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宜春隆鼻哪个医院好樟树市人民医院治疗疤痕多少钱6. 工作目标CONVERSATIONS 会话(AApplicant IInterviewer)Dialogue 1I: Are you a goal-oriented person?A: Yes, I am. I always make a plan before I do anything.I: Where do you want to be in 5 years?A: I don抰 want to have a specific title. I just want to enjoy what I am doing.I: That sounds very reasonable.A: It抯 the most important thing to me.I: If you are hired, how long do you plan to stay with us?A: That obviously depends on how things go -- whether I抦 suited to the firm and the firm to me.I: Tell me about some of your recent goals and what you do to achieve them.A: I want to put my knowledge and experience to use in a challenging position. In order to achieve this goal, I just want to work step by step.I: What is your long-range objective?A: I haven抰 thought it over at all.I: What do you think is the most important thing when looking for a job?A: I think the most important thing is the interest in the job.I: 你是一个有明确目标的人吗?A: 是的,我是,在做每件事之前我都做一个计划。I: 你在五年内希望做到什么位置?A: 我并不想要什么特别的头衔,我只想做我喜欢做的事情。I: 听起来非常有道理。A: 这对我来说是最重要的。I: 如果你被录用,计划在我们公司干多久?A: 这当然依事情的发展而定,得看我和公司之间是否互相适合。I: 能说说你的近期目标以及如何去实现它吗?A: 我想把我的知识和经验运用到一个具有挑战性的工作中,为了达到这个目标,我只想一步一步地踏实工作。I: 你的长远目标是什么?A: 我还没有认真考虑过。I: 在找工作时,你认为什么最重要?A: 我认为是对工作的兴趣。Dialogue 2I: Could you project what you would like to be doing five years from now?A: As I have some administrative experience from my last job, I may use my organizational and planning skills in the future.I: How do you plan to accomplish this?A: By doing everything necessary and for further study.I: How long would you like to stay with this company?A: How long I will stay with the company depends on whether the company and I are satisfied with each other.I: What do you think of this industry抯 outlook in five years?A: I do believe this industry will be developed rapidly in 5 years time.I: 你能设想一下五年后你在做些什么吗?A: 因为我以前的工作积累了一些管理经验,我希望将来能运用我的组织和计划才能。I: 你计划怎样来实现它呢?A: 做任何需要做的事情以及继续深入学习。I: 你打算在本公司干多长时间?A: 我在贵公司干多长时间决定于我和公司之间是否互相满意。I: 你认为五年内这个行业前景如何?A: 我相信在这五年中,这个行业会迅猛发展的。Dialogue 3I: How long do you plan to stay here?A: To speak frankly, it doesn抰 depend on me.I: How so?A: I really want to obtain a permanent job. I won抰 leave as long as I have opportunity to apply my knowledge and get on well with my superiors and colleagues.I: What抮e your future plans and what kind of expectations do you have of the company?A: I know that generally it is possible to move from this position to a management position with two years experience in the company and I would look forward to having the responsibility for training and supervising new members of staff.I: What is your typical workday like at your present job?A: I arrive at 8 o抍lock every morning, and I make a list of things I must do that day.I: What then?A: Then I start work on my list.I: 你打算在这里工作多久?A: 坦白地说,这不是我能决定的。I: 为什么?A: 我很想拥有一个固定的工作,只要我有施展才能的机会,而且能和上级、同事相处得好,我就不会离开。I: 你将来有什么计划?你对公司有什么期望?A: 我知道,通常情况下在贵公司具有了两年的工作经验后是有可能从现在的职位升到管理的位置。我希望能承担培训和监督新员工的职责。I: 你现在这份工作每天基本上都做些什么?A: 我每天早上八点到,然后把我当天要做的事情列出来。I: 然后呢?A: 然后我就按照列表工作工作目标有时候面试中招聘者会提问应聘者有关工作目标的问题,目的就是了解应聘者做事的风格,以及应聘者对这份工作的看法。当然由于应聘者还不是很了解自己所应聘的工作,在回答问题时并不一定面面俱到,因为在实际当中会碰到自己计划中所没有考虑到的问题,所以大致说明自己的计划目标就好了。 /200811/54903宜春韩美医疗整形美容医院耳垂耳廓外耳招风耳多少钱 第50期:商务午餐你愿意在午餐中讨论这件亊情吗?Would you like to discuss the matter over lunch?For example:A: Would you like to discuss the matter over lunch?你愿意在午餐中讨论这件事情吗?B: Sure.当然。你推荐什么呢?What do you recommend?For example:A: What do you recommend?你推荐什么呢?B: Everythings is good.什么都可以。我们讨论正事吧。Lets talk business.For example:A: Lets talk business.我们讨论正事吧。B: Where shall we begin? 我们从哪里开始呢?不要空着肚子谈生意。Never talk business on an empty stomach.For example:A: Lets break for lunch now.我们休息一会儿吃午餐吧?B: Thats a good idea. Never talk business on an empty stomach.好主意,不要空着肚子谈生意。你喜欢中餐还是西餐?Do you prefer Chinese or Western food?For example:A: Do you prefer Chinese or Western food?你喜欢中餐还是西餐?B: Either one is OK with me.都可以。这是我们招待贵宾的传统座位。This is our traditional seat for the guest of honor.For example:A: This is our traditional seat for the guest of honor.这是我们招待贵宾的传统座位。B: Its my honor to be given so much attention.受此殊荣我十分荣幸。入乡随俗。When you are in Rome, do as the Roman do.For example:A: Do you like to use the chopsticks or the fork and knife?您喜欢用筷子还是刀叉?B: When you are in Rome, do as the Roman do. Id take the chop-sticks.入乡随俗,我想用筷子。为何我们不休息一会儿,下午再回到这边呢?Why dont we take a break and come back to this in the afternoon?我想要回到我们刚才讨论的话题。Id like to get back to what we were talking about. /201503/362416A: I cant stand the stupid guy any longer. Its unbelievable.A:我实在不能忍受那个愚蠢的家伙了,真是不可思议。B: Oh, my dear lady, take it easy. You should forgive a green hand like him.B:噢,亲爱的,别放心上。原谅像他那样的新手吧!A: He does everything so mindlessly that he is going to drive me crazy.A:他做事总是没脑子,快把我逼疯了。B: I suggest you talk with him and teach him how to deal with the problems.B:我建议你和他谈谈,也教教他怎么处理那些问题。A: Ive told him how to do that several times , but hes never listened to me.A:我告诉过他怎么做很多次了,但是他总是不昕我的。B: Maybe you should communicate with him just like a friend , not a boss.B:或许你应该和他以朋友的身份谈谈,而不是以上司的身份。A: Oh , I always have difficulty in get-ting along with the staff.A:噢,我总是和下属很难相处。B: Just take them as your good friends and have a talk with them as we do. Make sure you wont lose your temper!B:把他们当成你的好朋友,和他们说话就像咱俩这样。还要保不发脾气。A: Oh, so bad. Im afraid Ill change the image of myself.A:噢,太糟了。恐怕我要改变改变形象了。B: No , its unnecessary. Just respect the staff and their own opinions.B:不,不需要。你只需要尊重他们和他们的想法就好了。A: But sometimes they offer some use-less proposals, awfully useless.A:但是他们有时候交上来一些没用的提议,非常没有价值。B: Oh , no one is perfect.B:没人是完美的。A: Thats right. I should speak to them in a polite way.A:对啊,这么一想我应该对他们客气点。B: All men are equal in the eyes of the God. We have the equal partnership in team.B:上帝眼里每个人都是平等的。我们在团队里应该是平等的。A: Thanks very much and youre very eloquent.A:非常感谢,你说话总是很得体。B: Thanks for saying that.B:谢谢你这样说。 /201503/364423宜春妇幼保健院上睑翘睫泪沟价格

宜春韩美整形美容中心丰城市人民医院吸脂抽脂脂肪溶脂要多少费用 警察!我们有搜查。Police!We have a search warrant!不许动!Freeze!不许动,否则我要开了!Freeze or I'll shoot!跪下。Get down on your knees!放下武器!Drop your weapon!我要把你带回警局。I'm taking you in.把你的双手从口袋里慢慢地抽出来!Take your hands out of your pockets slowly!把手放在头上!Put your hands on your head!把手举过头顶!Put your hands over your head!你被捕了!You're under arrest.不要拒捕!Do not resist arrest! /201107/145482宜春韩美整形取出假体隆鼻疤痕磨平面部填充整形隆胸要多少费用

江西宜春市韩美医院激光除皱多少钱Q:If you had unlimited time and financial resources,how would you spend them?A:I?d love to be able to take several executive seminars on financial management that aren?t geared toward financial experts.I?d also love to be able to shut down my department long enough to send everyone through an Outward Bound?type program.Finally,I?d probably travel and look at foreign competitors,and enjoy the food along the way.What would you do?问:如果你有无限的时间和经济来源,你会怎样使用它们呢?答:我希望能参加几次不针对金融专家的有关金融管理的行政研讨会。我还希望能让我的部门放长假,把每一个人都派去参加外界的一些活动。最后,我很可能去旅游并考察一下外国竞争者,同时一路享受当地的美食,您呢?虽然的事情谈起来很有诱惑力,但一定要紧扣工作或与行业相关的事务,或者紧扣与你应聘的这份工作的技能相关的努力上。例如,你正在应聘教书工作,你可能对义务教授成年人读书识字的项目感兴趣。这就明了你对自己的工作领域的,即对教育重要性的一种信仰,即使是作为一种兴趣而毫无报酬都无所谓。 /200803/30813 talking points 谈判要点英文释义A series of specific issues to be discussed in a negotiation, or features to be mentioned in a sales presentation.例句The unhappy employees identified five talking points to discuss with their boss, and distributed them on a list so everyone could understand them.这些心怀不满的员工拟定了5条与老板谈判的要点,并且发放传单,好让所有人都能理解他们。 /201301/221632宜春韩美整形美容医院治疗蒜头鼻整形手术怎么样宜春韩美医院全身美白



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