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At Drogheda, on the main road between Dublin and Ulster,在都柏林和阿尔斯特间的必经之路 德罗赫达he made it only too clear what he had in mind.他的意图 已经表达得再清楚不过了Theres no point side-stepping this horror, is there?不可否认 这样的行径实为恐怖 This was Cromwells war crime, an atrocity so hideous,its contaminated Anglo-Irish history ever since.这是克伦威尔的战争罪行 令人发指的暴行 是盎格鲁撒克逊人史无前例的污点We need to get right just what this atrocity was.我们需要明晰这是怎样一场暴行What it wasnt was the indiscriminate butchery of women and children.他并没有对 妇女和儿童不加区别地屠杀No eye-witnesses ever claimed to have seen any such thing.没有目击者声称亲眼目睹过这样的屠杀But what Cromwell did order,unhesitatingly and without any mercy,不过克伦威尔所下的命令 确是毫不犹豫 不加丝毫怜悯的was, in any case, an act of unspeakable murder.令人发指的谋杀At least 3,000 royalist soldiers were butchered at Drogheda,至少三千名保皇党士兵 在德罗赫达被屠杀the vast majority after they had surrendered and disarmed.虽然他们大多都已经缴械投降At St Peters Church,Cromwell had his soldiers burn the pews beneath the steeple在圣彼得大教堂 克伦威尔命士兵 在尖塔下点燃教堂长椅to smoke out the defenders,who were incinerated in the flames.把抵抗者熏出来 后者最终被大火吞噬The General saw no need to hang his head about the massacre.这是裸的大屠杀 而他却不以为意We are come to break the power of lawless rebels who, having cast off the authority of England,我们来此只是清剿目无法纪的叛徒 那些脱离了英格兰的管束live as enemies to human society,whose principles are to destroy and subjugate all men not complying with them.成为人类社会公敌的人 他们意在摧毁和荡平 一切不从他们的人 /201704/502077【视频讲解】British Prime Minister Theresa May made a surprise announcement today calling for early elections in the U.K. this June. She said it was a necessary move as the country heads into negotiations around Brexit, Britains exit from the European Union. Here she is outside No. 10 Downing St.THERESA MAY: At this moment of enormous national significance, there should be unity here in Westminster, but instead there is division. The country is coming together, but Westminster is not.今天,英国首相特蕾莎#8226;梅突然宣布英国将在今年6月提前举行大选。她表示,英国将同欧盟展开脱欧谈判,即英国退出欧盟的谈判,提前举行大选是一项必要举措。以下是她在唐宁街10号首相官邸前发表的讲话。在这个对国家来说意义重大的时刻,英国议会本应团结一致,可是如今却产生了分裂。国家正在走向团结,但议会却不是。call for 需要- The problem calls for action.Brexit n.英国退欧No.10 Downing ST. 唐宁街10号英国首相府enormous adj.巨大的- massive, grand, tremendous, immensesignificance n.重要性Westminster 英国政治中心division n.分裂- divide v.分裂,分离Westminster, meaning Parliament. For more on Mays announcement and how Parliament might respond, were joined now by George Parker, political editor of the Financial Times. Welcome back to the program.National elections in the U.K. were not expected to take place until the year 2020. Theresa May has herself said multiple times she wouldnt call elections before then. What changed her mind?威斯敏斯特指的是英国议会。现在我们连线《金融时报》政治编辑乔治#8226;帕克,了解梅的声明以及英国议会的反应。欢迎再次做客节目。英国大选原定在2020年举行。特蕾莎#8226;梅曾多次表示她不会要求提前举行大选。她为什么会改变主意?Parliament n.议会change someone’s mind 改变想法Well, it all comes down to Brexit, I think. And I think shed come to the conclusion sort of reluctantly I think over a number of months that really she needed to take back control of Brexit, coupled with which of course there was the tempting matter of the opinion polls which suggest if she does have an early election, that shed crush the Labour opposition. So I think in the end, it just proved too much of an opportunity to resist.我认为一切都是为了英国脱欧。这几个月以来她不情愿地得出结论,她要夺回英国脱欧的控制权,当然民调的结果极具诱惑性,民调显示,如果她提前举行大选,那她会大胜反对党工党。我认为,这一切都明了她不愿错过这一机会。sort of (口语)有点儿reluctantly adv.不情愿地- reluctant adj.不情愿的be coupled with 联合tempting adj.诱惑的- temptation n.诱惑opinion poll 民意调查crush v.粉碎Now it used to be that the prime minister could call an early election, a snap election, one very quickly. But thanks to a fairly new law, she needs to get approval from the House of Commons. Does she have the votes she needs for this general election to go forward?以前英国首相可以要求提前举行大选,可以非常迅速地提前举行大选。但是由于一项新法律,她需要在英国下议院得到足够的持票才能提前举行大选。她那得到推动提前大选的足够票数了吗?snap v. 突然快速做某事- snap a picturefairly adv.非常地House of Commons 下议院general election 普选Well, well find out on Wednesday when Parliament votes on whether there should be early election. And the answer to the question appears to be yes, that the opposition parties will vote for that early election.我们得知,英国议会周三就是否应该提前举行大选进行了投票表决。投票结果是持提前大选,各反对党将参加提前大选的投票。find out 知道201706/512613Tapping the wires is surprisingly simple.窃取光纤信息极其简单The data carried by the fibre-optic cable只需要将光纤传递的信息just needs to be diverted.进行改道A fibre-optic cable signal is a beam of light光纤信号就是一束光travelling down a cable made from glass.这束光穿过了玻璃材质的线缆Pulses of light represent脉冲光束代表着the pieces of information travelling across the internet,穿梭于互联网中的信息which is the e-mails, the web pages,例如电子邮件 网页everything thats going over the internet.所有经过互联网的信息Every 50 miles or so, that signal becomes sufficiently weak每八十千米左右 这个信号就会变得极其弱that it needs to be repeated,因此它需要被加强and this is the weak spot.而这就是薄弱点And its very easy to insert an optical tap at that point.在这一薄弱点安插拦截设备极其简单And thats just what GCHQ did.英国情报机构政府通信总部就这么做的A device was placed into the beam of data在数据流中安插一个设备which created a mirror image of the millions of e-mails,建立镜像 其中包括每秒钟经过光纤的web searches and internet traffic数以百万计的电子邮件passing through the cables every second.网页搜索和网络通讯信息重点解释:1.a beam of light 一束光例句:A beam of light generated by a laser.由激光器发出的一束光。2.be made from ... 由 ... 制成例句:Water can be made from oxygen and hydrogen.水是由氧和氢组成。3.go over 检查;重做例句:Lets just go over these figures again.我们再检查一下这些数字吧。201612/482141Not going to win me any dates, thats for certain.这样肯定是把不到的But you see how much cooler that is.但清凉效果一流As soon as I put this on,you can see the heat again.一旦我穿上这个 温度又会回升Cooler, smellier,but better off for it.凉快 虽然臭了点 但感觉更好了As I get nearer to the coast,the sea breeze actually helps me.越靠近海边 越能享受到海风带来的清新This could be ten degrees cooler than the air inland and its a welcome relief.这里的气温 比内陆要低10度 实在惬意The sound of the surf is just unmistakable.海浪的声音 绝对错不了You can also smell the sea air.Come on, lets go then.你能闻到海水的味道 快 快走吧Finding the coast at least gives you a fighting chance of survival.海岸的出现 又增添了一线生机Youve got food in the sea.你能在海里找到食物Youve got the chance of finding rubbish on the beach可能会在海滩上发现人造垃圾and also the likelihood of coming across people either on the beach or ships out at sea.也可能 在海滩上遇到人 或者出海的船只Its a long way down there.Look, you see over there,the edge of the cliff, its cracked.离太远了 不好下去看那边 崖壁是裂开的Get into that and shimmy my way down it.Thats right. Lets go.顺着那摸索下去 好 出发Because the weathered limestone is loose and crumbly,the safest way down is to do a chimney climb.因为风化的岩石松动易碎 所以最安全的 就是从狭窄的岩缝中下去But pitting opposing pressure on both walls with my legs and back,I can descend safely and quickly.利用我双腿和后背 对两边崖壁的反作用力 就能迅速地安全着地Whats wedged in here now?From here, I can see the crack runs straight under the overhang.什么东西卡住了 从这儿看下去 裂缝和崖壁几乎平行201611/479151

In 1128, Matilda married Geoffrey of Anjou,nicknamed ;plantagenet;,1128年 玛蒂尔达嫁给了安茹的杰弗里 他的绰号是;金雀花;because he wore a sprig of yellow broom or planta genista in his hat.因为他帽子上插了一朵黄色的金雀花His family emblem was three lions.他的家徽是三头狮子Along with his money, power and territory Geoffrey gave Matilda something even more important a son, Henry.杰弗里不仅给了玛蒂尔达 财富 权力与领地 更给了她非常重要的子嗣 亨利As the boy Henry grew up, it became apparent that from his mother hed inherited steely single-mindedness,亨利长大后 开始展现出 从母亲那里继承而来的钢铁的意志lots of physical courage and a phenomenally foul temper.无畏的勇气 暴躁的性格From his father hed got instinctive charm and knife-sharp political and military intelligence.他从父亲身上继承了与生俱来的魅力 锋锐无匹的政治 军事才能But the quality that anyone who ever met Henry most vividly remembered about him,但所有见过亨利的人 对他印象最深的品质就是the overflowing tank of energy that made him the most hyperactive king in British history,This was all his own.无比旺盛的精力 这使他成为英国史上最为活跃的国王 这就是他的特点了This was the age of chivalry, when the myth of Arthur and Camelot was at its most popular.那是骑士时代 传说中的亚瑟王和卡米洛特 可谓妇孺皆知Right from the start, Henry was being groomed by his ambitious parents野心勃勃的父母 从小就教导亨利to take England away from Stephen, to become a new King Arthur.要击败斯蒂芬 夺回英格兰 复刻亚瑟王传奇And to do this, of course, he would need a Guinevere.为了实现夙愿 他需要自己的桂妮薇儿As it happened, the perfect candidate had just become available Eleanor of Aquitaine.正在此时 最合适的人选出现了即阿基坦的埃莉诺 /201609/464301

Im not expecting this to be particularly pleasant,这滋味绝对不会好受but there are stories of this saving peoples lives.但这法子的确救过不少人的命Theres one particular family who was stranded in a life raft.曾经有一家人 困于救生筏上And all this water had gathered in the bottom of it,他们所有的水都是从where theyd been feeding off turtles,and it was mixed with turtles blood, it had gone fetid.食用海龟后剩下的 混合着海龟血液的臭水中获取And the only way they managed to stay hydrated was by using that fetid water and giving themselves an enema.为了不脱水 只能这么做 用那些臭水给自己灌肠And then once its in,I guess all you can do is lie back and think of England!现在 管子去了 你能做的就是躺着 然后尽可能想着美好的事情A gentle reminder that survival is rarely pretty.友情提示 幸存者少之又少Thats something I hope I never, ever have to do again.我希望我这辈子再也不用那么做了Yeah, I mean, the shows been so successful.You know, everything that Bear does now has to be better than what it was before.这部剧是如此的成功 贝尔当下做的一切 都必须比以前做的更好But thats all right for him.但那对于他来说没问题But hes also dragging a few of us along, as well.不过他也会拉我们几个下水Choosing my all-time greatest 25 moments was always gonna be hard.让我选出最精的25个时刻 本来就是件难事The scars are a good legacy and the memories still very vivid.伤疤是最好的见 那些瞬间也历历在目But its been a huge privilege to explore some of the most incredible environments this planet has to offer.能去探索这个星球上 那些最难以置信的地方 实在是太幸运了But there are still many more remote corners of the world that I havent yet been.但世界上仍有许多遥不可及的角落 我还不曾涉足And I cant wait to get out there,take on the wild once more.我已迫不及待 再次启程 来一次荒野求生To see more great moments from the show,visit discovery.com manvswild.想看更多精片段吗 请登录探索频道官网 荒野求生专区201612/485321

【视频讲解】In December Barclays vowed to fight a bn-odd fine for mortgage misselling, which it argues is harsher than those faced by American banks.去年12月,巴克莱因不当销售抵押贷款券的指控被判罚50多亿美元。巴克莱誓将上诉,认为这比其他美国受到的判罚更严厉。vow to 发誓-While many models vow to go back to college, few do.很多模特儿发誓要重返大学,但几乎无人做到。Harsh1. 严酷的-the harsh desert environment.严酷的沙漠环境。2. 刺耳的-Chris laughed harshly(adv.). 克里斯大笑,声音刺耳。The Trump administration could well awaken a protectionist impulse at big domestic firms that lies not far beneath the surface, reckon the most pessimistic of all.最为悲观的看法认为,特朗普政府很可能唤起国内大企业那隐藏不深的保护主义冲动。Impulse冲动(An impulse is a sudden desire to do something)-Unable to resist the impulse, he glanced at the sea again.他抑制不住冲动,又看了一眼大海。Beneath 在…之下Reckon想,认为-Toni reckoned that it must be about three oclock.托尼想一定是3点钟左右了。Jamie Dimon’s latest letter to the shareholders of JPMorgan Chase warns that American banks’ dominance could be threatened by Chinese rivals.杰米#8226;戴蒙(Jamie Dimon)最近在给根大通股东的信件中警告道,美国的主导地位可能会受到中国对手的威胁。Threaten受到威胁的; 感到危险的(If you feel threatened, you feel as if someone is trying to harm you. )-Anger is the natural reaction we experience when we feel threatened。愤怒是我们受到威胁或遇到挫折时的自然反应。A report on semiconductors for the White House last month, written by a body that includes the bosses of Google, Qualcomm and Northrop Grumman, recommends protecting the chip industry from Chinese competition.上月,谷歌、高通(Qualcomm)、诺斯洛普#8226;格鲁门(Northrop Grumman)等公司的高管联合为白宫撰写了有关半导体的报告,建议保护美国芯片行业免受来自中国的竞争。Body团体; 组织-She was elected student body president at the University of Chicago.她当选为芝加哥大学学生社团主席。America’s airlines constantly complain about unfair competition from Emirates and other rivals.美国的航空公司也经常抱怨阿联酋航空等对手的不公平竞争。收购,或者变身A more populist America may require fresh tactics from foreigners.面对民粹主义抬头的美国,外国人可能需要采取新策略。Constant 发生的; 常存在的-She suggests that women are under constant pressure to be abnormally thin.她提出女性受持续的压力之下要异常苗条。Fresh新近的,新颖的-There were no fresh car tracks or footprints in the snow. 雪地里没有新的车辙或脚印。 Some are working on their connections.有些人正在努力搭建人脉。Masayoshi Son, boss of SoftBank, pledged to invest bn in America after meeting Mr Trump in December.软银老板孙正义在去年12月与特朗普会面后承诺向美国投资500亿美元。Connection亲属:指具有影响或地位的人,其与他人具有血缘、共同爱好或婚姻关系:-used her connections to land a job.用她的各种人际关系找工作Pledge承诺-The French president is pledging 0 million in French aid next year.法国总统承诺来年将拨款1.5亿美元用于法国援助。The head of Anbang Insurance, a Chinese firm that is no stranger to relationship-based capitalism at home, dined with Mr Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, in November.中国的安邦保险在本国深谙资本主义的关系之道,其董事长与特朗普的女婿贾瑞德#8226;库什纳(Jared Kushner)在去年11月曾聚餐接洽。Anbang owns the Waldorf Astoria, among other American assets.安邦拥有华尔道夫酒店等美国资产。no stranger to 对于...熟悉-He was no stranger to the labyrinth of love.对爱情迷宫他并不陌生。Among 以及-a news conference attended among others by our foreign affairs correspondent.-有我们的驻外记者和其他人参加的一个新闻发布会。Another approach is to buy a well-placed oligopoly.另一方式是收购业绩优秀的寡头垄断企业。InBev’s purchase in 2008 of Anheuser-Busch, maker of Budweiser Beer, has become a model for winning in America. Other deals in 2016 echoed it.英(InBev)在2008年收购了百威啤酒的制造商安海斯-布希(Anheuser-Busch),成为外国公司在美国的制胜典范。2016年的其他并购案重复了这一模式。well-placed 有身份,有地位Echo1. 重复仿效:-a fashion that is an echo of an earlier style仿效早期时尚的流行风潮2. 余留,痕迹:-found echoes of past civilizations while examining artifacts in the Middle East.在调查中东的史前古器物时,发现了旧时文明的遗迹Bayer agreed to buy Monsanto, which dominates the agricultural-seed business, and BAT is bidding for Reynolds American, which has a big share of the tobacco market.拜耳同意收购雄霸农业种子生意的孟山都(Monsanto),英美烟草公司(BAT)正在竞购在烟草市场上占有相当份额的雷诺兹美国公司(Reynolds American)。Bid1. 出价-Hanson made an agreed takeover bid of 0 million.汉森按约定出价3.00亿美元进行收购。2. 力求获得; 努力争取-Singapore Airlines is rumoured to be bidding for a management contract to run both airports.据传,新加坡航空公司正在努力争取这两个机场的管理合约。A last option is for foreign firms to assume a more American identity.外国公司的最后一个选择是进一步美国化。In sensitive sectors, they aly try to take on a local character.在敏感行业,它们已努力尝试本地化。Assume接受 (权利、责任)-Mr. Cross will assume the role of CEO with a team of four directors.克罗斯先生将担任由4位执行官组成的一个团队的首席执行官一职。take on 承担;-No other organisation was able or willing to take on the job.没有任何别的组织有能力或愿意承担此项工作。BAE Systems, a defence concern, has a separate American board stacked with former brass hats.军火企业英国BAE系统公司(BAE Systems)单独另设美国董事会,由退役高级军官坐镇Concern公司-The receivers will always prefer to sell a business as a going concern.接管人总是更希望出售仍然在运营的公司。be stacked with被...堆满-The cellar was stacked with old boxes.地窖里堆满了破旧的箱子。After the trade spats of the 1980s, Asian car firms localised their production and management. Rupert Murdoch shifted his media empire’s domicile from Australia to America in 2004.20世纪80年代的贸易争端后,亚洲的汽车公司已将其生产及管理本地化。2004年,默多克将其媒体帝国的注册地从澳大利亚转移至美国。Spit 口水 gt; Spat口角,小争吵-a marital spat夫妻间的口角Domicile 住处-Military service entails frequent changes of domicile.兵役需要频繁更换住所。As any dating-website veteran will tell you, if you can’t find love, change your appearance.正如所有约会网站的老手会告诉你的那样,如果找不到爱人,那就改头换面再来。Veteran1. 经验丰富的人-John, the veteran critic and professor of cinema studies at New York University.-约翰,这位纽约大学电影研究的教授和资深影评人。2. 退伍军人appearance 外表; 外观-She used to be so fussy about her appearance.她过去过分在意自己的外表。201705/510293

Around 3 million deaths a year are linked to outdoor air pollution, but new research might have found a way to combat the problem.每年约有300万人死于室外空气污染,但新的研究可能找到了解决问题的方法。A new study found B vitamins could offset the negative health effects that come from breathing fine particulate matter. 一项新的研究发现,维生素B可以抵消吸入细颗粒物质对健康的负面影响。The research focused on PM2.5, a pollutant that can cause sinus irritation, heart attacks and even premature death in some cases.这项研究的重点是PM2.5,这种污染物在某些情况下可能引起鼻窦刺激、心脏病发作甚至过早死亡。Researchers exposed 10 volunteers to polluted air from downtown Toronto for four weeks without vitamins. The air samples were fed through a face mask.研究人员连续四周将10名志愿者暴露在多伦多市中心受污染的空气中,没有补充维生素。空气样本通过面罩进行提供。Then, subjects were given a series of B vitamins while being exposed to the same pollution for another four weeks. The results showed the supplements reduced the negative effects by 28-76 percent.然后,志愿者被给予一些维生素B,同时另外四周暴露于相同的污染中。结果表明,补充维生素B将负面影响降低百分之28到76。Pollution is a growing health hazard, and cities across the globe struggle with levels of PM2.5 well above whats considered safe to breathe.污染是一个日益严重的健康危害,全球各地城市应对PM2.5的水平远比被认为安全呼吸的高。While this study did have encouraging results, the team behind it acknowledges the trials limitations. Aside from the small sample size, the researchers dont know the exact dose of vitamins needed to halt the negative health effects.虽然这项研究取得了令人鼓舞的成果,但它背后的团队承认了试验的局限性。除了样本量小外,研究人员还不知道需要维生素的确切剂量来停止负面健康效应。The researchers think future studies should increase the sample size and focus on areas with even higher pollution, like China or India.研究人员认为,未来的研究应增加样本容量,聚焦污染更为严重的地区,如中国或印度。译文属。201703/498061

When they looked further, there were clear signs that the fish had been killed by a volcanic eruption,他们继续搜寻后发现,一些显著迹象表明这些鱼的确死于火山爆发but then the evidence became more confusing.可是后来的据开始变得模棱两可When Olivers team looked on land they found nothing,当Oliver的小组研究陆地状况时,他们一无所获no sign of an extinction event affecting the dinosaurs.没有据表明灭绝事件影响了恐龙Whatever had killed the fish and caused the mass extinction in the oceans, it hadnt affected life on land.不管是什么杀死了鱼,并导致海洋中的大灭绝,它并没有影响到陆地生物That meant dinosaur evolution couldnt have been kick-started by a mass extinction. That theory was wrong.也就是说恐龙的进化并非由大灭绝引爆,这种假设是错误的It meant scientists would have to find something else,这意味着科学家们必须找出其它原因something equally connected to the break-up of the super-continent超大陆的分裂还关系到另一事件and powerful enough to have transformed the evolution of the dinosaurs,它的强大作用也足以改变恐龙的进化历程so they turned to another theory: climate change.因此他们开始关注另一种观点:气候变化。201705/509042

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