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2017年12月12日 12:13:02

闽侯县阳痿早泄价格Primary Results Move Obama Closer to Democratic Nomination奥巴马向获得民主党提名迈大步   Illinois Senator Barack Obama took a giant step toward securing the Democratic Party's presidential nomination Tuesday with a decisive win in the North Carolina primary and a close second place finish in Indiana. Pressure is expected to mount on rival Hillary Clinton in the days to come to abandon her presidential campaign and rally behind Obama as the eventual Democratic nominee. 伊利诺伊州参议员巴拉克.奥巴马向确保获得民主党总统提名迈出了很大一步。星期二,他在北卡罗来那州赢得决定性的胜利;在印第安纳州的初选中,他又以非常接近的选票获得第二。未来几天,他的对手,参议员希拉里.克林顿面临放弃总统竞选的压力将越来越大,而奥巴最终成为民主党总统提名人的持也会与日俱增。Barack Obama reasserted political momentum with his victory in North Carolina, and Hillary Clinton now appears to be running out of time and money in her bid to stop his march to the Democratic nomination. 奥巴马在北卡获胜后,再次巩固了他的政治势头,而克林顿现在看起来好像已经没有足够的时间和金钱来阻止奥巴马向获得民主党提名迈进。In his victory speech, Obama focused less on Clinton and more on what kind of campaign he would run against the presumptive Republican nominee, Senator John McCain.  在获胜感言中,奥巴马没有把矛头过多地集中在克林顿参议员身上,相反,他更多地谈到自己将如何竞选,挑战可能获得共和党提名的参议员约翰.麦凯恩。"We are the party of [Thomas] Jefferson and [Andrew] Jackson, of [Franklin] Roosevelt and [John] Kennedy, and that we are at our best when we lead with principle, when we lead with conviction, when we summon an entire nation to a common purpose and a higher purpose," he said. “我们是杰斐逊、杰克逊、福兰克林以及肯尼迪总统的政党。当我们坚持原则,坚守信念、号召整个国家为共同的目的和更高的理念而努力的时候,我们所向披靡。” Clinton vowed to compete in upcoming primaries in West Virginia and Kentucky and made another appeal for money for her campaign, which she has been funding recently out of her own pocket. 克林顿参议员誓言将完成即将到来的西维吉尼亚洲和肯塔基的初选。她还为自己的竞选再次筹集款项。最近以来,她一直用自己口袋里的钱在竞选。But Clinton also repeated her vow that she will support Obama if he becomes the Democratic nominee. 但是,克林顿也一再重复说,如果奥巴马获得民主党的提名,她将会持奥巴马。"No matter what happens, I will work for the nominee of the Democratic Party, because we must win in November!" “不管发生什么,我都将为民主党提名人去努力,因为我们必须赢得11月的选举。”Obama added to his lead in the delegate count and total popular vote on Tuesday. And even though Clinton has vowed to fight on, most experts see little chance for her to win the Democratic nomination at this late stage in the primary process. 星期二,奥巴马不仅在代表票数目,而且在普选票中继续保持领先地位。尽管克林顿发誓要继续战斗,许多专家认为在目前,也就是初选的最后阶段,她几乎没有机会赢得民主党提名。Larry Sabato directs the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia. 维吉尼亚大学政治中心主任拉里.萨巴托说:"The race is approaching its logical conclusion and barring some massive development that no one foresees, Barack Obama will be the Democratic nominee for president," he explained. “逻辑上说,这次竞选已经接近结束, 基本上不会发生大家可以预见的大的变数。奥巴马将获得民主党的总统提名。”Clinton's only remaining hope is to convince enough uncommitted superdelegates that she would be a stronger nominee against Republican John McCain in November. 克林顿唯一的希望是说足够多的目前还没有表态的超级代表,让他们知道,在11月份的美国总统大选中, 如果她作为民主党提名人将会更强有力地挑战共和党对手麦凯恩。Superdelegates are Democratic officeholders and party activists who can support any candidate they want regardless of caucus and primary results in their states. 所谓的超级代表就是民主党内的官员以及一些党内的活动人士。这些人可以不顾初选或是基层党团选举的结果,持任何一名候选人。About 500 of the nearly 800 superdelegates have aly declared their support for one of the two candidates, and the rest remain uncommitted. Neither candidate can win enough delegates in the remaining primaries to claim the nomination outright, so superdelegates will provide the margin of victory for the eventual nominee.Many experts now expect more superdelegates will flock to Obama in the wake of Tuesday's primaries. 许多专家认为,在星期二的胜利后,更多的超级代表就会趋之若骛,持奥巴马。Bill Beaman is editor in chief of Politics magazine, formerly known as Campaign and Elections. 比尔.比曼是一份政治杂志的主编,这份杂志先前以竞选和选举著称。Beaman says most superdelegates would be reluctant to deny Obama the nomination given that he is on track to win more delegates and popular votes than Clinton. 比曼说,在考虑到奥巴马将赢得更多的代表票和选民票后,大多数的超级代表不愿意否决奥巴马的提名。"You have to remember that most superdelegates are elected officials," he explaine.d "They have constituencies they need to worry about, and some 20 to 25 percent of the Democratic base is the African-American vote. What it would do to African-American support, in my view, to take the nomination at this stage from Barack Obama is something that superdelegates would not even want to venture to find out." “你必须记得,大多数的超级代表是民选官员。他们也有自己的选区需要担心。大约百分之20到25的民主党的基础是非洲裔美国人的选票。这对非洲裔美国人的持会产生什么作用?在我看来,这个阶段夺去奥巴马的提名,超级代表甚至不愿意冒险去寻找这个。”Beaman and other experts predict Democrats will unite behind Obama once the primaries draw to a close in early June. 比曼和其他专家预测, 一旦六月初的初选接近尾声,民主党人会团结在奥巴马的身后。Despite Obama's strong showings in both North Carolina and Indiana Tuesday, voter exit surveys suggest he will have to do a better job of appealing to working class white voters if he is to defeat John McCain in November.Once again, expert Larry Sabato."There are a number of pitfalls along the way, not least his demonstrated lack of appeal to downscale whites and conservative Democrats, and he is going to have to work hard to solve those problems before he can win a general election," he noted.Also of concern to Obama is the fact that about half the voters in both North Carolina and Indiana said the controversy involving his former pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, was an important issue in their vote.Six more Democratic contests remain before the primary season ends on June 3. The Democrats hold their national nominating convention in late August, while the Republicans convene theirs the first week in September. 在六月三号的初选季节结束前,民主党还有六场初选。民主党人将在八月底举行全国代表大会上推出民主党总统候选人的提名。 而共和党则在九月的第一个星期举行他们的提名大会。200805/38056福州市中医医院包皮手术多少钱US Rice Farmers Boost Production as World Faces Shortage国际大米需求上涨美国农民增产量 A dramatic surge in the international price for rice has U.S. producers planting more fields in an effort to increase profits. But, in the rice-growing area of Dayton, Texas, high costs could limit their margins. 国际大米价格显著增加使美国农民种植更多粮食以增加利润。但是,在美国德克萨斯州代顿市的大米种植区,高昂的成本可能会限制农民获利。Tractors are tilling the land and building earthen rows that will serve as levees once water flows into these fields. This area of southeast Texas is one of the best rice growing areas of the ed States. Other states that also produce major amounts of rice include Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi. 拖拉机在耕地,并且建起一道道田埂,等水流进这些农田时,这些田埂就能起到河堤的作用。 德州东南部的这个地区是美国最好的大米种植区之一。其它主要大米产区还包括阿肯色州、路易斯安那州和密西西比州。Ray Stoesser plants rice on more than 1,800 hectares of land in the area near his home in Dayton, Texas and he is hoping the recent jump in prices will help him come out ahead.  施特塞尔在德州代顿市自家附近的一千八多百公顷农田上种植大米。他希望大米价格最近的上涨能帮他赚上一笔。"Naturally, we watch the market and the market is better than it has been since 1974 right now," he said. "We can grow rice and make a good yield and we can usually get a second growth, so we will maximize our profits." 他说:“很自然,我们留意市场行情,现在的行情是1974年以来最好的。我们可以种大米,获得良好的利润,然后我们通常还能再种一季,这样就能获得最大的利润。”The price of rice has more than doubled in the past year, but Stoesser says production costs have also risen. 大米的价格在过去一年中增长了一倍多。但是,施特塞尔说,生产成本也提高了。"Fertilizer went up a ton last week," he added. "It just seems like when we need it, everything goes up. All our suppliers say they cannot get potash and they cannot get phosphorous and, of course, nitrogen is mostly imported into this country right now, so we have to depend on foreign sources for that." 他说:“化肥上周每吨涨了80美元。好像当我们需要的时候,所有的东西都涨价。我们所有的供货商都说,他们手里没有钾肥、磷肥,而美国大部分氮肥目前要靠进口,所以我们得靠从国外进货才行。”Dwight Roberts is president and Chief Operating officer of the Houston-based U.S. Rice Producers Association. He says rice is the most expensive crop to grow in the ed States because it is fully mechanized, so he says farmers in some of the best growing areas for rice are cautious in their planting decisions. 罗伯茨是休斯敦的美国稻米生产者协会的主席和首席运营官。他说,在美国,种植大米的花销比种别的农作物都高,因为种植大米是一个全部机械化的过程。因此,他说,一些最好的大米产区的农民在决定种植什么作物时非常谨慎。"The bulk of the U.S. rice crop is yet to be planted as we go north into Louisiana and up into Arkansas to the Missouri boot heel," he noted.Roberts says the ed States exports about half the rice it produces, so when prices are low on the world market, farmers tend to shift production to crops that are more profitable at home, like corn and soybeans. The price of both of those crops has risen sharply in recent years because of their use in making bio-fuels.  罗伯茨说,美国大米产量中的一半用于出口,所以当大米在世界市场上的价格偏低时,农民们倾向于种植那些在美国国内利润更高的作物,比如玉米和大豆。由于这两种作物可以用于制造生物燃料,它们的价格在最近几年里都大幅攀升。Dwight Roberts says the reason for the international shortage of rice has to do, in many cases, with government policies in nations where prices for consumers were subsidized without providing incentives for farmers. He also blames drought in Australia, where rice production has virtually come to a halt, and an increase in demand driven by population growth. 罗伯茨说,国际大米短缺通常和一些国家的政府政策有关,这些国家的大米售价是政府补贴后的结果,而政府没有给农民提供种植大米的激励措施。他说,澳大利亚发生干旱也是原因之一,那里的大米生产实际上陷入了停顿,此外,人口增长所引起的需求增加也促成了涨价。"Economists predict that the world population will grow by one billion people during the next 10 years and the middle class will grow by 1.8 billion people and 600 million of those are in China, and when people move up in the economic chain they want to eat better, they want more protein, which requires more grain and more fuels to produce it," he said. 他说:“经济学家预测,世界人口在未来十年中将增加十亿,中产阶级人口将比现在多18亿,中国的中产阶级人口就将有6亿。当人们的经济地位提高之后,他们想吃得更好,吃更多蛋白质,而这意味着需要更多粮食,以及更多的燃料来生产这些粮食。”Growth in population has also contributed to urban sprawl. The loss of arable land to housing, roads and other infrastructure has also reduced the world's rice production.  人口的增长还促成了城市的延伸。耕地被用来建房、修路和进行其它基础设施建设,这也减少了世界大米产量。Dwight Roberts says all of these factors have come together to reduce the amount of rice available. 罗伯茨说,所有这些因素共同作用使市场上的大米数量减少。"We have seen in a number of countries including Vietnam, Thailand, the ed States, India, Pakistan and, to some degree, in Uruguay and Argentina, we have seen reductions and so now it is a simple case of supply and demand and we have gotten to a point where world stocks of rice are at the lowest today since the early 1970's and we have had a lot of population growth since then, so there is a very tight supply and Third World consumers in particular are hurting right now," he added.Increased production in the ed States will help alleviate the rice shortage in some parts of the world. The ed States has promised to help the Philippines, which imports about 15 percent of the rice consumed in the country and is facing severe shortages. But overall, the demand for this grain worldwide is likely to outpace production, keeping the price high and promoting social unrest in poor nations where food supplies are low. 美国大米产量的增加将帮助减轻世界一些地区的大米短缺问题。美国承诺帮助菲律宾。菲律宾国内所需大米的15%依赖进口,并且面临严重的短缺问题。但是,从总体上来看,全世界对大米需求的增长速度有可能超过生产增加的速度,使大米价格保持在高位,并且在那些粮食供应量低的贫穷国家造成社会混乱。200804/35101仓山区不孕不育预约

福州治疗前列腺肥大要多少钱福建省南平市人民医院看泌尿科怎么样福州泌尿专科泌尿医院治疗包皮包茎多少钱US Reports Progress in Mideast Talks布什政府称以巴和谈取得显著进展 The Bush administration says Israeli and Palestinian negotiators are making significant progress toward an independent Palestinian state. In Egypt where officials say U.S. President George Bush may return to the Middle East if it will help the process. 布什政府说,以色列和巴勒斯坦人的谈判代表在有关建立独立的巴勒斯坦国会谈中取得显著进展。有关官员说,如果有助于推动和谈,布什总统可能会返回中东地区。U.S. National Security Adviser Steve Hadley says President Bush is encouraged by progress in Israeli-Palestinian talks. 布什总统的国家安全顾问斯蒂芬.哈德利说,巴以和谈取得的进展让布什总统大受鼓舞。"What we have now is negotiations ongoing, extremely intensive at several levels between Israelis and Palestinians and tangible progress in dealing with the hard issues that are required before an agreement is reached,” he said. “Is it done yet? No. Are we making progress? The president's view is, 'yes' we are making progress." 他说:“我们现有的就是和谈正在进行,以色列和巴勒斯坦人在不同层次上进行了非常深入的讨论,并在解决协议达成之前必须要应对的一些棘手问题上,取得了明显的进展。会谈已经完成了吗?没有。我们在取得进展吗?布什总统认为 ‘是的’,我们正在取得进展。”Hadley would not say what progress has been made on which issues, because he says both sides would prefer to keep that progress private until a final deal is reached. 哈德利不愿透露在哪个问题上取得了什么样的进展,他说,和谈双方都希望在最终的协议达成前不公开取得的进展。Speaking to reporters in Egypt before the president's speech at a global economic forum, Hadley says Mr. Bush will return to the region if there is something he can do to help advance the peace process. 哈德利是在布什总统在一个全球经济论坛发表讲话前在埃及对记者作出上述表示的。哈德利说,如果布什总统能够为协助推动和平进程做一些事,他将会返回中东。In his speech, President Bush says he believes Palestinians will build a thriving democracy. 布什总统在讲话中说,他相信巴勒斯坦人将会建立一个欣欣向荣的民主制度。"We must stand with the Palestinian people, who have suffered for decades and earned the right to a homeland of their own,” he said. “I strongly support a two-state solution - a democratic Palestine based on law and justice that will live in peace and security alongside a democratic Israel." 他说:“我们必须坚定地持巴勒斯坦人民。 几十年来,他们一直在承受苦难,他们享有建立自己家园的权利。我坚决持两国共存的解决办法。一个建立在法律与正义基础上的民主的巴勒斯坦国和一个民主的以色列和平安全并存。”During this five-day trip, the president has been criticized by some Arab allies for being to close to Israel. Saudi Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal said Israel's right to exist must be balanced with the legitimate historical and political rights of Palestinians. 在五天的中东行程中,一些阿拉伯盟友一直批评布什和以色列走得太近。沙特阿拉伯外交大臣费萨尔说,必须在以色列的生存权和巴勒斯坦人合法的历史和政治权利之间求得平衡。State-run media in Egypt said Mr. Bush aims to do nothing but appease Israel. 埃及官方媒体说,除了姑息以色列外,布什没有其他目的。The president says America will help Palestinians achieve a dream they share with Israelis. 布什总统说,美国会帮助巴勒斯坦人实现他们与以色列共享的梦想。"A peace agreement is in the Palestinians' interest, it is in Israel's interest, it is in Arab states' interest, and it is in the world's interest,” he said. “And I firmly believe that with leadership and courage, we can reach that peace agreement this year." 他说:“和平协议符合巴勒斯坦人的利益,符合以色列的利益,符合阿拉伯国家的利益,符合全世界的利益。我坚信,凭着我们的领导和勇气,我们可以在今年达成和平协议。”Mr. Bush says it is a demanding task that requires action on all sides. 布什说,这是一项艰难的任务,需要各方都采取行动。"Palestinians must fight terror and continue to build the institutions of a free and peaceful society,” he said. “Israel must make tough sacrifices for peace and ease restrictions on Palestinians. Arab states, especially oil-rich nations, must seize this opportunity to invest aggressively in the Palestinian people and to move past their old resentments against Israel. And all nations in the region must stand together in confronting Hamas, which is attempting to undermine efforts at peace with continued acts of terror and violence." 他说:“巴勒斯坦人必须打击恐怖主义,并继续为建立一个自由与和平的社会体系而努力。以色列必须为和平做出艰难的牺牲,减轻对巴勒斯坦人的限制。阿拉伯国家,特别是那些富产石油的国家,必须抓住这个机会,大力为巴勒斯坦人民投资,抛弃对以色列的宿怨。这个地区的所有国家必须联合起来,共同对抗哈马斯。哈马斯继续采取恐怖和暴力手段,试图破坏和平努力。”One of the biggest obstacles to a peace deal is that Palestinians are divided between Hamas-controlled Gaza and the Fatah-led West Bank of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. 不过,达成和平协议的最大障碍之一是巴勒斯坦现在被分成两个部分,哈马斯控制着加沙地带,巴勒斯坦民族权力机构主席阿巴斯领导的法塔赫控制着约旦河西岸地区。Wrapping up his five-day trip to the region, Mr. Bush says America is deeply concerned about political prisoners and democratic activists as well as newspapers and civil society organizations that have been shut down."The time has come for nations across the Middle East to abandon these practices, and treat their people with dignity and the respect they deserve,” he said. “I call on all nations to release their prisoners of conscience, open up their political debate, and trust their people to chart their future."President Bush says too often in the Middle East, politics has consisted of one leader in power and the opposition in jail. 200805/39367福州前列腺尿急

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