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TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201612/480366The Jacksons themselves were杰克逊家族本身interested in moving on with their career.也想要再推进他们的歌唱事业They wanted to write, they wanted to produce.他们也想写歌与参与制作so Huff and l, we helped them produce.瑟夫与我在制作方面 稍微帮了他们一下Tito was excellent, #39;cause he#39;s a great guitar player.蒂托很厉害 因为他谈吉他的技巧很高超Kenny Gamble and leon Huff was very warm, nice people.肯尼·甘柏与里昂·瑟夫 是很热情也很好的人They had a lot of soul,他们很懂灵魂音乐we had a lot in common with the music.我们在音乐上有许多的共通点When l cut their tracks,我在混音时l always included Tito节奏部份in the rhythm section.一定会加入蒂托的独奏And he told me Motown would not let him play on their tracks,他告诉我说城 不让他在自己的歌中弹奏but he played on every one of mine.但我制作的每首都有他Our studio Was running 24 hours a day, so it was like a machine.录音室简直是全天候开业 像机器似的sometimes,有时we might wanna work until the wee hours我们可能一路工作of the morning.到凌晨Depends on how strong your creative juices is flowing完全取决于当下有多少at that moment.灵感And the Jacksons were used to curfews.而杰克逊家族以前有门禁But that changed in Philly.这点在费城时改变了Well, they were older, they were teenagers then.他们那时也稍为年长 已经是青少年了But they were still trying to induce that old system,但他们还是想回到以前的那套and Michael rebelled against it.当时迈克尔就开始反抗Because Michael wanted to hang out因为迈克尔也想要into the wee hours of the morning, so... And that#39;s what he did.混到清晨 他也就这么做了 Article/201509/399708

Dr. Dolhun had hydrogen peroxide in the plastic bottleDolhun士的塑料瓶中装有过氧化氢Then he added a catalyst, some manganese dioxide然后他加入了一种催化剂,二氧化锰or Mn02 也就是MnO2and got plume of water vapor最后瓶中喷出一缕蒸汽So let#39;s talk about how catalyst works 我们来谈谈催化剂是如何工作的I#39;m going to draw a potential energy diagram for this reaction我将为该反应画一个势能图So here#39;s my potential energy diagram这是我的势能图So we have potential energy on the y-axis 势能位于纵轴上and the reaction coordinate or time on the x-axis 而反应坐标,或者说时间,位于横轴上Reactants are starting at this amount of energy反应物最开始有这么多能量and the products have this amount 而产物有这么多能量Here Ea, that#39;s the activation energy 这里Ea表示活化能It#39;s the amount of energy you need to add to the reactants 需要给反应物提供这么多能量to make the reaction go反应才会发生And ΔH而ΔHthat#39;s the amount of energy that#39;s released when the reaction happens是反应发生时所释放出来能量的量Now let#39;s see what happens when I add a catalyst再看看加入催化剂时会怎样With a catalyst, my activation energy is a lot lower使用催化剂时,活化能大幅降低And even a small reduction in activation energy 哪怕活化能只降低少许can make the reaction go thousands of times faster than it normally would反应也能比通常情况下快数千倍but notice that regardless of whether or not you have a catalyst但要注意,不管加不加催化剂the ΔH, the amount of energy released in the reaction, doesn#39;t change反应中所释放能量的量ΔH是不会变化的So the catalyst only speeds up the reaction 催化剂只加速反应速度It doesn#39;t change the amount of energy released不会改变所释放能量的量Now take a look at this 看看这个Notice the size of the bottles注意瓶子的大小These are very exothermic reactions 这些是放热很多的反应The bottle basically shrunk down to a very very tiny size 同对照组的瓶子比起来,compared to the control bottles瓶子缩小了很多So as you can see, the catalyzed reaction releases so much heat 可以看到,催化反应释放了很多热量that it actually melt the bottles and makes them smaller 让瓶子开始熔化,变小Also the catalyst itself remains unchanged by the reaction另外,催化剂本身在反应中不会变化and designing catalyst is actually a key subfield of chemistry而设计催化剂也是化学中的一个重要领域MIT#39;s Richard Schrock MIT的理查德·施罗克won the Nobel Prize working in this field就因在该领域中的研究获得过诺贝尔奖And remember how we used H2O2 on our cuts?还记得将H2O2涂到伤口的情况吗Well, we have an enzyme in our bodies called catalase 我们人体内有一种酶叫过氧化氢酶that does the same thing as the manganese dioxide that Dr. Dolhun used其作用同Dolhun士所使用的二氧化锰相同That#39;s why when you put hydrogen peroxide on a cut因此将过氧化氢涂到伤口上时you see fizzing and bubbles 会产生嘶嘶声和泡泡The catalase in your blood is breaking down the hydrogen peroxide这表示血液中的过氧化氢酶正在分解过氧化氢And according to recent studies 根据最新研究low levels of catalase may play a role in the greying process of human hair低过氧化氢酶水平在头发变白过程中扮演了重要角色If catalase levels are low 过氧化氢酶水平偏低时it can#39;t break down all the hydrogen peroxide in the blood血液中的过氧化氢就不能被完全分解and that extra H2O2 starts to bleach your hair from the inside out 残留的H2O2会从内部将头发漂白So to wrap up, catalyst don#39;t change the products of the reaction 总结一下,催化剂不会改变反应的产物or how much heat is released or absorbed 也不会改变反应释放或吸收的热量They only change the time it takes for the reaction to finish 催化剂只会改变反应完成所需的时间Alright that#39;s it for me today今天就到这里I#39;ll see you next time 我们下次再见 Article/201501/354534



  Chinese President to visit Turkey, Philippines中国国家主席习近平将访土耳其菲律宾 出席G20和APEC会议Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend the the tenth summit of the G20 in southwest Turkey#39;s Antalya next Saturday.中国国家主席习近平将于14日至16日赴土耳其安塔利亚出席二十国集团(G20)领导人第十次峰会。His Tukish tour is at the invitation of President Tayyip Erdogan. Later, he will travel to Manila, the capital of the Philippines, to attend the 23rd informal APEC Leaders#39; Meeting at the invitation of the president, Benigno Aquino.随后,他将赴菲律宾马尼拉出席17日至19日举行的亚太经合组织(APEC)第二十三次领导人非正式会议。译文属 Article/201511/408969

  It relaxes me.它使我放松I feel so much more relaxed.我觉得轻松多了It makes me mellow.它使我轻松自在Relaxed.觉得放松It seems obvious to me that there#39;s also an immediate high我可以明显感觉到一阵快意a buzz a euphoric effect. That#39;s right.兴奋和快感 没错Again depending on the circumstances确实 有些情况下a lot of people do get quite energised with alcohol.酒精使人们精力充沛There are two different neurotransmitters involved in that.其中有两种神经递质起到这种作用One is Dopamine一种是多巴胺which is actually what drugs like Cocaine target.它和可卡因的作用相似It used to make me buzz.它让我觉得兴奋I feel daring so it#39;s a good feeling.酒能给我壮胆 感觉很棒Another contribution to the pleasurable effects of alcohol is Serotonin.血清素是愉悦情绪产生的另一个原因A drug which increases serotonin Prozac is an antidepressant.抗抑郁药百忧解 就能增加体内血清素Very extrovert.我变得非常外向I was the centre of the party like.我觉得自己变成了聚会的焦点This is Heroin.这是海洛因Heroin#39;s extremely addictive.海洛因极易使人上瘾You#39;re not gonna tell me that alcohol#39;s the same as heroin.你不会要告诉我 酒精和海洛因一样吧No but at some points不会 不过有时候you begin to turn on the same brain systems as heroin.它会对大脑系统产生相同的刺激It makes you feel very excited我觉得很兴奋like makes you feel everything#39;s possible.对一切充满期望You think you can take on the world I think thats what it is.我觉得可以改变世界 就是这种感觉 Article/201506/380348Chinese groups demand apology from Mitsubishi中国劳工团体要求三菱公司做出道歉Three organizations representing Chinese people forced into slave labor during World War Two by Japan#39;s Mitsubishi Material Corporation have issued a joint statement, demanding an apology.三家二战中国三菱受害劳工团体在北京发出联合声明,要求三菱公司做出道歉。 译文属 Article/201508/390646原味人文风情:You can change the world. Someone out there is counting on you. Imagine a life without books, a life without an education. Fifty-seven million children woke up this morning and didn#39;t go to school. Seven hundred and seventy-five million adults lack basic literacy skills, two-thirds of which are women. More than 50 percent of girls who are lucky enough to go to school will never graduate.你可以改变世界。这世界上有人正期望你伸出援手。想象一个没有书的生活、一个不能上学的生活。有五千七百万个孩子今天一早起床却没有去学校。七亿七千五百万名成人缺乏基本识字能力,其中有三分之二是女性。够幸运能去上学的女孩们有超过一半永远毕不了业。In the developing world, girls aren#39;t expected to receive an education. They face barriers to their schooling, which boys do not: domestic slavery, gender discrimination and violence, early and forced marriage. Instead of learning to and write, they learn to work, fetch water, and care for their siblings.在开发中国家,女孩们不被期望要接受教育。她们面临上学的阻碍,男孩们不会遇到的阻碍:家庭奴役、性别歧视与暴力、被迫早婚。她们没有学习读和写,她们反而学习劳动、挑水,还有照顾家中弟。Why is this such a big issue? A child born to a literate mother is 50 percent more likely to survive past the age of five. Every extra year of education will allow girls to earn 20 percent more as an adult. Females with eight years of education are four times less likely to be married as children. And education improves their health, enhances their status in the community, and makes them safer. Education empowers and inspires young minds. Education can change the world. So what#39;s being done about it?这个问题为什么这么严重?识字的母亲生下的孩子活过五岁的机率多出百分之五十。每多受一年教育将会让女孩在成年时收入多出百分之二十。读过八年书的女性在还是孩子时就结婚的可能性低四倍。教育改善她们的健康、提升她们的社会地位,而且让她们过得更安全。教育赋予人自主权并启发年轻心灵。教育可以改变世界。所以我们就这做了什么呢?10 x 10 partnered with a collection of non-profit organizations to create the groundbreaking film, Girl Rising, which tells the story of nine extraordinary girls from nine different countries. Its purpose? To showcase strength and human spirit, the power of education to transform societies. Girl Rising is change, and so are you!慈善组织 10 x 10 和一些非营利组织合作,打造出具开创性的影片《女孩崛起》,叙述一个来自九个不同国家的九位不平凡女孩的故事。它的目的?展现力量以及人类精神、展现教育翻转社会的力量。《女孩崛起》是改变,你也是!Information is power, so raising awareness is crucial. We are the generation who changed the world through social media. So I#39;m asking you to do just that. Start by sharing this across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social networking platforms. Make sure everyone knows about this global issue. You can change the lives of millions of people. You can make a difference. Transform the lives of children in Africa and Asia by focusing on literacy and gender equality in education. Believe that you can change the unknown and impossible. There is greatness within you. Dream big. Live free. Change the world.信息即力量,所以引起自觉是很重要的。我们是透过社群媒体改变世界的世代。因此我在此请你那样做。从在 Facebook、Twitter、Instagram 以及其他社群网络平台上分享这部影片开始。确保每个人都知道这个全球议题。你可以改变数百万人的生命。你可以产生影响。注重识字能力和教育的性别平等来改善非洲和亚洲孩童的生活。相信你可以改变未知和扭转不可能。你有伟大的潜能。勇于作梦。不受限地活着。改变这世界。October 11 is International Day of the Girl. This is the day we fight for change, the day we let the world know that it is not okay for girls to be neglected and uneducated. Nothing should deny the right to an education.十月十一日是国际女童日。这是我们争取改变的一天,我们让全世界明白女孩被忽视且缺乏教育是不可以的一天。不该有任何事物剥夺受教权。In lead up to and on this day, get loud on social media—share this and the Girl Rising trailer, organize screenings or watch the film, fundraise, and raise awareness, or donate. Just one dollar places a new book into a child#39;s hands, so every dollar counts. What do you intend to do now?在国际女童日前和当天,在社群媒体上大声发声--分享这部影片和《女孩崛起》的预告片、安排放映或观看影片、募款,还有唤起大众意识,或者捐款。只要一块钱就能将一本新书交到孩子手上,每个一块钱都有意义。你现在想做什么呢?We Are World Change.我们是改变世界的力量。 Article/201701/487567

  ;Thanks a lot;这么客气的话为什么会引起美国人的误会?问题出在哪儿?英语表达感谢应该怎么说呢?今天Jenny,Jason就要告诉你。 Article/201507/384445

  This is our planet the Earth.这是我们的星球,地球It#39;s unique in the solar system, perhaps even in the universe.在太阳系这是独一无二的,也许甚至在宇宙中也是My name is Iain Stewart我叫伊恩.斯图尔特and I want to show you how our planet works.我想告诉大家我们的星球是怎样运作的I#39;m exploring the atmosphere.这星期我们讲述的是大气层The atmosphere creates our climate大气创造了我们的气候and protects us against the cold hostility of space.保护我们不受宇宙寒冷的袭击And it provides oxygen to fuel our bodies.并且为我们的身体提供氧气Our atmosphere is full of contradictions.我们的大气层充满了矛盾It#39;s immensely powerful and yet it#39;s incredibly sensitive.它非常强大 但也很容易遭到破坏It#39;s destructive and at the same time it protects us.它具有破坏性,但同时也保护着我们It#39;s essential for all life and yet it was created by life.它对所有的生命来说很重要,但它也是由生命所创造的Without it, the planet would be utterly uninhabitable.没有大气层,我们的星球可能会完全不适于居住 Article/201509/396938

  栏目简介:Hundreds of schools in town are taking part in a two-month-long soccer tournament as part of the country#39;s efforts to boost skills at the grass-roots level. The tournament is broken into four tiers, with nearly 300 primary schools, middle schools, high schools and universities taking part. Song Wenjing takes a look. Article/201703/496727。

  House Of Commons To Debate Scotland#39;s Future MPs in Westminster will discuss which extra powers should go to Holyrood and whether Scottish MPs can vote on laws in England. Two parliaments one country and as yet no deal, Scotland may have voted NO to independence, but it did so on a promise.We said that we will bring forward and command people that will summarise the views of the three parties that want to remain in the ed Kingdom, the liberal democrats, the labour party and the conservatives, that#39;s what we are doing today, that will then inform the process that we have charged lord Smith to undertake and building consensus and bring forward an agreement between those three parties and indeed also the Scottish nationals agree as well.Amongst those keeping an eye today#39;s debate will be the three who came to Scotland at the bitterly contested better end of the campaign, as the polls narrowed, they vote to get Holyrood more powers, although they still can#39;t agree what those powers should be. The Torries want Scotland to have complete control over income tax plus a share of VAT, labour says the Scottish parliament should be given powers to raise 40% of its overall budget, but differs on control of value added tax, D said Holyrood should be allowed to raise the majority of the money it spends, cross party discussions are to be facilitated by commission chaired by lord Smith Kelvin, with a blueprint for a former agreed by the end of November.The people of Scotland have spoken.Yet those discussions are now linked by the prime minister to resolving the issue of Scottish MPs voting on issues not affecting Scotland, some will be surprised that Scotland now has provided an answer to more than one question.The vote was no more than a device to try to persuade a number of people went to the NO camp, and these votes quickly made are look like on the process of being reneged upon.High up at V and looking down on its parliament sits the national monument of Scotland, originally intended to commemorate those who fell in the Napoleonic wars, almost 200 years on from the start of its construction, it remains unfinished, thanks to a lack of funds but also enthusiasm, Edinburgh#39;s folly as it#39;s become known Westminster politicians will be accused of far worse than folly if their plans don#39;t come to fruition.Otherwise the monument to their efforts will be a reinvigorated campaign for Scottish independence.Noel P, Sky News, Edinburgh. /201410/336690

  Hi, my name is Renske Suijver, and I work at the Van Gogh Museum as a researcher. We#39;re here at the Museum Square, and just behind me you can see the Van Gogh Museum. So let#39;s have a look!嗨,我的名字是Renske Suijver,我在梵高美术馆工作担任研究员。我们在美术馆广场这里,就在我身后你可以看到梵高美术馆。所以来瞧瞧吧!The Van Gogh Museum was open in 1973. And we house a very large collection of Van Gogh paintings, drawings, his correspondence with his brother and other friends, prints, and we also have a collection of non-Van Gogh.梵高美术馆于1973年开幕。我们藏有非常大量的梵高画作、素描、他与其兄弟及其他朋友的信件、版画,而我们也有非梵高的收藏品。The Van Gogh Museum houses a collection of the Vincent van Gogh Foundation. That#39;s the collection of the family. Some of the highlights in our collection are famous paintings like the The Potato Eaters, which he made in his Dutch period; one version of the Sunflowers; his own bedroom; and the Almond Blossom, a beautiful painting which he made for his little nephew that was named after him.梵高美术馆收藏梵高基金会的藏品。那是那家族的藏品。我们藏品中某些重头戏是知名画作,像是《吃马铃薯的人》,那是他在荷兰期间所画的;其中一个版本的《向日葵》;他自己的卧室;以及《盛开的杏树》,一幅他为了以他为名的小侄子所画的美丽画作。We think it#39;s very important to show Van Gogh#39;s work in the context of his own time, so we collect works by his contemporaries, like Monet, Gauguin, Pissarro, and many many others.我们认为在他自己那时代的背景下展示梵高的作品是非常重要的,所以我们收藏了和他同时代的画家的作品,像是莫内、高更、毕沙罗、还有许许多多其他人。We have the largest collection of Van Gogh paintings in the world. I think the most important reason why Van Gogh is so famous now is the combination of his beautiful work with a lot of colors and expression, combined with that we know so much about and...there#39;s always the myth that Van Gogh cutting off his whole ear, but it was only a very small part. And he was probably not crazy but more like a genius.我们有世界上最大宗的梵高画作藏品。我认为为什么梵高现在会这么出名的原因是,他美丽的作品及许多色与意境的结合,加上我们都非常了解的...一直都有梵高切掉他整只耳朵的迷思,但那只是非常小的一块。他也许不是疯子,反而比较像个天才。But these are all things that people can experience when they go into the museum and see his works and his life story.但这些是当人们走进这美术馆,且看到他的作品及生平故事所能体验到的所有事情。Thanks for visiting the Van Gogh Museum online. Of course, I hope you#39;ll also visit in real life, so hope to see you soon!感谢在线上光临梵高美术馆。当然,我们希望您在现实生活中也会造访,希望能很快看见您! Article/201501/352641


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