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OK.So youre sitting with a question in front of you and youre unsure. You should guess improve.所以当你面前出现了一个问题而你不太确定时 你应该猜进步。Okay? Dont go for the worse.好吗?别选坏的那个。That will help you score better on our tests.这会帮助你在我们的测试中获得更高的分数。That was the first one.这是第一点。There are rich and poor and the gap is increasing.穷人和富人之间的贫富差距正在拉大。Its a terrible inequality.非常的不平等。Yeah, its an unequal world,but when you look at the data, its one hump.是的 这是个不平等的世界,但是当你对照数据时 会发现只有一个驼峰。Okay? If you feel unsure, go for the most people are in the middle.对吗? 所以如果你觉得不确定就选大部分人在中间。Thats going to help you get the answer right.这会帮助你正确的回答问题。Now, the next preconceived idea is first countries and people need to be very, very rich to get the social development like girls in school and be y for natural disasters.现在 下一个先入为主的观点是发达国家和人民需要在非常富裕的情况下社会才能得以发展。例如让女孩子上学或者抵御自然灾害。No, no, no. Thats wrong.不不不 这是错误的。Look: that huge hump in the middle aly have girls in school.看 处于中间的那一大块驼峰已经解决了女孩上学的问题。So if you are unsure, go for the the majority aly have this,like electricity and girls in school, these kinds of things.所以如果你不确定就选大部分已经实现了。例如电力,女性教育这一类的问题。Theyre only rules of thumb,so of course they dont apply to everything,but this is how you can generalize.这些只是指导意见,所以并不适用于所有情况。但这能帮你进行总结概括。Lets look at the last one.我们来看看最后一个。If something, yes, this is a good one,sharks are dangerous.如果有什么 没错 这张照片很赞鲨鱼很危险。No a well, yes, but they are not so important in the global statistics, that is what Im saying.其实不是 话虽不错 但是没那么严重。从全球的数据来看这是我想说的。I actually, Im very afraid of sharks.其实我本人非常害怕鲨鱼。So as soon as I see a question about things Im afraid of, which might be earthquakes, other religions,maybe Im afraid of terrorists or sharks.当我看到那些关于我所害怕的东西的提问时。比如地震,其他宗教。比如我害怕恐怖分子和鲨鱼。Anything that makes me feel,assume youre going to exaggerate the problem.任何让我感到害怕的东西。你很有可能会夸大问题的严重性。Thats a rule of thumb.这是指导意见之一。Of course there are dangerous things that are also great.当然有些危险的事物确实会造成严重的后果。Sharks kill very, very few. Thats how you should think.因鲨鱼致死的人非常少,这才是你应有的思维方式。With these four rules of thumb,you could probably answer better than the chimps,because the chimps cannot do this.有了以上四条技巧你很有可能会取得比黑猩猩更好的成绩,因为黑猩猩无法做到这些。They cannot generalize these kinds of rules.他们无法总结概括这些技巧。And hopefully we can turn your world around and were going to beat the chimps. Okay?希望我们能够改变你的世界。然后我们一起来打败黑猩猩好吗?201501/355798To those--to those who are disappointed that we couldnt go all of the way, especially the young people who put so much into this campaign, it would break my heart if, in falling short of my goal, I in any way discouraged any of you from pursuing yours.对于为我们没能走完全程而失望的人,特别是倾注了大量心血的年轻人,我在目标未实现之际出局,而如果我从某种程度上使你们放弃追求,那才是真正令我心碎的。Always aim high, work hard, and care deeply about what you believe in.永远持着远大的目标,努力工作,坚定地关注你所深信的。And, when you stumble, keep faith.当你遇到障碍时,要有信心。And, when youre knocked down, get right back up and never listen to anyone who says you cant or shouldnt go on.当你跌倒时,立刻爬起来,不要听信任何人所谓的你不行,不要继续下去的说法。As we gather here today in this historic, magnificent building, the 50th woman to leave this Earth is orbiting overhead.正当我们今天聚集在这历史悠久、富丽堂皇的建筑物之际,世界上第50位飞向太空的女性正在我们头上按轨道运行。If we can blast 50 women into space, we will someday launch a woman into the White House.如果我们能将50位女性送入太空,总有一天我们也能将一位女性送入白宫。Although we werent able to shatter that highest, hardest glass ceiling this time, thanks to you, its got about 18 million cracks in it--尽管我们此时此刻不能粉碎那高悬坚硬的天花板,但托你们的福,它上面几经有了1800万条裂缝。and the light is shining through like never before, filling us all with the hope and the sure knowledge that the path will be a little easier next time.前所未有的光明从中渗入,照亮我们,带着希望和定论——下一次道路会平坦得多。201411/340442Once we have defined our idea of success, the experts tell us that we should set some goals and then work out the actions or steps needed to reach them. Analyst Richard St John, speaker at the Big Ideas forum several years ago, did this by asking 500 other participants --who ranged from Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch to Goldie Hawn and Al Gore--to tell him what was their secrets of success. From these interviews, he came up with this list of eight steps:一旦我们对成功有所定义,专家们就会告诉我们要建立目标,并采取相应的措施达成目标。几年前曾在伟大思想论坛演讲的分析家理查德·圣约翰就曾做了一项关于成功的秘诀的调查。这项调查采访了500人,包括比尔·盖茨、鲁伯特·默多克(传媒大亨),还有歌蒂·韩以及阿尔·戈尔(前美国副总统)。通过这些调查,他总结出了成功的八个步骤:Step 1 passion--find something that you are passionate about that you would do for love, not money, and the dollars will follow.第一步:。寻找你所热爱的工作,这样,工作就是出于热爱而不是为了金钱。金钱也会随之而来。Step 2 work--there is no substitute for hard work but if you love the work you do, then its not so hard. You become a ;workaholic;.第二步:工作。工作的辛苦是无法避免的,但是如果你热爱自己的工作,自然就不会觉得很辛苦。你也会变成“工作狂”Step 3 good--be very good at something. Practice, practice, practice until you are perfect.第三步:专长。一定要在某一方面十分突出。练习,练习,不断练习直到非常熟练为止。Step 4 focus--on one thing so that all your energy and effort pour in one direction.第四步:专注。锁定一个目标,并为之投入全部精力和努力。Step 5 push--push yourself through shyness, self-doubt, and negative thoughts. And if this is too hard, he says, call your mother and she will do it for you.第五步:鞭策。努力让自己摆脱害羞、自我怀疑和消极思想的困扰。如果做不到这点,那就告诉你的母亲,她会帮助你。step 6 serve--find some way to serve others. Millionaries do this by providing something of value to others willing to pay for it.第六步:务。寻找为别人务的机会。百万富翁为别人提供有价值的务,而那些人也愿意为之偿付金钱。Step 7 ideas--look for ways to keep generating new ideas and act on the best of them.第七步:思想。不断让自己迸发新思想,并将其中最好的付诸行动。Step 8 persist--never give up no matter what is thrown at you.第八步:坚持。不管有多艰难,永远不言放弃。 /201308/252684

So lets connect all this together.那么让我们把我们的大脑都连起来。So if Im understanding correctly, one of the monkeys is actually getting a signal and the other monkey is reacting to that signal just because the first one is receiving it and transmitting the neurological impulse.那么,如果我理解正确的话,其中一只猴子得到信号,而另一只猴子接到信号做出反应是因为第一只猴子接收并传递神经脉冲。No, its a little different.不,这有一些不同。No monkey knows of the existence of the other two monkeys.没有一只猴子知道有另外两只猴子的存在。They are getting a visual feedback in 2D,它们接收到一个二维的视觉反馈,but the task they have to accomplish is 3D.但它们要完成的任务却是三维的。They have to move an arm in three dimensions.他们需要在三维空间里移动胳膊。But each monkey is only getting the two dimensions on the screen that the monkey controls.但是每只猴子在控制时只有二维图像。And to get that thing done,you need at least two monkeys to synchronize their brains,but the ideal is three. 而要完成这个任务,你需要至少两只猴子 去同步它们的大脑,但是在理想状态下是 同时同步三只猴子的大脑。So what we found out is that when one monkey starts slacking down,the other two monkeys enhance their performance to get the guy to come back,so this adjusts dynamically, but the global synchrony remains the same. 那么我们发现 当一只猴子开始松懈时,另外两只猴子提高他们的动作让松懈的那只猴子跟上节奏,那么这个只是动态上有调整,但是整体还是不变的。Now, if you flip without telling the monkey the dimensions that each brain has to control,like this guy is controlling x and y,but he should be controlling now y and z,instantaneously, that animals brain forgets about the old dimensions and it starts concentrating on the new dimensions. 现在,如果你改变每个大脑控制的维度但没有事先告知那些猴子,比如这只猴子控制X和Y,但是它本应该控制Y和Z,动物的大脑立即忘掉旧的指令并开始专注于新的指令。So what I need to say is that no Turing machine,no computer can predict what a brain net will do. 我需要说的是这里没有图灵机,没有计算机可以预言大脑能做什么。So we will absorb technology as part of us.那么我们将技术吸收成为我们的一部分。Technology will never absorb us.科技将不会控制我们。Its simply impossible.这是不可能的。How many times have you tested this?你们测试了多少次?And how many times have you succeeded versus failed?而在测试中成功和失败的比率是多少?Oh, tens of times.噢,几十倍With the three monkeys? Oh, several times.三只猴子在一起的时候? 哦,好几次。I wouldnt be able to talk about this here unless I had done it a few times.我不可能站在这如果我没有至少做几次测试。And I forgot to mention, because of time,that just three weeks ago, a European group just demonstrated the first man-to-man brain-to-brain connection. 而我忘记提了,因为时间关系,在三周前一群欧洲人刚演示了第一个人对人,脑对脑的连接。And how does that play?而那个又是如何运作的?There was one bit of information-big ideas start in a humble way but basically the brain activity of one subject was transmitted to a second object, all non-invasive technology.我知道一点信息 伟大的想法,总始于藏在不起眼的地方,但是基本上一个目标的大脑运动通过非入侵式科技传递到第二个目标。So the first subject got a message, like our rats, a visual message,and transmitted it to the second subject. 那么第一个目标得到一个信息 比如之前说的老鼠,得到一个视觉信号,并传递给第二个目标。The second subject received a magnetic pulse in the visual cortex,第二个目标在其视觉皮层接收到磁脉冲,or a different pulse, two different pulses.或是两种不同的脉冲。In one pulse, the subject saw something.在第一个脉冲中, 目标发现某些东西。On the other pulse, he saw something different.在另一个脉冲他发现不同的东西。And he was able to verbally indicate what was the message the first subject was sending through the Internet across continents.而它能够在口头上通过跨大洲的互联网指出第一个物体所发出的信息是什么。Moderator: Wow. Okay, thats where we are going.主持人:哇 那好,这就是我们的方向。Thats the next TED Talk at the next conference.这将在下一个TED Talk里为大家展示。Miguel Nicolelis, thank you. Thank you, Bruno. Thank you. Miguel Nicolelis,谢谢你。谢谢。谢谢大家。201503/365559

Another example:还有一个例子a few years ago I got a call from a man who was 19 years old,几年前,我接到一个十九岁的男孩打来的电话who was born a boy, raised a boy,他生下来是个男孩,也被当作男孩来养had a girlfriend, had sex with his girlfriend,后来有了女朋友,也和女友发生了性关系had a life as a guy一直过着男孩的生活and had just found out that he had ovaries and a uterus inside.但是最近,他发现自己体内有卵巢和子宫What he had was an extreme form他所有的是一种很极端的病症of a condition called congenital adrenal hyperplasia.叫做类固醇21-羟化酶缺乏症He had XX chromosomes,他携带XX染色体and in the womb,并且在子宫内的时候his adrenal glands were in such high gear他的肾上腺很活跃that it created, essentially, a masculine hormonal environment.从而形成了一个男性荷尔蒙的环境And as a consequence, his genitals were masculinzed,结果就是,他发育了男性生殖器官his brain was subject他的大脑接受了to the more typical masculine component of hormones.更多的典型的男性荷尔蒙And he was born looking like a boy -- nobody suspected anything.因此他生下来看起来像个男孩儿--根本没人怀疑And it was only when he had reached the age of 19只有当他长到19岁的时候that he began to have enough medical problems当他开始遇到生理问题的时候actually from menstruating internally,其实是在体内出现月经起that doctors figured out that, in fact, he was female internally.医生发现,实际上他的内部是女性Okay, so just one more quick example好,我们再来快速的看一个例子of a way you can have intersex.另一个可能带来两性特征的情况Some people who have XX chromosomes有XX染色体的一些人develop what are called ovotestis,会发育一种叫做卵睾的器官which is when you have ovarian tissue也就是当卵巢组织with testicular tissue wrapped around it.被睾丸组织包裹起来的一种器官And were not exactly sure why that happens.我们还不能确定它的成因So sex can come in lots of different varieties.所以说性别可以是很多种形式The reason拥有这些身体特征的that children with these kinds of bodies --孩子们——whether its dwarfism, or its conjoined twinning,不论是侏儒症,或者连体婴儿or its an intersex type --或者是双性型的——are often normalized by surgeons常被外科医生手术纠正的原因is not because it actually leaves them better off实际上并不是为了in terms of physical health.身体健康In many cases, people are actually perfectly healthy.因为很多情况下,他们的身体其实都很健康The reason theyre often subject to various kinds of surgeries他们接受各种外科手术的原因is because they threaten our social categories.是因为他们受到我们社会上对人分类的威胁Or system has been based typically on the idea或者说社会上已经有一个典型的认识that a particular kind of anatomy comes with a particular identity.什么样的身体结构,有什么样的特征So we have the concept that what it means to be a woman因此,我们的概念就是作为一个女人is to have a female identity;就必须有女性的特性what it means to be a black person is, allegedly,以此类推,一个黑人is to have an African anatomy就得具有非洲人的身体结构特征in terms of your history.在你的履历中And so we have this terribly simplistic idea.因此我们就有了这种过于简单的认识And when were faced with a body当我们面对一个that actually presents us something quite different,某些方面是与众不同的身体的时候it startles us in terms of those categorizations.那些不能归类的想法让我们感到吃惊So we have a lot of very romantic ideas in our culture因此我们的文化中有很多天真的想法about individualism.是关于个人主义的And our nations really founded on a very romantic concept of individualism.并且我们国家建立在一个非常不实际的个人主义的概念上的Well you can imagine how startling then it is好,你可以想象那多么令人震惊when you have children that are born当你的两个孩子who are two people inside of one body.出生的时候是在一个身体中的Where I ran into the most heat from this most recently我最近一次遇到这种情况是was last year the South African runner, Caster Semenya,去年的时候,非洲田径运动员,卡斯特尔·塞门亚had her sex called into question at the International Games in Berlin.在柏林国际比赛中被质疑性别问题I had a lot of journalists calling me, asking me,许多记者给我打电话,问我;Which is the test theyre going to run“他们会用哪种检测方法that will tell us whether or not来向大家明Caster Semenya is male or female?;卡斯特尔·塞门亚是男还是女?”And I had to explain to the journalists there isnt such a test.于是我不得不跟他们解释说,根本没有检测的方法In fact, we now know事实上,我们现在已经了解that sex is complicated enough性别是非常复杂的that we have to admit我们不得不承认nature doesnt draw the line for us between male and female,大自然根本就没有一个明确的分界线来区分男性或女性or between male and intersex and female and intersex;或者男性和双性以及女性和双性we actually draw that line on nature.这条分界线实际上是我们自己画的So what we have is a sort of situation因此我们现在的情况是where the farther our science goes,科学越发展the more we have to admit to ourselves我们越得承认that these categories这些性别的分类形式that we thought of as stable anatomical categories也就是我们认为很理所当然的身体结构学上的分类that mapped very simply是过于简单地to stable identity categories给特性分了类are a lot more fuzzy than we thought.实际情况要比我们想象的模糊的多And its not just in terms of sex.并且这不仅仅是关于性别的问题Its also in terms of race,也同样是关于种族的问题which turns out to be vastly more complicated这个复杂程度than our terminology has allowed.远不是我们的学术语言所能形容的201508/394243

I mean, architects have been thinking about these ideas for a long time. What we need to do now,develop things that can scale to those 300 million Chinese people that would like to live in the city,and very comfortably. 我想,建筑师很长时间一直在思考这个问题,我们现在需要去做的,是开发一些东西,使得3亿中国人能容纳进城市里,并且生活得安逸。We think we can make a very small apartment that functions as if its twice as big by utilizing these strategies. I dont believe in smart homes.我觉得我们能造出一套公寓出来利用以上的那些策略,令房子的实际用途可以达到它两倍大小的作用。我不信智能家居。Thats sort of a bogus concept.那是虚假的概念I think you have to build dumb homes and put smart stuff in it.我觉得应该建造愚笨家居然后放些智能的东西进去。And so weve been working on a chassis of the wall itself.我们现在已经在研发机器墙的底架。You know, standardized platform with the motors and the battery when it operates, little solenoids that will lock it in place and get low-voltage power.还有带着发动机和电池的标准平台,还有可以固定在一个地方收集低压电力的小螺丝管。We think this can all be standardized, and then people can personalize the stuff that goes into that wall,and like the car, we can integrate all kinds of sensing to be aware of human activity, so if theres a baby or a puppy in the way, you wont have a problem. 我们觉得这可以标准化那样人们就可以个性化墙上的其他物品,就像那辆车一样,我们能完善各种感应人类活动的传感装置,所以哪怕有婴儿或小路中挡道,也不会出大乱子。So the developers say, well this is great. Okay,so if we have a conventional building,we have a fixed envelope, maybe we can put in 14 units. 开发商说也觉得这样很不错,很赞同,所以如果我们有一栋传统的建筑,有一个固定的底线,那么我们可能可以放14个单位进去。If they function as if theyre twice as big,we can get 28 units in.如果他们能用起来像两倍的空间一样,那么我们就等于放进28个单位了。That means twice as much parking, though.这就意味着有两倍的泊车空间。Parkings really expensive. Its about 70,000 dollars per space to build a conventional parking spot inside a building.泊车真的是很贵的,在一栋建筑物里建一个传统型的停车场,每个车位大约要7万美金。So if you can have folding and autonomy,you can do that in one seventh of the space.所以如果能折叠,也有自动化,那么你只需七分之一个停车位。That goes down to 10,000 dollars per car,just for the cost of the parking. 每辆车就只需花1万美金而已,就单停车这一项。You add shared use, and you can even go further.如果加上共享使用,那么你行动范围就更大了。We can also integrate all kinds of advanced technology through this process.我们能在这一个过程中加入各种高科技创新型公司。Theres a path to market for innovative companies to bring technology into the home.把科技融入家居中这方面的市场也是行得通的。In this case, a project were doing with Siemens,we have sensors on all the furniture, all the infill,that understands where people are and what theyre doing.有这么个项目,我们正和西门子在合作,我们在所有的家具和填充物中加入传感器,能感知人们的位置和所做的事情。Blue light is very efficient, so we have these tunable 24-bit LED lighting fixtures.蓝光是很有效率的,所以我们做出了可调节的24位LED灯固定装置。It recognizes where the person is, what theyre doing,fills out the light when necessary to full spectrum white light,and saves maybe 30, 40 percent in energy consumption,we think, over even conventional state-of-the-art lighting systems. 它能辨识人的位置,以及所做的事情,需要的时候就变为全光谱的白灯,并节省下30%到40%的能源消耗,我们觉得,这比传统的最新型照明系统还要节能。This just shows you the data that comes from the sensors that are embedded in the furniture.这里的数据是来自那些传感器的就安装在家具里面。We dont really believe in cameras to do things in homes.我们不认为摄像机能在家里帮得上忙。We think these little wireless sensors are more effective.我们觉得这些小型无线传感器更给力。We think we can also personalize sunlight.我们也可以将日光个性化。Thats sort of the ultimate personalization in some ways.某种程度上,这算是一种终极的个性化了。So we, weve looked at articulating mirrors of the facade that can throw shafts of sunlight anywhere into the space,therefore allowing you to shade most of the glass on a hot day like today. 我们现在看到的就是连接镜的正面它能往空中投射光束,这样就能在像今天一样热的天气里遮蔽掉大部分的光线。In this case, she picks up her phone, she can map food preparation at the kitchen island to a particular location of sunlight.在这个例子中,她拿起手机,在准备食物时在岛式厨房上指定位置映射出阳光。An algorithm will keep it in that location as long as shes engaged in that activity.会有一个算法能记住这个映射位置,只要她还在这个活动的过程中,This can be combined with LED lighting as well.这也能和LED照明结合起来。We think workplaces should be shared.我们认为工作场所也应该共享。I mean, this is really the workplace of the future, I think.我意思是,我觉得这真的就是未来的工作场所。This is Starbucks, you know.其实,这是星巴克。Maybe a third —And you see everybody has their back to the wall and they have food and coffee down the way and theyre in their own little personal bubble.或许三分之—你可以看到每个人都背靠着墙,桌上有食物和咖啡,他们都融入到自己的小私人空间里。We need shared spaces for interaction and collaboration.我们需要共享的空间进行互动和合作。Were not doing a very good job with that.这方面,我们做得不是很好。At the Cambridge Innovation Center, you can have shared desks. Ive spent a lot of time in Finland at the design factory of Aalto University,where the they have a shared shop and shared Fablab,shared quiet spaces,electronics spaces,recreation places. 在剑桥创新中心有能共享的桌子。我曾在芬兰阿尔托大学的设计工厂待过很长时间,那儿有共享的商店和私人实验室,共享安静的环境,电子设备环境,休闲场地。We think ultimately all of this stuff can come together,我们相信这些最终都会结合在一起,a new model for mobility, a new model for housing,a new model for how we live and work,a path to market for advanced technologies,but in the end the main thing we need to focus on are people. Cities are all about people. 成为新型的流动方式,新型的住宅方式,新型的生活工作方式,也为高科技市场打开门道,但最终我们需要关注的是人类。城市和人类是分不开的。Theyre places for people.他们是人类的住所。Theres no reason why we cant dramatically improve the livability and creativity of cities,like theyve done in Melbourne with the laneways while at the same time dramatically reducing CO2 and energy.所以没有理由不去大力提升城市的宜居性和创意性,就像在墨尔本的巷道一样同时也大规模地降低了CO2排放量和能源使用量。Its a global imperative. We have to get this right.这个全球性问题迫在眉睫,刻不容缓。Thank you.谢谢。201503/366608

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