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雪莉有点中年发福,于是想去健身房做点运动,该怎么办理健身卡呢,你知道吗?雪莉是怎么做的呢?一起往下看。 Listen Read LearnClerk: Good afternoon, madam. How can I help you?Shirley: Well, I am a bit out of shape. I'm thinking about getting some exercises to keep fit.Clerk: Oh, that's good news for us.Shirley: So what do you provide?Clerk: First of all, we'll design a custom-made work-out plan according to your habits.Shirley: How can you get that done?Clerk: Well, we give each of our customers a personal trainer who is qualified. And he will give you a fitness assessment and then come up with the work-out plan for your needs.Shirley: What else?Clerk: Since everyone is different, your personal trainer will find you a suitable type of exercise equipment and teach you all the techniques to help you achieve your fitness level and goal.Shirley: Sounds pretty good. What about the charge?Clerk: That depends. We offer membership for one month, half a year and one year.Shirley: Maybe one month. Just have a try first. Not too tough at the beginning.Clerk: Wise decision. You'll find it's totally worth it.Shirley: What's your business hour?Clerk: We are open all day long from 6:00am till 12:00pm. And you are welcome anytime.Shirley: Thank you.听看学职员:下午好,女士。有什么能为您效劳的吗?雪莉:那个,我身体有点走形了,我在考虑做点运动来保持体型。职员:哦,这对我们是好消息啊。雪莉:你们能提供什么(务)?职员:首先,我们会根据顾客的兴趣为顾客做一个健身计划。雪莉:你们会怎么做呢?职员:哦,我们会为每一个顾客安排一名专业的私人健身教练。他会给你做一份健康评估,然后根据需求制定出相应的健身计划。雪莉:还有别的吗?职员:因为每个人的情况不同,所以私人教练会帮你找一个合适的运动器材和具体使用方法以帮你达到健身的目标。雪莉:听起来很不错。怎么收费呢?职员:看情况的。我们提供一个月,半年和一年的会员卡。雪莉:我要一个月的。先试一下。开始先别太多了。职员:很聪明的决定。你会发现它很超值的。雪莉:你们的营业时间是什么?职员:我们从早上6点一直开到晚上12点。随时欢迎您的光临。雪莉:谢谢。经典背诵 RecitationShirley: I'm a bit out of shape these days. In order to be healthy I go to a gym to do some exercise. I have a personal trainer who gives me a custom-made work-out plan which is really effective. Though it costs me a lot of money, I think it's worth it. Anyway health comes first.生词小结out of shape 体型不好design vt. 设计habit n. 习惯personal trainer 私人教练assessment n. 评估come up with 想出equipment n. 设备achieve vt. 达到qualified adj. 有资格的achieve vt. 达到 /200805/38792。

部分内容改编自 《日常英语》Tom: Hey, let’s go to the night market after work tonight.Lily: That’s a good idea. I haven’t been in a while and I need to get a new backpack. The old one is hanging on by a th!Tom: That reminds me I should buy some new socks to go hiking this weekend. /201011/118164。

Uesful Sentences Work I got an interview. I work for a bank. The boss admires me much. It's pay day. The task is tough. I can not stand it. I should change jobs. I have a conference. The conference starts at 9am. I'm pressed for time. /05/69118。

I overslept because I stayed up too late last night. 我睡过头了,因为昨晚开夜车了。。

380. 如果你爷爷看到你今天的所作所为,他一定会死不瞑目的。 [误] If your grandpa could see what you\'re doing now, he wouldn\'t have closed his eyes when he died. [正] If your grandpa could see what you\'re doing now, he would turn over in his grave.注:“死不瞑目”的意思是“死时尚存遗憾”或“灵魂得不到安息”。若将其直译出来西方人很可能感到费解,所以建议采取意译的方式。除了上面的译法,还可以用 die with everlasting regret 或 die discontent 等。 /03/65396。

Larry和李华正在吃午饭。Larry好像心情不太好。今天李华会学到两个常用语:crummy和sack out。 LH: Larry,怎么啦?你好像不太开心,是什么事惹你不高兴? LL: Oh, I'm just having a really crummy day. My crummy computer crashed again and my crummy air conditioner isn't working. LH: 你的电脑坏了,连你的空调也坏了。你可真倒霉耶!不过,你说了好几个crummy,那是什么意思啊? LL: When you're talking about a situation, crummy means miserable. When you're talking about an object, crummy means cheap and poor quality. LH: 噢,crummy形容一个情况,是指非常难受、很惨。要是形容一个东西,就是指这个东西很次,质量很差。Larry,你真可怜,有没有什么我能帮忙的? LL: Not unless you can fix my crummy computer and my crummy air conditioner. LH: 抱歉,我真希望我能帮忙,可是我既不会修电脑,也不会修空调。你有没有通知你的房东,要他来修空调呢? LL: Yeah, but he's not a very good landlord. He takes forever to fix anything, and even when he finally fixes something, he usually does a crummy job. LH: 嗨,这样的房东!要就不给你修,就是修也修得不怎么样。这可真糟糕呢!What a crummy situation! LL: You said it. I brought my computer to the repair shop and they say that they will have to keep for a week and it will cost 0 to fix. LH: 什么!要在修理的店里放一个星期,还要一百美元? LL: Yes, I hope they don't do a crummy job of fixing it. Well, if they do a crummy job the first time, then they should fix it the second time for free. LH: 当然喽,如果一次没修好,他们当然得免费再帮你修。不过如果他们修理的技术太差,要我的话,可不想再回去找他们。 LL: That's understandable. Well, hopefully, they'll do a good job. ****** LL: I think part of the reason I'm having a crummy day is because I'm tired. I think I'll go home and sack out for an hour or two. LH: 你累了?可你要回家做什么?什么是sack out? LL: To sack out is to go to sleep. I want to go home and sleep for a while. LH: 噢,原来to sack out就是睡觉。那不就和hit the sack意思一样嘛? LL: That's right. If I sack out for a couple of hours, then I should wake up in a better mood. LH: 对了,Larry,你怎么会这么累啊? LL: Well, I didn't sack out until around 2 this morning because I was trying to fix my crummy computer. LH: 哇!修电脑修到清晨两点,怪不得你那么累!你真应该早点休息! LL: I know. It was so hard to get out of bed and go to work this morning. LH: 那当然啦,半夜两点才睡觉,早上肯定不想起床。如果你现在回家睡觉,那你今晚还睡得着吗? LL: I'm so tired that I don't think it will be a problem. I could probably sack out now and not wake up until tomorrow morning. LH: 你累到这种程度呀?现在回家睡觉,可以一觉睡到明天早上?看你这个样子,你再要这样熬夜早晚得生病的! LL:I don't believe you sack out at regular hour every night. You stay late too. LH:嗯,我有必要时当然也会开夜车,但没有象你这么经常呀!你得自己注意身体嘛。 LL:You're right! I'll try not to sack out too late. 今天李华学到两个常用语。第一个是crummy, 可以指情况很糟糕,也可以指一样东西质量很差。另一个常用语是sack out,就是睡觉的意思。 /200809/47292。

本文本暂无音频 /200810/53181。

I'm happy. 我很高兴。。

你怎么了,看起来很伤心的样子?我电脑里所有的数据都丢了.这简直是个灾难.怎么回事啊?三天前,我的电脑突然罢工了,没法进入windows操作系统.就在我快要放弃的时候,有个朋友建议我用安全模式启动电脑.有用吗?有用,我用安全模式勉强打开了电脑,但一联上互联网硬盘就发出一种刺耳的声音,过了一会儿,就彻底崩溃了.真可惜啊!是啊,电脑可以买一个新的,可电脑里存储的电子资料没法恢复了.我的照片不见了,录下来的爷爷的声音也听不到了.损失可真大啊.也许应该怪我,一直理所应当地认为电子数据存在电脑里就很安全,忽视了潜在的危险.这不怪你.我们都会犯这样的错.我们信赖的电子信息实际上很脆弱啊. /201001/94284。