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89  There No Tipping in China  After living and teaching in China months, my wife and I returned to Calinia to visit our children and friends. Many of them asked what we liked most about China. The friendly people, the wonderful food, and the beautiful sights were at the top of our list. Then one night, after yet another restaurant dinner with friends, I realized that there was one other thing that I really liked about China: No tipping.  Tipping is a subject that has long interested and irritated me.  Many people think that the word ;tip; is acronym ;to insure promptness;. However, this is not possible. Since the practice of tipping began in England in the Middle Ages, scholars have not been able to find any acronyms much earlier than the th century. Most scholars trace the word ;tip; back to the early 00s, where it originated as criminal slang. It referred to inside inmation. The word gradually evolved to the point where, in the late 00s, it meant to give a monetary gratuity to someone service permed. That where it stayed until the English immigrated to North America.  In America, the three basic occupations that require tipping are waiterswaitresses, taxi drivers, and barbers. The standard tip is now between and per cent of the bill, depending on the quality of service. Why these three particular services deserve this special treatment is a mystery to me. Why am I supposed to tip a waiter bring me food when Im not expected to tip the flight attendant on an airplane doing the same thing? Why am I supposed to tip a taxi drive, but Im not expected to tip the bus driver? Why am I supposed to tip the barber cutting my hair but not the dentist fixing my teeth? I have been a teacher 39 years. No one has ever tipped me after a particularly successful class or lecture.  The whole concept of tipping doesnt make any sense. I have heard that there are some expensive restaurants in major cities in the US where the restaurant does not give the waiters any salary at all due to the large amounts of the tips. In fact, in some instances, I heard that the waiters actually pay the restaurant a small fee the opporty to collect the large tips.  The tipping problem in many European countries is solved by automatically adding a per cent gratuity to the bill. I prefer the Chinese solution: No tipping at all.  When I was visiting the US this summer, I went out to dinner several times with friends. Having spent month in China not even thinking about tipping, I found it irritating to have to spend extra money on the meal -- especially when the amount of the tip would every often buy a meal in China. While I understand why China, as a developing nation, has adopted many Western customs, I hope the Chinese are wise enough to never start the unnecessary practice of tipping. 187讲解Say helloThe key word in this song is Follow F-O-L-L-O-WFollow 跟随If you follow someone who is going somewhere, you move along behind them because you want to go to the same place.Here is an example:All we have to do is follow the map. 我们所要做的就是照地图走 今天这首歌里这两个人可不是跟着地图走,那是跟着什么走呢?你听:;If I find him if i just follow;Would he hold me and never let me go; I dont know; The name of the song is “Say Hello”This song is permed by Rosie Thomas and appears on the album These Friends Of Mine. It tells a story about two strangers trying to say hello to each other. 一个喜欢上陌生男孩的女孩,很害羞不敢表白却开始悄悄幻想和男孩的对话:Would he hold me and never let me go. Would he let me borrow his old winter coat.他会不会像电影男主人公一样把我包裹在他的温暖的大衣下,再也不让我离开呢?吗 会吗?想想就很害羞呢... 而这个男孩其实也默默的喜欢着这个女孩,男孩想If I see her standing there alone. At the train station three stops from her home. I have half a mind to say what Im thinking anyway从车站到她的家,我要什么时候上前跟他表白比较好呢? 就这样,终于有一天,男孩鼓足勇气跟女孩说话了! Hey there, how you doing?嘿,那边的朋友,你好么?Hi, my name’s Mary!嘿,我的名字叫玛丽!Hi!嗨! 整首歌只有分钟左右,却讲述了一个完整的爱情故事听完这首歌,你有没有想say hello to some one special呢? 附完整歌词:If I find him if i just follow如果我找到他,只是跟随他Would he hold me and never let me go他会不会抓紧我再也不让我走Would he let me borrow his old winter coat他会不会让我借去他的陈旧的冬大衣I dont know我不知道I dont know我不知道 If I see her standing there alone如果我看见她独自站在那里At the train station three stops from her home在离她家到火车站三站的地方I have half a mind to say what Im thinking anyway无论如何我只敢说出一半的心思I dont know我不知道I dont know我不知道 There airplane in the sky还有飞机在天空With a banner right behind正背后有一面旗帜Loneliness is just a crime孤独只是一种罪行Look each other in the eye看进彼此的眼眸And say hello说你好Oh oh oh oh哦噢哦噢And say hello说你好Oh oh oh oh oh噢哦噢哦噢Hey there, how you doing?嘿,那边的朋友,你好么?Hi, my name’s Mary!嘿,我的名字叫玛丽!Hi!嘿! 59396Is He a Good Doctor他是个好医生吗An American visiting a remote area in South America became sick. ;I have to see a doctor,; he told a local. ;How can I know which doctor is a good one?;一个在南美洲比较偏僻的地方旅游的美国人生病了“我要看医生”他告诉一个当地人,“我怎么知道哪个医生是个好医生呢?”;It easy,; was the reply. ;Every time a doctor loses a patient, it our law that he must fly a balloon above his office.;“很简单,”当地人回答,“照我们当地的规矩,每次医生治死一个病人,他必须在诊所上空放一个气球”So the American began his search. One doctor flew ballons, another 30. Finally the American found an office that was flying only five, and he went in.于是美国人开始寻找一个医生放了个气球,另一个30个最后,他终于找到了一家只有5个气球的诊所,就进去了;You will have to wait,; the doctor told him. ; someone who only started practice yesterday, Ive been very busy.;“你要等一会”医生告诉他,“我昨天才刚刚开始行医,我一直很忙” 53

介绍:The volatility in markets, meanwhile, is causing takeovers and issuance of shares and debt to atrophy. There is supposed to be a bright side to the turmoil, since volatility typically boosts trading revenues. But many investment banks have curtailed their trading operations under regulatory pressure. That has left them ill placed to capitalise on the turmoil. Banks have been beefing up wealth-management arms even as they curb trading, in the hope they will provide steadier profits at less risk. But falling markets also harm these, since costs are fixed but revenues come in the m of a percentage of the shrinking value of assets under management.欢迎关注荔枝主播凤梨君 FM18550欢迎关注主播凤梨君 微信号fenglisama 6888

英语学习笔记:cool one’s ardor 心凉了半截bear somebody a grudge 怀恨在心something weighs heavily on one’s mind 心事重重make one’s spine tingle 心情特别开心激动Take care not to offend him, or he’ll bear you a grudge.你就是千万不要得罪他,他会对你怀恨在心的My sister is quite down these days,She seems to have something weighing heavily on her mind.我最近沉默寡言的样子,看起来好像心事重重XiaoLi’s promise to marry him made his spine tingle.小李答应了我朋友的求婚更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 50

How You Made Money你怎么赚的钱A young man asked an old rich man how he made his money.一个年轻人问一位富有的老人是怎样赚到钱的The old guy fingered his worsted wool vest and said, ;Well, son, it was 1930. The depth of the Great Depression. I was down to my last nickel.;老人轻抚着自己的精纺毛背心,说道:“孩子,是这样的那是1930年,大萧条时期,我就只剩下5分钱”;I invested that nickel in an apple. I spent the entire day polishing the apple and, at the end of the day, I sold the apple ten cents.;“我用这5分钱买了一个苹果,然后用一整天的时间把这只苹果擦得光洁漂亮,到晚上,我把它卖了一毛钱”;The next morning, I invested those ten cents in two apples. I spent the entire day polishing them and sold them at 6:00 p.m. cents. I continued this system a month, by the end of which Id accumulated a tune of .58.;“第二天早上,我用这一毛钱买了两个苹果并用一整天把它们擦得光洁漂亮,下午6点钟时我把它们卖了两毛钱如此以往,一个月后,我积攒了一块五毛八”;And that how you built an empire?; the boy asked.“你就是这样发家致富的?”年轻人问;Heavens, no!; the man replied, ;Then my wife father died and left us five million dollars.;“当然不是!”老人答道,“后来,我的老丈人死了,留给我们500万” 30英语学习笔记:decision n. 决定;决心;判决 spill v. 溢出;洒procrastination n. 拖延;耽搁chin n. 颏;下巴Was my face red!特别不好意思Id like to sleep on it bee I make my final decision.我要想一想再做最后的决定drag our feet拖延 Who spilled the beans?谁把这个秘密说出去的?My lips are sealed. 我会守住秘密We should keep our chins up!我们要勇敢,要坚强更多实用有趣节目 搜索微微信:早安英文 785

讲解Today’s key word is--scholarship n. 奖学金;学术;学识.例句I can t continue my study without this scholarship.如果没有这份奖学金我就没有办法继续学业延伸Now let learn the word in the news.A Chinese high school student has won a half a million dollar scholarship from an American University.The student named Liu Yutong is a senior student from High School affiliated to Beijing Normal University.One of his teachers named David Dauthier. He is a teacher of Latin of English Composition and Literature. Ive also talked with him. 90

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