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阅读提示:中文在上,对照英文在下京东发布公告称,将在2015年底停止拍拍网务,并在三个月的过渡期后,于2016年4月1日起彻底关闭拍拍网。京东表示,关闭拍拍网是因为C2C模式中假货现象无法杜绝。近年来公众对网上平台出售的假货问题关注度一直很高,该如何改进这种局面,让顾客放心网上购物?China#39;s online retailer JD.com will shut down the online customer-to-customer (C2C) platform Paipai.com in three months in order to fight fake goods.Problems with fake and poor-quality products sold online have attracted complaints from the public for years. What should be done?顾客对顾客销售模式是什么?What is C2C? /201511/410156。

  • Uber France and two of its top executives in Europe are to stand trial on September 30 on charges of “misleading commercial practices” and “complicity in the illegal exercise of the taxi profession”, the Paris prosecutor’s office has confirmed.巴黎检方实,Uber法国公司及其在欧洲的两名顶级高管将于9月30日受审,罪名是“误导商业惯例”和“共谋非法出租车业务”。The charges come a day after police detained Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty, Uber’s general manager in western Europe, and Thibaud Simphal, head of the company’s operations in France, in relation to a complaint filed late last year by one of the country’s taxi unions.一天前,Uber负责西欧业务的总经理皮埃尔-迪米特里#8226;戈尔-科蒂(Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty)以及该公司在法国的业务主管蒂#8226;桑法尔(Thibaud Simphal,见上图)因去年底法国某出租车工会提交的申诉被警方拘留。The California-based ride-hailing company operates several services in France. But the charges relate to its UberPop service, which allows individuals to offer rides to the public without the standard 250 hours of training.总部位于加州的这家叫车务公司在法国运营多项务。但此案指控涉及UberPop务,该务允许个人在没有经过250小时标准培训的情况下向公众提供搭车务。The Paris prosecutor’s office described the investigations behind the charges as “numerous and complex”. It did not state the maximum sentences linked to the charges.巴黎检方称,上述指控背后的调查“众多且复杂”,但没有透露与这些罪名相关的最高刑期。The case is the latest twist in a fight between the company and the French government, which has declared some of its activities illegal.此案是Uber与法国政府之间斗争的最新进展,法国政府将Uber的一些活动列为非法。Fran#231;ois Hollande, French president, declared UberPop’s presence a problem of “unfair competition” last week. His socialist government has also passed a law that in effect declared UberPop illegal. Mr Hollande added that such services needed to be challenged. “Non-compliance with tax and competition rules is illegal. UberPop should be dissolved and branded illegal, and cars should be seized,” he said.法国总统弗朗索瓦#8226;奥朗德(Fran#231;ois Hollande)上周宣布UberPop的存在带来“不公平竞争”问题。他领导的社会党政府还通过了一项法律,实际上将UberPop定性为非法。奥朗德补充称,需要对这些务提出异议。他表示:“不遵守税务和竞争规则是非法的。UberPop应当被解散,被界定为非法,相关汽车应当被没收。”His comments followed angry protests last week as thousands of taxi drivers across France declared a strike against Uber’s activities in the country.上周,法国数千名出租车司机举行罢工,愤怒抗议Uber在法国开展业务活动。 /201507/383838。
  • Wu Wenjun and Wu#39;s Method吴文俊及“吴方法”wu Wenjun, a well known mathematician, born in Shanghai in May 1919, graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 1940. In 1947,he went to France for advanced study in University of Strassbourg. In 1949, he obtained his national doctor s degree of France.In 1957, he was elected as an academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences ( CAS). In 1990, he was elected as an academician of the Third World Academy of Sciences.吴文俊,1919年5月12日出生于中国上海,著名的数学家,1940年毕业于上海交通大学,1949年获得法国斯特拉斯堡大学士学位。1957年,他被选举为中国科学院( CAS)的院士。1990年,被选举为第三世界科学院科学院士。His research work covered a wide area of mathematics.lts main achievements involved two areas of topology and mathematical mechanization. In the late 1970s, against the background of great development of computer technology, he has inherited and developed the tradition of ancient Chinese mathematics (that is, algorithm of thinking), and turned to study automated theorem proving, completely changed the face of this area. As a disciplinary precursor, Wu made monumental contributions to the field of topology by introducing Wu#39;s imbedding and characteristic classes and establishing Wu#39;s Formulae, well-known for Wu#39;s Method, which have been widely accepted by his counterparts and had exerted worldwide influence. Wu#39;s research has made a series of international leading results and has been applied internationally popular symbolic computation software.吴文俊的研究工作涉及数学的诸多领域,其主要成就表现在拓扑学和数学机械化两个领域。他为拓扑学做了奠基性的工作。20世纪70年代后期,在计算机技术大发展的背景下,他继承和发展了中国古代数学的传统(即算法化思想),转而研究几何定理的机器明,彻底改变了这个领域的面貌,是国际自动推理界先驱性的工作。他的示性类和示嵌类研究被国际数学界称为“吴公式”,“吴示性类”,“吴示嵌类”,并在国际上产生了深远影响,被称为“吴方法”。吴的研究取得了一系列国际领先成果并已应用于国际上当前流行的符号计算软件方面。 /201602/419404。
  • I’m sitting in Sumon Pal’s office in Boston’s Back Bay, and while fixing two small electrodes to my head with a light adhesive—one to my temple, another to the back of my neck—he’s explaining what the next 16 minutes should feel like. Most users feel reduced tension in their bodies, he says. Their thoughts ping-pong less frequently, breathing slows noticeably, and thoughts that typically cue anxiety—of work, of relationships, of family—become less consequential.我正坐在萨门o帕尔位于波士顿后湾区的办公室里,他一边用轻型粘合剂在我的头上安装小型电极——一个粘在太阳穴上,另外一个在脖子后面,一边解释接下来16分钟的感受。他表示,大多数使用者会感觉身体里的紧张感减轻。他们的思维跳跃频率降低,呼吸明显放缓,与工作、人际关系或家庭有关的那些通常引发焦虑感的想法,也随之减少。Pal, executive director of Los Gatos, Calif., -based neuroscience startup Thync, designed the calming “vibe” that’s being imparted to my brain through a prototype of the app-controlled wearable device that the company will release later this year. Thync’s technology utilizes tDCS, or transcranial direct current stimulation, to trigger specific responses in the brain, dialing up feelings of calm and serenity or conjuring energy and focus on demand.帕尔是加州洛斯盖多斯神经科学初创公司Thync的首席执行官,他设计出这种令人平静的“氛围”,并且通过一款由应用控制的可穿戴设备原型将这种氛围传递到我的大脑当中。该公司预计将在今年晚些时候发布这款设备。Thync的技术利用经颅直流电刺激(tDCS)来触发大脑的某些反应,产生平静的感觉,或根据需要激发出能量和专注。Thync isn’t out to alter the brain’s biology, but to allow better control of the energy, focus, and calm that are aly naturally available to us, co-founder and chief science officer Jamie Tyler says. “Coffee, alcohol, drugs; these are all neuro-enhancers,” Tyler says. “You’re aly modifying your brain activity.” Thync wants to better harness that command—and perhaps grab a piece of the alcohol, coffee, pharmaceutical, and energy drink markets collectively worth billions.公司联合创始人兼首席科学官贾米o泰勒表示,Thync的目的并非改变大脑的生物活动,而是让我们更好地控制我们生来便可以使用的能量、专注和平静。泰勒说道:“咖啡、酒精、药物,这些都属于神经增强剂。你已经在改变大脑的活动。”Thync希望更好地利用这种能力,这样或许就可以从价值数十亿美元的酒精、咖啡、药物和能量饮品市场中分得一杯羹。The pulses—each “100 times lower than what’s considered dangerous,” Tyler insists—feel comfortably warm but not painful. Just as Pal described, the familiar tension in my shoulders eases, my breathing slows, my mind noticeably stops racing. My body takes on the feeling of lax warmth usually associated with a finger or two of scotch—my usual means of unwinding.泰勒坚持认为,设备产生的脉冲让人感觉温暖舒适,不会有疼痛感,其强度仅有危险脉冲的百分之一。正如帕尔所描述的那样,我肩部那种熟悉的紧张感消失了,呼吸放缓,大脑开始陷入平静。我的身体感觉到令人放松的温暖,我通常在吸一两口苏格兰鼻烟之后才会有这种感觉——这也是我常用的放松方式。“People have been doing this forever, this is nothing new,” Tyler says. “I think this is the kind of product people have been waiting for.”泰勒说道:“人类一直都在这么做,这没什么新鲜。我认为这是那种人们一直在期待的产品。”(财富中文网) /201502/359898。
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