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赤壁之战中,曹操因为北方士卒不习惯坐船,于是将舰船首尾连接。可是,当时的东南风正吹向曹营,借着风势,黄盖所带的装满薪草膏油的轻利之舰将曹操的水上阵地烧的一片狼藉。看来,这个火如果往回烧,就反而伤害了自己。英语中,单词backfire也有这个意思,常常翻译为;事与愿违;适得其反;。小对话:A: If your son doesnrsquo;t help do housework, you can price the specific work, then he will do it voluntarily. You know, it works very well on my son. 如果你儿子不帮你干家务,你可以给每件家务标价,这样他就会主动做了。知道吗,对我儿子很有效。B: I might work. But I am reluctant to assign monetary value to chores, as this may backfire, Irsquo;m afraid. 我不太愿意把家务活与金钱结合起来,我担心这种做法可能会适得其反。再来看一个关于孩子教育的例句:Some studies have found that the mothersrsquo; and fathersrsquo; attempts at comforting often backfire because it makes the children feel that ;something must really be bad; if they need to be soothed. 一些研究已经发现:父母安慰孩子们的努力往往适得其反,因为如果孩子们需要被安慰,这就会使他们感到事态肯定很糟糕。的确如此,经常能看到摔倒的孩子如果家长不予理睬,他自己也就站起来;家长扑过去安慰,他们反而会认为自己受了莫大委屈,可能嚎啕大哭。更多例句:Pushing too hard may backfire. 逼得太紧往往可能事与愿违。Too much soft soap for ones self may interest backfire. 为自身利益作太多的奉承,往往会有反作用。好了,本期内容我们就说到这里吧。希望今天学习的单词对您有所帮助。我们下期再见。 /201203/174899特别声明该文章中迷你对话选自口语书籍,对话精讲为可可编辑编写。迷你对话A: I don’t know why Mark often comes to me and asks me for advice. I smell some rat in it.我不知道马克为何总来找我征求意见,我绝对有点猫腻。B: He is sly. He is actually angling for compliments. But he may have got the crush on you.他很狡猾,他实际上是在寻求比人对自己的赞美,但是也有可能喜欢上你了。A: Nonsense! There’s no indication that he’s in love with me.胡说!根本就没有爱上我的迹象。B: Keep your fingers crossed. He may pop the question one of these days.等着吧,他终有一天回来想你求婚的。对话精讲第一、地道表达【核心短语】angel for compliments【解词释义】angel for为动词短语,喻指“用暗示,手段,诡计等猎取,谋求或得”,compliments做名词,意思是“赞美”“赞美的话”。因此,此短语的意思是指“故意引起比人说恭维的话”。 Angling for compliments is one of his weaknesses. 爱听恭维话是他的毛病之一。 Dont pay any attention to him.He is obviously angling for compliments. 别理他,他显然是想要别人恭维他。 Theres no need to fish for compliments——I really do like your new hair style. 没有必要故意恭维你-我真的很喜欢你的新发式。 I am not a very good cook. Nonsense, you are merely angling for compliments . 我不是个好厨子,废话,你只不过是为了取别人恭维而这么说的吧。第二、词海拾贝smell some rat:感到不对劲Henry Porter always smells a rat before anyone could.哈利波特总能在众人之千预感大事不妙了。get the crush on:(稚气地)爱着,迷恋上......;深深地爱上......(指少年早恋)【典型范例】Some of the girls have a crush on one of the teachers. 有的女孩子稚气地爱着一个老师。 in love with:与......相爱He would most probably have fallen violently in love with her. 他十有八九会炽热地爱上她的。 Every guy in class thinks hes in love with that little tart.班上的每一个家伙都认为自己爱上了那个小骚货。 keep one’s fingers crossed:祈愿,祈求成功Good luck with your driving test: I keep my fingers crossed for you. 希望你驾驶考试顺利,我祝你成功。 Its hard to say that you can win. Youd better keep your fingers crossed. 这很难说你可以赢,你最好祈求上苍保佑吧。 We must just keep our fingers crossed that the weather will stay fine for tomorrows game. 为了明天的体育活动,我们必须祈求天气继续放晴。 Lets keep our fingers crossed that he will arrive on time.让我们祈祷他会按时到达。 /201308/250938take seriously认真对待某事物We should take our work seriously我们应该认真对待工作。He is joking. Don't take it seriously. 他在开玩笑呢。你别当真catch on流行起来It is a nice song and I think it will catch on quickly.这首歌很好,我想它会很快流行起来。This kind of hairstyle is slowly catching on.这种发型正慢慢流行起来The rumor says this commodity is going to catch on soon, but you can't take it seriously,or you will lose a big sum of money.有谣言说这种商品即将流行,你可不能太当真,不然你可能会损失一大笔钱。 歌曲:my first kiss by ke$ha 感觉经常听到这歌 就是不知道名字 今天听到了 就down下来做背景音乐了~ /201007/109426

今天我们来看一看“好得不得了”用英语怎么说:Couldn’t be better!特别注意t的发音,美式发音常常“t”要是夹在两个元音之间,就容易发成类似“d“的声音,EX:later, city, meeting…D: Hiya, Lily. How are you this morning?嘿,Lily,早上好吗?(外国人真的很喜欢问你好不好!) L: Couldn’t be better! The sun is shining and the weather is warm! I feel great! And yourself?好的不能再好了!阳光闪耀天气温暖,我感觉太好了!你呢!D: Pretty good. I got a new lens for my camera. Check out the photos I just took!不错。我刚买了新镜头,看看我刚刚拍的几张照片! /201409/329332

I think we can all agree on that.Now Clay,I know this is a sensitive subject for you.这不是明摆着吗 你最帅 虽然我知道对你来说是敏感话题But I want to ask you about your playoff lost to Giants.但我还是想问问 季后赛输给巨人队你是怎么看的A lot of people credit the Giants pass rush,许多人说是因为巨人队的传球跑阵But personally,I think you lost because of this woman.但我个人觉得你们会输全因为这位女士They lost.The Packers were supposed to win the Super Bowl,他们输了 绿湾包装工队本来能赢得超级碗的And they didnt because you told me to put the sparkles on my nails.他们输了全赖你 你费要让我去美甲This is your fault,you told me to do the sparkles.这都是你的错 你干嘛非要我去美甲I told you not to do the sparkles,and you told me to do it.Cause it was pretty.我说了别去做 你非说去做美甲 很漂亮I dont care about pretty,I wanted the Packers to win the Super Bowl,Magan.我才不管社么好不好看 我只想让包装工赢下超级碗 MaganAnd I wore my Clay Matthews jersey,and I said,let me wear my Aaron Rodgers jersey,and you said no.我现在穿着Clay Matthews的球衣 我说我要穿Aaron Rodgers的球衣的 是你偏不让我穿She wore sparklely nails polish,thats why we lost.她涂着金光闪闪的指甲油 这才是我们输球的原因You cant advanced your nails and expect victory.No,no.你不能秀着指甲还指望着胜利 的确 你不能Well,those the words we can take right to the Super Bowl XLVI.以上是我们对超级碗XLVL所作出的点评Well,this is Ellen Sports Desk,I am Ellen Degeneres and I am Clay Matthews.Good night and good luck.这里是Ellen体育台 我是Ellen Degeneres 我是Clay Matthews 晚安 好运 /201704/501888

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