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Tsai Ing-wen will become the most powerful woman in the Chinese world when she is sworn in as Taiwan’s president on Friday but she will not have much time to toast her historic achievement.蔡英Tsai Ing-wen)在本周五0日)宣誓就任台湾总统后,将成为华人世界权力最大的女性,但她不会有太多时间来庆贺自己的历史性成就。The cat-loving former law professor faces a daunting to-do list, managing relations with a hostile Beijing government while attempting to revive an economy in recession and assuage hardliners in her party who want Taiwan to push for formal independence.这位爱猫的前法学教授面临着一份艰巨的待办事项列表,她需要处理好与不友好的北京方面的关系,试图重振处于衰退中的经济,同时控制住她所在政党内部想要推动台湾正式独立的强硬派。Beijing claims the self-governing, democratic island as one of its provinces and is deeply suspicious of Ms Tsai’s Democratic Progressive party, which won presidential and legislative elections in January after vowing to reduce Taiwan’s reliance on China and boost economic growth.北京方面宣称这个自治、民主的岛屿是中国的一个省份,对蔡英文所属的民进DPP)抱有深切疑虑。民进党以降低台湾对中国大陆的依赖和促进经济增长为竞选纲领,在今月赢得总统和立法院选举。In the four months since the elections, China has shown its displeasure with the DPP’s unprecedented double victory by resuming a battle with Taiwan for diplomatic allies and curbing the number of tourists travelling to the island.在台湾举行选举后的四个月里,中国大陆对民进党获得前所未有的双重胜利表现出不满,再度与台湾争夺外交盟友,并减少赴台游客数量。“The biggest challenge Ms Tsai faces is preserving a positive relationship with the mainland, which is inextricably linked to the domestic agenda of revitalising the economy,said Bonnie Glaser, an expert on Taiwan at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a Washington think-tank. “If she does not have good ties with China, China is likely to pursue Taiwan in ways that will have a detrimental effect on the economy.”“蔡英文面临的最大挑战是保持与大陆的积极关系,这与重振经济的岛内议程有着千丝万缕的联系,”华盛顿智库——战略与国际问题研究中心(CSIS)的台湾问题专家葛莱仪(Bonnie Glaser)表示。“如果她不能同中国大陆建立良好关系,大陆很可能以不利于台湾经济的方式来对付台湾。”The economy has shrunk for three consecutive quarters as Taiwan’s electronics companies and other manufacturers have suffered from the slowdown in neighbouring China, its biggest export market, and weak global demand.台湾经济已连续三个季度萎缩,其电子企业和其他制造商受到邻近的中国大陆经济放缓乃至全球需求疲软的影响;中国大陆是台湾最大的出口市场。In addition to the short-term contraction, Taiwan also faces a deeper malaise with graduate starting salaries having stagnated for years despite sharp rises in housing and other living costs.除了短期的收缩外,台湾还面临着更深层次的低迷,岛内的毕业生起薪已停滞多年,尽管住房和其他生活费用大幅上涨。Lin Shao-hung studied tourism at university and hoped to become a management trainee in the hospitality industry.林少鸿(音,Lin Shao-hung)在大学读的是旅游专业,那时他希望成为酒店业的管理培训生。But, like many young Taiwanese, the 24-year-old has found it difficult to find a good job and ended up working in the housekeeping department at a Taipei hotel for two years.但是,像许多台湾青年一样,现年24岁的他发现很难找到一份好工作,结果在台北某家酒店的客房部打了两年工。“I hope it will get better under Tsai,he said, echoing the view of many of the young voters who helped sweep her into office.“我希望在蔡英文领导下形势会变好,”他表示。这话呼应了帮助把蔡英文选上台的很多年轻选民的观点。The conundrum for the new president, who studied law at the London School of Economics, is that she is under pressure from DPP supporters to boost growth while keeping a distance from China.曾在伦敦政治经济学院(London School of Economics)学习法律的新总统面临的难题是,她受到民进党持者的压力,要提振经济增长,而同时又要与中国大陆保持一定距离。Analysts say that if she fails to keep Beijing onside, the Chinese government is likely to create further economic difficulties for Taiwan by reducing trade, investment and tourism, as well as leaning on other countries to reject trade talks with the island.分析人士表示,如果她未能争取到北京方面的配合,中国大陆政府很可能会通过减少贸易、投资和赴台旅游人数,给台湾制造进一步的经济困难,同时施压其他国家拒绝与台湾展开贸易谈判。Beijing will be paying close attention to the language on cross-strait relations in her inauguration speech but that is just the beginning of what will be a very delicate balancing act.北京方面将密切关注蔡英文就职演说中涉及两岸关系的措辞,但这将只是一种非常微妙的平衡把握的开端。“Ms Tsai has a significant political mandate and a lot of political capital but her honeymoon may be very short,said Ms Glaser.“蔡英文拥有可观的政治授权和大量的政治资本,但她的蜜月期可能很短,”葛莱仪表示。来 /201605/445139。

  • Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe won a sweeping victory in the elections to Japans upper house, leaving him within reach of a parliamentary supermajority that would allow the government to revise Japans pacifist constitution.日本首相安倍晋三在日前举行的参议院选举中大获全胜,使其有望控制国会的绝对多数席位,从而使得政府能够修改日本的和平宪法。Abes Liberal Democratic Party and its junior partner, Komeito, won 70 of 121 seats that were up for grabs in the 242-seat upper house.此次参议42个席位中21个席位改选,安倍所在的自民党与其规模较小的执政伙伴公明党共赢得70个席位。Revision requires 2/3 of both houses of Parliament, after which the changes must be approved by a majority of voters in a national referendum.修改宪法的决定若要获得通过,必须首先获得参议院和众议院2/3席位的持,然后需要在全民公投中获得超过一半选民的赞同。The coalition aly controls 2/3 of the lower house, meaning Abe has the votes to start the revision process.执政联盟目前已控制众议院2/3的席位,这意味着安倍在国会内已拥有启动修宪程序的足够票数。That leaves Mr Abe in undisputed control of Japanese politics and gives him a chance at putting constitutional change to a national referendum.这让安倍获得了对日本政治的无可争议的控制权,并让他获得了将修宪提交全民公投的千载难逢的良机。Mr Abe said he was relieved to win. ;We have to accelerate Abenomics to meet the publics expectations,; he said. The prime minister promised to ;deepen debate; on a constitutional revision.安倍表示,获胜让他如释重负;我们必须加快推进安倍经济学,以满足公众的期望,;他说。日本首相承诺在修宪问题;深化辩论;。The LDP and its Komeito coalition partner has secured 66 of the 121 seats up for election, with a regional party that supports constitutional revision winning another six. The opposition Democratic party won 31 seats.自民党赢得了121个改选席位中6个席位,其执政联盟伙伴公明党则赢得了另外6个席位。反对党民进党赢1个席位。Turnout was 53.5 per cent, the Asahi newspaper projected, up slightly on elections in 2013 but still the fourth lowest since World War Two. It wasJapans first election since lowering the voting age to 18.据《朝日新闻》预测,投票率为54.7%,比上次上院选举高了两个百分点,但仍是自二战以来第四低的。这是日本把投票年龄降低8岁之后举行的第一场选举。Mr Abe has fought the campaign almost solely on the economy, and although the opposition united around single candidates in many districts, it struggled to put forward a positive alternative vision.安倍在竞选期间几乎完全专注于经济,虽然反对党在很多选区团结持单一候选人,但难以提出积极的替代愿景。Voting in Tokyo on a sunny, humid day, Hajime Kani, in his fifties, said his choice was driven by national security and he had cast his vote for Mr Abe and the LDP.投票当日,东京烈日高照、天气闷热0多岁的Hajime Kani表示,他是从国家安全的角度考虑做出选择的,他投了安倍和自民党的票。Toru Takigishi, a 76-year-old chemistry professor in Tokyo and a long-time LDP supporter, said he voted for the Communist party for the first time.东京市民6岁的化学教授、自民党长期持者Toru Takigishi表示,他首次把票投给共产党;Im happy with the current constitution and I want peace to be maintained. At least there is a checking mechanism for constitutional change under the Communist party,; Mr Takigishi said.;我对现行的宪法很满意,我想保持和平。至少共产党对修宪形成了一个制衡机制,;Takigishi说;The big issue for me is constitutional reform,; said Eiji Tsurukawa, who was voting with his wife and three young children. ;I favour a change.;;对我来说,最大问题是宪法改革;和妻子一起带着三个年幼的孩子来投票的Eiji Tsurukawa表示;我赞成改变; /201607/455226。
  • After suffering more than twenty million military and civilian deaths in World War II Russia has little cause to thank Hitler.在二战中遭受超过二千万军民死亡的俄罗斯没有任何理由感谢希特勒。But with Wednesday June 22 marking the seventy-fifth anniversary ofOperation Barbarossa the Nazi invasion of the Soviet unx it is time to recall one of history’s greatest ironies. Adolf Hitler was obsessed with turning Russia into a vast German colony and the Russian people into slaves. Instead half of Germany was occupied by the Red Army its people subjects of the Russian empire. When four million Nazi soldiers crossed the Soviet border in the early hours of June 22 1941 they dreamed of seeing the spires of the Kremlin. Instead they unleashed a chain of consequences that still shape the world today.但是在今2的周三,即纳粹入侵苏联的巴巴罗萨行动75周年纪念日,是时候让我们重新回顾一下这个历史上最大的讽刺事件。阿道夫.希特勒沉迷于将俄罗斯变成德国最大的殖民地,以及奴隶俄罗斯人民。可笑的是最终一半德国领土被红军占领,人民臣于俄罗斯帝囀?当400万纳粹士兵于19412日穿过苏联边境时,他们幻想着看到克林姆宫的塔尖,事与愿违的是这次行动造成的一系列后果至今影响着世界To claim that Russia was not a great power before Hitler would be silly. Abundant in territory resources and population Russia has been a heavyweight since at least the eighteenth century a behemoth strong enough to destroy the army of Napoleon (who also thought Russia would be easy prey). Yet three-quarters of a century later it is hard to appreciate just how different the global balance of power was back then.如果认为希特勒之前的俄罗斯不是强国,那么这种想法是愚蠢的。丰富的自然资源和人口使俄罗斯至少从18世纪开始就是一个大国,一个足以摧毁拿破仑军队的庞然大物(拿破仑当时也认为俄罗斯很容易被征)。在75年后,我们很难想象那时的世界权力格局与当今有多么不同。In the late 1930s the ed States had an army smaller than Romania’s. Britain whose destroyers today can’t sail in warm water owned a quarter of the Earth’s surface and was reckoned to have the world’s most powerful navy. France now the butt of many “I surrenderjokes was considered to have the most powerful land army in Western Europe. Germany whose military todayappears barely functional had been terrifying its neighbors since 1870.930年代末时,美国的军队规模小于罗马尼亚,现今驱逐舰都不能航行在温水海域的英国在当时占有全球四分之一领土,并且被认为拥有全球最强大的海军。如今经常被“我投降”拿来开涮的法国在当时的西欧拥有最强大的陆军。如今被认为不具有军事力量的德国,从1870年代开始就威胁其邻囀?And then there was Russia the enigmatic Communist colossus racked by Stalinist purges the giant with feet of clay that could barely subdue tiny Finland in 19390. It wasn’t just Hitler and his generals who believed Russia would collapse like a house of cards; even British and American experts did not expect Moscow to survive Hitler’s blitzkrieg. Yet in May 1945 it was Britain that was broke France devastated and Germans who watched Russian tanks clank through the rubble of Berlin. Like a boxer bloodied but still triumphant it was Russia that remained on its feet and became one of the world’s two superpowers for more than forty years.930940年代时,神秘的社会主义国家俄罗斯正因斯大林式的清洗迫害而深陷泥潭中,甚至都不能征弱小的芬兰。不仅是希特勒和他的将军们认为俄罗斯会像纸牌屋一样倒塌,甚至英国和美国专家也不认为莫斯科能挺过希特勒的闪电袭击。然而在1945月,英国和法国一样变得满目疮痍,德国人亲眼目睹俄罗斯坦克开过柏林废墟。就像鲜血淋漓依然依然获得胜利的拳击手一样,俄罗斯最终站了起来,并在接下来超过五十年的时间里成为世界两个超级大国之一。What would Russia look like today if World War II had never happened? What if Hitler had remained a failed painter in Vienna or had been blown up by an assassin’s bomb in a Munich beer hall?如果二战没有发生,如果希特勒依然是维也纳一个失败的画家或者在慕尼黑的啤酒大厅中炸弹暗杀中身亡,今天的俄罗斯会是什么样?来 /201606/450388。
  • Tuesday was another awkward day for Britain as Prime Minister David Cameron met with European Union leaders in Brussels for the first time since British voters chose to quit the EU.星期二对英国来说又是一个难过的日子。卡梅隆首相在布鲁塞尔会见欧盟领导人。这是英国选民决定脱离欧洲以来的首次见面。Cameron was expected to face tough questions on exactly when and how Britain plans to start divorce proceedings.卡梅隆可能会面临一些有关英国准备究竟何时、如何开始脱离欧盟程序的严峻问题;I want the U.K. to clarify its position. Not today, not tomorrow at 9 a.m., but soon,; EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker told an EU parliament emergency meeting Tuesday.欧盟委员会主席容克星期二在欧盟议会紧急会议上说:“我要求英国澄清它的立场。不是今天,也不是明天上午九点,而是很快。”But British leaders appear to be in no hurry to start the process. Cameron, who has aly said he will resign because of the Brexit vote, has made it clear it will be his successor, not he, who will initiate the disengagement by invoking Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty on a negotiated departure.但是英国领导人看来并不急于马上就开始脱离程序。卡梅隆已经说过公投以后他将辞职。他明确表示,将是他的继任者,而不是他本人,按照里斯本协定的第五十条款的规定启动英国与欧盟的脱离程序。That may not happen until September at the earliest.这样的话,启动程序最早也要到九月份才会开始。But France and other EU members fear the longer Britain waits, the more economic damage could occur. Brexit has aly shaken markets around the world, and Juncker said Tuesday, ;We cannot allow ourselves to remain in a prolonged period of uncertainty.;但是法国和其他欧盟成员国担心,英国等待的时间越长,经济所受到的伤害就越重。英国脱欧的公投结果已经给全球股市带来了震荡。容克星期二说,“我们不能让自己一直身陷长期的不确定之中。”Leaders of the leave movement are demanding Britain still get tariff-free trade with the rest of the EU, just like Norway, a non-EU member, enjoys.脱离运动领导人要求英国仍然像非欧盟成员挪威一样享有与欧盟国家的免关税贸易待遇。Some EU lawmakers are upset by the British demand, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel.欧盟的一些议员对英国的要求感到不满,其中就包括德国总理默克尔。She warns Britain against what she calls cherry picking, saying, ;If you want to exit and leave this family, then you cannot expect to drop obligations and have privileges continue.;默克尔警告英国不要挑三拣四。她说,“如果你要退出,离开这个家,那么你就不能期望只放弃责任,同时还照样享受特权。”U.S. President Barack Obama says he does not anticipate ;major cataclysmic changes; coming out of Britains decision to leave the EU.美国总统奥巴马表示,他并不预期英国要离开欧盟的决定会产生“重大的巨变。”He said the Brexit vote is a ;pause button; for European integration as countries ;take a breath; to think about how to keep their national identities, preserve the benefits of integration, and deal with voter frustrations.奥巴马说,英国脱欧公投对欧洲的整合只是“一个暂停的动作”,有关国家要“喘口气”,想想如何保持自己国家的个体性,如何保存整合的好处,如何应对选民的烦恼。来 /201606/451944。
  • A suicide bomber killed at least four people Tuesday in Yemens southern port city of Aden, as a cease-fire between pro-government forces and Houthi rebels stretched into a second day with some reports of fighting.星期二,一名自杀爆炸手在也门南部港口城市亚丁炸死至少4人。与此同时,也门亲政府军队和胡塞反政府武装之间的停火进入天,据报停火期间发生了一些战斗。The attacker detonated the explosives among a group of army recruits in the city that has become home to the government since it pushed out the Houthis with the help of a Saudi-led coalition. But the instability in Yemen has also brought al-Qaida militants seeking control in parts of Aden.袭击者在亚丁一群新兵中引爆了炸弹。亚丁是也门政府所在地。此前,也门政府军在沙特阿拉伯为首的联盟援下把胡塞反政府武装赶出了亚丁。但也门局势动荡,基地组织激进分子也图谋控制亚丁部分城区。The ed Nations is sponsoring peace talks next week between the government and Houthis and urged them to make sure their cessation of hostilities holds in order to create a good environment for the negotiations.联合国目前正在安排也门政府与胡塞武装下周举行和谈。联合国敦促双方确保维持停火,以便为谈判营造一个良好的环境。The Houthis seized control of the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, in September 2014, but the conflict exploded into a regional fight in March of last year when the rebels marched on Aden and forced President Abdu Rabu Mansour Hadi to flee to Saudi Arabia. The Saudis responded by organizing a coalition of militaries to conduct airstrikes in Hadis defense and later expanded the effort to include ground troops.胡塞武装014月夺取了也门首都萨那的控制权,双方冲突去年三月爆发为地区战斗,反叛武装近逼亚丁,也门总统哈迪被迫逃到沙特。沙特组织了一个军事联盟,对胡塞武装发动空袭,后来地面部队也参与了战斗。More than 6,200 people have been killed in the Yemen conflict, and the U.N. says more than 80 percent of civilians are in desperate need of food and medical aid.也门冲突已经导致6200多人丧生。联合国说,超过80%的也门平民急需食物和医疗务。来 /201604/437075。
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