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大丰市人民医院药流多少钱射阳县中医院不孕不育科滨海县第三人民医院做人流多少钱 Nestle, the world#39;s biggest food company, has removed beef pasta meals from shelves in Italy and Spain after tests revealed traces of horse DNA above 1 percent. Swiss-based Nestle, which just last week said products under its labels were not affected by the escalating horsemeat scandal, said it had informed the authorities, according to a report on the Financial Times website. Nestle was not immediately available for comment. The discovery of horsemeat in products labelled as beef began in Ireland last month and has rapidly sp across Europe, resulting in several product withdrawals and government investigations into the long and complex food-processing chains that criss-cross the continent.据英国《每日电讯》报道,世界上最大的食品公司雀巢(Nestle)在一些检测中发现牛肉食品里含有1%以上的马肉DNA后,将其牛肉面食从意大利和西班牙的食品架上撤出。Nestle withdrew two chilled pasta products, Buitoni Beef Ravioli and Beef Tortellini, in Italy and Spain, the FT said. Lasagnes a la Bolognaise Gourmandes, a frozen product for catering businesses produced in France, will also be withdrawn.雀巢在意大利和西班牙撤回两种冷冻面制食品,分别为雀巢牛肉馄饨和牛肉水饺。 /201312/269583盐城宫外孕保守治疗价格

盐城包皮过长费用是多少China’s air pollution has cut life expectancy by 5.5 years in the north of the country and caused higher rates of lung cancer, heart attacks and strokes, according to a groundbreaking study.一项突破性研究显示,中国的空气污染已使中国北方居民的预期寿命减少5.5年,还提升了肺癌、心脏病和中风的发病率。The worsening toxic smog in northern China became an issue of national concern after air pollution spiked to record levels in Beijing in January. Worried citizens have made runs on air filters and face masks, and “pollution domes” that provide filtered air for sports activities are increasingly common.今年1月北京的空气污染程度飙升至创纪录水平后,中国北方不断恶化的有毒雾霾成为一个举国关切的问题。忧心忡忡的居民抢购空气过滤器和口罩,为体育活动提供过滤空气的“空气净化穹顶”也日益常见。But the body of scientific research on the health impact is slim because there is little historical precedent for prolonged exposure to such high levels of air pollution.但是,有关健康影响的科研文献迄今较少,因为历史上很少有这样持续暴露于高度空气污染的先例。Using decades of pollution data from across China, the new study, co-authored by professors from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US, Tsinghua University and Peking University in Beijing, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, calculates that air pollution in the north caused the loss of 2.5bn years of human life expectancy during the 1990s.新的研究利用中国各地数十年期间的污染数据,并由美国麻省理工学院(MIT)、北京的清华大学和北京大学,以及耶路撒冷希伯来大学(Hebrew University of Jerusalem)的多名教授联名发表报告。据这项研究估算,华北的空气污染已在上世纪90年代总共减少25亿年的人类预期寿命。The findings show the health impact of air pollution is far higher than previously believed.研究结果显示,空气污染的健康影响远高于此前的认识。“This is the first time anyone has got the data to show how severe long-term pollution affects human health, both in terms of life expectancy and the types of disease,” said Li Hongbin, an economics professor at Tsinghua University and a co-author of the study.“这是第一次有人拿出数据显示,长期污染多么严重地影响人体健康,无论是就预期寿命还是就疾病类型而言,”清华大学经济学教授、此项研究的联名作者之一李宏彬表示。“It shows how high the cost of pollution is in terms of human life – and that it is worth it for the government to spend more money to solve the pollution issue, even if we have to sacrifice growth.”“它显示出,就人类寿命而言,污染的代价有多高,这进而说明,政府加大投入、解决污染问题是值得的,即便我们必须牺牲一些增长。”Mr Li estimates the shorter life expectancy identified by the study in northern China is equivalent to reducing the work force there by one-eighth.李宏彬表示,这项研究发现的华北居民预期寿命缩短,相当于把当地劳动力人数削减八分之一。China’s breakneck economic development during the past three decades has been accompanied by the widesp degradation of air, soil and water. Environmental worries are now a growing source of social unrest and public protest, particularly because of health concerns.过去30年期间,中国经济突飞猛进的同时,也出现了空气、土壤和水源的大范围退化。环境担忧,尤其是健康关切,如今日趋成为社会不安定和公开抗议的来源。In response, Beijing has tightened environmental laws and regulations but these efforts have so far had little impact in reversing decades of damage.作为回应,北京方面收紧了环保法律法规,但这些努力在逆转数十年的损害方面迄今收效甚微。The study, published on Monday in the US journal, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, compares populations north and south of the Huai River, which runs through central China. North of the river, the government distributed free coal for heating in winter, resulting in higher rates of air pollution compared with areas to the south.研究报告周一发表于《美国国家科学院院刊》(Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, PNAS)。这项研究比较了横贯中国中部的淮河南北的居民。在淮河以北,政府免费发放煤炭用于冬季取暖,造成这些地区与南方相比空气污染程度较高。“What we found is that people who live just north of the river have life expectancy of five and a half years [less],” said Michael Greenstone, a professor of environmental economics at MIT and a co-author of the study.“我们发现,生活在这条河北岸的人,预期寿命就少了5年半,”麻省理工学院环境经济学教授、此项研究的联名作者之一迈克尔#8226;格林斯通(Michael Greenstone)表示。“Part of the novelty of this study is that this was conducted with data on actual pollution measurements in China, and actual health and life expectancy in China. It is not an extrapolation,” he said.“这项研究的部分新颖之处在于,它是根据中国实际污染测量数据,以及中国的实际健康和预期寿命数据进行的。没有使用外推法,”他表示。Using pollution data from 1981-2000 and health data from 1991-2000, the study found that an increase of 100 micrograms of total particulate matter per cubic metre (a measure of air pollution), corresponded to a three-year reduction in average life expectancy.使用1981年至2000年的污染数据和1991年至2000年的健康数据,这项研究发现,每立方米空气所含的总颗粒物(空气污染的一种衡量标准)增加100微克,就对应于平均预期寿命减少3年。Most previous calculations of the health cost of Chinese pollution are extrapolated from research conducted in the US, where overall pollution levels are much lower.此前,有关中国污染造成的健康代价的多数估算,都是根据美国进行的研究推算出来的,但美国的总体污染水平低得多。 /201307/247223盐城包皮过长医院哪里好 A NEW REPORT, examining mortality statistics for almost three million people, has determined that people who would officially be deemed ‘overweight’ by modern classification live slightly longer than those whose weights are considered ‘healthy’.最新消息,专家对3万人的死亡数据做评估,得出结论,微胖的人比正常体重的人的寿命更长一点。The report from academics at the US National Center for Health Statistics found that those which would be statistically classified as overweight are 6 per cent less likely to die prematurely than those who are of ‘normal’ weight.这份报告出自美国国家健康统计中心,报告指出,微胖的人早亡的几率比正常体重的人早亡的几率要小百分之六。The Body Mass Index (BMI) is calculated by converting a person’s weight into kilograms, and dividing it by their height in metres. The resulting number is then divided by the height in metres again to give the BMI.身体质量指数的计算方式是体重(公斤)除以身高(米),得出的结果再除以身高(米)就得到身体质量指数的数值。A BMI of between 18.5 and 24.9 is considered ‘normal’, while an index of between 25 and 29.9 is classified as ‘overweight’. An index of 30 or over is statistically determined to indicate obesity.The study’s authors have stressed that their findings should not be interpreted as a warning against pursuing a New Year’s any health regime – but merely want to indicate that the Body Mass Index is an imperfect way of measuring someone’s health, relative to their weight, or their mortality.身体质量指数在18.5——24.9之间为正常范围;身体质量指数在25——29.9被认为是微微超重;身体质量指数超过30就被认定为肥胖。专家宣称,他们的研究发现说明身体质量指数标准并不能为成为人们未来健康计划调整的主要依据,然而,身体质量指数却是观察人们健康状况以及生命长短的指标重要参照。“We wouldn#39;t want people to think, ‘Well, I can take a pass and gain more weight’,” the New York Times es Dr George Blackburn of the Harvard Medical School’s nutrition division as saying.Instead, factors such as levels of blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol should also be taken into account.“当然,我们并不是鼓励人们认为‘哦,那我多吃点,长胖点。’”纽约时报引用哈弗医学院营养学专家士乔治.布莱登伯恩士的建议。在考虑身体质量指数的同时,还要考虑血压、血糖、胆固醇等身体指标。The findings also do not hold true for those considered obese: those with a BMI of over 30 are 18 per cent more likely to die prematurely, though when removing those with a BMI over 35, the risk of premature death is 5 per cent lower than the average.这个研究发现也不能普遍套用:当身体质量指数超过30,低于35时,这一类人群早亡的几率比正常体重的人早亡的几率要小百分之十八。然而,当身体质量指数大于35时,这一类人群早亡的几率比平均寿命死亡率却要高出百分之五。 /201307/247660建湖县不孕不育哪家医院最好的

盐城盆腔炎是否会引起不孕不育Hong Kong is the destination of choice for most mainland travelers this Christmas, a new survey has found.Forty-four percent of the 2,000 people polled, all of whom have an annual income of more than 60,000 yuan, said they were planning to visit the region over the festive period.Other popular destinations included Shanghai (10 percent), Sanya in Hainan Province (9 percent), Lijiang in Yunnan Province, Bali in Indonesia, Phuket in Thailand and Harbin in Heilongjiang Province.Conducted by the online travel firm ctrip.com, the survey found people were most interested in places with a "strong holiday atmosphere", "good shopping environment" and "excellent hotels and beaches" when choosing a destination for their Christmas getaway.Tang Yibo, director of Ctrip.com's holiday department, said: "Embodying both Eastern and Western cultures, Hong Kong stands out because it has not only a vibrant Christmas atmosphere, but also offers lots of shopping and entertainment facilities, and big discounts at this time of year."The convenience of traveling between the mainland and Hong Kong is also an important factor, Tang said.Lin Kang, deputy general manager of theoutbound tourismdepartment of the China International Travel Service Head Office, said tour packages to Hong Kong are always bestsellers at Christmas.He said the reason was that Chinese do not have much time off work at Christmas and the New Year so they cannot travel too far."When it comes to the week long Spring Festival holiday, destinations like Europe will be more popular," he said.Packages for the Spring Festival are now available, he said, with some of them to Australia and New Zealand aly sold out.Some travel experts have said the high volume of holiday bookings for this year's Spring Festival is due to the cancellation of the May Day holiday. 圣诞在即,一项最新调查显示,香港成为很多内地游客“圣诞游”的首选目的地。此次调查共有两千人参加,他们的年收入均超过6万元人民币。其中44%的调查对象称,他们打算去香港过圣诞。其它一些热门目的地包括上海(10%)、海南的三亚(9%)、云南的丽江、印尼的巴厘岛、泰国的普吉岛和黑龙江的哈尔滨。该项由携程旅行网(www.ctrip.com)开展的调查发现,人们在选择圣诞出游地时,更青睐“节日气氛浓厚”、“购物环境好”、“酒店舒适、有沙滩”的地方。携程旅行网的度假部主任唐一波说:“香港之所以受到青睐,是因为香港是东西方文化的交汇地,那里不仅节日气氛浓厚、购物和设施齐全,还有很多岁末大打折活动。”唐主任说,现在去香港更加方便也是一个重要因素。中国国际旅行社总部出境游部的副总经理林康说,圣诞“香港游”套餐总是很火爆。他说,这主要是因为中国人的圣诞和元旦假期较短,所以不能选择太远的出游地。他说:“春节假期有一周的时间,所以欧洲等较远的出游地更受欢迎。”他说,“春节游”套餐现在可以预订了,一些去澳大利亚和新西兰的度假产品现已售空。一些业内人士称,今年春节的旅游产品预订旺盛主要是因为明年的“五一”黄金周将被取消。 /200803/29702 Brown: I#39;m sorry to see you so unwell. Have you seen the doctor?布朗:看到你身体这样不好真让人难过。你去看医生了吗?Jack: Yes. I#39;m having three baths a day.杰克:看过了,我现在一天洗三次澡。Brown: What for?布朗:为什么?Jack: Don#39;t know, doctor#39;s orders. He gave me some medicine and told me to follow the directions on the bottle, which :; One tablespoonful to be taken three times a day in water.;杰克:我也不知道,这是医生的嘱咐。他给了我一些药并告诉我要按照药瓶上的说明去做。说明上面写着“一天三次在水中一汤匙。”内容来自: /201305/240536盐城协和医院药流盐城市中医院流产多少钱




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