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Just weeks after “Lost in Thailand” broke box-office records to become China’s highest-grossing movie ever, a new blockbuster is giving the low-budget comedy hit a run its money.《人再囧途之泰囧(Lost in Thailand)打破票房纪录成为中国有史以来票房最高的国产影片后才没几周,一部新上映的大片正在给《泰囧这部人气颇高的低成本喜剧片带来挑战As of Tuesday, “Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons” pulled in 76.3 million yuan ($.1 million) since opening on Feb. , according to media-research firm EntGroup Inc. It still has a long way to go bee reaching the 1.6 billion yuan earned by “Lost in Thailand,” but the Hollywood Reporter predicted this week that “Journey to the West” would soon march past “Lost in Thailand” to become China’s highest-earning domestically produced movie.据媒体研究机构艺恩咨询(EntGroup Inc.)的数据,截至周二,《西游·降魔篇(Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons)自月日上映以来票房累计达人民币7.63亿元(合1.1亿美元)该片票房仍远远不及《泰囧的.6亿元票房,但Hollywood Reporter本周预测说,《西游·降魔篇将很快超越《泰囧,成为中国票房最高的国产影片“Journey to the West” is the creation of director-writer Stephen Chow, best known “Shaolin Soccer,” “Kung Fu Hustle” and dozens of other hits. (Mr. Chow, a popular comedic actor, doesn’t appear in “Journey to the West.”) The 3-D movie, based on the classic Ming Dynasty-era novel “Journey to the West,” follows the adventures of a young demon-catcher. Audiences have responded enthusiastically to Mr. Chow’s potent mix of action, comedy, terror, romance, and a trio of popular stars: Shu Qi, Wen Zhang and Huang Bo.《西游·降魔篇由周星驰导演和编剧周星驰最为人熟知的影片包括《少林足球(Shaolin Soccer)、《功夫(Kung Fu Hustle)等数十部热门影片(周星驰是一位人气颇高的喜剧演员,他没有出演《西游·降魔篇)这部3D影片取材于明朝经典小说《西游记,讲述了一位年轻降魔者的冒险经历观众对该片反响热烈,周星驰在片中融合了动作片、喜剧片、恐怖片和爱情片的元素,影片的三位主演也是颇受欢迎的影星:舒淇、文章和黄渤The movie has aly set some records. Its opening-day take was 81.7 million yuan, breaking the 70-million-yuan record of “Painted Skin: The Resurrection” a domestic movie. The Hollywood blockbuster “Transmers: Dark of the Moon” remains the opening-day champ with 1 million yuan. But last week “Journey to the West” claimed the title of largest single-day gross (on Feb. ) of 3 million yuan all films ─ domestic and eign ─ surpassing the previous one-day record of 1 million yuan set in the third installment of the “Transmers” franchise.该片已经创下了一些纪录影片上映首日票房达8,0万元,打破了《画皮(Painted Skin: The Resurrection)创下的7,000万元的国产影片纪录好莱坞大片《变形金刚3:月黑之时(Transmers: Dark of the Moon)仍以1.亿元保持着上映首日票房的最高纪录但《西游·降魔篇上周摘得了单日最高票房的桂冠(既包括国产影片,也包括进口影片),在月日创下1.3亿元的票房纪录,打破了年《变形金刚3创下的1.亿元的单日票房纪录All the clamoring box-office supremacy begs the question: Is China entering a new era where records are broken every few months? Consider this: The top-four highest-grossing domestically produced movies have all been released just within the past eight months.围绕票房纪录的喧嚣提出了这样一个问题:中国是否正在进入一个票房纪录每隔几个月就会被打破的新时代?想想这个:票房最高的四部国产影片都是在过去八个月内刚刚上映的On Tuesday, “Journey to the West” surpassed the fantasy-action movie “Painted Skin: The Resurrection,” which was released last June and went on to earn 76.5 million yuan, to become the third-highest grossing domestic film in China. It was only a few months ago that “Painted Skin: The Resurrection” was the top-grossing Chinese production. It has now slipped to fourth, overtaken by “Journey to the West” and the December releases of “Lost in Thailand” ─ the only Chinese movie to earn more than a billion yuan at the domestic box office and Jackie Chan’s “CZ,” an action-comedy that he directed, wrote and stars in; it earned 879 million yuan, according to EntGroup. (“Avatar” still holds the record the top-grossing movie ever in China at roughly 1. billion yuan, but that title looks increasingly vulnerable.)周二,《西游·降魔篇超过了奇幻动作影片《画皮,成为总票房第三的国产影片《画皮于去年6月上映,总票房达7.65亿元几个月前,《画皮还是票房最高的国产影片如今它却跌至了第四位,被《西游·降魔篇和去年月上映的《泰囧及成龙的《十二生肖(CZ)所超越《泰囧是唯一一部国内票房超过亿元的华语片《十二生肖是由成龙导演、编剧并出演的一部动作喜剧片据艺恩咨询的数据,《十二生肖的票房为8.79亿元(《阿凡达(Avatar)仍以约亿元的总票房在中国保持著有史以来最高票房的纪录,但它的地位似乎越来越岌岌可危 9James Franco and Anne Hathaway have just what Academy Awards producers want as hosts of Hollywood's biggest night. They'll put on a show, rather than just another awards ceremony, organizers say.奥斯卡颁奖典礼主办方近日宣布,詹姆斯#86;弗兰科和安妮#86;海瑟薇将联袂主持年好莱坞最盛大的“奥斯卡之夜”与以往的颁奖仪式不同的是,两位主持拍档将把表演搬上舞台Bruce Cohen and Don Mischer, producers of the Feb. 7 telecast, said Monday they had chosen Franco and Hathaway as hosts because the two are rising stars with broad talent that will help turn the night into a celebration of film.奥斯卡颁奖典礼制片人布鲁斯#86;科恩和唐#86;米舍尔本周一表示,选择弗兰科和海瑟薇担任主持人是因为两人都是多才多艺的新星,有助于把颁奖之夜变成一场电影盛宴下届奥斯卡颁奖典礼将于明年月7日举办"What we have here are two really emerging talents who are very respected and are going to have, I think, magnificent careers," Mischer said. "They deserve to be there, they've got the chops to be there, they want to be there, and I think that's going to make the audience really relate to them."米舍尔说:“我们邀请到的是两位真正的新秀,很受人尊重,而且我觉得他们今后还将在事业上大展宏图他们值得站上奥斯卡舞台,有这个能力,而且自己也想得到这个机会,我觉得这会让观众喜欢他们”Both have done serious drama and comedy. Hathaway earned a best-actress Oscar nomination 's "Rachel Getting Married" and starred in such comedies as "The Princess Diaries" and "The Devil Wears Prada."两人都曾出演过正剧和喜剧海瑟薇曾因年的一部《蕾切尔的婚礼而获得奥斯卡最佳女主角提名,还曾出演喜剧《公主日记和《时尚女魔头Franco had an Emmy nomination the title role of 01's "James Dean," costarred in the Oscar-winning "Milk" and delivered a memorable comic turn as a spacey pot dealer in "Pineapple Express."弗兰科曾因在01年主演影片《詹姆斯#86;迪恩而获得艾美奖提名他还曾与他人联袂出演奥斯卡获奖影片《米尔克,并在《菠萝快车中改走喜剧路线,饰演一个精神恍惚的毒贩,令人印象深刻Hathaway also showed off her musical talents in a duet at the Oscars with the show's host, Hugh Jackman. Oscar producers were uncertain whether Franco can sing.海瑟薇曾在年的奥斯卡颁奖典礼上与主持人休#86;杰克曼共舞一曲,展示了自己的音乐天分但奥斯卡制片人对弗兰科的唱功还没有把握"There's a rumor that he can, and we will be exploring that," Cohen said.科恩说:“有传言说他唱得不错,我们会深入了解”"What we do know is they both have a great sense of humor and a great sense of comedy," Mischer said.米舍尔说:“我们能确定的是他俩都有很强的幽默感和喜剧感”While most Oscar shows over the past two decades had a comedian such as Billy Crystal, Chris Rock or Jon Stewart as emcee, Hathaway and Franco continue a recent trend of using film stars.在过去年间,大多数奥斯卡颁奖典礼都邀请了比利#86;克里斯托、克里斯#86;洛克、乔恩#86;斯图尔特等喜剧演员担任主持人海瑟薇和弗兰科则延续了现今邀请影星主持的潮流Steve Martin, a past solo host of the Oscars, and his "It's Complicated" co-star Alec Baldwin teamed up as hosts last time, while "X-Men" and Broadway star Jackman was host the year bee.年奥斯卡颁奖典礼的主持人为史蒂夫#86;马丁和与他合演《爱很复杂的影星亚历克#86;鲍德温史蒂夫#86;马丁还曾独自主持奥斯卡盛典年奥斯卡颁奖典礼的主持人为“X战警”和百老汇男星杰克曼 0018

1. Franklin D. Roosevelt富兰克林?罗斯福As long as our country has Shirley Temple, we will be all right. When the spirit of the people is lower than at any other time during this Depression, it is a splendid thing that just cents, an American can go to a movie and look at the smiling face of a baby and get his troubles.只要我们国家有秀兰邓波儿,我们都会没事的在这民众心情比任何时候都低落的大萧条期间,只要美分,就能到电影院看看那张闪耀微笑的娃娃脸然后忘却一切烦忧,这是多么美好的事啊. Temple Bright Eyes co-star Jane Withers said she credits her big break to Temple和邓波儿在《亮眼睛合作过的珍?薇瑟斯将她的巨大突破归功于邓波儿“If it hadnt been Shirley Temple being the cutest most adorable little girl in the world, and they needed an opposite -- and boy I sure was it -- in Bright Eyes, I mightve ended up selling hats in Atlanta, Georgia, my hometown, or something else.如果不是秀兰?邓波儿是世界上最受崇拜的、最可爱的小女孩,然后他们正需要一个相反的——我确信——在亮眼睛中,我或许已经以在我的家乡亚特兰大卖帽子结束我的演艺生涯,或是做其它什么事情… Ill never get her as long as I live, and shell always be in my heart with love and appreciation.”…只要我还活着,就绝不会忘记她,在我心中永远装着对她满满的爱和感谢3. S-AFTRA president Ken Howard released the following statement about Temple death美国影视演员协会会长肯?霍华德针对邓波儿离世消息做出Shirley was a terrific actor whose vibrancy and brilliance set audiences on fire at a crucial time in our nation history. More important, she was a conscientious and caring citizen whose work on behalf of her union and her country exemplified true service.秀兰用她活力四射和才华横溢的表演在我们国家历史关键时期将人们的心绪点燃,是一个伟大的演员更重要的是,她是一个有责任感、有爱心的公民,她代表联邦和国家的工作明了她的尽职尽责Shell be greatly missed by so many, but never gotten. She was a true icon of the entertainment industry and beloved by her colleagues in the acting profession. Shirley simply epitomized the word tar. There are few more deserving of her accolades, and I am personally so pleased that she was a recipient of our Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award.她将被许许多多的人们深深思念,却永不会被遗忘她是产业的真正标志同时也被表演同行们喜爱着 秀兰最好诠释了“明星”一词她获得过很多荣誉,然而我个人为她获得美国演员工会终身成就奖感到喜悦 75666

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