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樟树市中人民医院超声刀美容超声刀手术超冰脱毛哪家便宜价格5.Circadian Clocks Are As Old As Time5.生物钟像时间一样古老The Salisbury Cathedral in England is said to be home to the world#39;s oldest clock. The mechanical device#39;s wrought iron hands are believed to have been tracking the passage of time since at least 1386. The clock survived war, fire and inattention before being rediscovered in the early 20th century and restored.英格兰的索尔兹伯里大教堂据说是世界上最古老的钟的发源地。至少自1386年来,装有铁的时针的机械设备就被认为是用来记录时间的。在20世纪早期被重新发现之前,索尔兹伯里大教堂里的这口钟受过战火的洗礼,以及人们的忽视,但是最终还是保存了下来。The Salisbury Cathedral clock is but a wee whippersnapper when compared to the natural clocks that track our circadian rhythms. Scientists believe internal clocks evolved more than 3 billion years ago in cyanobacteria (what we also call blue-green algae), but they don#39;t know exactly why it happened. Some say this was nature#39;s way of leveling the playing field for organisms all competing for the same sources of energy. Circadian rhythms developed so that some creatures feed during the day and others do it at night. Others say the body clock evolved in algae to stagger the sludge#39;s processes for photosynthesis—converting light into energy to be stored for later—and nitrogen fixation—in which plants convert nitrogen from the air into energy — so as not to counteract one another.和记录我们昼夜节律的生物钟相比,索尔兹伯里大教堂里的钟根本是微不足道的。科学家认为在30亿年前的蓝细菌(我们称之为蓝藻)时期生物钟就开始演变了,但是科学家们并不知道生物钟开始的确切时间。有的人觉得这其实只是一种自然的竞争机制,因为所有的生物体都需要同样的能量。生物钟的存在确保了有些生物可以在白天觅食,有些可以在晚上觅食。而另外一些人认为在蓝藻时期就演变的生物钟利用光合作用缓慢发展,把光转换成能量,储存在身体后,又释放出氮化物,这样的话植物就把空气中的氮化物固定在体内了,以免消耗。4.Sleep, It Does a Body Good4.睡眠对身体有益Perhaps the reason for circadian rhythms in humans is simpler: They help you sleep, and sleep is good for you.或许,人类具有生物钟的原因很简单——生物钟有助于你入眠,而睡眠对你有益。When you lay your head down and nod off to the feather ball, your body is restoring itself. That includes basic upkeep and repair like muscle growth, tissue maintenance, protein production and the release of growth hormones. Those hormones help children develop naturally — exhibit A in the case against little Johnny staying up to watch Jimmy Fallon — but also play a key role in helping adults rebuild tissue over time. In fact, it#39;s believed that some of these functions only happen during sleep hours. Animals deprived of sleep will lose all immune function and die in just a few weeks. If you#39;ve ever popped out of bed after a nice long slumber and felt mentally refreshed, it#39;s probably not just because you spent the night dreaming about being fanned and fed grapes by models poolside at an Italian villa. Sleep helps humans restore their mental energy and cognitive functions that often get tapped out during waking hours. Our circadian rhythms naturally make us sleepy at night.当你安然平躺,枕着松软的枕头酣然入眠时,你的身体便开始进行自我修复,即一些基本的维护保养,如肌肉的增长、组织的修复、蛋白质的生成及生长激素的释放。生长激素对儿童的茁壮成长具有促进作用,总是熬夜看吉米·法伦节目的小不点儿就是个典型的反面例子。不仅如此,生长激素还在促进成年人的组织修复过程中起着关键作用。有分析认为,以上机能中有部分仅在睡眠时才起作用,因此,被剥夺睡眠的动物会丧失所有的免疫能力,在几周内死亡。你在经过了长时间的优质睡眠后会觉得精神焕发,或许不仅仅是因为置身豪宅、名模环绕的黄粱美梦之中。因为睡眠有助于恢复人们在清醒时消耗的心理能量及认知功能。而且,夜里那排山倒海的困意也是生物钟这只“幕后黑手”所致。3.The Post-Lunch Dip is Natural3.午餐后犯困很正常Ever wonder why you have to fight the urge to sleep after lunch (unless you#39;re lucky enough to work from home and can give into it)? Your body#39;s circadian rhythm is in a natural resting place after your noontime meal. There#39;s also another system called the sleep/wake homeostatis that tells your body when it#39;s time to sleep, which also occurs after you#39;ve been awake for a long time. By 2 p.m., you#39;ve usually been awake for at least eight hours. Put those two systems together, alongside a heavy lunch, and it#39;s no wonder you want to take a nap.你可曾想过,为何你在午餐后总是得对抗那绵绵困意(除非你是个在家办公的幸运儿,困倦来袭便可安然入睡)?那是因为午餐过后,你体内的生物钟已经指向了休息时分。而且,睡眠/清醒体内平衡系统会在到点睡眠时或保持长时间清醒状态后,向你的身体发出讯号。到下午2点时,你至少已经保持了8个小时的清醒状态,这时,丰盛的午餐、生物钟以及体内平衡系统三管齐下,你不想打盹才怪呢!Not everyone has this feeling to the same degree but it is a natural one. In fact, for most adults, their strongest sleep drives are at 2 p.m. and 2 a.m., thanks to their circadian rhythms. However, if you got a good night#39;s sleep, your urge to nap at lunchtime will be lessened.每个人的困倦程度有所不同,这很正常。由于生物钟的作用,大多数成年人往往在下午2点及凌晨2点时困意最浓。但如果夜间的睡眠质量好,午餐后的困倦会有所减轻。2.Electronic Light Warps the Body Clock2.电子产品的灯光会扰乱生物钟If we#39;ve learned anything so far, it#39;s that the body clock is wound generally to correspond to light and dark. When it starts to get dark at night, the brain tells the body it#39;s time for a rest by releasing melatonin into the bloodstream. So, what happens when you literally flip the (light) switch in the evening?就我们目前所了解到的,生物钟一般来说会与光明和黑暗相对应。当夜幕开始降临,大脑通过释放褪黑激素到血液中,告知身体已到休息的时间。那么,当你在晚上拨动(电灯)开关会怎样呢?Artificial light can send mixed signals. Yes, a small and strategically located night-light may be necessary for navigating from bedroom to bathroom when duty calls. But other lights could throw your body clock into disarray. That includes illumination coming from a television, computer or smartphone. Many people like to wind down for the night by watching the ol#39; boob tube -- or streaming entertainment through their computers and tablets. If you bring those devices, and the artificial light that they give off, into bed, however, you may be tricking your brain into thinking it should stay awake.人造光线会传递出复合信号。没错,也许一盏在特定位置的小小夜明灯对指引人们从卧室到卫生间以解决日常需要来说是必要的,但是其它的光线会打乱你的生物钟,这些光线来自电视机、电脑和手机。许多人喜欢在晚上通过看电视来放松自己或者将玩电脑和平板作为活动。如果你将这些电子设备带到床上,它们散发出来的人造光会影响大脑原先的运作方式。1.The Body Clock Can Impact the Biological Clock1.生物钟会影响生理钟We#39;ve come right back to the ;biological clock.; Research shows that women who are pregnant or hoping to conceive should listen to their circadian rhythms and avoid artificial light at night. Sleep doesn#39;t just help the body rejuvenate and promote growth in kids; it also protects a woman#39;s eggs from stress. That#39;s because melatonin is believed to have antioxidant qualities and defends the body against inflammation while stimulating the immune system, particularly during ovulation .让我们回到“生理钟”这个话题上。研究人员表示妇或者期望怀上孩子的女性应该遵循她们的昼夜节律以及在夜晚避免接触人造光线。睡眠不仅仅有助于身体自我修复和儿童的成长发育,还可以保护女性的卵巢免受情绪压力影响。这是因为褪黑激素有抗氧化的功能,并且可以通过刺激免疫系统来抵御炎症以保护身体,尤其是在女性排卵期。When the lights go on at night, melatonin production slows or stops. Experts say that women who are expecting should maintain steady sleep patterns that conform with the light and dark cycles going on outside. That means eight hours of darkness with little or no interruptions each night. The dark, not actual sleep, is the key. The body produces melatonin as a reaction to darkness and will continue doing so, even if you can#39;t sleep. Among other effects, researchers have found that disruptions in this routine can lead to attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and autism-related disorders in young children.在夜晚有光亮时,褪黑激素会减慢甚至停止生成。专家认为想要怀的女性应该养成与外界日夜交替保持一致的固定的睡眠模式。也就是说在每晚八小时的睡眠时间中,应该很少或者完全避免受到光线的干扰。保持黑暗的睡眠环境是关键,而非睡眠本身。身体产生的褪黑激素是对黑暗的条件反应,就算你没有进入睡眠,褪黑激素的产生仍会继续进行。至于其他方面的影响,研究人员发现对于幼儿来说,夜晚睡眠中受到光线的干扰会导致注意力缺陷障碍和自闭症等相关疾病审校:围巾、烟囱 编辑:listen 来源:前十网 /201602/427098宜春韩美医院瑞蓝玻尿酸瑞蓝二号瑞蓝2号哪家便宜价格The next time you reach for a glass of water, remember this; you could be about to sip on dinosaurpee.记住,下次你拿起一杯水时,你可能正要喝下恐龙尿。This is according to science YouTube channel, Curious Minds, which explains that the amount of water on the Earth has remained roughly the same for millions of years.这一观点来自Youtube科学频道《奇思妙想》(Curious Minds)。节目中解释道,地球上的水量数百万年来都没怎么变过。Around 121,000 cubic miles of water falls on the Earth in the form of precipitationevery year, meaning this water has moved around the planet.每年,大约121000立方英里的水通过降水来到地面,意味着这些水已经在地球上循环过。The Mesozoic era, the reignof the dinosaurs, lasted around 186 million years.恐龙统治的中生代延续了大约一亿八千六百万年。#39;That gave them time to drink a lot of water,#39; the explains.视频中谈到:“这让恐龙们有时间喝了大量的水。”By contrast, humans have only been living on Earth for 200,000 years.与之相反,人类刚刚在地球上存在了二十万年。Charles Fishman says in in his book, #39;The Big Thirst#39; that the molecules that make up water are so resilient, they could be millions of years old.查尔斯·费舍曼在《大干旱》一 书中指出,水分子非常稳定,能够存在数百万年。A member of Curious Minds added: #39;Most of the water molecules have never been drunk by another human, but almost every single one has been drunk by a dinosaur.#39;《奇思妙想》频道成员补充道:“大多数水分子都没有被第二个人喝到过,但几乎每个水分子都被恐龙喝过。”#39;This means that in every glass of water you drink, there is a lot of water which has aly passed through a dinosaur and come out the other end.#39;“这意味着你喝的每杯水里都有不少是恐龙喝下去又排出来的。”The book #39;The Future of Water: A Startling Look Ahead,#39; by Steve Maxwell and Scott Yates comes to a similar conclusion.《水资源的未来:惊人预测》一 书中,作者史蒂夫·马克斯韦尔和斯科特·耶茨得出了类似的结论。#39;The water that dinosaurs drank is the same water we drink today, and the amount of water in the world is the same, too,#39; the authors write.他们写道:“我们今天喝的水和恐龙喝过的水是一回事,地球上水的总量也没有变过。”#39; Fossilfuels get burned and are gone forever. Water remains.#39;“化石燃料燃烧后就永远消失。而水却一直存在。” /201511/410183靖安县去痤疮多少钱

宜春市第七人民医院缩窄鼻翼缩小毛孔缩小鼻翼缩小鼻头多少钱宜春市第一人民医院处女膜阴道阴道紧缩阴道缩紧哪家便宜价格Jack Solomon, a 74-year-old industrial chemist from Westchester, New York, had been waiting for the internet home-sharing revolution for years. Looking for a home to retire to in 2005, he and his wife ended up with a house in East Hampton and — as you do — a neighbouring island that sleeps 36.来自美国纽约州威斯彻斯特县(Westchester, New York)的74岁工业化学家杰克所罗门(Jack Solomon)多年来一直在苦等互联网私宅共享革命浪潮的到来。2005年他与妻子四处找寻退休后的住所,最终在东汉普顿(East Hampton)“安营扎寨”,这座邻近东汉普顿的小岛上共住有36人。He toiled unsuccessfully on craigslist, the local classifieds service, trying to eke out some income from the island when not in use for stays with family and friends. When it came, the new wave of home sharing websites was a godsend; today he has a steady stream of bookings for the island courtesy of Airbnb, TripAdvisor and VRBO (a popular US rental site).他曾在当地分类广告网站Craigslist上打广告,希望房子空置时(自己家人与朋友不在此居住时)能对外出租,但却以失败告终。当这一天终于成为现实时,不断涌现的私宅分享网站如同及时雨。如今拜Airbnb 、TripAdvisor以及美国知名租赁网站VRBO所赐,预订他小岛住所的人络绎不绝。Airbnb reports a boom in short-term home lets by the super-rich. In June, the number of one-bed listings charging more than 1,000 per night was nearly three times what it had been a year before. Asia is leading the charge: high-end apartments — those with pools and gyms — grew quickest in Tokyo (up 78 per cent) and Hong Kong (up 70 per cent). Over the same 12-month period, London listings grew by half and those in Paris a third.Airbnb报告称:富豪临时出租私宅者大幅飚升。今年6月,上网招租的单张床位数(每晚租金超过1000英镑)同比增长了近3倍。亚洲租金首屈一指独领风骚:带泳池与健身房的高档住宅的租金在东京与香港同比增幅最大,分别达78%与70%。过去一年,伦敦待租房屋的租金同比增长了50%,巴黎则同比增长了三分之一。Premium home rental sites are booming. Luxury Retreats, which claims to turn away 95 per cent of those who offer their (mainly) holiday homes, now has 2,800 properties, largely in the US and the Caribbean, with nightly rates ranging from ,000 to 4,000, for the plushest private island. Onefinestay has been listing plush pads since 2010 in sought-after city locations and now has 2,000 homes across London, New York, Paris and LA, with a combined value of 6bn. Villas.com, the vacation rental site operated by booking.com, which includes plenty of plush pads, boasts 308,000 vacation homes.高档住宅租赁网站也快速涌现。Luxury Retreats声称把95%有意出租者的度假屋者拒之门外,如今旗下拥有2800套房源(多数位于美国与加勒比海的最为奢华的私人海岛),每晚租金从1000美元至12.4万美元不等。2010年以来,Onefinestay一直招租城市黄金地段的豪华住所,如今在伦敦、纽约、巴黎以及洛杉矶等地拥有的房源多达2000套,总价值超过60亿英镑。由booking.com负责经营的休假房屋租赁网站Villas.com名下把大量豪宅出租,自诩名下度假房多达30.8万套。Second-home owners are getting younger, meaning more look to the internet for smart rental solutions when they are not using their homes themselves. The average age of second-home buyers in the US dropped from 52 to 43 in the 10 years to 2013, according to the US National Association of Realtors.二手房主越趋年轻化,他们更希望房屋空置时能通过租赁网出租。据全美房地产经纪人协会(US National Association of Realtors)统计:过去10年(截止2013年),美国二手房主的平均年龄从52岁降到了43岁。Increasingly, people are renting their main homes, too. “Where the super-rich have listed secondary residences for some time, now they’re starting to offer their main homes while staying in other properties or holidaying,” says Olivier Gremillon, who runs Airbnb’s European business.不仅如此,出租主宅者也越来越多。“富豪过去上网出租自己的次要住宅,如今当自己住到别处或是外出休假时,则开始把主宅临时出租。”Airbnb欧洲区负责人奥利维耶格雷米翁(Olivier Gremillon)说。Online home rental sites typically feature interactive calendars allowing owners to switch availability on or off at a moment’s notice, dodging the advance commitment typically required by property rental firms. As importantly, messaging apps and sophisticated review systems provide homeowners with the information they need to vet potential guests.家租网通常以交互式日历招揽客户:允许房主可即刻告知房屋能否出租,从而规避了房屋租赁公司通常要求的提前预约规定。同样重要的是:短信通知程序与先进的复查系统可给房主提供相关信息,用以审核有意承租者。Two years ago, Francesca Diana, an Italian jewellery designer who runs her global business from Rio, bought a private island on a rural nature reserve about an hour and half’s drive from her home. It has become a precious retreat: “I’d never rent it to someone unknown or give up the control over who could stay there,” she says.2年前,在巴西里约经营全球业务的意大利首饰设计师弗朗西斯卡戴安娜(Francesca Diana)购买了一座私人小岛,它位于当地自然保护区内,距离自家约1.5小时车程。“我永远也不会把它转租给陌生人、或是把它交给想长住的人。”她说。Through Airbnb, she corresponds with prospective guests to discover their interests and expectations, then s reviews from previous hosts to check their form. “I need to know they will respect the national park and aren’t here to use the island to party on,” she says. This choosiness, and the fact that she will only take guests for a week or more, cuts down her rental periods. But like many of today’s premium home-sharers, her motivation is social as well as financial.借助Airbnb,她与有意承租者取得联系,了解对方的兴趣爱好及期望值,再通过浏览以往招租房主的评价掌握其实际为人。“我得弄清楚对方是否尊重国家公园的相关规定,租住小岛是不是用于操办聚会。”她说。她的挑剔、再加上其容许的出租期只有一周左右,从而减少了她的总租赁时间。但与当今诸多豪宅共享者一样,她的动机是社会与经济目的兼而有之。Laurent also likes the company. A scion of a large French family — he won’t give his surname — he lets his sumptuous 4,300 sq ft Louis XVI-period spare apartment in Paris. Extra income for maintenance is handy, he says, but his guests, and their generous reviews, are what he gets excited about. He’ll give tours of the house, explaining which family castle features in this painting, which French king once sat in that armchair and when that celebrity came to stay. For between 650 and 1,000 per night, depending on the season, he’ll throw in a few of his own staff of “cleaners, driver, guardian and cooks”.不愿透露自己姓氏的法国某望族传人洛朗(Laurent)也喜欢与人为伴,他对外招租的是自家位于巴黎、始建于路易十六时期(Louis XVI)、面积达4300平方英尺的空置豪宅。这些贴补维修费的额外收入唾手可得,他说,入住客户以及对方的溢美之词同样让他很是受用。他通常会带客人走马观花一番,向对方讲述家族藏画中画的是哪座家族城堡、自家扶椅坐过哪位法王陛下、以及哪位名流曾下榻此处。每晚租金介于650-1000英镑之间,具体数额视季节而定,他还会免费安排自己的“清洁工、司机、保安以及厨师”来此务。Visitors during Paris Fashion Week can hobnob with models and celebs at one of his exclusive parties. Younger members of the home-sharing revolution pick their guests with more specific aims in mind. Ben James, who is 26 and “predominantly single”, rents out one or both rooms in his Mayfair penthouse, which includes a huge roof terrace. He’d probably pass on a request from a family with young children, he says, “but two young ladies over in London for a party fit more with my lifestyle”. Family in the area means that he can move out briefly if a long booking doesn’t quite sync with his own travel plans; at 700 per night, a three-week stay is, he points out, “a decent chunk of change”.巴黎时装周期间,游客可在洛朗组织的高档聚会上与参会的名模、名流进行亲密互动。私宅共享浪潮中的年轻一代挑选租客时目的性更为具体。26岁的本礠姆斯(Ben James)崇尚独身,他把自己伦敦梅费尔区(Mayfair)顶层公寓(带有面积很大的露台)的一两个房间对外招租。他通常愿意租给带有小孩的家庭租住,他说,“但是,两位住在伦敦的年轻姑娘若是合伙租住,则更符合我的生活方式”。他自己的家庭就在附近,如果长期出租与自己的出游计划相冲突,他可以短时搬出去住;他说:每晚700英镑的租金,若是租上三周,自己就有了“一大笔零花钱”。James was probably never shy, but others have taken a while to get comfy with the concept of house sharing.詹姆斯也许无所顾忌,但有些人真正接受私宅共享理念则需假以时日。Prime Airbnb listings surged last year when the firm hiked its insurance policy from 50,000 — about enough to cover a vase in some London homes — to 1m. Owners can add their own deposit requirements and checking procedures. In 10 years Laurent has lost only a Bose sound system and a few bottles of champagne from the cellar.去年,当Airbnb把保险赔偿费从5万英镑(刚够赔偿伦敦某些豪宅中的一只花瓶)猛增至100万英镑后,到Airbnb网招租的豪宅数大幅飚升。户主还可以要求添加定金要求以及增加核对程序。10年来,洛朗只丢过一套Bose音响系统以及几瓶窑藏香槟。Many rich users once avoided posting photos on their Airbnb profiles for fear of friends thinking they were hard up, says Gremillon. All that has changed: “now it’s cool to be part of the sharing economy; it’s something for people to talk about over dinner parties.” Some have been led by tech savvy kids, who grew up holidaying on strangers’ sofas via couchsurfing.com, and now rent or sublet their homes on even the shortest trips. Others have been lured by sites that take the hassle out of the rental process in exchange for keeping a share — typically up to half — of what guests are charged. At Onefinestay and LuxuryRetreats, after a rental price is agreed all the owner must do is decide whether to accept or reject subsequent bookings. Onefinestay ships in linen, towels and toiletries, and uses aircraft-style tamper tape seals to signal to guests which rooms or draws are off limits.很多有钱的房主曾竭力避免把豪宅照片上传至Airbnb网页,因为担心亲朋好友会误以为自己手头拮据,格雷米翁说。但此一时、彼一时也:“如今成为共享经济的一分子很潮很酷;它俨然成了各种饭局的谈资。”如今的技术男成了引领潮流者,他们从小到大随家人度假时,每次都睡在陌生人家(通过couchsurfing.com网承租)的沙发床。如今他们即便短途出游,往往把自家房子出租或转租于他人。其他人则被许诺简化招租程序的网站吸引,对方开出的条件是租金分成(通常达一半)。在Onefinestay及LuxuryRetreats,租金谈妥后,房主只需决定是否接受随后的房屋招租。Onefinestay备好床单、毛巾以及化妆品、并使用飞机上的密件启封方式向客人标示哪些房间与区域禁止进入。A few users with posh pads may not be super-rich. Lower-income European aristocrats are increasingly employing Airbnb to rent outbuildings on their estates, helping to fix leaking roofs, says Gremillon.有些豪宅户主可能并非富豪。越来越多的低收入欧洲旧贵族借助Airbnb网把自家豪宅的附属房屋对外出租,以赚取屋顶渗漏维修费用,格雷米翁说。Others are cash-strapped enthusiasts. Alain Etienne Marcel did a deal with the French town of St Malo, where he lives, to restore a 17th-century fort off the coast in return for a 99-year lease on the property. When he had returned some of the rooms to their original condition, he started to take bookings through Airbnb for up to ㄠ,600 per night. The revenue funds the rest of the work and helps pay for public visits to the fort, his original motivation for the project.其它热衷对外招租的豪宅则是因为资金短缺。阿兰縠节覄氠庚尔(Alain Etienne Marcel)与法国小镇圣马洛(St Malo,他如今居住于此)签订协议,他帮助修复一座17世纪的海滨要塞,条件是自己获得要塞99年的租用期。他把某些房间原样修复后,就开始通过Airbnb网接受客户预订,每晚租金高达1600欧元。收入用于未竟的修复工程以及贴补公众参观的费用(这是他最初的动因)。The new home-sharing economy also offers a radical solution to the fraught uncertainties of relocation.全新的共享经济还给充满变数的异地安家提供了根本出路。When tech entrepreneurs Leila Zegna and her husband were planning a move from San Francisco to London last autumn, they compiled a shortlist of six central London neighbourhoods. Rather than gamble with a year-long lease in an area they might not like, they used Onefinestay to find three-week home rentals in each of the six areas. The company provided a list of suitable homes and arranged each stay; the couple arrived to a welcome from an agent and a mobile phone preloaded with the owner’s local tips, from restaurants to dry cleaners. Zegna estimates that the rental cost was just 15 per cent more than that of a long-term let. “It was a great adventure: we were incredibly mobile, living out of a suitcase and exploring each neighbourhood every night after work and at weekends,” she says, adding that global firms should follow her lead to make foreign postings more appealing.去年秋天,当科技创业者莱拉瀠尼亚(Leila Zegna)伉俪计划从旧金山搬至伦敦时,他们最终圈定了伦敦市中心的6处住宅区。他们没有选择在一个小区长租一年(他俩不太喜欢),转而通过Onefinestay网在每个小区各租住三周时间。网络租赁公司提供了几家候选家庭,并妥善安排好了一切入住事宜;夫妻俩每到一处,就有中介公司迎接他们,手机中预装了房主提供的本地务信息(从餐馆到干洗店)。杰尼亚估计租金只比长期租住多出15%。“这是妙不可言的经历:我们来去自如,只需拿个手提箱,每晚下班后以及周末,我们就会在每个小区寻芳探幽一番。”她说,并补充说跨国公司应该积极效仿其做法,如此一来员工驻外肯定争先恐后。Growth in demand for prime home rentals has been driven by the changing tastes of super-rich holidaymakers. Since the financial crisis, a shift from ostentatious consumption to sustainable localism — eccentric cafés and hidden farmers’ markets — has seen affluent travellers swap design hotels for homestays, says Mindy Ewing of Virtuoso, a premium travel agent that sources many of their properties through high-end sharing sites.高端住宅租赁需求增长的动因是外出度假的富豪品味发生了变化。自金融危机以来,从炫富性消费到对风土习俗(怪异的咖啡屋与出世农民的集市)持久偏爱的转变,让不差钱的游客弃住豪华酒店、转而选择农家旅舍,来自高端旅行社Virtuoso的明迪尤因(Mindy Ewing)说,Virtuoso通过豪宅分享网站淘选了许多适合招租的房屋。Frequent business travellers are also a growing market. When 49-year-old Paul Watts was working in San Francisco for a British software firm, he chose home rentals for the half dozen annual trips he made back to London, often with his wife. Now living in London again, they use the site for trips to the Paris office. “It enables us to feel like we have a work-home balance when I’m working abroad; it has been a life-changer,” he says.经常出差者的市场需求也是水涨船高。49岁的保罗瓦茨(Paul Watts)曾在旧金山为一家英国软件公司上班,每年回英国几次,都是与妻子租房住。如今返回伦敦居住后,他俩到巴黎分公司出差时,常常通过租房网站租房住。“我在国外出差时,租房住可以让我们感觉工作与居家两不误;它一直是改变生活的大功臣。”他这样说道。The same appetite for local immersion has driven growth in internet-enabled home swaps. These include HomeExchange.com, or the smaller, plusher, 3rdhome.com, which is a sort of a car club for holiday homes. Once accepted, members pledge their homes, specifying the dates they are willing to let them out; in return they get credits equivalent to the swankiness of their home and the desirability of the time slots they are offering. These they can spend by booking other homes.游客希望能深度入乡随俗,导致网上私宅互换居住行为不断增多。这其中就包括了HomeExchange.com网以及规模更小、也更为奢华的3rdhome.com等网站,后者属于专为度假家庭务、类似汽车俱乐部的网站。一旦接受协议,签约成员必须严守承诺,明确自家愿意出租的时段;作为回报,他们就获得与自家奢华程度以及可供出租时段相对应的信用分,自己预租别人家的房子时可当现金使用。The benefits of home swapping are financial — there’s no income from your guests, so no tax to pay — and fantastical — a steady supply of offers from homeowners in Brazil and the Bahamas to swap with your Kensington duplex will feed daydreams to brighten up the rainiest London workday.私宅互换既能带来经济好处(入住客人并不付房费,因此无须额外付税),也能让美梦成真——巴西与巴哈马的房主源源不断要求与诸位位于伦敦肯辛顿(Kensington)的复式住宅互换居住,此举能让上班的伦敦人浮想联翩,一扫城市阴雨绵绵的天气。As well as the boom in top-end rentals, sites to cater for a range of specialist owners are springing up thick and fast. In the land of the free and home share of the brave, Ryan Galiotto co-founded Kinkbnb.com when one of his friends was barred from a major US home rental site for including pictures of her fully equipped sex dungeon. Back in East Hampton, Solomon may be leading fellow baby boomers into a new dawn of technology-enabled home rental, but that is one site that he won’t be using to list his island.除了豪宅招租激增外,专为各色专用房主务的网站也如雨后春笋般涌现。在崇尚自由、私宅共享的英国,瑞恩加廖托(Ryan Galiotto)一位好友的招租私宅因包含“设施一应俱全”的性地牢照片而被美国某知名家租网站拒之门外,于是愤而与人合办了Kinkbnb.com网站。再次说说东汉普顿,所罗门也许正把同年龄段的婴儿潮一代人(baby boomer)带入科技为依托的家租新时代,但他不会在上述网站上招租自家的小岛豪宅。 /201509/401122宜春市自体脂肪隆鼻价格Before lining up at a retail store or firing up your computer for Black Friday bargains this week, ask yourself one question: Have you ever scored a great deal from the annual post-Thanksgiving shopping bonanza?在到零售店排队或打开电脑为黑色星期五做准备之前,先问自己一个问题:在这一年一度的感恩节后大扫货中,你曾经捡到过大便宜吗?If you were hard-pressed to think of something, you would not be alone. Black Friday, which has traditionally been the moment to flock to stores for steep discounts, and which has evolved to also include major online sales events for retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart, is not all that it is billed to be. We asked J. D. Levite, the deals editor of the product recommendations website The Wirecutter, for some data on just how beneficial the deals are on Black Friday — and the answer was not encouraging.如果你很难想起什么,不奇怪。黑色星期五传统上是涌向商店获取大幅折扣的时刻,并已发展到包括亚马逊(Amazon)、百思买(Best Buy)和沃尔玛(Walmart)等零售商的大型在线销售活动,但实际情况跟标榜的有所不同。黑五究竟能带来多少实惠?我们就此询问了产品推荐网TheWirecutter的特惠编辑J·D·莱维特(J. D. Levite),令人沮丧。Year round, Mr. Levite and his team track product prices across the web to unearth discounts on goods of all types, from gadgets to kitchenware. They also look at whether the product is high quality and durable based on their own testing and other reviews, and whether the seller or brand has a reasonable return or warranty policy. By those measures, Mr. Levite said, only about 0.6 percent, or 200 out of the approximately 34,000 deals online, which typically carry the same price tags inside retailers’ physical stores, will be good ones on Black Friday.莱维特和他的团队会全年对网上的产品价格进行跟踪,以发掘从电子产品到厨具等各类商品的折扣。他们还根据自己的测试和其他的评价来判断产品质量和耐用性如何,以及销售商或品牌是否提供合理了的回报或保修政策。莱维特说,经过这些衡量,在黑色星期五只有大约0.6%的网上优惠是划算了——也就是大约3.4万个优惠中的200个,网上标价通常与零售商实体店铺内是一致的。“There are just more deals on that day than any other day of the year,” he said. “But for the most part, the deals aren’t anything better than what you’d see throughout the rest of the year.”“这一天只是比一年中的其他日子有更多的优惠而已,”他说。“但在大多数情况下,这些优惠都没有比你在全年其他时间里看到的更好。”There’s a smarter way to shop than relying on Black Friday. With the plethora of web tools now available, consumers can research online and then use trackers to follow product pricing for drops throughout the year. While it’s a time-consuming effort, the method is more precise for understanding pricing trends, both online and in stores.有一个不依赖黑色星期五的更聪明的购物方法。如今网络工具多如牛毛,消费者可以在网上做功课,然后用跟踪器来全年跟踪产品的价格,等待降价。虽然这很费时,但可以更精确地了解线上线下的价格趋势。One useful tracking tool is Camel Camel Camel, which is geared toward users of the online retail behemoth Amazon. Using the Camel Camel Camel website, people can view a product’s price history on Amazon.com and then create alerts to receive an email as soon as the item’s price falls to a certain threshold.其中一个有用的跟踪工具是针对网上零售巨头亚马逊的用户开发的Camel Camel Camel。在Camel Camel Camel网站上,人们可以看到亚马逊网站上产品的历史价格,然后创建提醒,当商品的价格一降到某一阈值,就会收到一封电子邮件。Over time, interesting trends emerge. One is that some product prices are raised in October, a few weeks before Black Friday. The prices are reduced again on Black Friday.经过一段时间,有趣的趋势出现了。其中之一是,一些产品的价格在十月上调,也就是黑色星期五几周前。然后在黑色星期五再次降低。Mr. Levite cited the example of the Basis Peak Ultimate Fitness and Sleep Tracker, which was listed on Amazon at around 0 in September. At the beginning of November, the gadget shot up to 0. This week, the price fell back down to 0.莱维特举了Basis Peak健身和睡眠跟踪器的例子,这种产品在亚马逊上九月份列出的价格是150美元。在十一月初暴涨到170美元。本周回落至150美元。“We do not raise prices ahead of Black Friday deals to make deals look more attractive,” Sarah Gelman, an Amazon spokeswoman, said.“我们不会为了让优惠更诱人而在黑色星期五前提价,”亚马逊发言人莎拉·吉尔曼(Sarah Gelman)说。Camel Camel Camel’s database also shows some items have predictable pricing patterns over the course of a year. A pair of bookshelf speakers made by Pioneer are typically 7, but that tends to drop significantly in August — to in August 2014 and to in August 2015, timed to the back-to-school season. This week, the same pair of speakers was again 7. In other words, there are times of year when different types of products decline in price — and Black Friday isn’t one of them.Camel Camel Camel数据库还显示了在一年内定价有可预测规律的商品。一对先锋(Pioneer)书架式音箱通常卖127美元,但在八月份其价格会趋向显著下降——2014年八月降至60美元,2015年八月降至88美元,限时到开学季。本周,同一对音箱价格再次回到127美元。换句话说,一年中不同类型的产品有其价格下降的时段——黑色星期五不是其中之一。Price tracking also illuminates the seasonality of products. Between June and August, when people are more likely to plan camping trips, tents often get heavier discounts on Amazon, for example. Camel Camel Camel’s database showed that a Coleman six-person tent cost 9 in August, but the price is now about 6.价格跟踪也说明了产品的季节性。六月至八月间,人们更倾向于野营旅行,帐篷经常在亚马逊上有较大的折扣。例如,Camel Camel Camel的数据库表明,一顶Coleman六人帐篷八月份价格是169美元,但现在的价格约为236美元。Other items rarely budge in price. A pair of high-end Bose headphones has stayed firm at 9 for over a year, according to Camel Camel Camel’s database. It wouldn’t hurt to buy items like this anytime you want, or to wait for the pricing to drop when a new version of the product is released.其他商品价格很少让步。根据Camel Camel Camel数据库,一对高端的士(Bose)耳机一年多来价格一直保持在299美元。在任何你想买的时间购买此类商品都不会吃亏,或者等到该产品新款上市后价格下降了再买。Daniel Green, the founder of Camel Camel Camel, agreed with these assessments. “Shopping the Black Friday sales is no different from any other time,” he said.Camel Camel Camel的创始人丹尼尔·格林(DanielGreen)也同意这些结论。“购黑色星期五的促销,其实和在别的时间消费也没什么差别。”There’s still a way to take advantage of Black Friday by checking for price reductions on specific items — like a particular television set — that you have been wanting. I found a well-reviewed Vizio television that was ,633 in April but dropped to ,098 this month, according to Camel Camel Camel.但是,通过对比特定商品的降价,黑色星期五也可以有划算的时候,例如你一直想买的某品牌电视机。根据Camel Camel Camel数据显示,我发现一款广受好评的Vizio牌电视机在四月的价格是1633美元,但这个月降价到1098美元。Price tracking data also illustrate that the lack of real deals holds true for Cyber Monday, the Monday after Black Friday that is billed as an online shopper’s heaven with numerous digital discounts. Rendering the shopping event even more absurd, Walmart has said it would begin its Cyber Monday Sunday evening, so people wouldn’t have to stay up late to shop online.价格追踪数据还显示,“网购星期一”(Cyber Monday)的优惠也缺乏诚意。那是“黑色星期五”后的周一,号称有大量的网购折扣。让这个购物活动更显荒诞的是,沃尔玛宣布将把“网购星期一”提前到周日晚上,这样人们就不需要熬夜下单了。Of course it’s a tad late to start price tracking now. So for this week, try other web tools like PriceGrabber.com, which compares pricing of products across different retailers. On the website, you enter the name of a product, and the tool pulls up a search. Clicking the “Compare Now” button shows the bottom line pricing of the product (including tax and shipping costs) for various retailers.当然,现在才开始价格追踪有些晚了。从这周起,可以尝试下其他网络比价工具,比如PriceGrabber.com网站。在该网站上,你可以输入商品名,系统会进行搜索;点击“Compare Now”(开始比较),就会显示出众多零售商关于该商品的最低报价(含税和运费)。The New York Times also tested other shopping tools. They include ShopSavvy, an app for scanning item bar codes to do price comparisons online, and Slice, an app that tracks your previous purchases in case the price of something you recently bought gets marked down later, which may spur a refund.《纽约时报》也试验了其他购物工具。包括ShopSavvy,这是一款扫描条形码进行在线比价应用;还有可以追踪你此前购物的Slice,如果你最近购买的商品大幅降价了,就可以考虑去退货。Some shopping data suggests that consumers are wising up by shopping well ahead of Black Friday. About 25 percent of American consumers had aly finished some holiday shopping before Halloween, according to a report from eMarketer, the research firm. The report also said 48 percent of American shoppers last year finished most of their holiday shopping by Cyber Monday, up from 40 percent the previous year.购物数据显示,消费者开始了解到要在黑色星期五之前购物。根据调查机构eMarketer的报告,大约25%的美国消费者早在万圣节前就完成了部分节日购物。报告称,去年,48%的美国消费者在“网购星期一”前就解决了大部分的节日购物,比前年的40%有所提升。Some retailers are opting out of Black Friday. Last month, the sporting goods retailer REI said its stores would close during Black Friday as part of a campaign urging people to go outside. Ben Steele, the chief creative officer of REI, said in an interview that the company made the decision after assessing the chaotic environment that Black Friday tends to create.一些零售商决定退出黑色星期五的竞争。上月,运动产品零售商REI称,旗下门店将在黑色星期五闭门歇业,也是想号召人们多去户外的活动。REI公司的首席创意总监本·斯蒂尔(Ben Steele)在采访中说,该公司在评估黑色星期五会造成的混乱情况后,作出了这项决定。“Do we want employees to leave their families early on Thanksgiving? No,” Mr. Steele said. “There’s an opportunity for us to do something different.” Other stores, like Joe’s Bike Shop in Maryland and Outdoor Research in Seattle, have since said they were closing shop this Friday, too.“我们想让雇员在感恩节早早地离家去工作么?不,”斯蒂尔先生说。“我们有机会做些与众不同的事。”其他的商店,例如马里兰的Joe’s自行车行和西雅图的Outdoor Research,都宣称会在今年的黑色星期五闭门歇业。 /201511/412687樟树妇幼保健院大蒜鼻全鼻美鼻哪家便宜价格

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