那职业比赛是什么样的?Lois: So first of all, the fans are all separated, because in England theres sometimes violence at football, so they like to keep the fans away from each other, and theres always a lot of police there, but Ive never been at a match where theres been any trouble, so thats been OK. Um, the atmosphere is normally amazing because the smallest grounds hold about 20,000 people, so you get quite a good crowd, and because their stadiums are quite small, youre quite close to the pitch, so my team werent very good though, so often my team would lose, so it wasnt so good, but when they won it was fantastic. Really, really good atmosphere and lots of fun.露易斯:首先,球迷是分开坐的,因为有时候英国的足球比赛会有暴力事件发生,所以他们会让双方的球迷分开坐,球场有许多警察,不过我看过的比赛没有引发冲突的,所以还好。嗯,赛场的气氛非常棒,因为最小的球场也能容纳2万人,所以现场观众特别多,而由于体育场非常小,所以你离场地非常近,不过我喜欢的球队表现不是很好,他们经常输球,成绩不是很好,不过他们赢球时现场的气氛就会非常美妙。真的,气氛非常好,而且有很多乐趣。Todd: Thats cool. So how much does it cost to get it?托德:真酷。那球票要多少钱呢?Lois: See again, its quite expensive so maybe now for the lower teams it probably, cheapest ticket is 25 pounds, but for example if you wanted to go and see Manchester ed play, play then maybe 50 pounds or more, but its really really difficult to get tickets for Manchester ed because everybody has a season ticket, so if you want to go and watch them you have to know somebody who can get you a ticket. Its difficult to just buy a ticket for those games.露易斯:球票很贵,现在低排名球队最便宜的球票可能也要25英镑了,举例来说,如果你想看曼联的比赛,门票可能要50英镑或者更贵,不过曼联的球票真的很难买到,因为所有人都会买季票,所以如果你想去看曼联比赛,你必须要认识一个能帮你买到票的人。对那些强队来说买到票都非常难。Todd: Do you like Manchester ed?托德:你喜欢曼联队吗?Lois: I think there a good team. I think that the reason a lot of people dont like them is because they used to win all the time, so now they dont win so much, because now Arsenal win most of the time. So I think theyre a good team, but I dont think you can like them if youre not from Manchester.露易斯:我认为那是强队。我认为,许多人不喜欢他们的原因是因为他们一直在赢,而现在他们赢得没有那么多了,因为现在阿森纳队赢得最多。我认为他们是很棒的球队,不过我想如果不是曼彻斯特人很难喜欢他们。Todd: So Leicester is a very hard word to spell. I take it its not L-E-S-T-E-R, no?托德:所以莱切斯特是个很难拼写的词。我想拼写不是L-E-S-T-E-R,对吧?Lois: No. If you were an American you would probably pronounce it Lie-Se-Ster, so its spelled L-E-I-C-E-S-T-E-R.露易斯:不是。如果你是美国人,你可能会念成Lie-Se-Ster,所以拼写是L-E-I-C-E-S-T-E-R。Todd: Well, again! One more time!托德:嗯,再一次!再拼一次!Lois: L-E-I-C-E-S-T-E-R.露易斯:L-E-I-C-E-S-T-E-R。Todd: Wow, thats quite a handful. Alright, thanks, Lois.托德:哇,真难拼啊。好了,谢谢你,露易斯。 /201312/267469How would I know? 我怎么知道?I am lost.I cant find my way home.我迷路了,我找不到回家的路。What you need is a compass. It can show you way home.你所需要的是一个指南针,它可以指出你回家的路。Ouch!l cut myself. lts hurt哦 我割到自己了 好痛!Let me Check my first—aid kit.I Ca n put a band aid on it.让我看看我的急救箱,我可以在伤口上贴一个创可贴.Do you know how old the tree is?你知道这棵树几岁吗?You can tell by its annual rings. One annual ring means one year.你可以从它的年轮得知。一个年轮代表一岁。Where can I find the lake?我可以在哪里找到湖?You can walk along this path. It goes to a big lake in the mountains.你可以沿着这条小路走,这条路会通向一个由里的大湖。 /201310/260393

Todd: OK. Cat, were back. Were gonna talk about things you can do.托德:好。凯特,我们回来了。我们要谈谈你可以做到的事情。Cat: OK.凯特:好的。Todd: Can you cook?托德:你会做饭吗?Cat: Not really!凯特:不会!Todd: No!托德:不是吧!Cat: Well, I can, but not very well.凯特:其实我会做饭,不过做得不太好。Todd: OK. What do you do for dinner?托德:好。那一般你晚饭都吃什么?Cat: Buy take-away food.凯特:买一些外卖食品。Todd: OK. When you buy take-away food what do you buy?托德:好。那你一般买什么外卖食品?Cat: Normally, normally stuff from the supermarket you can just throw in the microwave, y meals, not from take-away from a pizza place or a restaurant but just stuff that I can cook at home.凯特:通常来说,我会从超市买那种可以直接扔进微波炉的食物,那种即食食品,不是从速食店或批萨店或餐厅买的食物,就是那种我可以在家烹饪的食物。Todd: OK. And can you sing?托德:好。那你会唱歌吗?Cat: Not at all.凯特:完全不会。Todd: No.托德:不会吗。Cat: No.凯特:不会。Todd: OK! Now, were in Japan, have you ever been to Karaoke here in Japan?托德:好!现在我们在日本生活,你去过日本的卡拉OK吗?Cat: No.凯特:没有。Todd: No.托德:没有啊。Cat: And I really dont want to go either.凯特:而且其实我也不想去。Todd: OK. Um, can you play any musical instruments?托德:好吧。嗯,你会演奏乐器吗?Cat: I used to be able to play the piano and the guitar. But I havent played them for a long time. I can remember a bit but...not much.凯特:我以前可以弹钢琴和吉他。但是我已经很长时间没有练习过了。我还能记得一点,不过,记得的不太多。Todd: Which one did you prefer the most?托德:那你最喜欢哪个乐器?Cat: Guitar. The piano was too difficult.凯特:吉他。钢琴太难了。Todd: Oh, really! Did you take lessons?托德:哦,真的吗!你有去上课吗?Cat: Yes, And I had to play scales all the time and it was really boring. I hardly ever got to play any tunes.凯特:有。我要一直练习演奏音阶,那真的特别枯燥。我几乎没有演奏过曲子。Todd: OK. Alright. Thanks a lot Cat.托德:哦,好的。非常谢谢你,凯特。 /201405/295272

1. I love you all the time!我永远爱你!还能这样说:I love you forever.I love you in perpetuity.谚语:Love makes the world go around.爱让世界转动。2. I was attracted by you at the first sight.我对你一见钟情。还能这样说:I fell in love with you at first sight.I fell in love with you as soon as we met.谚语:Like attracts like.物以类聚。3. Are you dating anyone now?你现在有交往对象吗?还能这样说:Are you seeing anyone now?Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend now?应用:to date 到目前为止;out of date 过时的;Chinese date 枣,中国枣;up to date 现在的,流行的4. Im crazy about you.我为你神魂颠倒。还能这样说:Im crazy for you.Im infatuated with you.应用:like crazy 极度,非常;be crazy for 渴望,痴想;be crazy with (pain) (痛苦)得发狂;drive sb. crazy 逼得某人发疯;害得某人精神失常5. Youre my kind of woman.你是我喜欢的类型。还能这样说:Youre the right girl of me.Youre my Miss Right.应用:a kind of heart 仁慈的心;be kind to 对……慈爱,对……厚道;take kindly to 喜欢……6. I passed a wakeful night for missing you.我想你想得睡不着。还能这样说:I couldnt sleep at night for I keep missing you.I kept awake all night at the very thought of you.应用:bring to pass 引起,使发生;使实现;get a pass 及格;hold the pass 把关;捍卫自己的事业;pass away 度过,消磨时间;(时间等)过去终止,消失,死亡7. I think of you day and night.我时时刻刻都想着你。还能这样说:You are always in my mind.I miss you constantly.谚语:Praise a fair day at night.盖棺定论。8. That what I said is whats on mind.我说的是心里话。还能这样说:I always speak my mind.Anyway I said what is in my mind.应用:absence of mind 心不在焉;after ones mind 合……的心意;against sb.s mind 违反某人的心愿;arise in ones mind 浮上脑际,涌现在头脑里 /201211/210397嘉宾:Debbie Mason 话题:Surfing ladies 爱上冲浪生活!单词拼写: Biarritz:比亚里茨重点俚语: 1、Longed to be one:really wanted to be something 2、Jetted in:colloquial way to say flown in 3、Catch a wave:stand on top of the wave 4、Written it off:erased something as if it never happened 5、Strutted his stuff:walked with confidence and fashion to show off问题: 1、Where was Wilma living when she got the idea to change her life like this? 2、When did Wilma get a shock, and start thinking about launching her surfing life? 3、What is Wilma by profession? Listen carefully! : 1、Wilma was living in west coast of Ireland when she got the idea to change her life like this. 2、Wilma got a shock, and start thinking about launching her surfing life when she was forties . 3、Wilma is a profession of artist. /201312/263977

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