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Care for the center of your living room oasis for years of unsullied lounging.悉心呵护客厅的绿洲,让你整年都可以躺在一尘不染的沙发上。Step 1 Vacuum1.吸尘Remove the cushions and vacuum everything thoroughly with the upholstery attachment to remove loose dust, dirt, hair, and food particles. Once weekly is recommended.把靠枕拿走,使用吸尘器的家具附件来打扫松动的尘土,污垢,头发和食物残渣。建议最好每周进行一次。Step 2 Dust2.擦拭Dust non-upholstered parts of the couch, including frames and legs, with a soft cloth.用一块软布擦掉沙发上没有垫子的地方,包括框架和腿部。Step 3 Remove stains3.清除污垢Read the label on the couch to get fabric descriptions and cleaning instructions. Pre-treat stains with mild dish soap and a damp cloth. Then apply upholstery stain remover.阅读沙发标签,了解布料描述和清洁说明。使用温和的清洁剂和湿抹布处理污渍,然后使用家具污垢清除剂。Always test cleansers on a small, hidden area of the couch. Allow it to dry and look for any marks before continuing.一定要先在沙发比较隐蔽的小范围试用一下清洁剂,待其干燥后查看效果,然后再大范围使用。Step 4 Clean leather4.清洁皮革Clean a leather couch by polishing it with cream leather cleaner and a soft cloth.使用乳霜皮革清洁剂和软布来清洁皮革沙发。Step 5 Deep clean5.深层清洁Test a hidden spot. Then deep clean the couch with fabric-specific shampoo and a rug shampooer. Clean the entire couch to avoid spots.先在比较隐蔽的地方试用,然后使用该种材质专用的香波和刷子来清洁。整个沙发都要进行清洁,以免出现斑点。Step 6 Steam clean6.蒸汽清洁Rent a steam cleaner if your couch says, ;dry clean only.; Test on a hidden area before you clean.如果沙发上标明“只能干洗”,租一台蒸汽清洁机。先在隐蔽的地方试用一下。Freuds famous psychoanalysis couch is on display at the Sigmund Freud Museum in London.佛洛伊德著名的精神分析沙发就在伦敦的佛洛伊德物馆展览。201302/224507

How To Deal With Homesickness At College on HowcastYou’re away at school and miss home. It’s natural, but can be overcome.远离学校拟在大学读书,你很想家。这很正常,也能克。Step 1: Realize things are differentUnderstand that things will be different, and so you shouldn’t try to make it home. It’s a different time and place, but that’s a good thing.第一步:意识到事情是不一样的。理解事情是不一样的,所以你不应该试图营造像家那样的氛围。时间和地点都不同,这是好事。Step 2: Bring mementosBring a piece of home. Something small will help remind you of home without being solely focused on it.第二步:准备一些纪念品。准备一片写有家的饰品。一些小东西会帮你想到家而不是将心思全放到家上面。Step 3: Think positiveFocus on what you’re gaining. College is a fun and interesting time in someone’s life. Focus on the fact that you’re getting an education, meeting new people, and experiencing new things.第三步:想些积极的事想想你收获的东西。大学是人生中美好且有趣的时光。将心思放到你获得的教育,遇到了新朋友,体验到了新事物。Step 4: Know you're not aloneKnow that you’re not alone. Most freshmen are in the same boat as you. Talk to classmates and ask how they are dealing with it.第四步:知道你并不是孤独的。知道你并不是孤独的。许多大一新生和你一样。多和同学谈谈,问问他们是如何处理想家的。Step 5: Keep in touchKeep in touch. Send emails to old friends—who, incidentally, may be feeling the same thing—at their new school, too. Call friends and relatives.第五步:保持联系。保持联系。给你的老朋友发电子邮件—他们在新的学校里也会有同样的感受。多给朋友和亲戚打电话。Step 6: Get involvedGet involved. Join a club, campus radio station, yearbook staff, frat, or sorority. Volunteer or run for office. This will help you focus on the present.第六步:参加活动。参加活动。加入俱乐部,校园广播站,年鉴编撰,大学生联谊会或是大学女生联谊会。做自愿者或是竞选班委会。这会帮你将注意力放到现在。Step 7: Plan a visitPlan a visit. Have a friend visit you or go home for a long weekend. You may just miss college life.第七步:计划一次拜访。计划一次拜访。让朋友来看你或是回家度过一个长的周末。你可能会想念大学生活。Tip:Think carefully about whether or not to go home at weekends. Some students find it helps to ease the transition; others find the constant justment makes them feel worse.小贴士:是否周末回家要仔细思考。有些学生回家会对思家情绪有帮助,而有些人发现重新适应会使他们感觉更糟。Step 8: Keep a journalKeep a journal. Write down what you’re feeling. When you look back in a year or two, you’ll see how far you’ve come.第八步:写日记。写日记。将你的感想写下来。一,两年后,当你回过头来看时,你会发现你的进步。Step 9: Talk with friendsTalk about your feelings with your roommate or friends.第九步:和朋友交谈和室友或朋友说说你的感受。Step 10: Visit new placesGo to new places you don’t normally visit on campus so you can see and meet new people. Swing by the photo lab, chemistry hall, new coffeeshop, and so on.第十步:参观新的地方去一些校园里你平时不经常去的地方,你会看到和遇见陌生人。比如照片冲洗室,化学实验室,新的咖啡屋等等。201010/115150

  q|D@gHS|yom)eEVEP)tn8*HNA1iIo[.-woLy|_FinY9Fwf*Relaxation is much more than just vegging out in front of the television. In Yoga its about finding a state of awareness and aliveness throughout your body. This film will lead you on the right path to achieving the perfect state of relaxation through yoga.放松不仅仅是呆坐在电视机前U79uv,Df~zwP_#yQo。在瑜伽中你要寻找的是一种意识形态和全身的活力Kp]wE@BuYjZ。这个视频将正确引导你通过瑜珈实现完美的放松状态!b^kFW[oTaD(f。hTn,l1ChIV@MDI[X#!ZxHaU8Y70[gcK+x-g]LiSflF)zku201205/182289


  The B-17 bomber is just as tough as its crew.B-17轰炸机与其驾驶员一样坚不可摧Its got four engines,not two.它拥有四个引擎 而非两个Its got 4,000 pounds of bombs and it can go at least 2,000 miles.装载着4000磅炸弹,能够飞行2000英里以上It bristles like a porcupine.开足火力 便是林弹雨Eight 50-caliber machine guns fight off enemy air attacks.8架50口径机在空中与敌人交战The B-17 bomber-- it may not have been the greatest aircraft that was ever created, B-17轰炸机 作为一架战机它或许不是最强大的but it was tough,it was durable, and it found a way to keep going,但它坚固、耐用,并总能克万难继续前行which is pretty much like an American soldier.这颇有美国大兵的精神You know, tough, durable, and found a way to keep going.坚固可靠 坚韧不拔 克万难The planes climb.随着飞机爬升Oxygen keeps you alive above 10,000 feet.氧气瓶可在一万英尺的高空供氧No oxygen,you could black out in three minutesand die in 20.若没有氧气,飞行员3分钟后便会晕厥,20分钟后死亡The target is Rouen,袭击目标是鲁昂the Germans biggest railway marshalling yard in Northern France.德国在法国北部最大的铁路调车场Trains supply the German economic and military empire across Europe.德国在欧洲建立军事经济霸权全赖于此Tibbets mission is to wipe the yard from the map.提贝茨的任务就是把它炸平August 17, 1942.1942年8月17日Before today, the Allies had only bombed under the cover of night.此前,盟国只在夜幕的掩护下轰炸But targets are hard to see.但目标难以辨别To increase the chances of a direct hit,为提高命中率 America bombs by day.美国选择日间投弹The aim is accuracy.只求精准度The Norden bomb sight is the way to get it.诺登投弹瞄准器使其成为可能Its an early computer. Its top secret.这是计算机的前身 也是最高机密The crew will destroy it rather than have it fall into enemy hands.士兵们宁可毁掉它,也不会让它落入敌手Dial in air speed, wind direction and altitude.表盘刻有空速 风向和高度One minute to target.距目标还剩1分钟 /201302/226574

  You could shut down critical computer facilities,你可以关闭重要的电脑设备we could also be stopping any rail lines,我们还可以停止铁路运行we could be flashing the messages up on freeways,和在高速公路路边屏幕上打出信息you know, ;Earthquake coming, slow down. ;那你就明白 ;地震即到 请慢行;Earthquake prediction doesnt come any more high-tech than this,实时预警不但比地震预测更高科技and now casting is not only possible, its surprisingly affordable.而且它可行 费用十分合理Well, I think the public expects us民众期望我们to be able to predict earthquakes,能够预测地震and of course, we really cant.我们实在是有心无力But this is something that we can do,我们只能做好力所能及的事情we have the technology,weve tested it,我们掌握了技术 并进行测试weve developed systems that work开发出一套可行的系统and we know that we could build an early-warning system,其实我们有能力建立一个预警机制at this point in time,但在目前的情况下we dont have nearly the instrumentation in place我们连做地震预警to be able to do that kind of earthquake early warning,所需的基本设备都没有就位some estimates, we think it could cost about 0 million in all.估计整个预警系统耗资约一亿美元And the price tag were looking at而我们估计圣安地列斯的一次大地震for a big earthquake on the San Andreas is, er, 200 billion and up,所造成的财产损失高达二千亿美金so a 0 million system to help reduce the damages所以一亿美元换取一个能减少损失的系统seems like a good investment.还是相当划算的This kind of early-warning system这种预警系统might work for California one day,或许有天会在加州用上but for most places in the world,但对于世界大多数地区而言sciences best answer to the threat of earthquakes面对地震威胁的最科学还是is to construct better buildings修建更牢固的建筑and map all the faults in potential disaster zones.以及标注出断层 确定潜在灾区201305/241968上周五,年度最强片《十月围城》在各大影院强势登陆。从当日全国十大票房重镇的排片情况来看,《十月围城》上映第一天,就以5219场成为当日的“占厅之王”。 剧情简介:1905年,香港中环。革命志士惨遭暗杀。知悉孙中山(张涵予 饰)即将抵港,清廷遂派遣将军阎孝国(胡军 饰)前来剿杀。他收买赌徒沈重阳(甄子丹 饰)作密探。适逢商人李玉堂(王学圻 饰)之子李重光(王柏杰饰)考学庆典,沈重阳见前妻月茹(范冰冰 饰)与幼女已成他人家眷,黯然离去。为护孙,《中国日报》社长陈少白(梁家辉 饰)邀戏班班主(任达华饰)出手,令其惨遭灭门,其女方红(李宇春 饰)侥幸生还。陈少白被擒,与阎孝国相见,师生决裂。独子游行好友被擒等变故,使李玉堂投身革命,引得探长史密夫(曾志伟 饰)查封报馆。其间,李玉堂帮车夫阿四(谢霆锋 饰)与恋人阿纯(周韵 饰)订婚。月茹夜会沈重阳,要他弃暗投明。打女方红、小贩王复明(巴特尔 饰)、乞丐刘郁白(黎明 饰)等人也先后加入护孙行列。一场惊心动魄的全城追杀由此展开……"Bodyguards and Assassins" sweeps big screenFrom "Perhaps Love", "The Warlords", to "Bodyguards and Assassins", Peter Chan has become the only Hong Kong director to compete with mainland heavyweights like Chen Kaige, Feng Xiaogang and Zhang Yimou. Fresh from the first weekend showings of his latest film, let's take a look at how it has performed.Since Thursday night's premiere, "Bodyguards and the Assassins" has taken seventy thousand yuan from its nationwide screenings. At a cinema in Beijing, all showings from noon to nine at night are sold out.Audience feedback has been quite good. While some are impressed by the actors' performances, some think the mainstream theme has some entertaining elements, making it more intriguing.According to an internet poll, sixty three percent of cinema goers give the film a score above ninety, while four out of five think both the drama and the martial arts scene are excellent.It seems that the story about bodyguards who protect Sun Yat-sen, the forerunner of the Chinese democratic revolution from assassins will pave the way for box office success in the days to come.12/92913

  c6Ss|w5twSImG+n2a6mw.yU0YkmIpjzt5|RUO+#q+4xlNeed some new friends? Youre not alone. ;How to make new friends; is a universal dilemma.pxJVv+cWtFdEw4yJk需要一些新朋友?你并不孤单kjKbQL,@6N(dt^3。“如何结交新朋友”是一种普遍的困境]-~|uARoBruMj3]@R2NQ。cMAYH8s,My2%[E%oNA*)HRMH^#UDtZ)*W,vRZhQagxU|1201205/184813哈尔滨医科大学附属第一医院重症监护室尝试为张丽莉停用呼吸机。目前张丽莉已经恢复自主呼吸。A heroic teacher from northeast China’s Heilongjiang province remains in hospital after undergoing her second surgery.29-year-old teacher Zhang Lili has earned the honour the ;most beautiful teacher; for risking her life to save 2 students from an oncoming bus earlier this month. Her heroic acts have attracted great admiration from across the country.This is Zhang Lili’s second surgery after being hit by a runaway bus 2 weeks ago. She saved two children from the crash, but was run over in the process, resulting in the loss of her legs. In total, 5 people were injured in the accident.After thorough discussions, top doctors carried out a 4-hour long operation to remove dead tissue. Doctors say the operation went smooth, but Zhang’s condition is still complicated. The main problem now is correcting damage done to her skeletal structure.Zhang has been carefully treated since the accident and her students are praying for their beloved teacher.Zhang’s good deed has also won public recognition. Many people have sent their best wishes, and a local charity federation has received over 2.8 million yuan or about 430, 000 US dollars to pay for her treatment.Police have since detained the driver of the bus.Wang Zhonglin, traffic police, said, ;The driver Xiao Yuyan parked the bus in front of No.19 middle school. Then she stood up and moved around, accidentally started the engine of the bus, causing the car to move forward. And then she missteped on the accelerator pedal instead of the break.;Xiao was detained by local police on May 9. On Monday, the case was transferred to the local people’s procuratorate for examination and prosecution.201205/183297

  Learn how to pick the best resume style for you in this how to get a job from Howcast. Expert: Nicole Williams根据Howcast这段“怎样求职”视频,学习怎样选择最适合自己的简历风格。本视频中的专家是Nicole Williams。One of the things that is happening in the world of work right now is resumes are becoming more and more passe. The most important thing you can do is not worry about whether or not you have a functional resume, its to fill out your profile as fully as possible on sites like LinkdIn so that someone can come and find you. A resume is like icing on the cake. At the end of the day, you do have to have this piece of paper that essentially summarizes all of the work that youve done. In a LinkdIn profile, you get to talk as much as possible about all the experiences youve had and all the skills you have and an employer is seeking you based on those skills. So its not a matter of trying to condense it into as little a space as possible. With a profile, you get to have as much information as is needed to explain all of the experiences youve had. More often than not, nowadays employers are asking for your LinkdIn URL, and that is what theyre using to get as much information as they need about you. Do your research, know what kind of resume style is best to do for your industry, but at the end of the day, you definitely want to have a LinkdIn profile as well.在当今职场,求职简历已经越来越过时。最重要的事情就是,不要担心你是否制作了实用的简历。你只需要在LinkdIn网站上尽可能详细地填写你的资料就可以了。随后,你就已经拥有了详细列举所有工作经历的简历了。在LinkdIn资料中,你必须尽可能详细地列明所有工作经历,所有工作技能,有些雇主会基于这些技能进行搜索。所以,写简历并不是把所有内容浓缩在一张纸上。填写资料的时候,你必须填写尽可能多的信息,解释你所有的经历。通常情况下,雇主会要求你提供LinkdIn地址,在这里了解所需要的信息。进行调查研究,看一下哪种简历风格最适合你所在的行业,但是最后,你肯定还是需要填写LinkdIn资料。视频听力栏目译文属。201304/237402


  This is Fujian Province,这是福建省a rugged terrain一个崎岖的地域guarded by sheer granite mountains which have helped to forge and preserve由于花岗岩大山的护卫some of Chinas most ancient sites and traditional cultures.使得一些中国最古老的遗址和传统文化得以稳固并保存Towering above the coast,the 1,400-metre-high Taimu Mountains远高出海边地带坐落着1400米高的太姥山are known to the Chinese as ;Fairyland on the Sea;.是中国人熟识的“海上仙都”Moist sea breezes condense on the cool mountaintops潮湿的海风在寒冷的山顶凝聚and combine with well-drained acid soils并与排水良好的酸性土壤结合to produce the perfect growing conditions便形成了完美的种植环境for acid-loving plants like wild azaleas.适合喜酸性的植物——例如野杜鹃Its also home to camellias,including the most famous of all,也合适生长山茶the tea plant.包括最著名的茶树种植Similar growing conditions all along the Fujian coast沿着福建沿海一带的类似种植环境make this the treasure chest for Chinas tea,使得中国茶叶独享其尊the heart of an industry dating back almost 4,000 years.其茶产业远可源自4000多年前One of the most traditional tea-growing cultures in the area这个地区最传统的茶树栽培文化is that of the Kejia people.当数这里的客家人沿袭的 /201210/202503



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