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太仓治疗妇科多少钱太仓宫颈糜烂三级治疗费多少钱Since the 19th century, European and American discoveries have monopolized the naming of elements on the periodic table. It is evident in entries like francium, germanium, scandium, polonium, europium, californium, berkelium and americium.自19世纪以来,欧洲和美国的发现垄断了对周期表中元素的命名。这一点在钫、锗、钪、钋、铕、锎、锫、镅等元素的拉丁名上颇为明显。But now, for the first time, researchers in Asia will make an addition to chemistry’s most fundamental catalog.但现在,亚洲的研究人员将首次在化学领域最基本的目录上增加一个条目。Scientists from the Riken institute in Japan will bestow an official name on Element 113, currently known by the placeholder name ununtrium, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry announced last week.国际纯粹与应用化学联合会(International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry)上周宣布,日本理化学研究所(Riken)的科学家将拥有给第113号元素正式命名的权利。该元素目前暂被称为ununtrium。The organization said that studies published by the Japanese scientists from 2004 to 2012 give the team the strongest claim to having discovered the element. The declaration comes more than 12 years after the Japanese team first attempted to synthesize the superheavy element, by firing beams of zinc at a thin bismuth film.化学联合会称,这些日本科学家在2004到2012年间发表的研究论文,让该团队有最为充分的理由宣称是他们发现了该元素。这一认可距日本团队首次尝试合成这一超重元素已过去了逾12年。他们做法是朝一层薄薄的铋膜发射锌束。Led by Kosuke Morita, the group began to bombard bismuth atoms in a particle accelerator at 10 percent the speed of light in 2003. A year later, they successfully fused two atomic nuclei from these elements, creating their first nucleus of Element 113, but it decayed in less than a thousandth of a second. In 2005, the team produced Element 113 in a second event, but the chemistry union did not consider the demonstration strong enough to denote a discovery.2003年,该团队在森田浩介(Kosuke Morita)的带领下,开始在粒子加速器中以10%的光速轰击铋原子。一年后,他们成功地让两个元素的原子核聚变,创造出了他们的首个113号元素原子核,但过了不到千分之一秒,它就衰变了。2005年,该团队第二次得到了第113号元素,但化学联合会认为并不足以明发现了新元素。“For over seven years, we continued to search for data conclusively identifying Element 113, but we just never saw another event,” Dr. Morita said in a statement. “I was not prepared to give up, however, as I believed that one day, if we persevered, luck would fall upon us again.”“在七年多时间里,我们持续寻找能不容置疑地明第113号元素的数据,但再未成功过,”森田浩介在声明中说。“但我没准备放弃,因为我相信,如果坚持不懈,总有一天好运会降临在我们身上。”In 2012, the team finally produced strong evidence that they had synthesized Element 113. Over the course of those nine years, the beam was active for 553 days and launched more than 130 quintillion zinc atoms, according to Nature.在2012年,该团队终于得出了有力的据,表明他们合成了第113号元素。《自然》杂志(Nature)称,这九年里,锌束活跃了553天,发射的锌原子数超过1.3乘以10的20次方。The chemistry union, along with the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics, granted the Riken researchers naming rights to Element 113 over a joint Russia-ed States team that had also claimed to discover the element.化学联合会和国际纯粹与应用物理学联合会(International Union of Pure and Applied Physics)共同将第113号元素的命名权授予了理化学研究所的研究人员,而一俄美联合团队抱憾。后者也声称发现了该元素。The chemistry union’s decisions are detailed in two reports to appear in the journal Pure and Applied Chemistry. In addition to Element 113, Elements 115, 117 and 118 will also receive official names. Teams from Russia and the ed States discovered those elements.《纯粹与应用化学》期刊(Pure and Applied Chemistry)上发表的两份报告,详细解释了化学联合会的决定。除第113号元素外,第115号、117号和118号元素也将被正式命名。这些元素由俄罗斯和美国的团队分别发现。With their discovery, the bottom row of the periodic table will be complete. Elements are numbered by the protons they have in their nucleus, and Elements 114 (flerovium) and 116 (livermorium) had previously been confirmed and named.有了这些发现,元素周期表最下面一行将被填满。元素的序号是根据其原子核内所含的质子数决定的。第114号元素鈇(flerovium)和116号元素鉝(livermorium)此前已得到实并完成了命名。Dr. Morita has not yet announced what he intends to name Element 113, but according to a 2004 article in The Japan Times when the team first published its results, one likely contender may be “japonium.”森田浩介尚未宣布打算给第113号元素起什么名字,但从该团队于2004年首次发表研究结果的时候《日本时报》(The Japan Times)当年刊登的一篇文章来看,其中一个很可能中选的拉丁名是“japonium”。 /201601/421326Moderna Therapeutics this week announced that it raised 0 million in what is the largest-ever single round of venture capital funding for a biotech startup. Fortune has learned that the deal valued Moderna at around billion, and means that the Cambridge, Mass.-based company now has 0 million of cash in the bank (including unspent past investments).Moderna Therapeutics上周宣布,该公司已经募集了4.5亿美元的投资,如此巨大的单轮筹资额堪称生物技术类初创公司之最。《财富》获悉,这笔交易将Moderna的估值确定为30亿美元左右,它也意味着,这家位于马萨诸塞州坎布里奇的公司目前拥有8亿美元的现金储备(包括过去投资中没有用完的部分)。All venture capital investments in biotech are, by their nature, highly-speculative. Binary scientific risk married with quasi-capricious regulatory risk. You might presume, therefore, that Moderna had somewhat tamped down on those dangers in order to raise so much money at such a high price tag. But you’d be wrong. In fact, Moderna is further away from commercialization than are most companies worth far less, as it still does not have a single drug candidate in human clinical trials.从本质上说,所有在生物技术领域的风险投资都颇具投机色。其中有一半是科学上的风险,另一半则是法规上的不确定性。因此,你也许会认为Moderna设法降低了这些风险,从而得到了如此高的估值,募得了如此多的资金。但你错了。实际上,Moderna的商业化程度还不如大部分估值远低于它的公司,而且在人类临床试验方面连一项候选药物都拿不出手。So how to explain the massive fundraising success, particularly with hedge fund and mutual funds that typically don’t back such early-stage endeavors (particularly when its CEO explicitly says that an IPO is not on the horizon)?那么要如何解释该公司在募集资金上取得的巨大成功,尤其是还得到了通常并不持这种初期公司的避险基金和互惠基金的注资(特别是其首席执行官甚至还明确表示,该公司不会很快进行首次公开募股)?The best I can do is to say that Moderna could be the single most revolutionary drug company to be formed in at least the past decade (or at least tied with Google-backed Calico, which wants to stop cellular aging). That statement comes drenched in all of the aforementioned risk caveats, but Moderna’s ambitions dwarf those of most any other company that is trying to treat Disease X. In other words, the promise proved just too tantalizing for many folks to pass up.我能做出的最好解释是,Moderna可能是过去至少十年中诞生的唯一一家最具革命性的制药公司,或至少是与谷歌持的Calico平分秋色,后者旨在延缓细胞老化。我之所以做出这样的论断,是因为尽管考虑到了所有上述风险,但Moderna的野心让其他任何想要治疗某种疾病的公司都相形见绌。换句话说,这一前景过于诱人,让许多人难以拒绝。Moderna’s core technology is designed to help people make medicines within their own cells, rather than create something in a lab which patients need to ingest or inject (i.e., the way all other biotech works). It does so by injecting messenger RNA into the body, and then that mRNA stimulates the person’s cells to create the needed therapeutic proteins. Patient, heal thyself. Equally important, Moderna claims that its mRNA design is able to evade the typical human immune response that has felled past mRNA efforts.Moderna的核心技术是帮助人们在他们自己的细胞内制造药物,而不是在实验室配置用于用或注射的药物(这是所有其他生物技术公司的做法)。具体方法是,在病人体内植入信使RNA,这种信使RNA随后就会刺激人体细胞制造治疗所需的蛋白质。如此一来,病人就能自己痊愈了。同样重要的是,Moderna还宣称他们设计的信使RNA不会触发常见的人体免疫反应,后者曾导致过去在信使RNA上的努力都付之东流。Not only does this open up a massive number of therapeutic possibilities, but it also could make Moderna’s products significantly faster to test and cheaper to buy than are traditional drugs. Namely because it can use common mRNA manufacturing facilities and processes to create the mRNA that can be used for all sorts of indications, rather than having to create discrete ones for each new candidate (as is typically done today).这一点不仅使得许多疗法成为可能,还让Moderna的产品比传统药物的检验时间短得多,价格低得多。因为它可以利用普通的信使RNA制造设备和流程来生产应对各种病症的信使RNA,而不是为每种疾病准备单独的制造设备(这是当下的常用做法)。For investors, all of this means that they are actually making dozens — if not hundreds — of pharma bets with a single check. Again, the platform needs to work. But, if it does, there are few limits to the number of ailments that Moderna could treat — and the company has no interest in limiting itself. It currently has 45 active programs both in-house and with strategic partners like AstraZeneca AZN 1.44% and Alexion Pharmaceuticals ALXN -2.20% , and has plans to launch plenty more (with the new money expected to get several of them into Phase II clinical trials).对投资者而言,这一切意味着他们只需要签一张票,实际上就对制药公司做出了几十次甚至几百次投资。此外,这个平台得运转起来才行。但Moderna一旦得以运转,他们能够治疗的疾病几乎就没有限制,而该公司也无意约束自己的发展。Moderna如今已有45个活跃项目,有的是内部项目,有的则是与AstraZeneca和Alexion Pharmaceuticals等战略伙伴共同研发的,而且他们还计划上马更多项目(在得到这些新的投资后,公司有望将部分项目推进到临床试验的第二阶段)。Moderna basically silos many of these programs into their own quasi-companies, based on therapeutic area. In that way it acts a bit like an incubator, and company executives leave open the possibility that certain programs could eventually be spun out via sales or even public offerings — with Moderna serving as the core technology provider and manufacturer. In fact, certain Moderna products could theoretically complete IPOs before Moderna does.Moderna还根据治疗领域的不同,把许多项目交给他们自己的准公司运营。这种做法使得Moderna看起来像是一个孵化器,而该公司的高管也不排除某些项目最终被剥离的可能性,剥离方式有可能是出售,甚至公开上市,而Moderna自身则作为核心技术提供商和制造商。实际上,某些产品理论上可以在Moderna之前完成首次公开募股。Not that investors would complain, of course. They’d get a cut of all of it.当然,投资者对此可不会抱怨。他们都能从中受益。(财富中文网) /201501/354388太仓药流多少钱啊Google is attempting to put itself at the centre of domestic wireless networks with a new “smart router” that promises to improve WiFi quality and security.谷歌(Google)正力求让自己置身于家庭无线网络的中心。该公司发布了一款有望改善WiFi质量和安全性的新型“智能路由器”。OnHub’s launch comes weeks before Apple is expected to unveil its latest home technology device, with an update to its Apple TV set-top box that will act as a wireless “smart home” hub. The launch also puts Google into competition with many cable companies which offer their own home hubs for watching TV and getting online.谷歌发布OnHub路由器,比外界预计苹果(Apple)将推出其最新家庭技术设备的时间早了几周——苹果即将发布最新款的电视机顶盒Apple TV,可用作无线“智能家居”中心。此次新品发布也使谷歌处于跟有线电视公司竞争的境地,许多有线电视公司也提供用于看电视和上网的家居中心。The inclusion of Bluetooth and other methods of wireless connectivity means Google’s 0 OnHub will be able to control the “internet of things” inside the home as more consumers buy connected peripherals such as wireless speakers, thermostats and security cameras.谷歌定价200美元的OnHub路由器包含蓝牙和其他无线连接技术,意味着它将能够控制家庭内的“物联网”。如今,越来越多的消费者购买了无线音箱、恒温器和监控摄像头等可连接外设。The project has been developed over the past two years by teams who worked on the Chrome operating system and Google Access, the unit responsible for its superfast fibreoptic-based network.这个项目是由负责Chrome操作系统的多个团队和Google Access历时两年联合完成研发的。Google Access是谷歌旗下负责其超快速光纤网络的部门。Google has taken an Apple-like approach to designing OnHub, concealing the antennas that usually protrude from a router inside a cylinder that can be customised with a range of colours and patterns. Google has made other internal improvements to regular routers that it says will make OnHub easier to manage and allow WiFi networks to run faster and over a wider area.谷歌在OnHub设计上采用了类似苹果的方法,把通常突出在路由器外面的天线隐藏到一个圆筒中,圆筒可以定制为不同颜色和样式。谷歌还在其他方面对常规路由器进行了内部改进,并表示,这将使OnHub更便于管理,使WiFi网络运行得更快,覆盖到更广范围。While OnHub will remain part of Google after the internet company becomes a subsidiary of new parent Alphabet, under a corporate shake-up announced by chief executive Larry Pagelast week, no information about browsing or viewing behaviour will be used to tailor online advertising, the company says.谷歌表示,尽管OnHub在公司重组后仍将是谷歌的一部分,但用户浏览或观看行为的相关信息将不会被用于量身定做在线广告。上周,谷歌首席执行官拉里椠奇(Larry Page)宣布了公司的重组方案,谷歌此后将成为新成立的母公司Alphabet的子公司。The OnHub device may in time work with peripherals from Nest, the smart-home unit that will become a separate Alphabet subsidiary to Google.OnHub以后或许会跟Nest的外设产品相互兼容。Nest这一智能家居部门将成为Alphabet旗下一家平行于谷歌的独立子公司。 /201508/394792太仓妇幼保健医院生孩子好吗

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