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遵义市汇川区九龙医院治疗前列腺炎没有的啊骗子啦遵义九龙要预约吗Trust your gut. In art, as in life,thinking is overrated. These are the unexpected messages vibrating from thesurface of a painting that has sparked considerable debate this week: a canvassalvaged from the damp rafters of a house near Toulouse in southwestern France.Sophisticated examinations are being carried out to determine whether thecontroversial painting – which depicts a gruesome scene of decapitation fromthe apocryphal Book of Judith – is likely a lost work by the Italian masterCaravaggio, and therefore worthy of a price tag north of 6million(?96million).Some specialists believe it to be authentic, and an export ban hasbeen placed on the painting to ensure it remains in France.相信你的直觉。如同在生活中一样,思考在艺术上是被高估的。这些令人意想不到的信息从本周引发相当大争议的一幅画的画面中散发出来,该画是从法国西南部图卢兹(Toulouse)附近一所房子里潮湿的椽子之间抢救出来的。该画正被复杂严谨地鉴定,以确定这幅描绘了次经《犹滴书》(Book of Judith)中可怕的斩首场面是否真是意大利大师卡拉瓦乔(Caravaggio)的轶作,进而令其身价超过1亿3千6百万美元(合9千6百万英镑)。一些专家相信它是真迹,并且该画被设了出口禁令,以确保它留在法国。The rift that the so-called “Caravaggio inthe attic” is creating among experts coincides with the 30-year anniversary ofa dust-up that rocked the art world in 1986, when the J Paul Getty Museum inLos Angeles, California provocatively unveiled a statue that was either atwo-and-a-half millennia-old masterwork or just a fake a few months’ old,depending on whom you believed. Placed side-by-side with the recentlydiscovered Judith Beheading Holofernes, the infamous marble sculpture known asthe Getty kouros offers a timely reminder of the power of instinct over eventhe most gritty and granular of scientific analyses.这幅所谓“阁楼上的卡拉瓦乔”在专家间引起的分歧与三十年前的1986年轰动艺术界的一件事非常类似,当时位于加州洛杉矶的保罗盖蒂物馆(J Paul Getty Museum)为一座雕像揭幕引发了争论,这座雕像要么是两千五百年前的真迹,要么是几个月前伪造的赝品,其真实年代完全取决于你到底相信谁的话。与最近发现的《犹滴割下何乐弗尼的头颅》放在一起,这座称为“盖蒂雕像”的声名狼藉的大理石像,及时提醒我们直觉的力量甚至比最细致入微的科学分析更胜一筹。Without lifting the crudest magnifyingglass and without plugging in a single piece of cutting-edge reflectographyequipment, one can immediately detect the shared problem with both the Gettyforgery and the attribution to Caravaggio of the recovered canvas fromToulouse: they’re not beautiful. Those who initially defended dating the Gettystatue to “around 530 ” (thus making the work one of only a dozen suchtreasures to have survived), pointed to the discovery of a calcite crust thathad formed on the marble – a patina that only great age could have wrought.Doubters, meanwhile, admitted into evidence the clumsy counterfeiting ofdocuments (some bearing impossible addresses) that accompanied the purchase ofthe statue for million (?6.3million) in 1985 and to the bizarre mish-mash ofstyles that appear to pit the braids of the subject’s hairagainst the contours of his hands and thighs, as if the confused work had beencarved by a tag-team of artists across different eras and regions.不用最原始的放大镜,也不用插入一片最先进的反射记录仪,人们可以立即发现盖蒂物馆的伪作与图卢兹发现的归于卡拉瓦乔的这幅作品的共同问题:他们并不精美。那些最初为将盖蒂雕像断代为“公元前530年前后”进行辩护的人(从而使得该作品跻身幸存下来的十几件珍品之列),指出在大理石表面发现了方解石外壳,这种薄层只有历经久远的年代才能形成。与此同时,持怀疑态度的人,则挑出那些拙劣伪造的文件据(有些文件上的地址压根不可能出现),这些文件与1985年花费九百万美元(合630万英镑)购买雕像相配套;以及雕像呈现出来的怪异的风格大杂烩,比如雕像发辫与手和大腿的形状风格相冲突,仿佛这个令人困惑的作品是由来自不同时代和地区的一群艺术家雕刻而成。But such deep analyses on both sidesoverlook the obvious: the statue lacks what the Romantic writers John Keats andWilliam Hazlitt called “gusto”: a chameleon power that no gizmo can empiricallymeasure and no amount of research can adequately plumb. A work of art eitherhas it or it doesn’t. The Getty kouros doesn’t. Nor, in my opinion, does theToulouse Judith – at least not to anything like the degree necessary to believethat the painting is by the same brush that slanted the shadows and ignitedwith soulful fire the expressions depicted in the scenes from the life ofMatthew in the Contarelli Chapel in Rome.但是双方的这种深入分析忽略了显而易见的一点:这座雕像缺少浪漫主义作家约翰.济慈(John Keats)和威廉.赫兹里特(William Hazlitt)所说的“品味”(gusto):这种变幻莫测的力量,没有哪个发明能够凭着经验把它找出,也没有大量研究能够一探究竟,一件作品要么有品味要么没有。而盖蒂雕像没有。在我看来,图卢兹的犹滴也没有–至少没有达到让我有必要去相信该画与罗马肯塔瑞里小教堂(Contarelli Chapel)里描绘圣马太生平的画作来自同一画笔的程度,这画笔令阴影倾斜,并且以灵魂之火点燃了这些场景中蕴涵的感情。The figure of Judith is strangelynonplussed given the unpleasantness of the messy task at hand: the splurtybusiness of sawing through the neck of the drunk Assyrian general Holofernes,whom the widow suspects is plotting to destroy her home. Unlike a known versionof the same scene by Caravaggio in the Palazzo Barberini in Rome, the compositionof the newly discovered canvas is disjointed and casts its awkward actors outof sync. Might it, I hear you ask, just be the work of Caravaggio on an offday? Now that didn’t feel right, did it?不同于已知由卡拉瓦乔在罗马的巴贝里尼宫(Palazzo Barberini)绘制的同一场面,新发现作品的构图有些脱节,形象之间并不协调。你也许会问,是不是卡拉瓦乔不在状态?现在你会觉得有点不对劲,不是吗?从画面来看,考虑到行径的血腥场面,犹滴露出奇怪的茫然表情– 旁边的寡妇怀疑亚述将军何乐弗尼正密谋摧毁她的家,而她割进喝醉了的将军的脖子、鲜血喷溅而出。 /201605/440849遵义九龙泌尿外科 You are likely feeling confident, optimistic and enthusiastic today. You feel as though anything is possible for you. And, indeed it is. If you are feeling a bit of wanderlust, and are anxious to explore new places and meet new people, you may soon receive an opportunity to do so. Life for you is one great big adventure. You are fortunate that you have the sort of spirit that embraces all.今天你可能会感到自信、乐观,充满。就好像一切皆有可能。而事实也的确如此。如果你对于探索新地方、结识新朋友感到惊奇不安,那么你可能很快就有这样的机会了。对你来说,生活就是一场盛大的冒险。你很幸运,因为你有拥抱一切的精神。Your well being horoscope幸福运势You may feel a little weary today. It#39;s a good time to take stock of your life. You may have gotten some news about someone around you that has caused you some pain. This is a good time to rely on the support of your relationship in order to reenergize yourself. Take the time to let yourself be taken care of...今天,你可能有点疲劳。现在是盘点生活点滴的好时光。你可能会得到身边人让你痛苦的消息。为了让自己重新元气满满,现在是依赖恋爱一方持的好时节。慢慢来,让别人照顾自己。Your finance horoscope财务运势A depressed friend or aquaintance may need some cheering up, and your ability to listen sympathetically will definitely prove beneficial. Take care, however, not to soak up any of this person#39;s dejection. Your own life should continue to go well with professional success leading to new friendships and new goals. Hang on to your own enthusiasm and optimism while extending a compassionate ear to others.沮丧的朋友或旧相识可能需要你的鼓舞,而你感同身受倾听的本质必定对她/他有益。然而,要注意,不要被他/她的沮丧感染。你自己的生活应该会过得很好:事业成功,同时还可能有新朋友和新目标。在同情聆听他人的同时,也要保持自己的和乐观。Your love horoscope爱情运势This is a good day to write that letter to that old friend you haven#39;t seen in a while. The emphasis of the day is on appreciating loved ones. You should call or write family members who don#39;t speak with you very often. Or maybe you should invite some friends over to get caught up on the latest news. The energy of the day is gentle and social, and you#39;ll be able to enjoy yourself.今天是写信给许久未见老友的好时光。今天的重点是要赞赏所爱之人。你应该打电话或写信给不经常联系的家人。又或许你可以请些朋友叙旧,说说近况。今天的你既温柔又善于社交,因此你应该会很享受。Your career horoscope事业运势An old problem that was bothering you at work could be solved today. Maybe you have been trying to work with a new group of people and iron out personality differences between you. Today you should notice significant progress. Or you could have asked management to address something that was worrying you, and you might get some positive feedback today.工作上困扰你的问题今天可能会得到解决。也许你一直在尝试与新同事合作、消除彼此的个性差异。今天应该会有重大进展。又或者你可以问管理层人士,请他们帮你解决困扰你的问题,你可能会得到一些积极的反馈。译文属 /201608/460132遵义市中医医院看男科怎么样

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遵义九龙医院治疗前列腺炎不丧尽天良骗人喽The older we get, the harder it seems to remember names, dates, facts of all kinds. It takes longer to retrieve the information we want, and it often pops right up a few minutes or hours later when we are thinking about something else. The experts say that keeping your mind sharp with games like Sudoku and crossword puzzles slows the aging process, and that may be true, but we found three other things you can do to sharpen your memory.随着年龄的增长,我们似乎越来越记不住人名、日期、还有各种事情。我们要花更多的时间搜寻脑内的信息,而这些信息往往在我们开始想别的事情的时候突然涌出脑海。专家认为经常玩数独游戏和填字游戏可以减缓脑部衰老的过程。这也许可行,但是我们还发现了另外三种方式来提升。1. Vary Your Study Space更换学习场所A study shows students who studied a list of words in a windowless room and again in a room with a view did far better on a test than students who studied only in the room without a view.研究表明,先在一间无窗教室里学习单词后搬到有窗教室的学生要比一直在无窗教室里学习并且欣赏不到风景的学生掌握得更好。Dr. Robert A. Bjork, psychologist at the University of California, L.A. and senior author of the research, states, “What we think is happening here is that, when the outside context is varied, the information is enriched, and this slows down forgetting.”加利福尼亚大学洛杉矶分校的心理学家罗伯特·A·比约克士称,“我们认为之所以会产生这种结果,是因为外部环境改变时,学生获得的信息变丰富了,这就减缓了遗忘的过程。”2. Vary What You Study更换学习内容The same principal may apply to what you study. Musicians and athletes have known this for years. They practice cross-training.相同的原理可以用在学习内容上,多年前音乐家和运动员就已经知道这个道理了。他们采用交叉培训的方式来练习。“Varying the type of material studied in a single sitting — alternating, for example, among vocabulary, ing and speaking in a new language — seems to leave a deeper impression on the brain than does concentrating on just one skill at a time,” Carey writes.凯利在其研究中写道,“在同一段时间里学习不同类别的内容,比如,学习一门新语言时可以在词汇、阅读、口语等不同技能间转换,这样比单单学习一种技能在大脑里留下的印象更深。”It might also be helpful, and this is my advice, to vary your learning style. Most of us use more than one style anyway, but if you find yourself relying primarily on visual learning, try auditory or kinesthetic techniques. You might be surprised.我给出的另一个也许有用的建议是,改变学习方式。大多数人都会采用不止一种的学习方式,但是,如果你发现自己主要采用视觉学习,可以试着加上听觉或者肌肉运动知觉,效果也许很惊艳。3. Test Yourself Often经常检测自己It also turns out that when a student is required to retrieve information, say for a test, that information is re-stored in the brain in a more accessible way for future use.事实明,当一个学生被要求在脑内搜寻一个信息,比如考试,那么这些信息就会被储存在大脑里,供其今后更方便地使用。Carey reports that researchers don’t know why this is true, just that it is.“It may be that the brain, when it revisits material at a later time, has to relearn some of what it has absorbed before adding new stuff — and that that process is itself self-reinforcing,” he writes.凯利表示,研究者们不理解为什么会这样,但事实确实如此。他写道,“也许是大脑在后来重新回忆这些内容的时候,在新加上一些内容前,需要重新回顾之前吸收的内容,这样的过程就相当于大脑的自我强化。”“The idea is that forgetting is the friend of learning,” Carey es Dr. Nate Kornell, a psychologist at Williams College, as saying. “When you forget something, it allows you to relearn, and do so effectively.”Practice tests, then, are powerful learning tools.凯利引用威廉姆斯学院心理学家奈特·科内尔士的一段话,称“遗忘伴随着学习。遗忘使你重新学习某件事,并能更高效地学习。”那么,不断测试自己就成了有用的学习工具。 /201608/462605 A Fire Monkey Can Usher In Chaos. So Can 600 or So Macaques.命理大师提示:中国“火猴年”,请小心What do Julius Caesar, Miley Cyrus and a village in Sichuan Province, China, have in common?有什么能把朱利叶斯·凯撒(Julius Caesar)、麦莉·赛勒斯(Miley Cyrus)和中国四川省的一个村庄联系起来?The Year of the Monkey.猴年。Generations of Americans were introduced to the Chinese zodiac by way of restaurant place mats, perused while waiting for platters of kung pao chicken and lo mein. Those exotic 12-year cycles, with their hints of destiny and personality predictions, basically said, “Capricorn? What. Ever!” as they replaced Western horoscopes with animal mascots.通过在大盘宫保鸡丁和捞面上桌之前仔细研究餐厅的餐垫,一代代美国人知道了中国的十二生肖。它们颇具异域特色,12年一个轮回,预测不同的运势和性格。随着它们以动物吉祥物取代了西方的十二星座,传达出的信息基本是,“羯?管它呢!”If you happened to be born in 2004, 1992, 1980, 1968, 1956 or 1944, you’re a monkey, and your time is now.如果你碰巧出生在2004、1992、1980、1968、1956或1944年,你就是属猴的,今年是你的本命年。Chinese tradition says people born in the Year of the Monkey are natural-born leaders: highly intelligent, innovative and influential. But they can also be arrogant and envious. In addition to Caesar and Miley, other famous monkeys are Leonardo da Vinci and Mick Jagger.中国传统认为,猴年出生的人是天生的领导者:非常聪明、富有创新精神和影响力。但它们也有可能比较傲慢和善妒。除了凯撒和麦莉,其他属猴的名人还有莱奥纳多·达芬奇(Leonardo da Vinci)和米克·贾格尔(Mick Jagger)。This lunar year, which began in February, is being celebrated as the Year of the Fire Monkey. This is based on the tenets of feng shui, which ascribe luck and prosperity based on the balance of fire, water, wood, metal and earth in the universe.今年2月开始的阴历年被作为火猴年(Year of the Fire Monkey)庆祝。这是基于风水的推算,它将运气和财富归因于宇宙之中火、水、木、金、土的平衡。Fortunetellers point ominously to the last time the fire monkey occurred, in 1956. That was the year of the Suez Canal Crisis — when Britain, France and Israel invaded Egypt — and the start ofthe Cuban revolution.算命师不祥地指出了上一次火猴出现的时间,1956年。那一年世界上爆发了苏伊士运河危机——英国、法国和以色列入侵了埃及——和古巴革命。If you’re looking for evidence that the fire monkey — withits attendant bad luck — is aly ascendant, you can find it in Xianfeng, a village in central Sichuan Province.如果你在寻找火猴——以及它所带来的坏运气——已经占据主导的据,你可以在四川省中部的先锋村找到。In June, China state television reported that the town had been virtually taken over by macaque monkeys. Lured from the mountains into the village in an effort to increase tourism, the monkeys soon took over. The once-small troop quickly grew to more than 600 members, eating up villagers’ food and making a riot that keeps people from sleeping.今年6月,中国官方电视台报道,这个村庄已经基本被猕猴占领。为了带动旅游业,村庄的村民之前从山上引来不少猴子,不久后,它们便泛滥成灾。原先不大的猴群迅速扩大到600多只,它们吃村民的食物,制造骚乱,使村民无法安眠。Astrologers advise that those born under the monkey sign be extra cautious with money, focus on their health and, perhaps most important for the fiery among us, make sure not to lose their tempers. That’s easier said than done, especially when you’ve got 600 macaques keeping you up all night.命理大师建议属猴的人在财务上格外小心,注意自己的健康。对于其中脾气比较火爆的人来说,最重要的或许是确保自己不发脾气。这说起来容易,做起来难,尤其是在有600多只猕猴扰得你整夜无法入睡的情况下。 /201607/454190遵义哪家医院看男科比较好遵义治疗男科的医院




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