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President Barack Obama says politicians who desire to lead the country should put their efforts into bringing Americans together, not dividing them. 奥巴马总统表示,希望领导国家的政治家们应该努力让美国人民团结起来,而不是搞分裂。President Obama said candidates who don’t do that dont deserve the publics support and votes. 奥巴马总统说,不那样做的候选人不配得到公众的持和选票。He also said the best leaders remind Americans that what they have common is more important than what is different. 他还说,最好的领导人提醒美国人民,他们共同拥有的比不同的更重要。The president spoke a day after protesters caused Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to cancel a campaign rally in Chicago on Friday.周五在芝加哥,抗议者致使共和党总统候选人唐纳德·特朗普取消一场竞选集会。Trumps political rivals and others fault him for using language they say is sping division throughout the country instead of unity.特朗普的政治对手和其他人指责他使用传播分裂的言语,而不是团结。译文属。201603/431005

The girlfriend of one of the 14 people killed in the San Bernadino shooting said when President Barack Obama came to speak with her, he immediately asked her for a hug.圣贝纳迪诺击事件遇难者之一的女朋友说,当奥巴马总统走过来和她说话时候,他立刻要求拥抱一下。On Friday Obama and his wife, Michelle, met members of each of the 14 families in the library of Indian Springs High School.星期五,奥巴马和他的妻子米歇尔在印第安泉中学图书馆与十四名遇难者家属见面。The stop happened before the first family headed to Hawaii for their annual holiday.这一站发生在奥巴马家庭前往夏威夷进行年度假期前。A separate table was set up for each family, and the Obamas moved from one to the next, spending about 10 minutes with each victim’s relatives.每个家庭安排单独的桌子,奥巴马一个个走过去,与每个遇难者家属交谈了约十分钟。When Obama approached the table where Mandy Pifer was sitting, he said: “Words aren’t enough. How about a hug?”当奥巴马走近曼迪·皮弗的桌子时,他说道:“语言难以言表,拥抱一下怎么样?”Pifer’s boyfriend Shannon Johnson, 45, was killed in the attack皮弗的男友约翰逊45岁,在袭击中丧生。译文属。201512/416796

  Nigeria尼日利亚Why northerners feel done down为何感觉完了?A terrorist insurgency has deepened a poor regions aly grave problems恐怖叛乱—贫困的北方雪上加霜THE roads are thick with traffic and pavements throng with hawkers selling phonecards, sunglasses and leather sandals. At night, street corners are lit up with a red glow from grills cooking spicy meat. But the bustle of Kano, Nigerias second-biggest city and the commercial capital of the north, masks an uncomfortable reality: northern Nigeria is in steep decline.主干道上交通甚忙,人行道上也挤满了小摊小贩,有卖电话卡的、太阳镜的、还有皮革凉鞋的。到了晚上,街头摆满了烧烤架,红红的炭火甚是明亮。但是尽管卡诺是尼日利亚第二大城市和北方商业省会城市,这些喧闹的景象掩盖了不争的事实:北尼日利亚猛走下坡路。An increasingly bloody insurgency waged by Boko Haram, an Islamist terrorist group, has sharpened frustration over the disparity between the jobless north and the oil-rich south. In recent months Kano has been relatively stable, following a military offensive to contain the terrorists. But though the pause in violence has brought people back onto the streets, they have rediscovered other problems. “Stoves are gone, people selling beer have gone, there is no market, there are few customers and I havent been able to save any money in months,” says Chineu Abason, sitting in her wooden-shack restaurant in Sabon Gari, a mainly Christian district, where Boko Haram bombs have killed scores of people this year (see picture above).科圣地是一个伊斯兰教恐怖组织,他们的叛乱越来越残忍,这让本失业人数众多的北方与油多富有的南方差距更大了。最近几个月里,军队打击并牵制恐怖分子,卡诺相对稳定多了。但是,尽管叛乱暂时平息,人们重新回到了街道上,新的问题又来了。“我们没有炉子,没人卖酒,没有销售,顾客也很少,这几个月里我都没存到钱。”Chineu Abason坐在她自己木棚餐厅里说道。她的餐厅在Sabon Gari,这儿大多数人信奉基督教,仅今年就要大量民众丧生在科圣地轰炸下。The fear of terrorism continues to cast a long shadow over the city and across the north. Bombings, kidnappings and bloody assaults by Boko Haram, as well as the armys efforts to keep a lid on the fighting, have deterred investment. Farming, the norths main source of income, has been hamstrung. Consumer-goods companies say that insecurity has forced them to retreat from some areas. Commercial drivers say dangerous roads and military checkpoints add 5-10% to their costs.整个城市以至北方都沉浸在恐怖主义的恐惧中。不断有来自科圣地的轰炸、绑架和血腥袭击,还有军队奋力回击抑制恐怖势力,这让人们打消了投资的念头。作为北方最主要的收入来源的农业也因此荒废。一些日用品公司称因局势不安,他们在很多地区都撤回了公司。商务车司机说因危险路段以及军事检查点,他们的驱车成本都增加了5-10%。Despite a construction boom across Nigeria, many foreign companies avoid the north. In February seven employees of Setraco, an international construction company, were abducted in Bauchi state by Ansaru, a group that splintered from Boko Haram, prompting an immediate shutdown of the firms operations up north. PZ Cussons, the maker of Imperial Leather soap, and Guinness Nigeria are hanging on but have been hit by the conflict, too.虽然建设热潮风靡整个尼日利亚,但是大多数外企自然而然地避开了北方。二月份,国际建筑公司Setraco的七名员工在包奇州遭到科圣地分组织安萨鲁绑架,这立即导致公司北上的运营全部瘫痪。皇皮革浴肥皂制造商卡森国际和英国吉尼斯黑啤虽然站住了阵脚,但也不免受到了冲击。Even before Boko Harams insurgency intensified nearly three years ago, the north was struggling. Unreliable electricity, cheap Chinese imports, smuggling and counterfeit goods have made life hard for local companies. Vast spaces on Kanos edges have become industrial graveyards. In rural areas the picture is bleaker still. Poor education puts off investors seeking skilled labour. Whereas the literacy rate in Lagos, Nigerias commercial capital on the coast, is 92%, in Kano it is 49%. In the north-eastern state of Borno, where Boko Haram got going, it is 15%. Without better education, the region will struggle to attract investment or create jobs. The malaise is a useful recruiting tool for terrorists, as well as politicians with their eye on the top.甚至在三年前,科圣地叛乱还未像如今越演越烈,北方就处于水深火热之中。受到电力不稳,便宜的中国进口商品,以及走私和假冒商品的冲击,当地企业生存异常艰难。卡诺广阔的空间成了工业的墓地。农村的场景更加荒凉。这里教育程度低,投资者都不在这里找技术工人。相比而言,在尼日利亚沿海商业首都,92%的人会识字,而卡诺只有49%。东北部的尔诺州尽力吸引来商投资创造就业机会。在这个经济的萎靡期,恐怖分子正好招兵买马,官员们此时则死死地盯着他们。Northerners habitually complain that politicians have made personal fortunes from the booming oil industry in the south, while failing to share its benefits. Mutterings of a north-south divide have grown louder with the prospect of President Goodluck Jonathan, a southern Christian, running for a second term in 2015. Northerners resent what they see as a violation of an unwritten rule that the presidency should rotate every two terms between the largely Muslim north and the mostly Christian south. A southerner has held the post for 11 of the past 14 years.北方人民常常抱怨官员们从南方石油产业中为自己捞油水,却从来不与人民分享。总统古德勒克·乔纳森是一位南方基督教徒,他很有可能参加2015的总统竞选,这使得南北方分歧的抱怨声更大了。在北方主要是穆斯林民族,而南方主要是基督教徒,南北方间有一条不成文的规矩:总统每两届南北轮换一次,现在完全违背了这个规则,这让北方人民痛恨不已。过去的14年里,南方人就占了11年。Nigerias finance minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, insists that the government recognises the norths need. Nigeria has courted billion of foreign direct investment in the past three years, 10% of the African total. Yet most investors set up shop in Lagos. “When we advise investors coming to Nigeria, they dont even talk about the north,” says a South African banker in the plush Hilton Hotel in Abuja, the capital, which lies between north and south. “It simply isnt a consideration. Its the sad truth and it isnt about to change.”尼日利亚财政部长伊卫拉强调政府深知北方人民的需求。过去三年里,尼日利亚获外商直接投资200亿美元,占非洲总额的10%。然而,大多数的投资者都在拉各斯开店。在位于中部的首都阿布贾的豪华希尔顿酒中,一位南方家说到“我们建议投资者来尼日利亚,但他们并不谈论北方。这不是简单的考虑,这就是残酷的事实而且暂时改变不了。”There are few signs of revival in Kano, though it is nearly as big as Lagos. “Shoprite OPENING SOON” is splashed on a red-and-orange sign where the Ado Bayero Mall, the norths first modern shopping centre, is going up. It has been a long wait: Shoprite, a South African food distributor, has been operating in Lagos since 2005.尽管卡诺和拉各斯面积差不多,卡诺却很少有复兴的苗头。红橙相间的“Shoprite即将开业”字样喷在Ado Bayero购物中心,这是北方的第一个现代购物中心,正逐渐恢复过来。这是一个漫长的等待:Shoprite作为南非最大的食品经销商,早在05年就进驻拉各斯运营。Kanos state governor, Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, has poured millions into infrastructure. Taxis weave through huge concrete columns that will eventually support a flyover. But while three-lane highways are being built, feeder roads from rural communities remain decrepit. A multimillion-dollar development, the Mega Five Projects, will have three posh housing estates and two transport terminals.卡诺的州长Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso投入了上百万用于基础设施。巨大的水泥柱下出租车往来穿梭,而上面将撑起一座立交桥。但是正当三条高速公路建设时,通往农村社区的路却还是残破不堪。投资百万美元的5个大型项目将建成3个豪华住宅区和2个运输站。Such projects make little sense when many northerners, struggling to make a living, are deciding to leave Kano in search of better prospects—down south. “It is the only logical way for the government,” says the owner of a big construction company. “Visible development gives the impression of stability and progress.” But it will not be enough to close the gulf between Nigerias two halves. As a result, northerners are increasingly resentful.努力谋生的北方人民决定离开卡诺寻找更好的出路---南下,这项工程就没有太大的意义了。一个大型建筑公司的老板说道:“看得到的发展才会让人觉得稳定和进步,这才是政府该有的逻辑思维。”但是,尼日利亚南北方的鸿沟一时还无法消除。因此,北方人民怨恨情绪日益高长。译者:邓于珍 译文属译生译世 /201507/387939



  Germanys government德国政府Easy politics, bad policies简单的政治,糟糕的政策By indulging her Social Democratic coalition partners, Angela Merkel risks turning Germany in the wrong direction安格拉默克尔对其社会民主党盟友的纵容,使德国正在一个错误的方向中上演“步步惊心”ANGELA MERKEL, Germanys chancellor, is popular because Germans see her as a steady hand. In her first term, between 2005 and , she coped with financial turmoil emanating from America. In her second, from to 2013, she kept the euro crisis at bay. In her third term, now in its fifth month, she is Europes leader in confronting Russia over Ukraine.德国总理安格拉默克尔以其强硬果敢的政治手段而深得民心。在她的第一任期2005-年间,积极应对美国金融危机带来的影响。在其第二任期-2013年间,她竭力使德国避开欧元危机。其第三任期,如今已是第五个月了,她是欧洲就乌克兰问题与俄罗斯对峙的领导者。At home, however, she is less sure. She could be ambitious. As in her first term, she is in a “grand coalition” of the two biggest groups in parliament: her own Christian Democratic Union (CDU) with its Bavarian sister party on the centre-right, and the Social Democratic Party (SPD) on the centre-left. The opposition has just one-fifth of the seats, and consists of two parties with little credibility. The smaller is the Greens, still squabbling after their defeat in Septembers election. The larger is the ex-communist Left Party. Its parliamentary leader, Gregor Gysi, is easily the Bundestags most entertaining and witty speaker, but that is largely because he is unburdened by any responsibility.然而在国内,她还并不确定,她能如此雄心勃勃。在她的第一个任期内,她是议会中两大组织——她自身所在的基督教民主联盟(CDU)和其巴伐利亚党(注)代表的中右派以及社会民主党(SPD)代表的中左派,结成的“大联盟”中的一员。反对党只有五分之一的席位,并且还因缺乏信任分成两个组织。规模较小的是绿党,自从在九月的选举中失利后就一直争论不休。较大的组织是前共产主义左翼党。左翼党在议会的领导人葛雷格吉西,是国联邦议院中最幽默机智的发言人,但是这些很大程度上是由于其不用肩负任何责任。During her previous grand coalition Mrs Merkel made one big domestic reform. In Europes fastest-ageing country, she raised the retirement age from 65 to 67. Sadly, there is less method in the seeming madness of the present coalitions opening salvo of policies—what Germans are calling Ref?rmchen, or “reformlets”. One of these again affects pensions, but in the opposite direction, lowering the retirement age for certain workers to 63, and perhaps even to 61 if years in unemployment are counted. Economists and employers are screaming foul. So are 50 of the 311 parliamentarians from Mrs Merkels own centre-right camp, who fear the economy will suffer.在她早期的联盟党生涯中,默克尔发起过一次国内改革。在欧洲老龄化速度最快的国家,她将退休年龄从65提升至67。不幸的是,如今大联盟的政策改革序幕看似疯狂,但是改革方式却更少了——这种德国人称作Ref?rmchen或是“迷你改革”。其中一项又再次牵涉到养老金,但反过来说,若是失业年数在统计在内,可将某些工人的退休年龄降低至63,甚至可能至61。经济学家和雇主们对此打呼不公。由此,默克尔中右翼阵营的311位国会议员中有50位担忧他们的经济会受到冲击。Another Ref?rmchen is to introduce a national minimum wage for the first time, of 8.50 (.72). This will affect about 14% of workers nationwide and 20% in the less productive former East Germany, according to a study by three economists at universities in Magdeburg, Berlin and Dresden. When Britain introduced a minimum wage in 1999, it affected only 5% of workers. Germanys wage floor would barely increase incomes of poor workers, because they would lose welfare top-ups, the study says. But it could mean that as many as 900,000 lose their jobs. And it could stop young people (over 18 but under 21) getting good training and permanent jobs at all.另一项迷你改革就是第一次导入8.50 (.72)的全国性的最低工资。根据一项来自马格德堡,柏林和德累斯顿大学的三位经济学家的调查发现,这将影响到全国范围内14%左右的工人和生产力较低的前东德的20%。当英国于1999年发布了最低工资,这一举措仅影响了5%的工人。德国的最低工资几乎不会增加贫困工人的收入,研究表明其原因是他们会失去优渥的福利。但是这并不意味着有多达90万的人会失业。而且,它将从根本上阻碍年轻人(18-21岁之间)获得更好的历练以及永久的工作。In energy, Germany is trying to switch from nuclear and fossil-fuel sources to sun, wind and biomass. But it is not going well. Electricity prices are going up; German companies are losing ground to foreign rivals; and carbon emissions are rising, not falling. Deep reform is needed to the huge and inflexible subsidies for renewables, which will cost 24 billion this year. Instead, the cabinet is making another Ref?rmchen, tweaking the system in ways that consumers and firms will not notice.从能源方面看,德国正努力从核能和化石能源转向太阳能、风能和生物能。但是这条路走得并不顺利。电力价格持续增长,德国的公司也正日渐落后于国外的竞争对手 ,并且碳的排放量只增不减。对可再生能源的定期大量补贴需要深化改革,这在今年将花费240亿。相反地 ,内阁正谋划另一项迷你改革,以消费者和企业都不会关注的方式来调整系统。The government has also intervened messily in the property market, where rents are rising fast in some cities. It will cap increases in rent when re-letting flats to at most 10% of the rental average in the relevant district. The rules are still vague. But that hasnt stopped landlords from panicking and raising rents as high as they can in anticipation. Investors who were planning to build new housing are thinking again.政府还极其混乱的干预了房地产市场,使得某些城市的租金疯长。这将使相关地区的再出售楼盘的租金最高达到平均租金的10%。虽然规则仍然是模糊的,但那并没有让房东感到恐慌,同时他们也以预想的不断提高租金。这使得计划建造新住房的投资者们重新考虑这些计划。A rare positive change concerns dual-citizenship laws, which Germany will liberalise. Currently, children of foreign parents (those from outside the European Union) who were born in Germany have to choose between their passports before their 23rd birthday. Germanys large Turkish population is especially affected. In future such people may keep both passports, so long as they can show that they “grew up” (for at least eight years) in Germany. This still involves bureaucratic hassles. But it is at least a step forward.德国将施行一种罕见的涉及到双重国籍法律的积极改变。目前,那些外国父母(来自欧盟以外国家)生在德国的孩子,在其23岁之前必须选择其护照归属。尤其是德国大量的土耳其人口会因此受到影响。在未来,这类人群只要能明他们在德国“长大”(至少8年)就可能保持两国护照。这还涉及到一些官场的争辩。但这至少是一种进步。These Ref?rmchen have two things in common. First, polls suggest they are popular. Second, they are part of the SPDs wish list and are driven mainly by its ministers. The pension changes and minimum wage are being pushed by Andrea Nahles, the labour minister; renewables reform comes under Sigmar Gabriel, the energy and economy minister; rent caps and dual citizenship fall to Heiko Maas, the justice minister (although he co-ordinates with the Christian Democratic interior minister, Thomas de Maizière.)这些“迷你改革”有两个共同点。第一,民意检测表明这些是深得人心的。第二,这些都是SPD愿望清单的一部分并且主要由其部长们发动。养老金的改革和最低工资政策是由安德蕾亚·纳勒斯——联邦劳工及社会事务部部长负责;可再生能源改革是能源与经济部长西马格·加布里尔负责;租金上限和双重国籍事项则由司法部长海科·马斯负责(尽管他与基民党内政部长Thomas de Maizière协调处理)。This seems odd. The SPD ought to be the weaker partner in the coalition, having won only 25.7% of the vote in September against 41.5% for the centre-right. But the SPD extracted some big concessions as a price for entering the coalition, in hopes of showing the voters that they had made their mark. That strategy could backfire. The SPD will soon run out of pet projects. By 2017 voters may have forgotten their initial activity; or the Ref?rmchen will prove damaging and help the CDU instead.这似乎有些怪异。SPD应该在大联盟中扮演较弱的角色,在九月的选举投票中仅一25.7%的持率与中右翼41.5%对抗。但是SPD为加入大联盟采取了很大的让步,并希望向选民展示他们正努力实现规定的目标。这样的策略可能会适得其反。SPD即将完成其偏好型项目。2017年,选民可能已然忘记他们最开始的活动,或是“迷你改革”将破坏SPD的努力同时因此而帮助到了CDU。But the SPD is not the only one running risks. The CDU, Germanys largest party, no longer stands for anything recognisable. Its longest-serving minister, Wolfgang Sch?uble at finance, boasts that he will in 2015 propose the first balanced budget in 45 years. But that achievement owes much both to reforms that Germany made many years ago and to low interest rates.但是SPD(社民党)不是唯一一个行进在危机中的党派。德国最大的政党基民盟(CDU),不再代表任何人。它的在职时间最长的部长Wolfgang Sch?uble 在金融方面吹嘘说,他将在2015年提出45年来首个预算平衡。但是那些成就很大程度上归功于德国早先的改革和低利率的施行。Aart De Geus of the Bertelsmann Stiftung, a think-tank, worries that reversing previous reforms and adopting growth-unfriendly new ones may mean that Germany squanders much of its past progress. Over ten years have passed since Gerhard Schr?ders Agenda 2010 reforms helped transform a country beset by high unemployment into todays powerful economy. Now Germany is near the bottom of the league for reform. For a high-cost country with gloomy demographic prospects, that is deeply worrying.贝塔斯曼基金会的Aart De Geus(一个智囊团),担忧改变先前的改革并且采取新的增长不友好型的方式可能意味着德国在挥霍着过去的进步。十多年以来,由于Gerhard Schr?ders Agenda在2010年的改革,以高失业率帮助一个身处困境的国家摇身一变成如今的经济强国。如今的德国身处改革联盟的最底部。对于一个人口前景黯淡的高成本国家,改革更是让人忧心忡忡。译者:张娣 校对:王红兵 译文属译生译世 /201508/395694


  And, it was...it was pretty rough there.挺艰辛的I have to say,I had the experience of moving out here,我得说 我是22岁时When I was 22 and it was like going to the moon.搬了过来 简直像登月一样you know,I was just getting started in the business and not having any idea,我刚刚入行 我根本不知道like, not really having a real job yet and not knowing what I was going to do and being freaked out.没有份正经工作 也不知道我能做什么 特别害怕Was it like that way for you?你也是那样吗Yeah,I mean, I had...I had a school that I was in,that I was able to go to for a little while but you dont have no money, you really...是啊 当时有所学校 我去了一阵子 但我没有钱You dont...I dont...I didnt know the area and I was living in a strange place.I didnt have a bed for a while.我不熟悉这一带 我住在一个很怪的地方 很长一段时间没有床睡what do you mean you didnt have a bed? -I just didnt have a bed. -I had a bed.-I didnt even have a什么叫没床睡 -我就是没床睡 -我都有床-我甚至都没有I started crashing at a friends house because I couldnt afford rent.我起初是住在朋友家 我付不起房租I laid down a bunch of towels,I slept on about five towels for a while.我放了一堆毛巾 有一段时间是睡在五条毛巾上的And then I got my..., and then I got an apartment, I was able to get an apartment in the complex 后来我在大楼里找到一间公寓 and actually found a mattress in the dumpster in the carport and I thought, sweet, free mattress.在车库的垃圾箱里找到了一张床垫 我还想 太棒了 免费床垫啊So I hauled it up to my new apartment,slept on it,woke up the next morning covered in red bumps.我把床垫拖进我的新公寓里 睡在上面 第二天早上醒来浑身是红点But I kept it.Thats when anyone else burns it.但我还是把它留下了 这个时候正常人都把床垫烧了so clearly there was vermin,there was vermin in your bed.那上面显然是有害虫啊I think I sprayed it with Lysol and I was just like我好像喷了来苏尔 然后就because when youre 20,youre just like and then eventually the bugs went away.20岁的时候 不在乎这种事 最后 虫子走了201607/452391

  Turkeys election土耳其大选How big will the protest vote be?反对票会占多大比例?Why the ruling AK party may not do as well on June 7th as in the past土耳其执政党正义与发展党在6月7日大选的表现为何会不如以往THE Justice and Development (AK) party has won three general elections in a row, most recently in 2011. Yet although it seems certain to win over 40% of the vote and remain the largest party after the election on June 7th, it is losing ground. Many things that helped AK are being reversed. The economy, its strongest suit, has run out of steam. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, AKs charismatic former prime minister, who became Turkeys first directly elected president in August, has become increasingly despotic and out of touch. And some opposition parties now look more appealing.土耳其正义与发展党已连续赢得三次大选,最近的一次是在2011年。尽管正发党对于6月7日的普选似乎胜券在握,认为自己能够赢得超过40%的选票并且其最大执政党的位置依然屹立不倒,然而,正发党的执政地位正日益失势。益于正发党之事也渐渐与其对立起来。其强项经济方面也已经疲软。正发党前首相埃尔多安魅力超凡,曾是首位于八月被直接推选而出的土耳其总统,如今的他却越来越专制与脱节。当下,不少反对党看起来更具有吸引力。The main centre-left Republican Peoples Party (CHP) has changed tack. Its leader, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, has ditched his shrilly anti-Erdogan rhetoric of old and is hitting AK hard on the economy. His pledges to double the minimum wage and to improve the lot of some 11m pensioners may sound populist, yet they have resonance. Two-thirds of CHP candidates were elected in primaries. And Mr Kilicdaroglu has managed to bring in female candidates such as Selina Dogan, an ethnic Armenian lawyer, and Selin Sayek Boke, a respected Arab Christian economist. Ultra-secular dinosaurs have gone.最大的左翼共和人民党改变了策略。其领导人齐力·克达洛格鲁也摒弃了他过去关于反埃尔多安的尖锐说辞,在经济方面对正发党发起重击。他承诺会将最低工资翻上一番,并提高约一千一百万养老金领取人群的数量,听起来民粹主义,然而反响不错。左翼共和人民党中三分之二的候选人都是经过初选选拔而来。克达洛格鲁想法设法引入了一些女性候选人,例如少数民族亚美尼亚律师赛琳娜·多根,受人景仰的阿拉伯经济学家与基督教徒赛琳·萨耶克·克。超世俗的守旧时代已远去。Alas, the newly colourful CHP is still not expected to add much to the 26% it got in 2011. But that is partly because some supporters are defecting to another opposition party, the pro-Kurdish Peoples Democracy Party (HDP). The HDP is a challenge to Mr Erdogan because his dream of an executive presidency depends on its share of the vote. Previously the Kurds fielded independent candidates to get around the minimum 10% threshold for seats in the parliament. But the HDP is now running nationally. Should it get over 10% of the vote, it will pick up 50-60 seats, leaving AK well short of the minimum 330 deputies required to propose constitutional changes, including an executive presidency.可惜的是,新晋共和人民党仍没有太大希望超过2011年,得到多于26%选票。一部分原因是某些追随者叛变投向诸如亲库尔德人民民主党的其他反对党。亲库尔德人民民主党对于埃尔多安而言是项挑战,因为他的执行主席之梦需要依靠选票来实现。此前,库尔德人派出的独立候选人在议会中所占席位最低大约10%。然而,如今共和人民党的势力正在土耳其全国范围内推行蔓延。如果共和人民党能够赢得超过10%的选票,它将在议会获得50-60的席位,那么正发党则无法凑齐包括执行主席在内的至少330位议会代表的提议来完成宪法修改。Some pollsters think AK might even fall short of the 276 seats it needs for a simple majority. It would then have to form a coalition with the third main opposition party, the far-right Nationalist Action Party (MHP), since both the CHP and the HDP say they will not go into government with AK. If, however, the HDP does not clear the 10% hurdle, AK will inherit all its seats, clearing the way not just for a renewed single-party government but perhaps for Mr Erdogans executive presidency.一些民意调查机构认为正发党达不到一般获胜票选所需的276个席位。接下来它必须要与第三方的反对党----极右翼的民族行动党进行强强联手的合作,因为共和人民党与亲库尔德人民民主党扬言不会与正发党一同加入政府。不过,如果亲库尔德人民民主党没有清除掉那10%的障碍,正发党将获得其在议会的所有席位,这不仅为能复兴一党执政的政府扫清道路,可能也能为埃尔多安的执行主席之位扫除障碍。The HDP owes its rising fortunes in part to its co-chair, Selahattin Demirtas. With his youthful looks and biting wit, the former human-rights lawyer from Diyarbakir makes Mr Erdogan seem a has-been. All over Turkey, bejewelled dowagers, hipsters and factory workers say they may vote HDP either because they “like Demirtas” or because “its the only way to stop Erdogan.” This is a sea change. The HDP was long seen as the political arm of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), the rebels fighting for Kurdish self-rule since 1984. Few doubt that the PKK and its imprisoned leader, Abdullah Ocalan, still hold much sway. But a ceasefire that has held since March 2013 has legitimised the HDP. Winning more seats in parliament would propel the Kurds further into the mainstream and loosen the rebels grip. Being shut out would have the opposite effect.亲库尔德人民民主党的好运一部分归功于其联合主席塞拉·德米塔斯,这位来自德亚巴克尔的前任人权律师,一表人才、犀利机智,反倒是埃尔多安显得过气起来。纵观整个土耳其,无论是珠光宝气的贵妇、时尚流行的潮人,还是辛勤劳作的工人都表示自己或许会将选票投给亲库尔德人民民主党,理由要么是“敬仰德米塔斯”,要么是“这是唯一能够阻止埃尔多安的方法”。这是一场席卷的变革。亲库尔德人民民主党长期以来一直被视作库尔德工人党在政治上的左膀右臂,自1984年起便致力于库尔德人自制的斗争中。无人质疑库尔德工人党,其已被监禁的领导人阿布拉杜·奥贾兰仍然拥有举足轻重的地位。2013年3月的停战协定使得亲库尔德人民民主党合法化。在议会中赢得更多的席位将推进库尔德人成为政治主流,解放反叛。如被拒之门外,效果会大大相反。Although it was Mr Erdogan who initiated peace with the Kurds, he has hit the campaign trail, Koran in hand, ranting about Mr Demirtass supposed “terrorist connections” and lack of faith. The HDP has to lure pro-AK Kurds into switching sides if it is to squeak past the threshold. “Kurds in the big western cities like Istanbul and Izmir hold the key,” concludes Behlul Ozkan, a political scientist. The HDPs victory is “by no means guaranteed”尽管埃尔多安倡导与库尔德人和平共处,他却手持《可兰经》,在竞选游说中大放其词称德米塔斯可能“与恐怖分子有来往”,无信仰不忠诚。若亲库尔德人民民主党想要侥幸逃过所谓的门槛,他们必须要引诱正发党的库尔德人转变政治倾向。“库尔德人在诸如伊斯坦布尔与伊兹密尔的西方大城市很关键,”政治科学家Behlul Ozkan如是说。亲库尔德人民民主党是否能够取胜谁也无法保。译者:陈思思 校对:王颖译文属译生译世 /201506/380734。

  Thats weird,ok.So now youre in this movie and who is in it with you?Oprah Winfrey,yes.真奇怪 好吧 你现在出演了这部电影 演员还有 奥普拉·温弗里 是啊Did you mom,you know,did you take her on the set of ;Selma;?Did she meet Oprah.你带你妈妈去了《塞尔玛游行》的片场吗 她跟奥普拉见面了吗I actually took my mother to Oprahs home,but I had to threaten her first.实际上我带我妈妈去了奥普拉的家里 但我得先威胁她I had to say mother,do not.I had to speak to her and say,If you embarrass me,dont ask any,dont say anything,dont ask anything.我得说 妈妈 不要 我得咬牙切齿地说 如果你让我丢脸了 不要问任何 什么都不要说 什么都不要问What would she say to Oprah that would be embarrassing?Seriously.她跟奥普拉会说什么让你丢脸的话 说真的she said to me,I wasnt going to say anything.I was only going to ask her what was going on with her and Steadman?她跟我说 我什么都不打算说 我本来只打算问她 她和长期搭档斯特德曼之间是怎么回事Mom.I say,dont ask her that.I was going to ask her if I could hang out with her and Gail.妈 我说 别问她那个 我打算问她 我能不能跟她还有盖尔出去玩No,you cant say that either.No,no.I had to keep her close to me.不 那也不能问 不行的 我得让她一直待在我身边You did get to socialize with Oprah,and you shot something with Oprah,right?你们的确跟奥普拉去玩了 你跟奥普拉拍视频了 对吧You been on my Instagram?Yeah,Ive been on your Instagram.Yes,Ive been on your Instagram.你看了我的Instagram吗 是啊 我看了你的Instagram 是的 我看了你的InstagramThis is you and Oprah,what are you doing.Youre cleaning up in the kitchen?这是你和奥普拉 你们在干什么 你们在厨房里搞卫生吗We are washing dishes.Is this after a party because it looks like youre having a lot of fun for cleaning.我们在洗碗 这是在派对之后吗 因为看起来你们搞卫生搞得很开心Well,heres what I will tell you.Oprahs lovely.shes everything you think she is.我要告诉你这个 奥普拉很可爱 她跟你认为的一样好However,she has a very heavy hand when it comes to pouring a drink.really? yeah.但是 她倒酒的时候手很重 真的吗 是的she likes a big strong drink? she gives you about 98% alcohol and then a DNA sample of a liquid.她喜欢大杯的烈性酒 她给你倒98%的酒精 然后是混合酒的DNA样本201609/468153

  Their powerful pincers can tear a hatchling limb from limb.它们强有力的钳子能把刚孵化的小海龟撕成一块又一块。Another lucky escape but theres still a way to go yet.又一次幸运的逃脱,但是仍然还有路要走。Come on, little fella! Keep going, keep going!加油小家伙,保持前进!Its a delicious little package of protein.它是一份美味的蛋白质。Its made the difficult and dangerous journey from the dunes there and its still going and,of course, this transition into the marine environment doesnt mean this hatchling is safe.它完成了从沙滩那开始的困难又危险的行程,现在它仍然在前进,当然从陆地到海洋环境的转变,并不意味着它是安全的。It faces a whole new set of hazards as it tries to swim out, over the reef top.当它尽力游过珊瑚礁,它要面对一系列新的危险。Everything out there is waiting for these hatchlings.那的每样东西都在等待这些小海龟。Hes nearly there, that tiny, tiny, little turtle and thats a huge expanse of ocean.它几乎就要到了,这是一只小小的海龟,那是宽阔的海洋。Exactly where this little hatchling goes is a mystery.这个小海龟会去哪仍然是个谜。But shell be at sea and shell not return to Raine Island before her 30th birthday,when shell come back to lay eggs on the same beach that shes leaving today.但是它会呆在海里,在它30岁之前,它不会返回雷恩岛,那时它会回到它今天离开的海滩来产卵。Thats if she survives in an uncertain and often hostile world.前提它能在多变的充满敌人的世界里存活下去。 译文属201512/415720


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