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One night,about nine orsquo;clock,I heard one of the sailors in the cabin saying quietly to the others,lsquo;Shuan#39;s killed him at last!rsquo;We all knew who he meant.Just then the captain came in.I was surprised to see him walk towards me and say kindly,lsquo;My man,We Want ye to help us in the round-house.From now on,ye#39;ll sleep there instead of Ransome.rsquo;As he spoke,two sailors carried Ransome into the cabin His face was as white as a sheet,and he did not move.My blood ran cold when I saw him.一天晚上,约莫九点钟,我听见机舱里有位水手悄悄地对别的水手们说:;舒安到底杀了他!;我们大家都明白他指的是谁。正在那时船长进来了。我很吃惊地看见他走向我,和蔼地对我说:;小伙子,我们需要你到后甲板室给我们帮忙。从现在起,你就代替兰塞姆睡在那儿。;当他说话时,两名水手把兰塞姆抬进机舱。他的脸和纸一样白,并且他不动弹。我看见他时,被吓得不寒而栗。I obeyed the captain,and ran to the round-house.It was a large room,with a table,a bench and locked cupboards All the best food and drink was kept there,under the captain#39;s eyes,as well as the guns.When I entered,I saw Mr Shuan sitting at the table,with a bottle of whisky in front of him.He did not seem to notice what was happening around him,and was looking fixedly at the table.我遵从船长的话,跑到后甲板室。后甲板室很大,有一张桌子、一个凳子和锁住的一些小橱子。最好的食品和饮料都放在那儿,就在船长的眼皮底下,也在口保护之下。当我进去时,看见舒安先生正坐在桌旁,面前摆着一瓶威士忌。他似乎没有注意周围发生的一切,他的眼睛直直地看着桌子。Mr Riach soon joined the captain and me.He looked at Hoseason meaningfully,and I understood from his look that Ransome was dead.We three all stood silently looking down at Mr Shuan.里亚奇先生很快加入到我和船长中间。他意味深长地看看霍齐亚森,从他的表情我明白兰塞姆死了。我们三个都静静地站着,俯视着舒安先生。Suddenly the captain stepped forward.lsquo;Do ye know what ye#39;ve done?rsquo;he cried.lsquo;Ye#39;ve murdered the boy!rsquo;猛然间船长大步走向前。;你知道你干了些什么吗?;他喊道。;你杀了那个男孩!;Mr Shuan put a hand to his head.lsquo;Well,rsquo;he said,lsquo;he brought me a dirty glass!rsquo;舒安先生把一只手放到头上。;唔,;他说道,;他当时给我拿来一个脏杯子!;The captain and Mr Riach and I looked at each other,almost frightened.Then Hoseason took Mr Shuan by the arm,and told him to go to bed.The murderer cried a little at first,but he took off his boots and lay down,like a small child.我、船长还有里亚奇你看我、我望你,差不多给吓住了。接着霍齐亚森抓住舒安先生的胳膊,命令他上床睡觉。这个谋杀犯起初叫了一小下,但是他还是像一个小孩似地脱了靴子并且躺了下来。lsquo;Mr Riach,rsquo; said the captain,when we could see that Mr Shuan was asleep,lsquo;nobody on land must know what happened tonight.We#39;ll say that the boy fell into the sea.Get us a drink,David,we both need one,rsquo;and he gave me the key to the cupboards.;里亚奇先生,;当我们确实看到舒安睡着之后船长开口说道,;不能让岸上的人知道今晚发生的事儿。我们就说那个男孩掉进了海里。戴维,给我们拿点喝的来,我们二人都需要喝一杯。;接着他给了我开小橱子的钥匙。In the next few days I was very busy,running here and there with the officersrsquo;food and drink.Mr Riach and the cap tain were surprisingly patient with me when I made mistakes.Perhaps they were thinking of the poor boy who had died.But Mr Shuan was very strange after Ransome#39;s death. He did not seem to know what he had done,or to recognize me.On my second day in the round-house,he looked at me with a white face and fear in his eyes.lsquo;You weren#39;t here before?rsquo;he asked.在接下来的几天里,我很忙,一会儿跑到这儿、一会儿跑到那儿地拿高级船员们的食品和饮料。里亚奇先生和船长即使在我出了错时也对我很出奇地耐心。也许是他们还在想那个已死的可怜的小男孩。但兰塞姆死后舒安先生变得很怪了。他似乎不知道他做了些什么,也不认识我。在我待在后甲板室的第二天,他脸色苍白、眼带恐惧地看着我。;你以前不在这儿吗?;他问道。lsquo;No,sir,rsquo;I replied.;对,先生,;我回答道。lsquo;There was another boy?rsquo;he asked.lsquo;Ah!Yes,I thought so,rsquo;and sitting down,he called for some more whisky.;有另外一个小男孩吗?;他问道。;啊!是的,我想有。;他又叫了些威士忌,坐了下来。It wasn#39;t a hard life for me.I was able to eat well,and talk to Mr Riach,who spoke to me like a friend.But I could not forget poor Ransome.As the days passed,I became more and more worried.I knew that,when the ship arrived in the Carolinas,I would no longer be a free man,but a slave.I thought hard,but there did not seem to be any way of escaping.这生活对我来说并不艰难。我能吃好,能够与里亚奇先生交谈。他像一个朋友一样对我说话。但我不能忘记可怜的兰塞姆。当日子一天天过去时,我变得越来越担忧了。我明白,当船抵达卡罗来纳时,我将不再是个自由人,而是一个奴隶了。我使劲想,但似乎没有逃跑的方法。 Article/201203/174871。

Stephen Foster, 1826-1864: America's First Popular SongwriterHe wrote more than two hundred songs during the eighteen forties and eighteen fifties. VOICE ONE:I'm Shirley Griffith. VOICE TWO:And I'm Steve Ember with the VOA Special English program People in America. Today, we tell about Stephen Foster, America's first popular professional songwriter. (MUSIC) VOICE ONE: Stephen Foster You may have heard the old traditional American songs "Oh! Susanna," "Camptown Races" and "My Old Kentucky Home. " But, do you know who wrote them? Stephen Foster. He wrote those and more than two hundred other songs during the eighteen forties and eighteen fifties. His best songs have become part of America's cultural history. They have become American folk songs. Many people in America learned to sing these songs when they were children. Most Americans can sing these songs today. VOICE TWO:Stephen Collins Foster was born on July fourth, eighteen twenty-six in what is now part of the city of Pittsburgh, in the northeastern state of Pennsylvania. He was the ninth child of William and Eliza Foster. He did not have much musical training. But he had a great natural ability for music. He taught himself to play several musical instruments. He could play any music just by listening to it. Stephen Foster began writing songs when he was fourteen. In eighteen forty-seven, he wrote his first successful song, "Oh! Susanna. " Ken Emerson wrote a book about Stephen Foster. It is called “Doo-dah! Stephen Foster and the Rise of American Popular Culture. ” Mister Emerson says "Oh! Susanna" was the first internationally popular song written by an American that everyone can still recognize and sing today. (MUSIC)VOICE ONE:Stephen Foster married Jane McDowell in eighteen fifty. He wrote many new songs. Some of them were about love. One of the best known is "Jeanie With the Light Brown Hair. " He wrote it for his wife when they were separated. (MUSIC) VOICE TWO:Stephen Foster wrote almost thirty songs for minstrel shows. Minstrel shows became popular in the ed States in the eighteen forties. White entertainers blackened their faces and performed as if they were black entertainers. Minstrel shows included music, dance and comedy. The shows were performed in almost every major American city, especially in the Northeast. One of Foster's songs written for minstrel shows is "Camptown Races. " Today, it is a popular song for children. (MUSIC)VOICE ONE:Minstrel songs described the culture of black American slaves in the southern states. Yet Foster did not really know anything about this subject. He lived in Pittsburgh for most of his life. He visited the South only once. However, some experts say Foster's minstrel songs showed he did understand how black people in the South lived before the Civil War. The people in Foster's songs love their families and work hard. Now, however, some of his songs are judged insulting to African-Americans. So, music publishers have changed some of the words. And a few of his songs are no longer sung. VOICE TWO:In eighteen fifty, Foster made an agreement with the leader of a successful minstrel group, E. P. Christy. The agreement meant that Christy's Minstrels had the right to perform every new song Foster wrote. Foster also permitted Christy to name himself as the writer of the song "Old Folks at Home. " This became one of most successful songs written by Stephen Foster. It became the official song of the state of Florida in nineteen thirty-five. It also is known as "Way Down upon the Swanee River. " (MUSIC)VOICE ONE:Stephen Foster wrote other songs about home and memories of times past. In his book, Ken Emerson says Foster wrote songs about home in part because he almost never lived in one home for long. His father lost all his money when Stephen was a boy. So Stephen was forced to live with many different family members. Although Foster lived in the North, some of his songs suggest a desire to be back home in the American South. VOICE TWO:"My Old Kentucky Home" is an example. Mister Emerson says Foster wrote the song in honor of Harriet Beecher Stowe's anti-slavery book, "Uncle Tom's Cabin." "My Old Kentucky Home" expresses great sympathy for enslaved African-Americans. The black anti-slavery activist Frederick Douglass praised the song. It later became the official song of the state of Kentucky. (MUSIC)VOICE ONE:Stephen Foster was America's first full-time professional songwriter. He was a good songwriter. But he was a poor businessman. He sold many of his most famous songs for very little money. He was not able to support his wife and daughter. In eighteen sixty, he moved to New York City. His songs were not as popular as they had been. His marriage had ended. He had no money. For most of his life, he drank large amounts of alcohol. He died on January thirteenth, eighteen sixty-four. He was only thirty-seven years old. VOICE TWO: Sheet music for "Beautiful Dreamer" Stephen Foster was honored in several ways after his death. He was the first musician to be nominated to the Hall of Fame for great Americans. And he was the first American composer whose complete works were published together. Each year, on the anniversary of his death, people in Pittsburgh gather to remember Stephen Foster. They go to the church he attended as a child. They attend a show that honors him. Then they visit his burial place. The end of Stephen Foster's life was sad. But his songs have brought happiness to many people. One of his last songs was one of the most beautiful. It is called "Beautiful Dreamer. " (MUSIC)VOICE ONE:This Special English program was written by Shelley Gollust. It was produced by Lawan Davis. I'm Shirley Griffith. VOICE TWO:And I'm Steve Ember. Join us again next week for another People in America program on the Voice of America. Article/200803/31762。

鱼仆人从胳膊下面拿出一封很大的信,这信几乎有他身子那么大,然后把信递给那一个,同时还用严肃的声调说:“致公爵夫人:王后邀请她去玩槌球。”Then they both bowed low, and their curls got entangled together. Alice laughed so much at this, that she had to run back into the wood for fear of their hearing her; and when she next peeped out the Fish-Footman was gone, and the other was sitting on the ground near the door, staring stupidly up into the sky. Alice went timidly up to the door, and knocked. `There's no sort of use in knocking,' said the Footman, `and that for two reasons. First, because I'm on the same side of the door as you are; secondly, because they're making such a noise inside, no one could possibly hear you.' And certainly there was a most extraordinary noise going on within--a constant howling and sneezing, and every now and then a great crash, as if a dish or kettle had been broken to pieces. `Please, then,' said Alice, `how am I to get in?' Article/201101/123203。

Neville had never been on a broomstick in his life, because his grandmother had never let him near one.尼维尔长到那么大都还没坐过一次扫帚,因为他的奶奶从来就不准他接近任何一把扫帚。Privately, Harry felt she#39;d had good reason, because Neville managed to have an extraordinary number of accidents even with both feet on the ground.哈利倒觉得尼维尔奶奶这个决定无比英明,谁都知道啦,尼维尔是个走在地上都会发生很多意外的人,谁敢放心让他到天上去?Hermione Granger was almost as nervous about flying as Neville was.荷米恩也和尼维尔一样的紧张。This was something you couldn#39;t learn by heart out of a book — not that she hadn#39;t tried.因为这种实践性工作可不比从书本里背知识来得容易——况且她也从来没飞过。At breakfast on Thursday she bored them all stupid with flying tips she#39;d gotten out of a library book called Quidditch Through the Ages.星期四吃早餐时,荷米恩决定把她从一本叫《快迪斯大观》的书里学到的飞行技巧传授给同学们。她这个决定可把大家给烦死了。Neville was hanging on to her every word, desperate for anything that might help him hang on to his broomstick later,尼维尔倒听得聚精会神,连一个字都不放过。他真希望这会帮助他能牢牢地坐在大扫帚上。but everybody else was very pleased when Hermione#39;s lecture was interrupted by the arrival of the mail.这时候猫头鹰邮差们来了,荷米恩的长篇大论不得不被打断,这让大家都松了口气。Harry hadn#39;t had a single letter since Hagrid#39;s note, something that Malfoy had been quick to notice, of course.自从接到哈格力的信后,哈利再也没有收过别的什么。马尔夫马上就注意到了这一点。Malfoy#39;s eagle owl was always bringing him packages of sweets from home, which he opened gloatingly at the Slytherin table.他的猫头鹰经常从家里给他悄来一包又一包的糖果,他次次都神气活现将把那些糖果哗地倒到桌子上。A barn owl brought Neville a small package from his grandmother.尼维尔的猫头鹰从他奶奶那儿为他捎来了一个小包裹。He opened it excitedly and showed them a glass ball the size of a large marble, which seemed to be full of white smoke.尼维尔兴奋地打开一看,原来是一个有着大理石花纹的玻璃球,里面好像弥漫着神秘的白烟呢。It#39;s a Remembrall!he explained. Gran knows I forget things — this tells you if there#39;s something you#39;ve forgotten to do.呀,是记忆之球!尼维尔兴奋地向大家宣布,奶奶知道我老爱忘东西,所以送了我这个!要是我忘了什么的话,这个球就会提醒我。Look, you hold it tight like this and if it turns red — oh…His face fell, because the Remembrall had suddenly glowed scarlet, you#39;ve forgotten something.看,只要紧紧地抓住它,如果它变成红色呢…他吃了一惊,因为记忆球忽然发出了耀眼的红光:;你忘了要做一件事!;Neville was trying to remember what he#39;d forgotten when Draco Malfoy, who was passing the Gryffindor table, snatched the Remembrall out of his hand.尼维尔拼命地想,究竟自己忘了做什么呢?这时候,杰高,马尔夫刚好从他们的桌子边经过,一下子就把记忆球抢到了手中。Harry and Ron jumped to their feet.哈利和罗恩马上跳了起来They were half hoping for a reason to fight Malfoy, but Professor McGonagall, who could spot trouble quicker than any teacher in the school, was there in a flash.他们俩早就想揍马尔夫一顿了,可麦康娜教授比他们俩更快,一下子就出现了。What#39;s going on?发生了什么事?Malfoy#39;s got my Remembrall, Professor.马尔夫抢了我的记忆球!Scowling, Malfoy quickly dropped the Remembrall back on the table.马尔夫做了个怪相,把球扔回桌子上。Just looking,he said, and he sloped away with Crabbe and Goyle behind him.看看都不行!他扔下这么一句,就大摇大摆地走了。他的两个死党克来伯和高尔也赶紧跟了上去。。

只见母亲老是跟那个人(卢卡斯太太)在信口乱说,毫无忌讳,而且尽谈些她怎样盼望吉英马上跟彬格莱先生结婚之类的话,这叫伊丽莎白越发气恼。她们对这件事越谈越起劲,班纳特太太一个劲儿数说着这门姻缘有多少多少好处。Pardon me for neglecting to profit by your advice, which on every other subject shall be my constant guide, though in the case before us I consider myself more fitted by education and habitual study to decide on what is right than a young lady like yourself. ; And with a low bow he left her to attack Mr. Darcy, whose reception of his advances she eagerly watched, and whose astonishment at being so addressed was very evident. Her cousin prefaced his speech with a solemn bow and though she could not hear a word of it, she felt as if hearing it all, and saw in the motion of his lips the words ;apology, ; ;Hunsford, ; and ;Lady Catherine de Bourgh. ; It vexed her to see him expose himself to such a man. Mr. Darcy was eyeing him with unrestrained wonder, and when at last Mr. Collins allowed him time to speak, replied with an air of distant civility. Mr. Collins, however, was not discouraged from speaking again, and Mr. Darcy#39;s contempt seemed abundantly increasing with the length of his second speech, and at the end of it he only made him a slight bow, and moved another way. Mr. Collins then returned to Elizabeth.;I have no reason, I assure you, ; said he, ;to be dissatisfied with my reception. Mr. Darcy seemed much pleased with the attention. He answered me with the utmost civility, and even paid me the compliment of saying that he was so well convinced of Lady Catherine#39;s discernment as to be certain she could never bestow a favour unworthily. It was really a very handsome thought. Upon the whole, I am much pleased with him. ;As Elizabeth had no longer any interest of her own to pursue, she turned her attention almost entirely on her sister and Mr. Bingley; and the train of agreeable reflections which her observations gave birth to, made her perhaps almost as happy as Jane. She saw her in idea settled in that very house, in all the felicity which a marriage of true affection could bestow; and she felt capable, under such circumstances, of endeavouring even to like Bingley#39;s two sisters. Her mother#39;s thoughts she plainly saw were bent the same way, and she determined not to venture near her, lest she might hear too much. When they sat down to supper, therefore, she considered it a most unlucky perverseness which placed them within one of each other; and deeply was she vexed to find that her mother was talking to that one person (Lady Lucas) freely, openly, and of nothing else but her expectation that Jane would soon be married to Mr. Bingley. It was an animating subject, and Mrs. Bennet seemed incapable of fatigue while enumerating the advantages of the match. Article/201108/148928。

诗歌朗诵的音频很多,有些出版社复制粘贴一些版权过期的诗歌,大街上随便拉个老外读一遍,就能炮制出一本附送光盘的畅销书来。当然也有专业的朗读,按照格律来,读得很好听。但是一首诗歌究竟应该怎么读,恐怕只有诗人自己最清楚了。本作品就是Harper Collins 公司收集出版的诗人原声朗读集,包括叶芝、艾略特、庞德、西尔维娅·普拉斯等伟大诗人亲自朗读的作品.William Butler Yeats 1.The Song of the Old Mother  I rise in the dawn, kneel and blow,  Till the seed of fire flicker and glow.  And then I must scrub and blake and sweep,  Till stars are beginning to blink and peep.  And the young lie long and dream in their bed  Of the matching of ribbons for bosom and head.  And their day goes over idleness,  And they sigh if the wind but lift the tress.  While I must work, because I am old,  And the seed of the fire gets feeble and cold.母亲之歌  我在清晨起床,跪在火炉旁用力吹着炉膛  直到点点火星燃起,摇曳着红光。  然后,擦洗器具,烘烤食物,打扫庭院  直到群星满布,在天空眨眼窥探。  孩子们睡到很晚,沉迷梦乡  为美丽的人儿整理华装。  他们的日子在虚空中流淌,  只为那风吹散的长发留一声喟叹。  而我必须要劳作,因为我老了,  那燃烧的火种也渐渐微弱,冷却了 Article/200908/82908。

;Of course he thinks about you, Your Majesty,;I said. ;You write to him often.How can he forget his mother?; ;他当然会想您的,陛下,;我说。;你经常给他写信,他怎么可能忘记自己的母亲呢?; ;Then why doesn#39;t he write to me?;mary asked.;Does he want me to stay here in an English prison?; ;那为什么他不给我写信呢?;玛丽问道。;他想让我呆在英格兰监狱里吗?; ;No, of course not, Your Majesty. But;he has a lot of work, Your Majesty.He is the King of Scotland, and;; ;不,当然不,陛下。可是;;他有许多事要做,陛下。他是苏格兰的国王,而且;;; ;He is not the King of Scotland,Bess,;she said.;Not be- fore I am dead.Remember that.; ;他不是苏格兰国王,贝斯,;她说。;我没死,他就不是。记住这点。; ;No, Your Majesty, of course not. But perhaps people tell him things that are untrue. You know what people say. Per-haps;perhaps he thinks you killed his father.;;是的,陛下,他当然不是。可是也许人们会告诉他一些不真实的情况。您知道人们会说什么。也许;;也许他认为是您杀死了他的父亲。; Mary#39;s face went white.She was very angry, and for a minute I was afraid.She said:;You know that#39;s a lie, Bess.It is a lie! I did not kill James#39;s father;I knew nothing about it!; 玛丽的脸一下子变白了。她很愤怒,那一会儿我真觉得害怕。她说:;你知道那是个谎言,贝斯。那是个谎言!我没有杀死詹姆斯的父亲;;我对那一无所知!; ;I know that,Your Majesty.But perhaps James doesn#39;t know it.He hears so many lies, all the time. He needs to know the true story.Why don#39;t you write, and tell him?;;我知道,陛下。可是也许詹姆斯不知道。他总是听到那么多谎言,他需要知道真实的情况。您为什么不写信告诉他呢?; Mary sat down slowly. She looked old and tired.;All right, Bess,#39;she said.;Give me a pen, please. I#39;m going to write to James, and tell him the true story. You can give it to him when I#39;m dead.; 玛丽慢慢地坐了下来。她看起来又苍老又疲惫。;好吧,贝斯,;她说。;请给我一枝笔,我这就给詹姆斯写信,告诉他真实的故事。我死后,你可以把信交给他。; ;Dead, Your Majesty? Don#39;t say that. You aren#39;t going to die.; ;死?陛下,不要那样说。您不会死。; Her old, tired eyes looked at me.;Yes I am, Bess. You know what is going to happen. One day soon, a man is going to bring a letter from Queen Elizabeth. And then her men are going to kill me. But before I die, I would like to write to my son James. I want to tell him the story of my life.So give me a pen, please.; 她看着我眼神苍老而疲惫说道,;不,我会死的,贝斯。你知道将会发生什么。不久的一天,一个人带来伊丽莎白女王的一封信。随后,她的人便杀了我。但在我死之前,我要给我的儿子詹姆斯写信。我要告诉他我一生的故事。来,给我一枝笔吧。; I gave her a pen. This is what she wrote: 我拿给她一枝笔。这就是她所写的: Article/201203/175867。

Actor Brett Maverick, the lead actor in many movies, was taken to Cedars-Sinai Hospital after his brother called an ambulance. Luke had found Brett in a dazed state with both of his wrists slashed. A hospital spokesperson said that the cuts on his wrists were superficial, and that Brett was in good condition.The actor has starred in many romantic comedies. He often portrays a character who meets a girl who doesn’t like him at first but falls in love with him by the end of the movie. In fact, a real-life romance occurred in his last movie. His costar, actress Katherine Hepburn, fell in love with Brett and moved in with him. This occurred despite the fact that Katherine was engaged to wed Richard Burton, another well-known actor. Burton, heartbroken, told the media that he was going to become a Buddhist monk.Unfortunately for Brett, Katherine recently made another movie with actor Errol Flynn. This movie, “Love in Baghdad,” is a drama involving a married couple who are separated by terrorists. Katherine told Brett she was going to “visit” Errol on his 200-foot yacht after filming was finished. But soon afterward, TV entertainment shows like “Access Hollywood” and “Entertainment Tonight” showed photos and s almost daily of Katherine and Errol hugging, kissing, dancing, and shopping.“Brett couldn’t take it anymore,” said Luke. “He was y to settle down with Katherine. He was going to quit acting. He had told her that he planned to buy a ranch in Wyoming for the two of them. Just them, the blue sky, the meadows, and the cows and the sheep, for the rest of their lives.” Article/201104/133710。

她听到他谈起现在这位达西先生对他的亏待,便竭力去回想那位先生小时候的个性如何,是否和现在相符,她终于有自信地记起了从前确实听人说过,费茨威廉·达西先生是个脾气很坏又很高傲的孩子。But in spite of the certainty in which Elizabeth affected to place this point, as well as the still more interesting one of Bingley#39;s being withheld from seeing Jane, she felt a solicitude on the subject which convinced her, on examination, that she did not consider it entirely hopeless. It was possible, and sometimes she thought it probable, that his affection might be reanimated, and the influence of his friends successfully combated by the more natural influence of Jane#39;s attractions.Miss Bennet accepted her aunt#39;s invitation with pleasure; and the Bingleys were no otherwise in her thoughts at the same time, than as she hoped by Caroline#39;s not living in the same house with her brother, she might occasionally spend a morning with her, without any danger of seeing him.The Gardiners stayed a week at Longbourn; and what with the Phillipses, the Lucases, and the officers, there was not a day without its engagement. Mrs. Bennet had so carefully provided for the entertainment of her brother and sister, that they did not once sit down to a family dinner. When the engagement was for home, some of the officers always made part of it--of which officers Mr. Wickham was sure to be one; and on these occasion, Mrs. Gardiner, rendered suspicious by Elizabeth#39;s warm commendation, narrowly observed them both. Without supposing them, from what she saw, to be very seriously in love, their preference of each other was plain enough to make her a little uneasy; and she resolved to speak to Elizabeth on the subject before she left Hertfordshire, and represent to her the imprudence of encouraging such an attachment.To Mrs. Gardiner, Wickham had one means of affording pleasure, unconnected with his general powers. About ten or a dozen years ago, before her marriage, she had spent a considerable time in that very part of Derbyshire to which he belonged. They had, therefore, many acquaintances in common; and though Wickham had been little there since the death of Darcy#39;s father, it was yet in his power to give her fresher intelligence of her former friends than she had been in the way of procuring.Mrs. Gardiner had seen Pemberley, and known the late Mr. Darcy by character perfectly well. Here consequently was an inexhaustible subject of discourse. In comparing her recollection of Pemberley with the minute description which Wickham could give, and in bestowing her tribute of praise on the character of its late possessor, she was delighting both him and herself. On being made acquainted with the present Mr. Darcy#39;s treatment of him, she tried to remember some of that gentleman#39;s reputed disposition when quite a lad which might agree with it, and was confident at last that she recollected having heard Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy formerly spoken of as a very proud, ill-natured boy. Article/201109/155392。