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A Proclamation by the President of the ed States of America During National Mentoring Month, we recognize the millions of individuals who dedicate themselves to making a difference in the lives of others, and we underscore our commitment to supporting these soldiers in America's armies of compassion. Every day across our great Nation, men and women of many different backgrounds work to inspire our next generation of leaders. By sharing their time and experiences, mentors help instill important values that encourage America's youth to set high goals and achieve their dreams. Mentors demonstrate that the strength of our Nation lies in the hearts and souls of our citizens and that a positive influence in someone's life helps them secure a more hopeful future. My Administration has been committed to building a culture of service, citizenship, and responsibility. Through the Mentoring Children of Prisoners program, volunteers help provide consistent guidance and support so that these children can lead lives of opportunity and achievement. The USA Freedom Corps is strengthening mentoring opportunities in America and sping a message of hope across our Nation. The Helping America's Youth initiative, led by First Lady Laura Bush, motivates caring adults to connect with youth to help them to grow up to be responsible and successful adults. By working together, we can enrich the lives of our next generation and continue a legacy of kindness and encouragement. I appreciate our Nation's mentors and all those who contribute to their community by helping to change a child's life. For more information on volunteering to be a mentor, visit volunteer.gov. During National Mentoring Month, we honor the many Americans who have touched the lives of others with their compassion, and we reflect on their efforts toward building a stronger and brighter future for all. NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the ed States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and laws of the ed States, do hereby proclaim January as National Mentoring Month. I call upon the people of the ed States to recognize the importance of mentoring, to look for opportunities to serve as mentors in their communities, and to observe this month with appropriate activities and programs. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this thirtieth day of December, in the year of our Lord two thousand eight, and of the Independence of the ed States of America the two hundred and thirty-third. GEORGE W. BUSH 200812/60084本演讲暂无音频President Bush Signs H.R. 7222, the Andean Trade Preference Act ExtensionTHE PRESIDENT: Thank you, please be seated. Thank you all for coming. I am pleased that legislation extending the Andean Trade Preference Act has made it to my desk, and I'm looking forward to signing this piece of legislation.With this bill, our nation is showing our commitment to economic growth in our hemisphere -- and to a global system based upon free and open trade. And I want to thank the ed States Congress for passing this bill with strong bipartisan support.Appreciate members of my administration who worked hard on the bill: Condi Rice, Carlos Gutierrez, and Sue Schwab. I want to thank members of the Diplomatic Corps who have joined us. I welcome Luis Moreno, the President of the Inter-American Development Bank. I want to thank the members of the congressional staff who are here.Across the world, citizens are concerned about the financial crisis -- and they should be. And our governments are working together to address it. This past weekend, I met with the finance ministers from the G7 and G20 -- organizations representing some of the fastest- and largest-growing economies in the world. Yesterday, I joined other G8 leaders in a statement that reaffirms our commitment to resolve the crisis. In other words, we're working together. We want to make sure we're coordinated in our response. All our nations are carrying out a comprehensive plan of action to help unfreeze credit markets and restore confidence in our financial systems.These are urgent short-term steps. In the long run, one of the best ways to restore confidence in the global economy is by keeping markets open to trade and investment. Last year, America set a record by exporting more than .6 trillion of goods and services. Exports now make up a greater share of our gross domestic product than at any time in our history. People find good-paying jobs when they work for businesses that export.Opening markets benefits our trading partners. For example, this deal, this law I'm signing, will help hardworking people in countries affected. It will help people have a better way of life. We want there to be a prosperous neighborhood. It's in the interest of the ed States that prosperity sps throughout our neighborhood.So Congress was right to pass this bill ensuring duty-free access to the U.S. market for trading partners in South America, including our friends Colombia and Peru. The Andea [sic] Trade Preference Act allows us to suspend trade preferences with countries that do not live up to their promises. And unfortunately, Bolivia has failed to cooperate with the ed States on important efforts to fight drug trafficking. So, sadly, I have proposed to suspend Bolivia's trade preferences until it fulfills its obligations.Now that members of Congress have ensured duty-free access for American -- South American products entering our markets, they also need to ensure duty-free access for U.S. products entering South American markets. Congress has a good opportunity to take a step in that direction by approving our free trade agreement with Colombia. More than 90 percent of Colombia's exports currently enter the U.S. duty free. Yet American goods sold in Colombia continue to face high tariffs. The Colombia free trade agreement would eliminate these trade barriers. It will level the playing field for America's businesses and farmers and ranchers and workers.Seems to me it would make a lot of sense to simply asking the Congress to sign a trade deal that allows us to be treated just like we've treated other people. Unfortunately, nearly two years have passed since the ed States and Colombia signed our free trade agreement. During that time, an estimated .3 billion of tariffs have been levied on American products exported to Colombia. These tariffs reduce the competitiveness of thousands of American companies that do business in that nation. By approving our free trade agreement, Congress can directly benefit American workers and ranchers and farmers -- and give them greater confidence about our economic future.Congress is coming back to Washington next month. One of their top priorities should be to approve this vital agreement with Colombia -- as well as with Panama and South Korea. These free trade agreements will strengthen our relationships with key allies. They will create new opportunities for our consumers and businesses. They will reassure our trading partners that America will not give in to pessimism or protectionism. They will show that we honor our commitments.And now it's my honor to sign the Andean Trade Preference Act.(The bill is signed.) (Applause.)200810/53160

President Obama: "Never Again Will the American Taxpayer be Held Hostage by a Bank that is 'Too Big to Fail'"This morning the President proposed what he called "the Volcker Rule," named after one of the fiercest advocates for financial reform over the past year, and who has been particularly focused on addressing the issue of banks being "too big to fail." He also proposed addressing one of the clearest issues leading to the financial crisis of the past years, namely banks that stray wildly from their core mission: serving their customer. Having met with Paul Volcker this morning, and having last week proposed new fees on Wall Street to ensure the taxpayers get their money back, the President came with a direct message for banks that might object to these changes: Download Video: mp4 (166MB) | mp3 (8MB) 201001/95205


President Bush Meets with President Hu Jintao of the People's Republic of ChinaPRESIDENT HU: (As translated.) I'm very happy to meet you again, President Bush. And I would like to welcome you and your family members to Beijing for the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games, and also to watch the games. This is aly your fourth visit to China and this has certainly made you a American President that visited China more than any other U.S. President while in office. This is a good test to the importance you've placed on U.S. relations with China.I know that the day before yesterday, you attended the inauguration of the U.S. embassy in China, and the new Chinese embassy in the ed States was inaugurated at the end of July. And all this must further growth of China-U.S. relationship.Now the various events of the Beijing Olympic Games are underway smoothly, and I know you just came here from swimming center. And I would like to offer you my sincere congratulations on the excellent performance of Mr. Phelps.PRESIDENT BUSH: Thank you. (Laughter.)PRESIDENT HU: We are confident that he will score even better achievements in the coming games.PRESIDENT BUSH: Thank you, sir.PRESIDENT HU: I would also like to mention the unfortunate happening yesterday -- yesterday two American tourists were attacked and one was killed; the another was injured. And I would like to take the opportunity, please accept my profound sympathy to you, Mr. President, and the family members of the victims. The Chinese side takes this unfortunate incident very seriously. Yesterday I aly instructed the competent official in charge of the Chinese Foreign Ministry to go to the hospital to see the injured. We take this case very seriously and we have aly instructed the competent authorities to carry out a very serious investigation and handle the case in accordance with law. We'll keep in touch with the U.S. side on the latest developments.We're now willing to listen to your views, Mr. President.PRESIDENT BUSH: Thank you, sir. First, Mr. President, thank you for your hospitality. I am so honored that you would invite my wife, my daughter, my father, my brother, my sister, and sister-in-law to lunch. And I congratulate you on the Opening Ceremonies. I'm not sure what it looked like on TV, but I can tell you what it looked in person, and it was spectacular.And we are enjoying the games, and, matter of fact, looking forward to tonight's big game, U.S. men's versus China men's basketball. (Laughter.) Somebody asked me if we were going to make a bet on the game. I said, I don't think so.I do want to thank you very much for how you handled -- I do want to thank you very much, Mr. President, for how you handled the situation with the Bachman family. And I thank you for your expressions of sympathy. And the Ambassador informs me that your government has been very attentive and very sympathetic, and I appreciate that a lot.Today -- I mean, every time I come to China I have memorable experiences. I enjoy our conversations that we have. As you know, our relationship is constructive and it's important and it's also very candid, and I thank you for that.And once again, I had a very uplifting experience by going to a church, and I want to thank you for arranging that, as well. It was a spirit-filled, good feeling. And as you know, I feel very strongly about religion, and I am so appreciative of the chance to go to church here in your society.200808/46068

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