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遵义妇幼保健院祛疤手术多少钱遵义市桐梓县人民医院脱毛多少钱Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. said Thursday that its online shopping sites are temporarily blocking sellers from subscribing to marketing and promotion apps linked with rival Tencent Holdings Ltd.#39;s WeChat mobile messaging service. 阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.)周四说,其在线购物网站暂时禁止卖家使用与微信(WeChat)相关的营销和推广应用。微信是腾讯控股(Tencent Holdings Ltd.)旗下的移动消息务。 Sellers on Alibaba#39;s Taobao and Tmall sites have been using such apps to send promotional messages to online shoppers. 阿里巴巴旗下淘宝网(Taobao)和天猫商城(Tmall)的卖家一直使用这类应用向网络购物者发送促销信息。 Unlike Amazon.com Inc., Alibaba doesn#39;t sell products but operates websites that allow sellers to find buyers. Sellers on Taobao are mostly small merchants, while Tmall hosts major brands such as Nike and Gap. 不同于亚马逊(Amazon.com Inc.),阿里巴巴并不销售产品,而是运营网站,供卖家寻找买家。淘宝网上的卖家大多是小商家,而天猫商城则有耐克(Nike)和Gap等大品牌入驻。 Separately on Thursday, Alibaba said that the company and Sina Corp.#39;s Twitter-like Weibo microblog business in which Alibaba holds a stake 岸 are launching a Taobao-friendly version of Weibo, integrating user accounts for the two services. Weibo will also provide Taobao sellers with marketing services to help them promote their products on the microblog, Alibaba said. 另外,阿里巴巴周四说,该公司和新浪(Sina Corp.)旗下类似推特(Twitter)的微(Weibo)业务即将推出适用于淘宝的微版本,整合这两项务的用户账号。阿里巴巴持有微股份。阿里巴巴说,微还将向淘宝卖家提供营销务,帮助他们在微上宣传产品。 Alibaba said the two announcements, even though they came on the same day, are not related. The company said it decided to suspend the WeChat-related apps because it received complaints from consumers shopping on its Taobao and Tmall sites that they were getting an ※excessive§ number of promotional messages on WeChat from sellers. In some cases, Alibaba said, sellers were using the apps to guide shoppers outside of the online payment process run by Alipay, an Alibaba affiliate. 阿里巴巴说,上述两项公告虽然在同一天发布,但并无关系。该公司说,其决定暂停与微信相关的应用,原因是接到在淘宝和天猫上购物的消费者投诉,说他们在微信上收到的卖家促销信息数量过多。阿里巴巴说,有时卖家还利用微信应用引导购物者越过阿里巴巴旗下付宝(Alipay)运行的付程序。 Still, the moves raise questions about whether Alibaba is trying to protect its user database from Tencent while deepening its partnership with another social network. WeChat-related apps could be getting in the way of Alibaba#39;s attempt to maintain its comprehensive user database including payment data under its control. 但这些举措仍引发人们质疑,阿里巴巴是否在试图保护用户数据库不被腾讯获得,同时加深与另一家社交网络的合作关系。阿里巴巴试图维持对其广泛的用户数据库的控制,包括付数据,而微信相关的应用会阻碍阿里巴巴的这一努力。 But Alibaba spokeswoman Florence Shih said that the sole reason behind the decision to block the apps is to ensure secure transactions for shoppers on Taobao and Tmall. 但阿里巴巴集团发言人Florence Shih说,决定阻止微信相关应用的唯一原因是确保淘宝和天猫购物者的交易安全。 There are ways to use WeChat that don#39;t offend our buyers, and we have no issue with that,§ she said. 她说,有很多使用微信的方式不会冒犯到买家,我们对此没有意见。 A Tencent spokeswoman could not be immediately reached for comment. 记者无法立即联络腾讯发言人置评。 While Alibaba dominates China#39;s fast-growing e-commerce market, Tencent#39;s strengths lie in social media and gaming and it has a strong user base among smartphone users thanks to the popularity of WeChat. 阿里巴巴主导着中国快速增长的电子商务市场,而腾讯的长处在于社交媒体和游戏,而且由于微信的普及,腾讯在智能手机用户中有着强大的用户群体。 As transactions and other online activities move to smartphones, Alibaba has aly taken steps to adapt. In April, Alibaba struck a deal to buy an 18% stake in Sina#39;s Weibo business for 6 million, gaining an opportunity to tap into the social media site#39;s strong mobile user base 岸 a much-needed alliance to bring more mobile traffic to Taobao and other Alibaba services, 随着交易和其他在线活动转向智能手机,阿里巴巴已经采取了一些措施适应这种变化。今年4月,阿里巴巴达成以5.86亿美元收购新浪微业务18%股份的交易,从而赢得了挖掘微强大手机用户群体的机会,这也是阿里巴巴急需达成的联盟,旨在让淘宝和其他阿里巴巴务获得更多手机访问流量。 On Thursday, Alibaba said that Taobao and Weibo will integrate user accounts so people can log into both services from either site. The companies are also introducing new ways to display products sold on Taobao on Weibo and allow people to place an order directly from Weibo. 周四,阿里巴巴说,淘宝和微将整合用户账号,这样人们无论在二者中的哪个站点登录,都可以同时登录两个网站。两家公司还将推出在微展示淘宝售卖商品的新方式,人们可以从微直接下单定购。 /201308/251039遵义医学院美容医院做抽脂手术多少钱 “Writing is easy,” the sports columnist Red Smith once said. “You just open a vein and bleed.”体育专栏作者瑞德o史密斯曾说过:“写作并不难,只需掏心挖肺地对待读者即可。”The same might be said of the car business. It’s easy: You just design and build great cars.汽车行业可能也有类似的表述。这不是件难事:只需要设计并造出好车就行。Of course, it isn’t that simple. As the recent misfortunes of General Motors GM 0.19% and Ford Motor F -0.30% demonstrate, something as straightforward as installing foolproof ignition switches or accurately calculating fuel economy can elude the most experienced of automakers.当然,事情并没有这么简单。通用汽车(General Motors)和福特汽车(Ford Motor)最近的负面新闻表明,最为老道的汽车制造商也会在傻瓜式点火开关的安装或燃油经济性计算精确性上面栽跟头。When it comes to marketing cars, there is an emerging debate that can most succinctly be described as mass vs. class.在汽车营销领域,一场争论正在如火如荼地进行当中,简而言之就是:车型数量与档次之争。On the mass side is analyst John Murphy, author of the long-running “Car Wars” study for Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Murphy is a fan of new models, the more the merrier. He has consistently demonstrated that market share is directly related to the number of new models a company introduces and the speed with which it refreshes them. While he concedes the importance of mix, pricing, execution, distribution, and brand power, he argues that the more rapidly product lines are expanded and refreshed, the more rapidly sales will grow. “Our measures of replacement rate and showroom age are the major driver of market share gains and losses,” he writes. “Successful new products drive higher market share.”分析师约翰o墨菲是“数量”派,他是美银美林(Bank of America Merrill Lynch)长期调查《汽车之战》(Car Wars)的作者。墨菲钟爱新车型,而且车型越多越好。在他的不懈努力之下,他所得出的结论是,市场占有率与制造商推出新车型的数量和速度有直接关系。在承认搭配、定价、执行、销售和品牌影响力的重要性的同时,他还认为,生产线扩张、更新的速度越快,销售业绩的增长也就越快。他写道:“更新率和展厅年限指标是企业获得/失去市场份额的主要原因。成功的新产品会带来更高的市场份额。”Leading the arguments for the class side is longtime marketing consultant and self-styled industry curmudgeon Peter De Lorenzo. De Lorenzo, who is based in Detroit, leads the AutoExtremist blog, calls himself “a purveyor of the bare-knuckled, unvarnished, high-octane truth,” and has been a rigorous defender of brand integrity. “How a brand is perceived can make or break a car company, regardless of how long and illustrious a run that brand has enjoyed up until any given point in time,” he wrote in June.“档次”派阵营的主要人物则是资深营销顾问、自称行业异类的皮特o德o罗伦索。德o罗伦索常驻底特律,是客“汽车极端分子”的主。他称自己是一位“非常规、朴实无华、最热门事实的提供者”,而且一直是品牌诚信的忠实拥趸。他在6月的文中写道:“人们对品牌的看法能造就、也能毁掉一家汽车公司,无论这个品牌在此前任何一段时间内拥有多么悠久或辉煌的历史。”De Lorenzo has been a persistent critic of luxury brands that use new models to grow volume. He believes they are compromising their identity by using their brand for vehicles that have no connection to heritage and history. “They believe that if they cover every niche in the market–both real and imagined–it will ensure their survival and profitability,” he contends. “But it doesn’t work,” he writes. “There are painful ramifications that come with their actions.”德o罗伦索一直都在批评豪华汽车品牌使用新车型来提升销量的做法。他认为,这种做法会有损品牌形象,因为品牌被用在了与其传承和历史毫无关联的车型身上。他指出:“这些厂商认为,如果公司能照顾到每一个细分市场(有的是真实存在的,有的是公司想象出来的),他们的生存和利润就有了保障。但这是行不通的,而且这种举措会带来痛苦的后果。”One of the unique strengths of “Car Wars” is its distillation of competitive intelligence, press clippings, speculation, and rumor analysis into a rigorous analysis of future product trends. In the most recent edition covering the years 2015 to 2018, Murphy identifies by model name and segment, every redesign and new model coming to the U.S. market. He sees a surge of new crossovers vehicles bearing the badges of luxury manufacturers that previously concentrated on sedans, coupes, and sports cars–among them Audi, BMW, Jaguar, and Bentley–and writes approvingly about the positive impact on sales. “If the numerous new German Lux CUVs are well received in the market,” he writes, “there may be some upside risk” in the market share of European OEMs.《汽车之战》的一个独特优势在于,它将竞争情报、新闻简报、观察和传闻分析进行过滤加工,然后整合成为未来产品趋势的严密分析。在最近一期涵盖2015-2018年趋势的调查中,墨菲按照车型名称和类别分别列出了进入美国市场的每一个重新设计的车型和新车型。他发现了新跨界车型的崛起,而这些车型出身于过去专注于轿车、轿跑和跑车的业界豪门,例如奥迪、宝马、捷豹和宾利,而且他还以赞许的口吻提到了这个趋势对于销售的积极影响。他写道:“如果大量的新型德系豪华CUV(混合型多用途车)在市场上得以热销,那么欧洲OEM(原始设备制造商)厂商的市场份额可能会面临一些上行风险。”Such product line extensions into unfamiliar segments by long-established brands induce a state of near apoplexy in De Lorenzo. Brandishing no research but effectively flexing his instinct from years in the business, he argues that automakers–particularly those with a racing heritage–should stick to making cars and leave crossovers and SUVs to the likes of Jeep and Land Rover. He gets especially vitriolic in discussing the strategies of the fast-rising German luxury makers, which seem to keep adding more body styles–BMW Active Tourer anyone?– aimed at freshening up their product lines and adding incremental volume:知名品牌这种将产品线扩展到陌生领域的做法几乎让德o罗伦索感到抓狂。德o罗伦索并不会拿什么调查来说事,而是有效地借助多年来形成的行业直觉。他指出,汽车制造商,尤其是那些拥有赛车传承的制造商,应该致力于制造轿车,同时将跨界车型和SUV交给吉普和路虎这样的生产厂家。讨论迅速崛起的德国豪华车制造商的决策时,他会变得尤为刻薄,因为这种讨论似乎总是围绕增加车型的种类——宝马Active Tourer车型,有人要吗?——它们的目的在于更新产品线,从而增加销量:o “[Audi] seems to be falling victim to the disease that’s infecting all of the German brands of late, the ded being all things to all people daze that leads these manufacturers to drop their guard and make mistakes.”“(奥迪)似乎患上了最近所有德国品牌无一幸免的传染病,这是一种面面俱到的可怕打法,它让消费者眼花缭乱,而且也让这些制造商放松了警惕,开始犯错误。”o “Almost everything that made BMW a BMW has been lost in translation.”“似乎BMW的一切精髓都已在车型大战中消失殆尽。”o “When [Mercedes-Benz is] off, well, they can stink up the joint like no other. Daimler is forced to stretch out its model lineup because it’s trying to fight a brutally competitive auto world without the resources of the other auto manufacturer conglomerates.”“当(梅赛德斯-奔驰)遭遇滑铁卢时,它的东施效颦能力较其他品牌有过之而无不及。戴姆勒被迫扩充车型数量,因为它没有其它汽车制造巨头的所拥有的资源作为依靠,而且还得硬着头皮去在这个竞争异常激烈的汽车产业中寻求自己的一席之地。”Murphy and De Lorenzo agree on some things. In the latest “Car Wars,” Murphy singles out Ford and Honda for their speedy replacement of existing models, and predicts that each will gain half a point of market share over the next three years. De Lorenzo likes both companies too. But he worries that if Ford “allows itself to get complacent, its prospects will be less than stellar,” and wonders about Honda, “will it stumble again and lose its way?”墨菲和德o罗伦索并不是在所有的观点上都格格不入。在最新一期的《汽车之战》中,墨菲单独例举了福特和本田,介绍了他们快速更换现有车型的举措。而且他还预测,在未来的三年中,这两家的市场份额都会增长0.5个百分点。德o罗伦索也很喜欢这两家公司。但是他担心,如果福特“放任自己不思进取,它的前景并不会太好。”同时他也为本田感到担忧,“它会再次摔倒而变得一蹶不振吗?”Who is the winner in this faceoff? The Car Wars analysis has a lot to recommend it. With statistics on new models going back to 1987, it possesses unusual depth. It is even-handed, and if it occasionally misses some fine points, it projects a reasonably accurate view of a company’s relative position in the market compared to its competitors. But Car Wars may be of less value going forward. As foreign automakers fill out their product lines and as all manufactures achieve more consistency in their product renewal cycles, there will be fewer big shifts in market share.在这场对峙中,谁会成为赢家?《汽车之战》的分析有很多都值得称道。调查涵盖了1987年的新车型的数据,深度非比寻常。这项调查十分公正,就算偶尔会遗漏一些细节之处,但它以合理的方式准确地展现了公司相对于竞争对手的市场位置。但是从长远来看,《汽车之战》调查的价值可能会缩水。因为随着外国汽车制造商生产线扩充的完成,以及各大制造商的更新周期变得更为一致,市场份额的波动将会更小。De Lorenzo plays favorites and rarely lets the facts get in the way of a good argument. German luxury car makers are enjoying record years, and despite some grumbling about the quality of lower-priced models and unconventional body styles, they appear to be holding on to their existing customers at the same time as they attract new ones. Passionate though he is, De Lorenzo can shift gears. At one time a ferocious opponent of Porsche’s diversification away from sports cars into SUVs and four-doors, he now praises the company for being “relentlessly focused” and “peerless” in its execution.德o罗伦索打的是喜好牌,而且很少让事实成为其有力观点的障碍。近几年,德国豪华车制造商的销售业绩接连创下历史新高,尽管人们对他们的低价车型和非传统车型的质量仍存在一些抱怨,但这些制造商不仅留住了现有的客户,还吸引到了新客户。虽然德o罗伦索是一个狂热分子,但他也有可能会反其道而行之。曾几何时,他曾强烈地抨击保时捷的多元化举措,即从跑车转向SUV()和四门轿跑领域,然而如今,他却对这家公司“不懈的关注”和“无与伦比”的执行表示赞许。And in the end, it is execution more than anything else that determines success or the lack of it. Look at Tata, owner of both Jaguar and Land Rover. Jaguar concentrated on sedans and coupes for its entire life and nearly expired. Now the first Jaguar crossover, the XQ, is due in 2017. Land Rover, on the other hand, has stayed focused on SUVs and thrived. Even its Sport model is expedition-capable and there are no signs of an active tourer on the horizon.最后,在所有的要素中,执行才是决定成败的决定性因素。我们不妨看看捷豹和路虎的母公司塔塔。捷豹始终专注于轿车和轿跑,差点破产。如今,捷豹的第一款跨界车型XQ将于2017年面世。另一方面,路虎一直专注于做SUV,并因此而兴盛起来。即使路虎的跑车车型都具有越野能力,而且它目前也并不打算推出类似于active tourer这样的车型。 /201406/307774遵义美白针

遵义光子脱体毛医院Tyrannosaurus rex, meet your Chinese cousin.霸王龙,过来见见你的中国老表。Researchers recently said that the remains of a long-nose tyrannosaurid species, the Qianzhousaurus sinensis, were found in southern China near the city of Ganzhou in Jiangxi province. The carnivore was probably alive during the late Cretaceous period, scientists say, some 66 million years ago.研究人员最近表示,华南地区江西赣州市附近发现了一种长鼻子霸王龙――虔州龙的遗骨。科学家说,这种食肉动物可能生存在大约6,600万年之前的白垩纪晚期。The news has captured global headlines, especially given the vividness of the new critter#39;s nickname, the Pinocchio Rex, after its big nose. The news also raised hope among scientists that it might help them better understand the history of Asia#39;s predatory, long-snouted dinosaurs.图为艺术家做的效果图,图中是两只虔州龙在猎食。消息引起了全球媒体的关注,更何况这一新发现物种还因为它的大鼻子获得了一个生动的绰号:匹诺曹霸王龙。消息还引起科学家的希望:它或许会帮助他们更好地理解亚洲掠食性长鼻子恐龙的历史。According to University of Chicago paleontologist Paul Sereno, the world is in the middle of a #39;renaissance#39; in dinosaur discovery, with China helping lead that charge. By some estimates in recent years, a new dinosaur is named on average every two weeks.据芝加哥大学(University of Chicago)古生物学家保罗#12539;塞雷诺(Paul Sereno)说,世界正处于恐龙发现的“复兴期”,中国等国处于前沿。据近些年的一些估计,平均每两个星期就有一种新的恐龙被命名。Such a renaissance, Mr. Sereno says, is being driven by #39;increased searching and increased knowledge and awareness about fossils by the public, especially in places like the countryside in China and the U.S.#39; In the same week that the #39;Pinocchio Rex#39; was announced, a new early bird dinosaur from China was also named, says Philip D. Mannion, a junior research fellow at the Imperial College London with expertise in sauropod dinosaurs.塞雷诺说,这场复兴背后的一个推动力量,是“搜索工作增加,以及公众对化石的知识和认识增加,特别是在中国和美国的乡村地区”。伦敦帝国理工学院(Imperial College London)专攻蜥脚类恐龙的初级研究员菲利浦#12539;曼尼恩(Philip D. Mannion)说,在“匹诺曹霸王龙”公布的同一个星期,一种来自中国的早期鸟类恐龙也被命名。Globally, T-rex -- along with brontosaurus, stegosaurus and triceratops -- may be the best-known dinosaurs out there, and no surprise. As Mr. Mannion says, most such A-list dinosaurs were discovered in North America in the late 19th century or early 20th century and had some of the earliest quality mounted specimens, which quickly gave them a latch on the public imagination. (Though England had previously launched displays of dinosaurs in the 1850s, they were often, at best, fanciful in their approach toward science.)2013年10月,中国香港,香港科学馆(Hong Kong Science Museum)门外展出一具炳灵大夏巨龙的模型。在世界范围内,霸王龙――以及雷龙、剑龙和三角龙――可能是最知名的已发现恐龙,这并不令人奇怪。正如曼尼恩所说,大部分这类重要恐龙都是19世纪末20世纪初在北美发现的,并被做成第一批优质标本架标本,很快俘获公众的想象。(虽然英国在之前的19世纪50年代就曾举办恐龙展览,但在科学方法上,这些展览常常充其量也只是幻想。)As China continues to discover ever more dinosaurs, here#39;s a quick list of some that you might not have learned about as a child--a sort of People#39;s History of Dinosaurs, Part I, if you will:鉴于中国发现的恐龙越来越多,下面简单列出一些你在童年时期可能没有听说过的恐龙,姑且称为“人民恐龙史:第一章”吧:The Zizhongosaurus, discovered in Sichuan#39;s Zizhong county, meaning #39;lizard from Zizhong#39;: a large-bodied, long-necked herbivorous dinosaur.资中龙(Zizhongosaurus),发现于四川省资中县,意思是“来自资中的龙”,是一种大体型、长脖子的食草恐龙。The Chungkingosaurus, found near modern Chongqing (which used to be spelled Chungking), and resembles a stegosaurus, with a spiky, plated back.重庆龙(Chungkingosaurus),发现于现代重庆的附近,背上有钉子和甲片,形似剑龙。The Lanzhousaurus, an herbivore with unusually large teeth, discovered in the northwest Gansu region in 2003.兰州龙(Lanzhousaurus),食草动物,牙齿不一般的长,2003年发现于西北的甘肃地区。The Xiaosaurus, or dawn lizard, a swift runner and sharp-clawed herbivore from what#39;s today Sichuan province, discovered in excavations that began in 1979.晓龙(Xiaosaurus),意思是拂晓时的龙,跑动迅速,爪子尖利。这种食草恐龙来自今天的四川省,是在1979年开始的发掘过程中发现的。Then there#39;s the Xinjiangovenator, meaning Xinjiang hunting dinosaur, an Early Cretaceous creature that was established as a new species in 2005 and whose name would sound especially good in a kid#39;s book. (No relation to this Governator.)然后还有新疆猎龙(Xinjiangovenator),为白垩纪早期生物,2005年被确认为一种新物种,要是放在童书里面,它的名字将会特别好听。(跟“州长侠”(Governator)没有关系。)For dinosaur hunters, China -- with its vast areas of countryside, much of it being excavated for development -- offers some of the world#39;s best prospects. In the case of the so-called Pinocchio Rex, it was discovered by some workers digging a new industrial park. (It#39;s not just dinosaurs, either: a man recently stumbled on a Song dynasty relic after relieving himself on the side of a road.)在寻找恐龙的人看来,中国拥有巨大的乡村地区,很多地区又在为了发展而开挖,所以拥有世界上发现恐龙的最好前景。匹诺曹霸王龙就是一些工人在一个新的工业园开挖的时候发现的。(同样不只是恐龙:一名男子前不久在路边方便的时候偶然发现了一处宋代遗迹。)Though China#39;s exploration of its dinosaur past has mostly boomed in the past two decades, Mr. Mannion says it has quickly caught up to North America in terms of numbers of species being discovered. #39;It#39;s not as well sampled as North America, but despite a shorter time in study, it#39;s getting to a similar number of species in North America -- it#39;s at least rivaling it,#39; he says. He cites places such as northeastern China#39;s Liaoning province as having some particularly good instances of preserved fossils, adding that such fossilized feather discoveries have helped scientists make key breakthroughs in their understanding of the origin of both feathers and birds.曼尼恩说,虽然中国对其恐龙化石的勘察主要兴旺于过去20年,但在发现物种数量方面,它已经迅速赶上北美。他说:“其标本制作赶不上北美,但是,尽管研究时间更短,发现的物种却与北美相近,至少是平起平坐。”他说,中国东北辽宁省等地拥有一些特别不错的保存完好的化石,而且这类化石羽毛的发现已经帮助科学家在理解羽毛及鸟类起源方面取得了关键性的突破。So in the future, rather than My T-Rex Has a Toothache, maybe authors will be writing things like #39;My Xiaosaurus Has a Stomachache,#39; instead. Lulu and the Lanzhousaurus has a pretty good ring, too.所以在将来,童书作者可能就不再写《我的霸王龙牙齿痛》(My T-Rex Has a Toothache),而是写《我的晓龙肚子痛》了,《露露养雷龙》(Lulu and the Brontosaurus)变成《露露养兰州龙》,听起来也是很带感的。 /201405/301528遵义桐梓县去雀斑多少钱 遵义割双眼皮哪家好

遵义激光消除胎记Google spills the beans on Apple"Contrary to published reports," Apple (AAPL) told the FCC back in August in response to a government inquiry about why it rejected Google's (GOOG) famous voice management app. "Apple has not rejected the Google Voice application, and continues to study it.” What Google had to say about that was unknown because unlike Apple, which made public its response, Google asked that key portions of its letter to the FCC be kept confidential to protect "sensitive commercial conversations" between the two companies. Now Google has spilled the beans. In a blog post Friday, Google attorney Richard Whitt announced that rather than fight several Freedom of Information Act requests, the company asked the FCC on Thursday to release the unredacted version of its letter. You can the full letter on the FCC's website, but the thrust of the previously undisclosed passages is that Apple's top marketing executive personally told Google that its app had been rejected. The key section is this one: "The primary points of contact between the two companies were Alan Eustace, Google Senior Vice President of Engineer amp; Research, and Phil Schiller, Apple Senior President of Worldwide Product Marketing. On July 7, Mr. Eustace and Mr. Schiller spoke over the phone. It was during this call that Mr. Schiller informed Mr. Eustace that Apple was rejecting the Google Voice application for the reasons described in 2(a)." [The reason offered in 2(a): "because Apple believed the application duplicated the core dialing functionality of the iPhone."] Not only does Google's version of events flatly contradict Apple's, but its letter provides names and dates that could presumably be supported by phone records. For what it's worth, Google's letter also supports the version promulgated by TechCrunch's Michael Arrington, who, citing sources at Google, had pronounced Apple's public response "untrue," "misleading," and "a total lie." In response to a request for comment about the specific passage ed above, Apple spokesperson Steve Dowling replied instead: "We do not agree with all of the statements made by Google in its letter. Apple has not rejected the Google Voice application. We continue to discuss it with Google." Dowling declined to specify which statements the company does or or doesn't agree with. /200909/84682 红花岗区人民医院打美白针多少钱遵义去除颈纹




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