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How cool can libraries be in an era of iPads and Kindles? More than you think. Only if you know where to go.在iPad和Kindle的时代,图书馆能有多酷?其实远超你的想象,只要你知道该去哪儿。1. Central Library: Seattle, Washington, ed States1. 中央图书馆:美国华盛顿州西雅图市The Central Library in Seattle is sleek, modern and sophisticated and has tourists from around the world paying visits and taking tours. Yes, actual tours.西雅图的中央图书馆时尚现代而且精致,吸引了来自世界各地的游客前来观光。没错,真正的观光。In its first year, more than 2 million tourists visited the library, which was designed by Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas and American designer Joshua Ramus. Tours began in 2006, two years after its opening.这座图书馆建成的第一年,就迎来了超过200万游客前来参观。图书馆的设计者是荷兰建筑师雷姆·库哈斯和美国设计师乔舒亚·拉莫斯。在2006年也就是图书馆开放两年后,开始正式接受游客参观。The library was voted onto the American Institute of Architects 150 favorite structures in the ed States.在美国建筑师学会票选出的美国人150座最喜爱的建筑中,这座图书馆榜上有名。The library holds various art exhibitions, book signings and other events throughout the year, while visitors can stop by the Chocolati cart for a coffee and browse through the gift shop anytime.中央图书馆一年到头举办各类艺术展、图书签售会等活动,不论何时,游客都可以在Chocolati 咖啡吧里停下来喝杯咖啡,浏览一下礼品店。2. Trinity College Library: Dublin, Ireland2. 圣三一学院图书馆:爱尔兰都柏林The Trinity College Library in Dublin is the oldest library in Ireland, founded in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth I.位于都柏林的圣三一学院图书馆是爱尔兰最古老的图书馆,由伊丽莎白一世女王主持建于1592年。Not only is the exterior impressive, it boasts the largest single chamber library in the world, also known as the Long Room, which contains more than 200,000 of the library#39;s oldest books.图书馆不仅是外形让人印象深刻,它还是世界上最大的单体图书馆,被称为“长厅”,收藏了20万本图书馆最古老的书。The Long Room houses one of the oldest harps in Ireland. Dating to the 15th century, the oak harp is the model for the emblem of Ireland.爱尔兰最古老的竖琴之一也存放于“长厅”。这架竖琴诞生于15世纪,是爱尔兰象征的标志。3. Geisel Library, University of California: San Diego, ed States3. 加州大学盖泽尔图书馆:美国圣地亚哥At first glance, it looks like a spaceship.第一眼看上去,这座图书馆好像一艘宇宙飞船。Architect William Pereira, who helped design actual space launch facilities at Cape Canaveral in Houston, Texas, designed the library in 1970. It has been featured in sci-fi films, short stories and novels.这座图书馆是建筑师威廉姆·佩雷拉在1970年设计的,他曾协助设计位于德克萨斯州休斯敦市卡纳维拉尔角的空间发射站。这座图书馆在许多科幻电影、短篇故事和小说里出现过。If you need a hint of which film, think of Leonardo DeCaprio, dreams and a lot of snow.如果你想知道是哪部电影,提示是莱昂纳多、梦和很多雪花。Yes, the snow fortress in the film ;Inception; looks a lot like the Geisel Library.没错,《盗梦空间》里雪地里的堡垒那个场景,看起来就很像是盖泽尔图书馆。But of course, it#39;s not just the exterior that#39;s interesting. The library also hosts ;Dinner in the Library,; which invites ers for cocktails, a silent auction and also a special speech from prominent authors.当然这座图书馆并不止是外表有趣。它还举办“图书馆晚宴”,邀请读者来喝鸡尾酒,同时还有一场无声拍卖会和杰出作家的特别演讲。4. TU Delft Library: The Netherlands4. 代尔夫特理工大学图书馆:荷兰he library at the Delft University of Technology was constructed in 1997 and has more than 862,000 books, 16,000 magazine subscriptions and its own museum. But it will only take a glance to be mesmerized, as it is a sight to remember.代尔夫特理工大学的图书馆建于1997年,有86.2万本藏书,1万6千份杂志和自己的物馆。但你只需要看上一眼就会对它印象深刻The building itself exists beneath the ground, so you can#39;t really see the actual library. What makes it interesting is the roof, which is a grassy hill.这座建筑位于地下,因此你无法真正看见它。有意思的是:它的屋顶是一座长满草的山坡。A huge cone pierces the grass roof, which symbolizes technology.一个象征科技的巨大圆锥体穿过这片青草屋顶。The roof covers 5,500 square meters. Construction of the roof posed several difficulties in terms of maintenence and leakage, but it has become one of the most striking and greenest structures in the area.屋顶有5500平方米。它的修建曾经面临一些维护和漏水的难题,但现在它已经是该地区最显眼也最绿色的建筑之一。5. Bibliotheca Alexandrina: Alexandria, Egypt5. 亚历山大图书馆:埃及亚历山大The Bibliotheca Alexandrina is the revival of the ancient Royal Library of Alexandria, which was the largest and most influential library in the Greek world. It was built by Alexander the Great some 2,300 years ago.亚历山大图书馆是在古代亚历山大图书馆基础上进心的重建,古亚历山大图书馆曾是希腊语世界最大最具影响力的图书馆,由亚历山大大帝建于约2300年前。The new library was reborn in 2002 on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea after 10 years of designing, planning and construction.新图书馆2002年在地中海岸建成,历经了10年的设计、计划和建设。Along with the standard libraries with books, there are four museums covering antiquities, manuscripts and science, and also 15 permanent exhibitions, including ;Impressions of Alexandria,; ;Arabic Calligraphy; and ;The History of Printing.;除了藏书之外,这座图书馆还有四座物馆,收藏了文物、手稿和一些科学展品,还有15场永久展览,包括“亚历山大印象”,“阿拉伯书法” 和 “印刷的历史” 等书画。With its circular yet tilting form, the library looks like a modern painting. Various carvings and alphabetic inscriptions decorate the flatter side of the building, which the designers explain is ;a careful display of the library#39;s basic proviso: language.;图书馆的外形呈圆形且有倾斜度,好像一副现代绘画。较平的一面装饰有各种雕刻和字母碑文,设计师解释说是“对图书馆的基础也就是语言的展示”。6. Stuttgart City Library: Stuttgart, Germany6. 斯图加特城市图书馆:德国斯图加特The Stuttgart City Library is controversial. Some say it#39;s innovative, while others say it doesn#39;t match its environment.斯图加特城市图书馆富有争议。有人说它非常创新,有人说它和环境格格不入。Nevertheless, the library is one of the most interesting buildings in the area, along with the Porsche Museum nearby.不管怎么说,这座图书馆和它附近的保时捷物馆一样,都是它所在区域内最有趣的建筑之一。Designed by Korean-born, Germany-based architect Yi Eun-young, the design of the cubic facility was influenced by the ancient Pantheon in Rome. It features a linear-shaped ;heart,; which serves as a multi-story meeting space that draws natural sunlight through the roof.设计师是成长在德国的韩裔建筑师Yi Eun-young,立方体的造型设计受到了罗马古万神殿的影响。在多层楼交汇的空间有一个流线型的“心”,收集着从屋顶照进来的自然阳光。The space throws various events, including book signings, ings and exhibitions.这一片空间用来举办各种活动,包括图书签售会、读书会和展览。The white and silver library may not fit perfectly with the green trees and red-roofed houses around the city, but it does stand out.这座银白色的图书馆也许和这座城市的绿树还有红屋顶的房子不太协调,但它确实很显眼。7. Bishan Public Library, Singapore7. 璧山公共图书馆:新加坡Located in the heart of Bishan, the award-winning Bishan Community Library spans 4,000 square meters.这座得过奖的社区图书馆位于璧山中心地带,占地4000平方米。Simple and sophisticated, it was designed to look like a tree house.它的设计简约而又精致,看起来像一座树上小屋。The colorful pods that stick out of one side of the building represent books protruding from a bookshelf. Inside the library, these pods offer private spaces for ing. Not to mention a perfect place to hold seminars, ings and workshops.那些从建筑的一面伸出来的色部分,代表了从书架上抽出的书。而在图书馆内部,这些部分为阅读者提供了私人空间。这也是举办研讨会、读书会和工作坊的完美地点。Its ceiling-high glass windows also make it fun to watch people walking and ing from inside the building.天花板高度的玻璃窗可以让你看着人们在图书馆内行走和阅读,十分有趣。 /201212/214614

Has your doctor or your woman told you that you need to improve your sperm? Don’t be insulted. What they are talking about is the sperm count, or the number of sperm that are released when you ejaculate. This is something that few men think about, because a high or low sperm count has no bearing on the quality of the sex. You need natural ways to improve sperm counts.你的医生或伴侣曾经告诉你需要改善你的精子质量了吗?不必觉得是受到了侮辱。他们正在谈论的是精子数,即你射精时释放出中精子的含量。很少有男性会考虑这些事情,因为精子数高或低与性生活质量无关。不过,你仍需要用自然的方式来提高精子数。Why You Need to Improve Your Sperm你为什么要提高精子数?If your partner wants to have a baby, you need to improve your sperm count. When the sperm count is low, your chances of conceiving are slim. The higher the sperm count is, the more likely a pregnancy is to occur. Other than this, having a low sperm count really doesn’t matter at all.如果你的伴侣想要一个小孩,你就需要提高你的精子数。当精子数很低时,怀的机会就很小。精子数越高,怀的几率就越高。抛开怀,精子数低确实没有任何影响。10 Ways to Improve Your Sperm Count10个方法助你提高精子数1. Get Lots of Exercise. When your body is in good shape, so is your sperm count.1、勤锻炼。当你身体有一个健康的体态时,精子数也处于良好水平。2. The Three Day Rule. Wait three days between ejaculations. Ejaculating too often significantly lowers the count.2、三天原则。两次射精时间间隔三天。频繁射精会极大的降低精子数。3. Eat a Balanced Diet. Avoid spicy foods, and load up on the vegetables to raise your sperm count.3、平衡膳食。避免辛辣食物,多吃一些有助于增加精子数的蔬菜。4. Improve Your Blood Circulation.4、改善血液循环。5. Avoid Heat. Heating up the testicles definitely lowers the sperm count.5、防热。睾丸受热确实会降低精子数。6. Do Away with Bad Habits. Smoking, drinking, and drugs all play a role in the count of your sperm.6、戒除坏习惯。无论是抽烟、喝酒i还是吸毒,都对你的精子数量有影响。7. Have Sex in the Morning. This is the time of the day when your sperm count is at its highest.7、早上做爱。早晨是你一天中精子含量最高的时候。8. Reduce Stress. Stress affects all body systems, including your reproductive system.8、减压。压力影响所有身体器官,包括你的生殖系统。9. Try Natural Supplements. There are many supplements available with natural ingredients that will boost your sperm count.9、试着用一些天然的补品。有许多人们正在使用的天然补品,可能会增加精子数量。10. Lose Weight. If you have too much body weight, your sperm count will be lower. As you lose weight, the count goes up.10、减肥。如果你太肥胖了,你的精子数就会降低。随着你体重减轻,精子数量会升上来。Foods that Boost Your Sperm Count一些可以促进精子增加的食物We shouldn’t be surprised to find that the foods that we eat for general good health are the same foods that account for healthy sperm. These foods include oatmeal, fish, fresh berries – especially blueberries, and fresh fruits and vegetables, including beans of all varieties.毋庸置疑,那些对身体总体有好处的食物通常与那些对精子健康食物是一致的。这些食物包括燕麦片、鱼、新鲜的草莓——特别是蓝莓,新鲜的水果和蔬菜,包括各种豆类。You can eat all manner of fresh fruits and vegetables, but two fruits that you should especially enjoy and consume when trying to boost your sperm count are tomatoes and watermelon. Dairy products may also be consumed, and can offer aid, but you should switch to the low fat versions of these products, including low fat yogurt.你可以吃各种类的新鲜水果和蔬菜,但是当你试图提高精子数时,两类水果你应该特别钟爱和多多进食,它们就是西红柿和西瓜。乳制品也要进食,有助于精子数提高,但是你应该转向低脂肪含量的给类食品,包括低脂酸奶。Food to Avoid应避免的食物If you are trying to boost your sperm count, you will do well to avoid all alcohol consumption. However, consuming a glass or two per day won’t damage your sperm to the point where pregnancy cannot occur. You should also avoid all red meat – in any quantity, regardless of how lean the cut is. Just as you would in an effort to improve your health, you should avoid foods that are full of bad fats as well.如果你正试图增加精子的数量,你最好避免摄入任何含酒精的食物饮料。尽管一天喝一、二杯不会损坏太大,以致于不能怀。你也应尽量避免进食任何量的各种“红”肉,无论切片多么薄。正像你试图尽力改善你的健康,你应该避免进食任何含有;坏“脂肪的食物。Why Sperm Count May Be Low为什么精子含量会低Sperm count can be low for a wide range of reasons. Wearing tight underwear can cause your sperm count to go down. You could also have an infection that has an effect on your sperm count. If you ejaculate frequently – whether it is through sex or masturbation, your sperm count will be lower.精子含量会低,原因是多方面的。穿紧身内衣可能导致精子含量下降。自身感染也会对精子含量有影响。如果你射精太频繁,无论是通过性交或是手淫,精子含量也会降低。Certain drugs and other substances can also affect your sperm count. Check with your doctor about medications you are taking, and also avoid smoking and drinking too much. Also, steroid use and illegal drug use should be avoided.某些药物或不明物质也会影响精子数。让你的医生检查一下你正在使用的药物,也要避免过量吸烟和饮酒。此外,甾体激素类使用和违禁药物使用也应当避免。 /201307/247844

A Canadian photographer has given the term #39;boyfriend jeans#39; a whole new meaning.一位加拿大的摄影师给流行热潮 “男友式牛仔裤” 赋予了全新的含义。Hana Pesut, 30, has been photographing couples, friends and family in their own outfits, and then again in each other#39;s, since 2010 for a book project called Switcheroo.30岁的哈娜·佩舒特从2010年起,就为一个名为“Switcheroo”的研究项目拍摄成组的情侣、朋友或家人照片,他们先是穿着自己的一身衣,然后再互换衣后拍摄。Mixing and matching skirts and jeans; trucker caps and straw hats; parkas and pea coats; pendants and bow ties; and heels and heavy boots, the compelling couples look at once goofy and intimate dressed in each others clothes.混合搭配的裙子和牛仔裤;卡车帽和草帽;风衣和羊毛外套;耳坠和领结;高跟鞋和厚靴子,这一对对互换衣后,立马就变得又傻气又亲密,十分引人注目。Ms Pesut told the Globe and Mail: #39;It’s a nice way to take a portrait and to see the way couples interact with one another. To see how much fun it is for them to see each other in each other’s clothes.佩舒特女士告诉《环球邮报》的记者:“这是一个很好的拍照方式,可以看出两人彼此互动。而且我也会发现,他们看到对方穿着自己的衣是多么有趣。”#39;A couple of guys have not liked it. They act like their girlfriend tricked them into doing it. Others are good sports. They know they look funny. It’s all just for fun.#39;“有些男生不喜欢这种方式,他们表现得就像被女朋友骗过来的一样。其他人表现很好,他们知道自己看起来很有滑稽。一切都是为了好玩。”The idea first came to Ms Pesut, who works as a deejay and handles social media for a company in the entertainment business, while on a camping trip with friends.佩舒特身兼唱片师和业务公司的社媒管理人,是在跟朋友一起露营的时候得到这个想法的。#39;I was camping with some friends and two of them were dressed in very different styles. One was wearing tie dye, sequins, silk scarves and everything was very colorful, whereas the other was wearing black jeans and a black T-shirt, so we thought it would be fun for them to switch outfits and I decided to take before and after photos.“我跟一些朋友去露营,当中有两个打扮的风格非常不同。一个身上元素很多:扎染、亮片、真丝围巾和各种色鲜艳的装饰,而另一个穿着黑牛仔裤和黑T恤,所以我们就想着也许他们互换一下行头会很有趣,然后我就决定在他们换装前后各照一张照片。”#39;After that day, I would see couples walking in the street and I would wonder what they would look like in each others outfits so I thought it would be fun to find out.#39;“从那天以后,我就会看街上的情侣,想象他们互换衣后的样子,我觉得这将是很有趣的发现。”So she began chronicling the images, which she takes at locations that resonate with each couple, on her blog sincerelyhana.com, before she complied them for an up-coming book which she is currently raising funds for via Indiegogo.于是她开始在她的客sincerelyhana.com上记录照片,她会选择能引起每对情侣共鸣的地点拍摄。之后她会把照片编辑到一本即将出版的书里,现在正在通过募资网站Indiegogo筹集资金。#39;I think people find it really intriguing to see someone that they are close with dressed up as them,#39; she said.“我觉得人们看到自己很亲近的人穿上自己的衣,也都会觉得十分有意思。” 她说道。Special spots: Ms Pesut chooses each location based on places that are special or memorable for each couple.特殊地点:佩舒特每次选景都会选在对于这对情侣非常特殊和难忘的地方。Not so sure: The photographer admitted, #39;A couple of guys have not liked it. They act like their girlfriend tricked them into doing it. Others are good sports. They know they look funny. It’s all just for fun#39;.不太确定:摄影师也承认,“有些人不喜欢这种方式。他们表现得就像是他们的女友骗他们来的。其他人表现很好。他们知道自己看起来很有滑稽。一切都是为了好玩”。Boy meets girl: Ms Pesut said, #39;Some of the men are usually a little unsure of what they are getting into but once they are actually in the women#39;s clothing they realize it#39;s not so bad, sometimes they really pull it off!#39;男孩遇见女孩:佩舒特说,“有些男人常常会有一点搞不清楚自己在穿什么,但是一旦真的穿上了女人的衣,他们就发现没那么糟糕,有时他们真的会马上脱掉!”#39;They learn the trick that high heels make your legs look longer!#39;“不过他们了解到了,高跟鞋会让人的腿看起来更长!”Mirror, mirror: The photographer thinks of her portraits as a way to #39;see the way couples interact with one another. To see how much fun it is for them to see each other in each other’s clothes#39;魔镜啊,魔镜:摄影师觉得她的照片能够“看出两人彼此互动的方式。也会发现在他们看到对方穿着自己的衣是多么有趣。”Globe trotter: She has photographed over 200 #39;switcheroos#39; all over the world, including Spain, Japan, France, Austria, Mexico, Canada and America.全球覆盖:她在全球已经拍摄了近200对“换装达人”,包括西班牙、日本、法国、奥地利、墨西哥、加拿大和美国。Final cut: Ms Pesut is publishing a 64-page book of some of her favorite images, which she hopes to have printed in January 2013最后一步:佩舒特将她最喜欢的照片打算出版成一本64页的书籍,希望能在2013年1月出版。 /201211/210435

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